Hothead Connor Sullivan is an All Star shortstop on his Babe Ruth team the Orioles He can hit and field with the best of them but he s got one big problem his temper When he strikes out or makes an error h

  • Title: Hothead
  • Author: Cal Ripken Jr. Kevin Cowherd
  • ISBN: 9781423140009
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Connor Sullivan is an All Star shortstop on his Babe Ruth team, the Orioles He can hit and field with the best of them, but he s got one big problem his temper When he strikes out or makes an error, he s a walking Mt Vesuvius, slamming batting helmets and throwing gloves His teammates are starting to avoid him, even his best friend Jordy His coach is ready to kick hiConnor Sullivan is an All Star shortstop on his Babe Ruth team, the Orioles He can hit and field with the best of them, but he s got one big problem his temper When he strikes out or makes an error, he s a walking Mt Vesuvius, slamming batting helmets and throwing gloves His teammates are starting to avoid him, even his best friend Jordy His coach is ready to kick him off the team To make matters worse, things aren t much better at home His dad is having trouble finding a new job after being laid off Money is tight Connor s dream of attending the prestigious Brooks Robinson Baseball Camp this summer seems like just that now a dream When the sports editor of the school paper threatens to do a big story on his tantrums complete with embarassing photos Connor realizes he has to clean up his act But can he do it in time to regain his teammates trust and help the Orioles win the championship against the best team in the league

    • Hothead By Cal Ripken Jr. Kevin Cowherd
      294 Cal Ripken Jr. Kevin Cowherd
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    1. Cal Ripken Jr. Kevin Cowherd

      Cal Ripken, Jr was a shortstop and third baseman for the Balti Orioles for his entire career 1981 2001 Nicknamed The Iron Man for his relentless work ethic and reliability on the field, Ripken is most remembered for playing a record 2,632 straight games over 17 seasons He was a 19 time All Star and is considered to be one of the best shortstops professional baseball has ever seen In 2007 he was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame Since his retirement, Ripken has worked as President and CEO of Ripken Baseball, Inc to nurture the love of baseball in young children from a grassroots level He currently lives in Maryland with his wife and two sons.

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    1. Love'n itThis book is a great children's book that may help people. This book not inspired me and most likely other people to learn ways to control temper. It also showed how to be a good sport and a great person. It was fantastic when Connor stood up to billy because that is what people should be do my in real life and not just books. This book is completely inspirational and I loved it.

    2. First I should tell you that I love baseball. Baseball is the best sport ever invented, and I think Cal Ripken really portrays the determination and fun in baseball. This book's Genre is realistic-fiction that has to do with sports. I would recommend this book to a young teenager that loves reading books about baseball, and to people who read Mike Lupica books because they are very similar. This book just catches you when you start reading it. Cal Ripken made this book so catchy that I read it i [...]

    3. This was a pretty good book about someone having trouble balancing his life. Overtime he learns to deal better with his dad losing his job and feels better. He becomes a better player and a better person in the end.

    4. I thought it was a very good book sine it shows that if you lose your temper in anything you will have to face the consequences and people might start disliking you. I thought the book taught a good lesson.

    5. Hothead is a amazing book where connor grows throughout the book. He really grows by getting hiself together and stops having blowups. Connor is a good boy who really grew and i hopr this author can make mor books like this because this really inspired me.

    6. Baseball from a player’s perspectiveWell written in what happens in a baseball game and the personal problems that every child has. The good and bad.

    7. This was cute. I liked seeing how Connor's parents' problems affected his performance in baseball. Great for kids.

    8. I picked this book because it looked like a good baseball book and it turned out to be a really good. The story takes place in the early summer time. School is about to let out and Connor is ready for it to be baseball season. But there's one things blocking baseball and him. It's his temper. He can't control making a mistake and taking it out on something or someone. He has both Internal and External because he is too distracted by what is going on in his mind about family issues. Also External [...]

    9. Hothead by Cal Ripken Jr. is a book about a 12 year old boy that lives in Maryland and that is the star baseball player. Connor, the main character plays for the local little league team called the Orioles. Connors father lost his job a year before and is having an extremely hard time finding a job, his mother has to work double shifts at the hospital to pay the bills. Connor is to embarrassed to tell anyone, not even his best friend jordy, baseball is Connors way of relaxing and getting away fr [...]

    10. From April 2011 SLJ:Gr 3-6–Connor Sullivan seems to have it made: the seventh-grade all-star shortstop is well liked by his teammates and has a good shot at the invitation-only Brooks Robinson Camp. But he hasn’t told anyone that his dad was laid off from his job as a car salesman, and that financial worries are creating tension at home. The stress starts to get the better of Connor on the field, and the previously even-tempered player starts having major meltdowns. At first, his outbursts a [...]

    11. Fun and dull. Just like its author! Jk. This book is for the (early) juvenile reader, as an inspiration to "keep on keeping on" especially if you are super-talented baseball player and supposedly holding yourself back by a bad attitude.Although the premise is slightly far-fetched, with a boring play-by-play writing style, that seemingly shows home runs are common in Little League, the simple story line is easy to follow.None of the young characters have any depth, and the klutz of the team even [...]

    12. Hothead by Cal Ripken Jr. Was a pretty good book about a boy named Connor who likes to play baseball, but has a really bad temper that causes problems on and off the field. His temper was so bad that his friend couldn't even deal with him anymore and he was on the verge of getting kicked off of his baseball team by his coach, but at the end he realizes that his temper is causing him many issues and fixes it the best he can, overall making him a better person. The main conflict is based around th [...]

    13. I feel I need to let you know that I am a baseball girl. I am that person who sits around and watches the game night after night. You want to talk about what's going on with my Reds, be ready, we'll be here awhile. You need to know this because I am about to tell you that this book has too much baseball in it, and I want to make sure you understand that I know what I am talking about.Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of great things going on in this book. Connor's family is going through a rou [...]

    14. Hothand is a really good book by Cal Ripken Jr. that has to do with a boy who plays baseball. Connor Sullivan is a boy who loves baseball and is very good at it too. Connor’s dad just got fired from his job and so his mom has to work extra hard and she is barely ever home. This makes Connor frustrated and he takes the frustration out on the baseball field when he does something wrong. Then Connor meets this girl name Melissa who really likes him and he likes her. She is a writer on there scho [...]

    15. Connor's father has lost his job, and his mother is working extra hard as a nurse, so while they are supportive of Connor's baseball playing, it's hard for them to get to games and even harder for them to think about paying for summer baseball camp. Even though he's a very good player, Connor finds himself erupting on the field any time anything goes wrong, which doesn't make him look good. His coach is understanding, and a new friend, Melissa, helps him to understand that he needs to channel hi [...]

    16. Connor is the hotshot of his baseball team, but he is going through some hard times. His dad has been out of work for months and can't find a job. And Connor is having a hard time controlling his emotions; he starts through tantrums during games and is close to being kicked off the team. This entire book felt like an after school special on dealing with families out of work and controlling your temper. It was way too simplistic with little character development or plot. And there was way too muc [...]

    17. Connor Sullivan is an All-Star shortstop on his Babe Ruth team, the Orioles. He can hit and field with the best of them, but he's got one big problem: his temper. When he strikes out or makes an error, he's a walking Mt. Vesuvius, slamming batting helmets and throwing gloves. His teammates are starting to avoid him, even his best friend Jordy. His coach is ready to kick him off the team. To make matters worse, things aren't much better at home. His dad is having trouble finding a new job after b [...]

    18. The book Hothead by Cal Ripken Jr. and Kevin Cowherd tells the story of a boy who is the best baseball player on his team but his problem is he loses his temper. The main characters are Connor, Connor's father, Connor's mother, Melissa, and Jordy. This novel mainly takes place in Connor's home and at the baseball field where he plays. Overall, I thought the book was a 3-star rating because I like baseball and that is what it is about but I don't really like how it is mainly about him losing his [...]

    19. Connor Sullivan has more talent than most kids his agea great shortstop, a powerful hitter, and a humble teammate. That is until his family life comes under stress with his dad losing his job. Connor hears his parents whispering about losing their home and his dad's struggles with unemployment. That's when Connor's temper is unleashed and gets him suspended from the game he loves. His coach and teammates try to reason with him and calm him down, now that the championship games are about to begin [...]

    20. Perhaps baseballs fans will like this more than I did as there was a great deal of play-by-play action. It addresses some great issues: parent's job loss and resulting family stress, sportsmanship and self-control. However, the hothead issue seemed to come from nowhere. Yes, it was brought on by the family's stress of the dad's job loss, but there seemed to be little basis for the kid's actions. His temper just seemed to erupt out of nowhere. First, he's a perfect kid and baseball player, and th [...]

    21. A Matt Christopher style sports/personal issues book with soon to be dated current references and a very predictable plot. Don't know how much is Ripken's work (little, I'd guess) and how much is Cowherd's, but neither really has any genius for kids writing. Stick with Mike Lupica or Dan Gutman for some terrific sports novels for elementary aged kids.P.S. I have never understood why Ripken was so hailed for his continuous work record. Most of us who got up and went to work every day would have d [...]

    22. Connor Sullivan is a very good baseball player. He could hit well and defend good, but the thing that held him back was his attitude and temper. "Connor shook his head mournfully and reached for a cheeseburger." I can relate to this book very much because I am a baseball player. When I was younger I had the same problem he did, but I changed and became a allaround good baseball player. A bad attitude and temper get you nowhere in baseball the coach will probably see it and bench you the entire s [...]

    23. I read a ton of novels about baseball when I was a boy, and this one would have fit right in as one of my favorites. You always want a kid who feels real who you can root for, and Cal Ripken, Jr. gives us just that. Connor is an All-Star, but his Dad lost his job and the stress this has put on his family has caused Connor to act out on the baseball diamond. He doesn't want to let his team down, but he keeps having explosive incidents that endanger his team's chances of winning the championship. [...]

    24. I liked this book because it's about a boy who has to control his emotions. And I'm kind of like that. So it's related to me and that's why I liked this book. And he's also a great baseball player and I like baseball. Q: What kinds of things did he do to control his emotions? A: Took a deep breath because when he was about to slam his glove on the ground, he took a deep breath and then he bopped himself on the head. Q: Why do you think that helped? A: I think that helped because it calmed him do [...]

    25. I like this book because it is about baseball. It also has teams that are in the Major League Baseball and some of those teams are good in real life. My dad would like this book because he likes baseball. I think he likes the New York Yankees or a different team in baseball. One challenge in this book was too many characters. It was challenging because i thought a girl Melissa was Connor's sister but her name was Brianna. Connor had a lot of problems at home for his anger and get's mad at his ba [...]

    26. The book Hothead by Cal Ripken Jr. Is about a boy named Connor that is struggling with his emotions on the baseball field and had to suffer the consequences. Connor and his team, the Orioles made a run for the playoffs but Connor got suspended. The team made it to the championship game and he had to keep his cool or else something bad would happen.I liked how the book was relatable to baseball players but I did not like how it was 3rd person point of view. 1st person would express the idea bette [...]

    27. Connor Sullivan is an awesome shortstop on his Babe Ruth team, he plays for the local city team the Orioles. He can play amazing baseball. He can hit field and throw the ball good. He also has one really big problem, and that is his temper. Whenever he makes a mistake or he doesn't do good he gets really mad. One thing that doesn't help is that his dad has been laid off and is having a hard time finding a job. Therefore they don't have any money and Connor might not be able to do his childhood d [...]

    28. First I'll start by saying that I'm a fan of baseball, the Orioles, and Cal. So maybe my review is a bit biased on that part. Mostly I just really enjoyed this book. It's geared towards younger readers. It balances the action and fun of play by play sports with real life situations that young kids experience such as hardships at home and interacting with the opposite sex. The story has a really good message to it about keeping going when life gets rough, but the message isn't too cheesy or over [...]

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