It's Always Been You

It s Always Been You Once She Slipped Through His Fingers Aidan York has spent ten years mourning the woman he once loved and lost He s filled the void in the only way he knows by distracting himself with wild behavior an

  • Title: It's Always Been You
  • Author: Victoria Dahl
  • ISBN: 9781420104844
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Once She Slipped Through His Fingers.Aidan York has spent ten years mourning the woman he once loved and lost He s filled the void in the only way he knows by distracting himself with wild behavior and scandalous trysts It s a hollow existence, but it dulls the pain Until the day he encounters a ghost the woman he thought drowned at sea, alive and as enchanting asOnce She Slipped Through His Fingers.Aidan York has spent ten years mourning the woman he once loved and lost He s filled the void in the only way he knows by distracting himself with wild behavior and scandalous trysts It s a hollow existence, but it dulls the pain Until the day he encounters a ghost the woman he thought drowned at sea, alive and as enchanting as ever.Now He ll Keep Her In His Arms.When Kate Hamilton sees the man she once hoped to spend her life with, she is hit with a storm of memories and longing But though resisting Aidan s passion proves impossible, Kate must try not to love him all over again For her seemingly quiet London life shields a dangerous secret, one that will catch up to her the moment she lets herself fall.Praise for A Little Bit Wild The classic Beauty and the Beast tale is twisted into something new funny and unlike the others Publishers Weekly A sharp and sassy romance, with a unique blend of an original, quick story and romantic characters RT Book Reviews

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      I have my mother to thank for my passion for writing My mom is an avid reader of popular fiction, and I began reading highly inappropriate books around the age of eleven, I think Thanks, Mom, for always leaving those delicious books strewn about To Tempt a Scotsman, a Golden Heart winning historical, was my first published book Here I am signing the cover A Rake s Guide to Pleasure which was excerpted at the back of Scotsman is my second.Due to my all around goofiness, my agent suggested I also try my hand at a contemporary romantic comedy Boy, is my agent smart I had a great time writing Talk Me Down, the story of a young woman who goes back to her small hometown in Colorado and causes a huge stir with her secretive career and her burgeoning relationship with the chief of police Not only did I have a great time writing it, but Tara Parsons at HQN liked it too So if you like cold weather, hot sex and dirty jokes, be sure to check out Talk Me Down out in January 2009.Speaking of cold weather, my family and I live in a beautiful ski town in Utah No, I don t ski I prefer to sit inside with a hot toddy and a good book while the snow falls It s especially beautiful to watch when from the inside I have a wonderful husband and children, and the house is kind of crowded, what with the dukes, Scotsmen, police chiefs, and naughty ladies running around, but my family is very understanding about my imaginary friends Good thing, since they refuse to leave

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    1. It’s Always Been You felt quite different than most, if not all, of Victoria Dahl’s other works. It has such an air of sadness to it. It wasn’t exactly agnsty, but there was a lingering sense of melancholy as I read. Perhaps it was just me, unable to see a way for them to forgive each other and forgive themselves, but I really don’t think so. I don’t expect all of her book books to have hilarious scenes, but there’s usually a sense of fun somewhere, even in relationships with issues. [...]

    2. 3+ stars. A good read with a hefty dose of angst. I didn't really understand the heroine and her motives (both present day and 10 years ago), so she really annoyed me for about the first half to two-thirds of the book, which is how long it took to get the FULL story of her background in all its gory details. After that, she became a much more sympathetic character. While I recognize this is what Dahl did to build the overall plot and suspense, I thought it would have been much more effective fro [...]

    3. I love Victoria Dahl's books and I really wanted to like this one, but sigh. I did stick it out to the end (although I put it down several times-- it took me more than a week to finish, with several time-outs), and I'm glad I did. The last 15 pages or so were definitely up to the Dahl standard. The rest of the book, however, made me deeply uncomfortable; rakes and scandal are one thing, but the relationship between these two bordered on sordid.Katie Hamilton was Aidan York's one, lost love. They [...]

    4. This is the first that I have read from this author. I have heard some amazing things about her books. I wasn't sure if I wanted to try out her contemporaries, but when I read the synopsis of Its Always Been You, I was intrigued. I knew I had to try this author out, and as a plus the cover is so pretty, and is what drew me to the book in the first place. I was thrilled to find that I truly enjoyed Dahl's style. It was fun to see how this certain conflict plays out. Aidan still feels the loss of [...]

    5. Victoria Dahl’s IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU, her historical romance August release, is one of those books with instant intrigue. Victoria crafts a suspenseful read with characters I rooted for and story questions that made me turn the pages in search for their answers.I’m a fan of tortured heroes and crafty, independent heroines, and IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU has both. The hero, Aiden, believes the love of his life, Kate, the heroine, is dead. Has been dead for a decade. When this novel begins, he i [...]

    6. Aidan York has loved deeply. Ten years ago he found the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Katie Tremont owned his heart and soul, but because he felt he didn’t have enough to offer her, he let her go. After a horrible fight between the two, where he broke her heart, she left and boarded a ship to Ceylon. Aidan planned on chasing Katie and bringing her back, but he was told by the people he trusted that her ship was wrecked at sea and she died. Aidan is haunted daily by Katie [...]

    7. I'm a recent fan of Victoria Dahl's contemporary work, having just read the entire Donovan Brothers Brewery Series. I was anxious to read some of her historical and was pleased to walk right into my local library and have her latest title available for me!!Kate and Aidan met when they were young teenagers, growing up in London. Kate's family was quite influential in the ton and Aidan's father was a Baron. What started out as a close friendship quickly turned into something much more scandalous.A [...]

    8. It’s Always Been You by Victoria DahlHistorical Romance –Aug. 2nd, 20113 ½ starsThis is a realistic historical about love lost and second chances.Aidan is haunted by his past. Although he is now wealthy and successful he mourns the lost of his first love and he is ashamed of his wild behavior after her death. But while on the streets England he spies a woman that looks eerily familiar and follows her. Only to discover to his shock it is his lost love Katie! However, she is married. But Aida [...]

    9. Frankly, I read this because of the fairly good review on Likesbooks. And this is (I guess) one of those rare instances when I beg to differ from the reviewer. For a very good, very detailed review of this book that articulates EVERYTHING (literally, everything, it's spooky) I felt about this book, check out Karen's review from August 2011.In a nutshell: this, in my opinion, was a joyless book that was difficult to pull through. The hero - set up to be tortured and angsty. I get that. However, ( [...]

    10. Reviewed by ValerieReview copy provided by publisherOh, the lost love of youth! This book had me hooked from the very beginningI wondered to myselfwas it because it started with Aidan’s glimpse of a woman that reminded him of someone he lost or was it because both Aidan and Kate were fated to be together? Regardless, this is one I devoured in a few hours.Aidan and Kate were young lovers but when she told her father she wanted to marry him, and could marry no one else since she was ruined, a ho [...]

    11. Rating: 2 out of 5.Another historical romance I am disappointed with.I am disappointed that the hero in this book professes to love the heroine he thinks is dead, but within a month after he thinks she is dead, he sleeps with another woman. He doesn't just stop there, he proceeds to sleep with a disgusting amount of women. Even near the end, when he finds out that the heroine might be leaving to Ceylon, he thinks to himself that he will get drunk and find some barmaid to bedLet me be quite clear [...]

    12. For some reason I love the cover of this book, it's so colourful, sweet and romantic (yes, I know it's pretty much the same with every other historical romance cover, where there's a couple nearly hump- *cough.h*. embracing each other).So, the story goes: Aidan and Kate fell in love ten years ago and he asked her father her hand in marriage. Her father refused because Aidan's lack of wealth and decided to sent her away, all the way to Ceylon and told Aidan she was dead. Crushed, heartbroken and [...]

    13. Nothing really stands out about this book that makes it excessively good or exceedingly bad. You of course want the Heroine (Kate, Katie, Katherine) to trust the Hero (Aidan) from the beginning but of course they both feel betrayed and lied to by the other one. And of course when they learn the truth they realized that they were not betrayed by each other but by others such as Katie's family. The guy that can be considered the villain is also a victim but his behavior tends to prevent you from f [...]

    14. There's a lot going on in this book. Suspense about what really happened to the heroine's dead husband, when secrets will come to light, tortured love-hate stuff between reunited lovers. Generally, I enjoy those things. This book was nevertheless kind of a dull read. I didn't ever find myself all that interested in the characters. Some of the foreshadowing (along the lines of "he didn't know what she'd think if she ever found out no she can't find out, she'll never know!") left a bruise it hit m [...]

    15. I love a good tortured hero story, and Aidan is definitely troubled. But it was Kate who really captured me. She's strong yet has plenty of self doubts. It was her struggle for independence that fascinated me. The story is a great reminder about how far women have come. She is suspected of improper behavior simply because she lives without her "husband." I was cheering for Kate to find love with a worthy man throughout the story. Luckily Aidan is there with a love for her so deep that you can fe [...]

    16. Aiden York and Kate Hamilton. Regency era. She owns a coffee shop and pretends her husband isn't dead on some island that's not India. He is mean to his secretary, Penrose, who's kinda awesome and has a side romance with Lucy Cain. Very cute B romance. Book is the sequel to "When She Was Wicked," which was smart with witty dialogue. This book was angsty -- the characters don't speak words to each other. They kept thinking the other hates them for NO REASON. He offers to marry her and she's like, [...]

    17. This was one of the most heartbreaking romances I’ve read. Aiden believes that his true love died at sea on her way to marry a plantation owner in India…until he seas her in a small harbor town. Katie thought she had been abandoned by her family and Aiden. She returns to England in secret after the mysterious death of her husband. When Aiden crashes back into her life, Katie is unsure but can’t deny her love for him. God, at one point, she cries that she wasn’t a horse to break to a new [...]

    18. 3.5 I'm a big fan of Dahl's novels, but this one just missed being buy-worthy for me. Perhaps because it focuses so tightly on the h/h, perhaps because it depends on our having read the first book in the series to see rather than just be told about Aidan's self-destructive ways of dealing with his grief, or perhaps just because the conflict is more plot/melodrama driven than character-driven. But Dahl's talents make this worth reading, even if it is more conventional than her other historicals.

    19. This book was more about plot and mystery than the characters, hence the three star rating. While I still enjoyed it, I never felt the excited connection of A LITTLE BIT WILD, where the hero and heroine's emotional growth outweighs any external plot events. Katie and Aidan have a secret history, some big misunderstandings, and a whole murder-mystery subplot that gets hinted at all book long. I would have much preferred to focus on the dialog and wit that Dahl writes so well, everything else was [...]

    20. DNF.Couldn't stand the heroine when she ran away from the hero in a panic at the very beginning instead of confronting him. I hate heroine's who are cowards.And I know this is a romance novel, but I find it hard to believe the hero was still grieving for the heroine, whom he thought was dead, for ten years. That he still looks for her even though he knows she is dead? Two years of less, yes I could see that. But ten years? Really.There are just too many books out there to read to waste time with [...]

    21. Wonderful read by Victoria Dahl. It was a heartwarming, gut wrenching, and sexy read. Aidan was such a wonderfully well written, tortured character. He had his heart broken but used all the wrong ways to try and bring back some spark back to his life. Katie had been betrayed by her family and the man she loved becoming a shell of who she used to be. When they meet again there is so much left unsaid that they have a hard time opening up and coming together. The journey they took to fall in love w [...]

    22. I love love love Victoria Dahl's writing and her sense of humor so I think I was taken aback a little at just how sad and unsympathetic (at least to me) Aiden and Kate were. They kept so much inside for so long that I gave up caring what the big mystery was. To be fair I'm not a huge Historical Romance fan but I had just read A Little Bit Wild and adored it. It's the previous book for this series and was very funny and sexy. So maybe it just wasn't the right book for me.

    23. Victoria Dahl's writing is consistent and reliable. Yet, her signature humor is missing from this novel. The characters aren't as lovably bumbling as I've come to expect from Dahl.The conflict here is not character-driven but circumstance-driven. I'm not a fan of that. Secrets are kept and revealed in the last 10% of the book. I'm not a fan of that sort of thing either.

    24. I'm a sucker for tortured heroes and Dahl's latest delivers a very good one. It's packed with drama, strong emotion and lots of angst. The story-telling is flawless and smooth and the characters are really well portrayed. If you enjoy sexy historical romances be sure and pick up a copy of It's Always Been You. Definitely recommended.

    25. I won this on , and have yet to recieve my copy. I have contacted the company on , Facebook, Twitter, and their company website emails and have yet to get a response. Looking at former reviews for books from their company it seems that this may be a trend.

    26. One ofmy favorites. Loved how Aidan kept Kate in his heart for so long. Kate has grown strong and he has matured enough to be her "her". The working woman is a nice back story and Aidan's family supporting him was a good sound part of the whole story.

    27. This was a good read, not great or enthralling, but a nice story about two star-crossed lovers that finally get their HEA.

    28. For a complete review, visit Affaire de Coeur magazine, hard copy or online at: affairedecoeur/ - August, 2011 issue.

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