Lost and Found: Dogs, Cats, and Everyday Heroes at a Country Animal Shelter

Lost and Found Dogs Cats and Everyday Heroes at a Country Animal Shelter From the dog kennels and the cat rooms to a puppy mill raid and rides in the shelter ambulance Elizabeth Hess introduces innumerable animals and humans who will inspire educate and break readers he

  • Title: Lost and Found: Dogs, Cats, and Everyday Heroes at a Country Animal Shelter
  • Author: Elizabeth Hess
  • ISBN: 9780151003372
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the dog kennels and the cat rooms to a puppy mill raid and rides in the shelter ambulance, Elizabeth Hess introduces innumerable animals and humans who will inspire, educate, and break readers hearts Intelligent, warmhearted and deserving of attention New York Times Book Review.

    • Lost and Found: Dogs, Cats, and Everyday Heroes at a Country Animal Shelter ¦ Elizabeth Hess
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      Elizabeth Hess Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Lost and Found: Dogs, Cats, and Everyday Heroes at a Country Animal Shelter book, this is one of the most wanted Elizabeth Hess author readers around the world.

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    1. Heartwarming, Inspiring, Gripping, Mesmerizing, Moving, Unforgettable & Insightful! A Beautiful Read! I Loved It!

    2. This book details life inside a NY animal shelter. The writer starts out as a somewhat naive pet lover who visits the shelter to purchase a pet for her child. She's so taken with the place and the plight of the animals that she begins to volunteer her time. As she spends more time inside the shelter, she begins to understand all of their rules, procedures and the distrust the employees have towards potential adopters, those who surrender their pets and most people in general. It's a gripping and [...]

    3. Lost and found chronicles the authors eye-opening introduction to the world of abandoned and disposable animals in a tiny New York shelter.Originally the author went in looking for a dog for her daughter, but the shelter ended up taking a much larger role than she originally expected in her life.Having been a shelter worker, and being someone who solely adopts rescue animals, this book had me bawling. Some of these incidents hit so close to home it was incredible, especially when she describes h [...]

    4. If you really care about our companion animals I think that you should read this book. I was shocked at one section when a dog's owner just gave up her dog to the shelter then was heard the same day in a store talking about the next dog she wanted to get. The dog she turned over to the shelter just had pneumonia. How can anyone heartlessly get rid of an animal just because she got sick? How selfish and cold this was. The writer of this book said that the same woman asked about her dog and commen [...]

    5. One of my reading goals for 2007 is to read and release the BookCrossing books I've had the longest. I have a shelf of these books next to my bed. The one book that has been catching my eyes for nearly four years is Lost and Found. Prior to the book coming to me, it had been well traveled for about two years and I feel a little guilty about letting it languish on my shelf for so long.Lost and Found is the memoir of a year worked at an upstate New York animal shelter. With cramped space and a fin [...]

    6. Found this book difficult to read because of the content not the style. It is so sad what goes on in the world of animals. Elizabeth does a fantastic job of describing the realities of what goes on in the animal shelters,and why they exist. I put it down several times thinking there was no way I could finish it. But the book is compelling and I did finish it. This should be required reading for anyone who is considering having a pet of any kind.

    7. This is a great read about a small town animal shelter.However, there is a whole chapter on how they euthanize a LOT of animals. You are supposed to feel sorry for the director who picks them out. I don’t.If you read anything about the No Kill Movement, you will see how wrong these people are to just give up on so many animals. They need to get out there in their community and raise money for the shelter, get volunteers involved more in raising money for the animals, have a yearly fundraiser g [...]

    8. Hard to read about the reality of shelters, but was well written, and kept lite. For us who are involved to any extent, it is a sould touching book, and I think should be a read for any pet owner, or anyone who wants to own a pet.

    9. I read this book many years ago, and it ended up having a profound impact on me, though I don't think I realized how much until now. The book chronicles the everyday workings of an animal shelter, and at the time the biggest impact it had on me was to dispel the myth of "no-kill" shelters. Like much of the general public, I was under the naive impression that all shelters should be "no-kill", and that "kill" shelters were horrible. What the book helped me understand is that no-kill shelters are [...]

    10. This book often went with me on vacations because the chapters were intriguing but moderately short, and perfect to read in a hotel after a long day of swimming or touring Disney World while my dog was at home or on his own 'vacation' and I missed him so. However, I never finished it on any of those vacations and it would remain in my suitcase until the next one, which invariably came months later after I forgot what I read in the beginning. Enough was enough, and when I found it in my suitcase [...]

    11. Lost and Found is an eye opening and heart-felt book that looks at the inner world of an animal shelterFor years Elizabeth Hess volunteered at an extremely humane animal shelter in New York. In this book she describes in detail, the inner workings, the day to day operations of the animal shelter. Many of the people that work in shelters, do so strictly for the love and welfare of the animals. This shelter, like many others is short on money and staff, but long on abandoned and surrendered animal [...]

    12. This book was left in the volunteer area of the local Humane Society -- where I am a volunteer who also happens to be working on a book about my experiences. The note on it said that it was quite a good read and was available free to the next reader.I took it home and read a rollercoaster of a book that described Hess's experiences as a volunteer at a small animal shelter in upstate New York -- and that allowed me to see how far we've come in terms of humane education and animal welfare.While ev [...]

    13. This book really captures the animal shelter world from a volunteer's view - I can definitely relate. It is a complicated world where seemingly opposing events often occur. Not everyone (human & animal) can handle this environment but surprisingly many wonderful animals are not damaged from their shelter experience - and are lucky enough to get adopted. Another twist to this picture is the difference in shelter procedures and policies (often due to funding) even between shelters in the same [...]

    14. This book is great for animal lovers! I thought at first that it would focus on the sad side of animal shelters, but it actually celebrates the numerous workers. You'll follow many animals from the time they arrive until they are adopted. You'll follow some great animals comings and goings (sometimes several times) from the shelter. This book really shows you what being an animal shelter worker or volunteer requires and how much of the job is about protecting the animals brought into the shelter [...]

    15. Truly a heartfelt read! I own a rescue dog and if it wasn't for my husband I would probably own a lot more. Although I knew about a lot of the information that is brought up in the book due to being associated with a rescue organization I think reading this book opens up some eyes for those who are or choose to be blind to the fact that animalsgood animals die everyday for no good reason but overpopulation.

    16. This was pretty much an easy sell for me - having worked at an animal shelter for 6 years, it wasn't like I wasn't already familiar with things, at least in a general sense. The sad thing is that this book was written 12 years ago and still, nothing has changed, except for things getting worse.

    17. This book really opened my eyes to shelter work, and I understand a little better why the adoption processes are how they are. The stories in here are a definite mix, but the reading overall was delightful. I enjoyed all the various stories and memories from the characters within! Hard to believe they are actually real people sometimes.

    18. The reality of a shelter is difficult to hear. Although there are success stories, there are plenty of others that are not. Some people have acceptable reasons for needing to give an animal up, but many others do not. If you are looking for a happy read, this is not it, this is about reality, the animals that deserve better, and the dedicated people who love and look after them.

    19. A very enlightening book about the behind-the-scenes of an animal shelter. It tugged at the heart strings as you want a happy ending for all the animals, but that's simply not possible in an overcrowded shelter. Bravo to the staff and volunteers at Columbia-Greene and shelters all over the country for doing an incredibly tough job.

    20. This really changed my perspective on shelters and what they do there. The people that work there are always trying their best to save any and every animal they possibly can and they're willing to fight for the animals' rights. It also made my desire for a Husky stronger. If only my parents would allow another animal

    21. While some things are outdated and many positive changes have occurred in the animal welfare industry over the last several years, Lost and Found still provides a good overview to what a typical animal shelter is like. A great read for anyone who is unfamiliar with animal shelters.

    22. This one is extremely sad, but definitely a good book. It's written by a journalist who spend some time in an animal shelter in upstate New York. If you're an animal lover it may make you cry.

    23. As I become more interested in pet rescue, this book was more interesting (and harder to read). Good read.

    24. Nothing fancy, just a quick, adorable read. Plus, there's an entire chapter on a pair of boxer siblings, including a picture that's cute enough to puke on.

    25. An engaging and heartbreaking look into the silent epidemic of unwanted pets. Essential reading for any potential pet owner.

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