Perfectly Invisible

Perfectly Invisible In this light hearted teen novel Daisy just wants to find a boyfriend and be cool the problem is she can t seem to do either

  • Title: Perfectly Invisible
  • Author: Kristin Billerbeck
  • ISBN: 9780800719739
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this light hearted teen novel Daisy just wants to find a boyfriend and be cool the problem is she can t seem to do either.

    • Perfectly Invisible : Kristin Billerbeck
      147 Kristin Billerbeck
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    About "Kristin Billerbeck"

    1. Kristin Billerbeck

      About KristinI grew up with a strong sense of justice I simply knew the way things should be And since I m not smart enough to be a district attorney, I am a novelist My childhood was slightly confusing I blame my parents for this Oh heck, I m going to blame them for everything I think I would have turned out normal if it weren t for them the billerbeck s Okay, probably not I am a fourth generation Californian, and an American mutt, but identify most strongly with my Italian heritage My mother s family, of strong Norwegian German descent, tried to teach me how to do things right How to cook, clean, sew, budget accordingly all the things a proper young girl should know to be a contributing member of society I, however, failed miserably For my 40th birthday, my grandmother gave me a cookie gun, so it s clear she hasn t given up on me yet That is eternal optimism My dad s Italian family taught me about the good life The indulgent life How to eat, shop and be merry My Nana had very tiny feet and a penchant for shoes she worked at the Emporium, no doubt to fund her shoe addiction My afternoons at her house had no lessons, other than how to walk in her high heels, drape myself in her mink stole and drip myself with rhinestones Tastefully, of course I picked up on this lifestyle much quicker.I graduated San Jose State University with a degree in Journalism Mass Communications emphasis in Advertising , gave my life to Jesus during college and found my true love in a Christian Singles Group, which yes, I skewer in What a Girl Wants He is German Practical And a Contributing Member of Society I am still Italian, fluffy and an aficionado of fine shoes handbags Together, we have four children and now it s our turn to confuse them The circle of life Dysfunctional family style.

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    1. "Perfectly Invisible" is a young adult romance. This is the second book in the series, and I really think you need to read the first book first in order to really understand this one. I didn't, so I was missing some important information. Halfway through, I was surprised to learn that she attended a Christian private school. I kept wondering how she ever became friends with Claire and why Daisy was so loyal to her since Claire treated Daisy pretty badly throughout this whole book.I also felt lik [...]

    2. Review posted at Amaterasu ReadsKristen Billerbeck has created a very entertaining female lead in Daisy, with her sharp wit and smarts as she navigates high school in a school filled with rich people, with Daisy wearing homemade clothes and is, well, on a league of her own for being the poor kid who hangs out with the beautiful, the popular and the wealthy.I might be missing a few details because of the previous book, but Perfectly Invisible is a good read on itself. Daisy is a character with a [...]

    3. With three months left in high school, Daisy Crispin knows she has little time if she hopes to permanently reverse her reputation as the school's social pariah. She has a partial scholarship to an elite university lined up and the interest of a handsome foreign exchange student. Life is look up - or did she speak too soon? Before Daisy can say "Class of 2011," her crush is ignoring her, her job falls victim to the recession, and her ultra-conservative, flaky parents squash her dreams of making u [...]

    4. Title: PERFECTLY INVISIBLEAuthor: Kristin BillerbeckPublisher: RevellJuly 2011ISBN: 978-0-8007-1973-0Genre: Inspirational/young adult/teensDaisy Crispin is now in her final semester of high school and now, instead of stressing over who to date for the prom, she has other drama in her life. Max, who danced an amazingly wonderful tango with her at the prom is no longer speaking to her, let alone looking at her. Worse, Daisy’s best friend, Claire, is forcing Daisy to sell trings (to hold fingers [...]

    5. While this book is second in the series, you by no means at all need to have read the first book (Perfectly Dateless). In fact, that is one problem I had with this book: if I had to hear about the prom where Daisy does the tango with Max again, I was going to freak out. But I guess that is a lot like a teenager, and I do remember dwelling on things like that when I was a teenager too. So it is fitting to the theme, if annoying.My other problem is the fact that Daisy's friend's father decides to [...]

    6. As much so as I enjoyed Perfectly Dateless last summer, I enjoyed Perfectly Invisible this one. Kristin really brings out the inner thoughts that are pretty much right on key for a teen late in high school. Brings back memories of my own school experiences as well as while I was a long term substitute teacher. Again, truly I could not turn the pages fast enough and I overall enjoyed this story. I think that it could be valuable read for many different people. Very enlightening to both girls, guy [...]

    7. Daisy Crispin is back again. It is the last few months of her senior year, and she has survived the prom, (read Perfectly Dateless) and she is ready to finish up high school spectacularly and wants to be remembered. It seems the harder she tries to show others why she is special, she becomes more invisible. Until a car shows up on the school with someone declaring their love for Daisy. She has no clue who has done this crazy act, but she does know that whoever did it, couldn't truly love her bec [...]

    8. Daisy is ready for graduation and finally finding her freedom from her over-bearing parents at college. But when she loses her job, her parents tell her she needs to go to community college, and her best friend makes her sell tacky senior rings and starts hanging out with the guy Daisy thought was into her, Daisy finds the last few months before graduation may be anything but fun.After being disappointed with book one in this series, I was happy to find Kristin Billerbeck found her normal, quirk [...]

    9. At first the High school drama was a little more than I could keep up with. In the first few pages I couldn't keep straight all the characters. However, upon reading more I found this to be very well-written for the teenager. It follows closely with the everyday language they are used to and the fast change of topics common to a teenager telling a story.This story chronicles the senior year of Daisy Crispin. A middle-class girl at a rich kids christian prep school. It is about Daisy finding out [...]

    10. Daisy Crispin is almost done with high school. Then she will finally be able to get away from her controlling parents and chase her college dreams. But the loss of her job throws a kink into her perfect plans. She’ll never raise enough money for college without a job. And why is her sort-of boyfriend completely ignoring her? Does he like another girl? It had better not be her best friend, because that would be so wrong. As Daisy struggles to figure out how to achieve everything she’s always [...]

    11. I was really hoping that this book would be better than the first considering the characters had been introduced (and there really weren't too many new ones) and the storyline had been set. Sadly, the writing was just as poor, the plot was slow and didn't make much sense. The characters were extremely stereotyped and this book made a laughingstock out of Christianity. For anyone who reads this, Christians really aren't like this (at least not my experiences with them). Daisy is trying to finish [...]

    12. This is a sequel to Perfectly Dateless which I haven't read. I don't know if it is intended to stand alone, but there are references to past events and I always felt like I was missing something. I never connected with any of the characters and quite frankly, didn't even like them. I couldn't understand Daisy and Claire's friendship, especially since Claire isn't even very nice to Daisy. The book is full of high school drama and the Christian elements are light. Perhaps I'm just too old for Teen [...]

    13. 3.5 rating. Daisy wants to be remembered for something after high school, well she is as someone puts a car on the roof professing love to her (it ends up being her boss as a joke), but she does get permission from her parents to date Max Diaz.

    14. Love Kristin Billerbeck's writing! This series is so funny, but in a way that is unassuming and completely realistic.cially to someone who has grown up in a conservative Christian home. Looking forward to the next book!

    15. Loved it!! Hysterical, insightful, and encouraging! Couldn't put it down and was sad to see it end. We need more YA like this! This is what I want my daughters and nieces reading.

    16. A good, light read. This is a great vacation book or quick read when you don't want to think too much. Love this author.

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