Seize the Fire

Seize the Fire Olympia St Leger is a princess in desperate need of a knight in shining armor Sheridan Drake amused by Olympia s innocence and magnificent beauty but also intrigued by her considerable wealth accep

  • Title: Seize the Fire
  • Author: Laura Kinsale
  • ISBN: 9780380753994
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Olympia St Leger is a princess in desperate need of a knight in shining armor Sheridan Drake, amused by Olympia s innocence and magnificent beauty, but also intrigued by her considerable wealth, accepts the position of white knight Unaware that Sheridan is a notorious scoundrel, Olympia willingly allows herself to submit to his protection and his potent embrace TheirsOlympia St Leger is a princess in desperate need of a knight in shining armor Sheridan Drake, amused by Olympia s innocence and magnificent beauty, but also intrigued by her considerable wealth, accepts the position of white knight Unaware that Sheridan is a notorious scoundrel, Olympia willingly allows herself to submit to his protection and his potent embrace Theirs is a love born in deception But as they weather storms on the high seas and flee from nefarious villains, the love sparked by lies begins to burn uncontrollably Taking shelter on a desert island paradise, the princess and the dark knight battle overwhelming odds to keep their adoration burning bright.

    Seize the Fire Heroism, Duty, and Nelson s Battle of Seize the Fire Heroism, Duty, and Nelson s Battle of Trafalgar Adam Nicolson on FREE shipping on qualifying offers In October Lord Horatio Nelson, the most brilliant sea commander who ever lived, led the British Royal Navy to a devastating victory over the Franco Spanish fleets at the great battle of Trafalgar. Seize the Fire by Laura Kinsale Seize the Fire book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers Olympia St Leger is a princess in desperate need of a knight in sh Seize the Fire Memory Alpha FANDOM powered by Wikia Seize the Fire is a Star Trek Typhon Pact novel the second novel in the series written by Michael A Martin Published by Pocket Books , it was first released in November , and features the characters of Star Trek Titan dealing with the Gorn Hegemony as they seek to solidify their place within the Pact. Seize the Fire Memory Beta, non canon Star Trek Wiki Seize the Fire is a Star Trek Titan novel by Michael A Martin published by Pocket Books in December It is the second novel in the Star Trek Typhon Pact cross over series and centers around the Titan crew struggling with a Gorn crew over control of a terraforming artefact. Seize the Fire Laura Kinsale Books May , Seize the Fire and millions of other books are available for instant access view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer no Kindle device required. Seize The Fire Books Laura Kinsale Seize the Fire This is a print re issue at a special price, published by Sourcebooks Naval captain Sheridan Drake is no knight in shining armor, even if he has been knighted for heroism by the King For him, an exiled princess with revolutionary ideas is just another opportunity to steal her jewels and get himself out of debt. Seize the Fire by Laura Kinsale, Paperback Barnes Noble Seize the Fire by Laura Kinsale Olympia St Leger is a princess in desperate need of a knight in shining armor Sheridan Drake, amused by Olympia s innocence and magnificent beauty, but also intrigued by her considerable wealth, accepts the position of white knight. Seize the Fire by Laura Kinsale All About Romance Aug , Seize the Fire is probably my second favourite Kinsale sometimes it even makes the top spot, depending on my mood Blackjack January , at pm Reply Like Caz, Seize the Fire is one of my favorites of Kinsale s books. Seize the Fire NPR NPR coverage of Seize the Fire Heroism, Duty, And Nelson s Battle of Trafalgar by Adam Nicolson News, author interviews, critics picks and . Ceasefire A ceasefire or truce , also called cease fire, is a temporary stoppage of a war in which each side agrees with the other to suspend aggressive actions Ceasefires may be declared as part of a formal treaty, but they have also been called as part of an informal understanding between opposing forces.

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      Laura Kinsale is a New York Times bestselling author and both winner and multiple nominee for the Best Book of the Year award given by the Romance Writers of America She become a romance writer after six years as a geologist a career which consisted of getting out of bed in the middle of the night and driving hundreds of miles alone across west Texas to sit drilling rigs, wear a hard hat, and attempt to boss around oil covered males considerably larger than herself This, she decided, was pushing her luck So she gave all that up to sit in a chair and stare into space for long periods of time, attempting to figure out What Happens Next She and her husband David currently divide their time between Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Texas.

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    1. This is one of the BEST historicals I have EVER read! Bravo!!!!!The second half of the book:My fav quote:"He shrugged. "I suppose I'm a fairly downy bird when it comes to hoaxing dragons. But when one of 'em ties you down and punches you in the stomach, not to mention beating you over the head and drowning you by degrees, it's high time to retire from the field with what grace you can muster." He looked at her, his dark lashes swept low over the silver firelight in his eyes. "I'm sorry you were [...]

    2. I am often reall embarrassed to be a lover of romance novels. I don't tell everyone, because I don't want them to think I am simple-minded because I just like reading about love stories and happy endings.Then, I feel irritation at myself and anyone who would judge my reading choices. I am more intelligent than the average bear. I have just as much (or more) capacity for deep, intellectual thought as the next person. And I DO enjoy excellent literary fiction. I just ALSO enjoy romance novels :-)A [...]

    3. Actual Rating: 4.5I am so glad I didn't give up on this book. More coherent thoughts later.Edit:This book isn't perfect - let's get that out of the way first. After having read three novels by Kinsale, I'm coming to understand that she tends to shove A LOT into 400 pages. I read this after My Sweet Folly which really suffered under the weight of the twists and turns she introduced, but that was not the case here - despite global adventures, pirates, a revolution, and a pet penguin. I almost DNF' [...]

    4. What a crazy book!? The plots are crazy, the characters are crazy. They travelled from Europe then the Americas, stranded on an island, then to Turkey and there was a sultan. A princess, a revolution, a un-heroic hero. This book is ce-razy!!What I loved about the book (and what earned this book 4 stars in my book): CHARACTERIZATION all the waySheridan (38) and Olympia (24?) are by no means the usual character types you see in this genre. Sheridan is a handsome scoundrel with no principles. He wa [...]

    5. I read this a while back and haven't had time to write a full review. I did, however, write this mini-review for AAR.I felt emotionally exhausted by the time I’d finished reading this book. There’s no way to do it justice in couple of paragraphs, but there’s no question that in Sheridan Drake, Ms Kinsale has created one of the most complex, compelling heroes – should that be anti-heroes? – I’ve ever read.A decorated naval officer, widely regarded as one of the nation’s heroes, Sher [...]

    6. The first time I read Seize the Fire was last year, shortly after finishing my first (and still favorite) book by Laura Kinsale, Flowers from the Storm, and I have to admit -- I just didn't get it. It was so weird! Flowers from the Storm had been unusual and full of heartrending emotions and high angst, but it was grounded in a setting I recognized in historical romances. The whole story takes place in England, and its concerns -- health, finances, religion -- were fairly domestic, if far from p [...]

    7. The best asset of this book is Sheridan, the hero. He alone is worth a 4 stars. But then we have the heroine and the story.SheridanSheridan is not your standard bad boy or gamma hero, he is a anti hero plain and simple and doesn't apologize about it. Also, he is honest and clear about it with the heroine. I enjoyed him a lot.OlympiaI have nothing against naive or/and idealist heroines in historical romances. But let's face it, Olympia wasn't only that. At one point of the story, Sheridan went to [...]

    8. Anti-hero is too glamorous a label for him. He is a scoundrel, a lying low-life, a common thief, a blackguard, a cad and he should be boiled in a vat of hot oil for his self-serving ways. Only his fallen angel charm, devilish wit and bad boy sex appeal lets him get away with it. Of all the cheating, lying Hs I’ve read about, he has to be the worst but at the same time the most lovable and the most swoonworthy! He dares you to not like him despite his repeated transgressions and acts of treache [...]

    9. Well, I had some feelings about this book, which seemed like it was really multiple adventure-romances Vulcan mind-melded together into one totally next-level insane adventure-romance. Heroine is Olympia, a princess of "Oriens", a tiny kingdom in the Alps. Hero is Sheridan, an outwardly heroic Navy dude. Olympia is on fire with democratic longings and wishes to get back to the kingdom she's never actually seen, to lead her people to a peaceful democratic revolution. Sheridan just got out of the [...]

    10. I've given this an A+ for narration (well, duh!) and an A for content at AudioGals.Even though I have eagerly snatched up every single audiobook from this hugely talented author/narrator team as soon as they’ve appeared, Seize the Fire is one I’ve been waiting for ever since Laura Kinsale and Nicholas Boulton began their collaboration. The prospect of hearing Sheridan Drake brought to life in all his tortured, roguish, f**cked-up, delicious glory by such a wonderfully skilled narrator made t [...]

    11. How do I describe my love for this book? Laura Kinsale had me nearly in tears when I finished it last night. (view spoiler)[ The hero and heroine are both still so messed up at the end, suffering from PTSD and without a ridiculous epilogue to make everything better. Truly, I loved how unsentimental it was, and how Sheridan and Olympia, the hero and heroine, don't expect their love to fix them. They only recognize that they care deeply for each other and don't want to be alone when the world is e [...]

    12. Kinsale is a master story teller. Do not be misled into thinking that her work fits neatly in the romance category. Kinsale succeeds on all levels again. We have complex character development, a demanding plot with twists and turns, important psychological subject matter, a roller coaster ride taking us around the world to unexpected places, and ability to convey love/grief that transcends all. Full of tragedy and angst and nail biting adventure. I am spent. 4.5

    13. This is my favorite of Laura Kinsale's books. The cover is stunningly beautiful ( on the first edition hardcover), the characters are fantastic, and the story hits every romantic button in my body. I've read this book over and over and it's still fresh every time. I never get tired of it.

    14. Wow. There was a lot going on here. Regency, Gothic,Julie of the Wolves/Island of Blue Dolphins survival porn, pirates, Arabian slavery, plus a very serious case of post war PTSD. I am way too confused to write a review.

    15. I really didn't think I'd like Sheridan Drake, especially after reading the first 100 pages He had his moments, where I could maybe understand why Olympia, naive that she was, would fall for him And I was still surprised when he abandoned her in Madeira, especially after that sweet "Greensleaves" moment Then, when they met up again, if I'd been her, I'd have killed him, no kidding! I only started falling in love with him when they were shipwrecked, and by the time they were rescued (yes, the fiv [...]

    16. I'm not quite sure what to say. This is my second Kinsale book, the first being "Flowers from the Storm." Like FftS, Seize the Fire was a long, arduous and often convoluted plot which ended in a powerfully emotional, tear-inducing, grab-you-by-the-gut-type of ending. The difference is that with Flowers from the Storm, I felt as though the ends justified the means. In other words, as the reader, I really understood why it was absolutely necessary for Kinsale to take the readers along for the deta [...]

    17. Historic Romance I thought this was going to be another silly romance. I was wrong. Not since Jamie sent Claire back through the stones has a book hurt this much to read. This book deals with PTSD with such realism, I could hardly breathe.The author put her dedication at the very end, understandably so. It reads "This book is dedicated to the combat veterans of Vietnam. With respect, and love, and hope for healing."This is one of the most romantic books I've read, in a class with Tale of Two Cit [...]

    18. Oh man, I almost missed out on a precious gem of a book. I got about 50 pages into Sieze the Fire and started thinking that it wasn't my type of story. I put it down and moved on to something else. For the next few days it kept bothering me that I didn't give it more of a chance, so I picked it back up and tried again. Boy, am I glad I did. One of my initial reasons for disliking the book was the hero (or I should say more appropriately the anti-hero) of the book. Sheridan is a bastard at worse [...]

    19. So Unexpected. So good. It is always a joy to go into a book expecting a certain type of entertainmentd get something all together different, but in a good way. This was my experience with this book. And it made me appreciate it even more.My re-introduction into historical romance continues. From the blurb I expected a nice lighthearted, and humorous adventure with the usual romance staples: they meet, they hate each other, they fight, they kiss, they fight some more, love, love, love, they bre [...]

    20. I don't think I can accurately describe my love for this book (I even think I prefer it to Flowers from the Storm!). I almost don't want to think about it too much just in case I find some issues that I can't get past.I think that Laura Kinsale is becoming one of my favourite authors. I've now read three of her books over the last month or so and I've really enjoyed all of them. Her writing is so beautiful and it brings up such vivid pictures in my mind without being overly descriptive and her c [...]

    21. Before I started reading m/m I used to devour Regency Romance, beginning with Georgette Heyer and progressing through Eloisa James, Julia Quinn, Loretta Chase and Laura Kinsale. The last four were my first foray into ebooks, as I discovered authors who were rarely seen in print in bookshops and libraries in Australia. (We are a deprived lot and rely heavily on female librarians who managed to sway the purchasing power of their male counterparts who believe romance is BAD and would much prefer to [...]

    22. Changing this from 4.5 to 5 stars because I loved it even more after re-reading it.I don't think I have the words to properly convey how much I absolutely adored this book. It was rather unexpected the way it just pulled me in. I started it thinking one thing and by the end of it, I was crying my eyes out, completely floored by how wonderful and amazing it had all been. It was one of those books you feel satisfied when the end comes and yet you wish you could have just a little bit more. It was [...]

    23. I never write reviews. Ever. I rely on them but selfish-to-busy-to-write-barely-enough-time-to read- 'ole me doesn't write reviews/comments/anything on the world wide web. This book? Yanked me out of self-titled importance and practically begged me to write something. I've read my fair share of romance, and never in my lengthy and at times unhealthy experiences have I read a tale so beautiful and heart wrenching and funny and splendid. I smelt the ocean. I felt her anguish. His heartache. I was [...]

    24. Let me say that I never write reviews. This is my first review. I just had to write and muddle through my thoughts so that I can move on.I'm not sure how I'll read another romance after this. I think this book may give me some serious book hangover. So many romances are trivial and this is not. I don't ever expect Laura Kinsale's books to be trivial or shallow, but holy cow. This one blew the others (that I've read of hers) out of the water as far as character depth and characters that are REAL [...]

    25. Masterful, Absorbing Storytelling An intriguing, well-written tale of a tortured hero who must come to terms with his past, and a brave young woman who must face reality. Kinsale's dialog is snappy, her humor dry and fitting and the characters' inner thinking terribly witty and appropriate for the times. The twists and turns are clever and the angst believable. Very well done! Set in England, the Falkland Islands, the Middle East and Europe, beginning in 1827, this is the story of Olympia, Princ [...]

    26. Oh wow, just what I was in the mood for. A well written, over the top historical romance that had everything in it! I loved both hero and heroine, especially the hero with his PTSD - just when you wondered what else could happen to this pair, the author came up with something else. I could see how it might annoy some readers - maybe it did go on a bit too long, a bit too much back and forth between them but I needed a long book to read on a lazy afternoon and this was perfect. I can't wait to re [...]

    27. This was the first actual "romance novel" I've ever read. I usually read mystery, action, sci-fi, etcI was very surprised by this book.was just expecting all lovey, doveyjust look at the cover and you can see what I expected. The book had a good story line and was mainly a love/hate story of two people, but there was a lot of action as the characters fought pirates, struggled to live on a shipwrecked island, etc

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