Save My Soul

Save My Soul All he s asking for is her soul After buying the antebellum home she s fantasized about since childhood Anna Worthington discovers Luc a dangerously seductive incubus who has been trapped in the hou

  • Title: Save My Soul
  • Author: Zoe Winters
  • ISBN: 9780981943633
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • All he s asking for is her soul After buying the antebellum home she s fantasized about since childhood, Anna Worthington discovers Luc, a dangerously seductive incubus who has been trapped in the house by a fifty year old curse To rid herself of her problem house guest she ll call on a priest, gypsies, ghost hunters, and the coven of witches from lust bunny hell All shAll he s asking for is her soul After buying the antebellum home she s fantasized about since childhood, Anna Worthington discovers Luc, a dangerously seductive incubus who has been trapped in the house by a fifty year old curse To rid herself of her problem house guest she ll call on a priest, gypsies, ghost hunters, and the coven of witches from lust bunny hell All she has to do is resist him long enough to break the spell so they can go their separate ways If she doesn t, she could die And that would be the best case scenario HEAT LEVEL Some sexually explicit content 3 out of 5 flames.

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    1. Zoe Winters

      Author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.Book 6 in the Preternaturals series Available for Pre order now at Kindle and Kobo Books Author Bio Zoe Winters writes quirky and sometimes dark paranormal romance and fantasy Her favorite colors are rainbow and clear.She is known for her preternaturals series which combines romance front story with larger urban fantasy back story which develops over the course of several books.Her world contains demons, vampires, werewolves, werecats, and other shapeshifters, magic users such as witches and wizards, angels, and humans who are unaware of the magical world around them.Zoe can be found at zoewintersbooks To subscribe to her newsletter, fill out the contact form.Fun supplementary material for the preternaturals series can be found at theriantype

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    1. Awesome readWow! I loved this book. Oh, it didn’t have to be 300 pages but at least it didn’t become too boring, I only skimmed a few pages. It was about an incubus living in the house Anna bought, a house she’d wanted to live in as a child. At first Anna thought it was the ghost of Beatrice, the woman who’d died there fifty years ago. But it was Luc. And, oh man was he gorgeous and sexy. This is my very first book of an incubus and I so enjoyed it. Luc was a demon incubus that started f [...]

    2. Reveiwed by Lori @ Romancing the Darkside:romancingthedarkside.A haunting read you will devour!After many long years and the death of her father, Anna Worthington has returned to her hometown down South to set her father's affairs in order. After seeing her dream home up for sale, Anna decides to purchase it despite all the rumors of it being haunted. Anna happily moves into her new home and soon starts to realize the town's rumors might not be rumors after all. Her dream house comes with it's o [...]

    3. Anna's always been drawn to the house on Cranberry Lane, despite its history. A woman died there, you know. When her life circles back to the place she was born, Anna can't ignore the For Sale sign, especially now that she has the financial means to be its owner.Right away, unexpected things start happening. Whoever--whatever is in the house is trying to get her attention.But this is not The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. The "whoever" turns out to be Luc, an incubus, a demon who feeds on sexual energies. [...]

    4. Okay I really hate to not give this five stars, because I'm a Zoe Winters fangirl. She's probably my favorite "indie" author at the moment and it kills me that I can't rave about itWhat worked for me:* I loved the mythology (and theology) about the different dimensions* I adore ZW's writing style, with her quirky humor and perfect pacing.* The twist at the end was AWESOME! Loved loved loved it!What didn't work for me:* The hero is an incubus. In order not to kill his victims, he has to have sex [...]

    5. A fun, sexually charged novel chuck full of captivating supernatural creatures!After her father passes away, Anna Worthington moves into the house that she has been drawn to since a child. Claimed to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who died in the house fifty years ago, Anna doesn’t believe in the supernatural until the supposed ghost takes form in a dark and sexy incubus named Luc.Cursed by a witch and trapped in the house Luc must feed off the residents or have his meals brought to him by [...]

    6. There were a lot of things I liked about this book, starting with the sassy Anna and the sexy incubus trapped in her house right on down to the hookers who were given a chance to turn their lives around. I mean, any time an author can turn a potentially icky situation with a sex lovin' demon and a houseful of hookers into something that makes sense and leaves you hoping everyone will find a way to have a happy ending well, that's some good writing.Anna is a woman tempted beyond all belief by a d [...]

    7. Witches and Gypsies and Demons, oh my!Nice combo, right? I certainly thought so. Take a seductively hot incubus, add a stubborn heroine, who refuses to give in to his seduction attempts, equals a solidly entertaining story. Luc, our seductively hot incubus, is trapped inside a house by a spell that was cast by a former witch-lover in attempts to make him a one woman man. Enter the house's current owner and heroine, Anna. If I can describe one word to describe Anna it would be stubborn. After a f [...]

    8. Loved it! The Incubi are finally taking their place as the romantic hero of the paranormal world. Anna Worthington has bought a haunted house. Turns out her ghost is actually a demon: specifically an incubus named Luc. He was trapped in the house by a previous owner/lover. The only way he can be freed is if Anna gives him her soul or burns her house to the ground. She doesn't want to do either. As their battle of wills heats up, Luc protects her from others of his kind, a would be rapist, and a [...]

    9. My ThoughtsThis is my first book I have read from Zoe and I will now be going out and getting more. This book was totally awesome. It got me wrapped in the story within the first chapter. At first I was thinking oh crap this is going to be freaky but I was okay.(in case you were worried) Once you get into this book you will not be able to put it down. As we go through it to we meet some really enjoyable characters. Like the posse of hookers. Even they were just really fun and you really wanted t [...]

    10. If you’re looking for a sexy supernatural romance with challenges, passion and deep characters this is definitely a book for you. I don’t want to spoil any details but let me leave you with this image. There’s an entire alternate universe Zoe Winters brings to life in this book and within it men can become incubi and women can choose death and come back as a second chance. There are no limits to the depth of the love and understanding these characters portray. Zoe Winters creates new persp [...]

    11. Reviewed at AsianCocoa's Secret GardenI decided to read Save My Soul after seeing the book trailer on one of my favorite author’s (Claudia D. Christian) website. I figured if she liked it and was recommending this book then I might like it too. In Save My Soul, I received my first introduction to the incubus demon. This was quite an intriguing creature for me since I’m all about the smut. The smuttier the better and reading about a demon that survives off the sexual energy of females seemed [...]

    12. My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at Hotlistens.Save My Soul is the second book in this series, but it is really the fourth story. Book one, Blood Lust, is really three novellas in one book. This book doesn’t tie in with book one nearly as tight as the three novellas tie together. This book can be read as a stand alone. Really the location and one side character are really the only crossover. Book one does tie in with book three and four. It is a great read, so I wou [...]

    13. I’m more than a little stunned. Not because I didn’t expect the book to be so good. Hell, I’ve read Kept, Claimed, and Mated. I know Zoe Winters has some mad story-telling skills. Having mad story-telling skills, however, isn’t the same as having the skills to make me believe a romance is possible between an Incubus and a human. This is why you should NEVER. EVER. tell a writer what they can and cannot do because they will do it out of spite and it will blow your mind every time. In the [...]

    14. I liked this book more than I thought I would. Truth be told, in the beginning I wasn't really feeling it. It didn't seem like my cup of tea and it almost came off as chick lit. I did start liking it after she bought the house and the ghost started creeping her out. Well, creeping me out. She seemed to have no problem getting snarky with the ghost. I thought those parts were hilarious.I enjoyed the banter between the two! I think the author does an excellent job writing the banter. I don't think [...]

    15. The Preternaturals series is awesome. I’ve not been reading them in order, having read three and four before reading this one, which is book two – and I’ve not been lost at all. So it is entirely possible to pick these up as you go. Sure, there are tidbits of information throughout the books. Like in book four, Anna and Luc are in it, and Cain touches on their situation, but it in no way ruined the fun of this book. Anna has come back to town to tidy up her deceased father’s affairs, and [...]

    16. I read Ms. Winters' novella collection, and found her stories interesting and well done, so I was naturally curious as to what she could do with a full-length book. She didn't disappoint, and I can honestly say that this sophomore (I'm assuming) effort is superior to its predecessor.This book features a very unusual romance, and I should warn you, there are things that for some may be a deal-breaker. The hero, Luc, is an incubus, which is a kind of sex demon. He needs to feed regularly, or else [...]

    17. Interest: SynopsisTitle Thoughts: It really fits.Cover Thoughts: I really like the covers and the placement of his hand because it's possessive and holding her close.WARNINGS: Cuss words here and there and lots of talk of sex along with a minor sex scene or two.First, let me just say that there is just something I like about the whole idea of a sex demon. Let's add that into the pot with Luc, Anna, Cain, witches and more and we have a really good book. Add that with Zoe Winters and we have an ev [...]

    18. This is the second book in Zoe Winters’s Preternaturals series. I did not read book 1, but I will doing so soon. You can pick up Save My Soul and not be lost at all, it seems this story is independent of the others. If there were any crossovers, I didn’t notice and they did not distract from the plot. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The idea of Luc being an incubus and trapped in the house was so new and different. I really enjoyed it! The storyline sucked me right in and I had to force myse [...]

    19. The book is set on the same universe as Blood Lust stories, but it’s a standalone novel.I loved Save My Soul. Zoe Winters has amazingly polished her writing and the story flows smoothly through the whole book. The plot is set up brilliantly and things you thought were just fillers in the story gets picked up later. In the end there’s several twists, each one of them making you speed up your reading to see what happens next. I have to admit, I did not see THAT coming.In the beginning we get t [...]

    20. Save My Soul is my first read from author Zoe Winters but it will not be my last. From the first I was intrigued with Anna's story if a bit confused When the light dawned that there was more than just a story about an old house being possessed by a restless and sometimes destructive spirit I was totally hooked and kept reading until every page was devoured!Not only is there plenty of snarky humor when Anna tries to "exorcise" the spirit but there is also a very well built up romantic relationshi [...]

    21. Why hadn't I read this book and author before? Save My Soul was EVERYTHING I love about reading romance. It had a great storyline that kept me interested and buried deep within the story. It had relatable characters who you just wanted it all to work out for. Of course, it had a sexy as heck hero who seriously made me swoon a few times and and the sexual tension? OMGSH! I was in heaven. I loved the bantering back and forth between Anna and Luc, for me it's what pushed the story over the top and [...]

    22. Save My Soul is the story of Anna, a woman who returns to her hometown for her father’s funeral and rediscovers her obsession with an old house. Only after she’s bought it and moved in does anyone clue her in that she’s got a supernatural roommate, Luc, (short for Lucien) an incubus with gorgeous looks and a killer appetite for sex. Luc has been trapped in the house for a long time, and since Anna isn’t interested in leaving, the demon wants her to help him escape by torching the house. [...]

    23. Loved it. I thought I wouldn't at first, but the chemistry between Anna and Luc was amazing. I like the way their relationship progressed, and I was truly astounded that, every time I was beginning to find myself annoyed with the heroine, she did or said something else that almost totally defused it. The writing was nice, the description not detailed but not too elaborate either. The concept of gods fighting over different realms also fascinated me. It was an idea I wish was developed further, b [...]

    24. Anna buys a home she's dreamt about since she was a child. Even though the house comes with an eerie history (the first owner died, and the last owner ended up in a mental institution), Anna isn't deterred. On her first night, she notices that something is off. What she didn't know was that she not only got her dream house she also got a house guest in the form of a sexy and smug incubus named Luc. She wants him gone, but he can't leave. His previous "girlfriend", a witch, trapped him with a cu [...]

    25. That is one sexy cover! There is something about an oversized white shirt that is hot. I was able to grab this free from iBooks and was surprised. I haven’t read a book by Ms Winters before, and was afraid. I've heard of her (of course) by reputation, and I didn’t want to spoil it by reading a book and not liking it. Well I liked it. I didn't love it, but it was not a disappointment (phew). I guess what was missing for me was actual conflict. Every situation felt overly contrived until the [...]

    26. Save My Soul is the second book in the Preternaturals series, but if you haven't read book one, don't let that put you off. This book stands alone quite well.The part of me that loves a good paranormal romance loved this story. Anna and Tam and Luc and the whole cast of characters really made for an enjoyable story. It was also great to read about a different kind of creature, vampires, werewolves and angels are all over the place in fiction right now. There aren't many stories with an incubus i [...]

    27. Save My Soul, by Zoe Winters, is a paranormal romance with edge. This is not a genre I've read much, but, in interviewing Zoe for the blog, I became fascinated by the ideas and themes she explores in her writing. There are associations and asides in the narrative, which will have greater resonance with those fully conversant with the genre. But, even as a newcomer, I found the book engaging and entertaining.Zoe contrasts the tension with humour, and does this well. Her characters are fully forme [...]

    28. After reading Blood Lust by Ms. Winters I knew I'd enjoy this title as well. It was my first incubus/demon story. I was pleased with the way the author described this world. She gave me enough information to help me understand, but didn't take things too far and cause it to feel like a textbook.This isn't a textbook. No, it's a fun romp with some great action, hot scenes, and even a touch of darkness. Demons are dark, evil things and this story reflects that. People die. Actually it was my first [...]

    29. This book was a big NOPE for me. I knew going into the book that there would be cheating. Kind of. I mean the H is an Incubus, so it was expected. But I just COULD NOT get past a part in the book (40% mark on my kindle). And it completely ruined the whole story for me. It was one of my 'not gonna come back from that shit' buttons, and I wish I had known this was going to happen so I could have skipped this one all together. ****SPOILER**** - Please don't read any further if you want to avoid spo [...]

    30. If I had enough time and I was sure people wouldn't get sick of reading what I'm writing I would go on about this book forever. First of all it's hilarious. Anna cracks me up. She is super funny and her antics with Mimi and Bitsy and her passel of hookers is so funny. I love Anna she is such a good character and she has such a great personality. She's very caring and compassionate; even to hookers (which a lot of people wouldn't be). Luc is awesome. So very, very hot. And he's humane. An incubus [...]

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