El fantasma enamorado

El fantasma enamorado Un hombre cae en la nieve se golpea la cabeza contra un bordillo de piedra y muere sin embargo sucede algo extra o el hombre no est realmente muerto y el fantasma que ha sido enviado para llevarse

  • Title: El fantasma enamorado
  • Author: Jonathan Carroll Olga Usoz Chaparro
  • ISBN: 9788498005936
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • Un hombre cae en la nieve, se golpea la cabeza contra un bordillo de piedra y muere sin embargo, sucede algo extra o el hombre no est realmente muerto, y el fantasma que ha sido enviado para llevarse su alma a la otra vida queda estupefacto Tras acudir de inmediato a su jefe, el fantasma le pregunta qu debe hacer, a lo que el jefe le responde que no sabe c mo ha sucedUn hombre cae en la nieve, se golpea la cabeza contra un bordillo de piedra y muere sin embargo, sucede algo extra o el hombre no est realmente muerto, y el fantasma que ha sido enviado para llevarse su alma a la otra vida queda estupefacto Tras acudir de inmediato a su jefe, el fantasma le pregunta qu debe hacer, a lo que el jefe le responde que no sabe c mo ha sucedido, pero que est n trabajando en ello Mientras tanto, desea que permanezca junto al hombre para que puedan averiguar lo que est ocurriendo El fantasma acepta de mala gana es un espectro y no una ni era, sin embargo sucede algo inesperado se enamora locamente de la novia del hombre y las cosas, obviamente, se complican bastante.

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    1. Jonathan Carroll Olga Usoz Chaparro

      Jonathan Carroll b 1949 is an award winning American author of modern fantasy and slipstream novels His debut book, The Land of Laughs 1980 , tells the story of a children s author whose imagination has left the printed page and begun to influence reality The book introduced several hallmarks of Carroll s writing, including talking animals and worlds that straddle the thin line between reality and the surreal, a technique that has seen him compared to South American magical realists.Outside the Dog Museum 1991 was named the best novel of the year by the British Fantasy Society, and has proven to be one of Carroll s most popular works Since then he has written the Crane s View trilogy, Glass Soup 2005 and, most recently, The Ghost in Love 2008 His short stories have been collected in The Panic Hand 1995 and The Woman Who Married a Cloud 2012 He continues to live and write in Vienna.

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    1. The first Jonathan Carroll book i read, about eight years ago, was The Wooden Sea, an other-worldly sci-fi fever dream of a novel. I really liked it, and then I finished it, and it made me crazy, because at the end, I had only a vague idea of what the heck had happened.The Ghost in Love is less opaque but similarly fantastical, and I could probably give both books the same capsule review: It starts off making sense, and then things get really weird, and continue to get weirder. Also there is a d [...]

    2. Didn't like it. Didn't get it. I wish someone would pay me to write a book that seems like I made up as I went along. No plot necessary.s can change midstream with no explanation has to make sense. I know there's a market for this kind of book but I'm not part of it! I just finished it and yet I couldn't even tell you how it ended. The plot never made sense anyway so I guess I didn't care how it ended. No part of the plot seemed to be resolved. For example, the ghost in love (hence the title) wi [...]

    3. Some of the things I don't like in other authors such as jerky transitions and sloppy endings I eternally forgive in Jonathan Carroll because I am really taken with his descriptions of things and the relationships of who he is writing about. All of his books have these characters with beautiful attractions to each other for all the tiny little reasons we each have for anybody we've ever cared about, but here they are laid out for us the reader in charming array. Touch, details, funny bits of mem [...]

    4. A librarian recommended this book to me when there were no Murakami books on the shelf. She assured me that this would fill that same gap in my heart. It sat around in my room, almost forgotten, for about a month, and when it was time to give it back or incur over-due fines, I decided to read it anyway. I began at eleven and finished at four in the morning.Jonathan Carroll’s Ghost in Love begins as a relatively normal story about a breakup between Ben and his girlfriend, German. Then we find o [...]

    5. I love Jonathan Carroll. Here's what happens to me when I read his books. Number 1, reading the book is a roller coaster of delights. There is always the element of the supernatural but I would not call these books fantasy, at least not traditional fantasy. There is always some cool dog in the book that can talk. Carroll has a million interesting complicated plot twists and ideas that unfold as the novel progresses and as my friend, C, put it, the novel crescendos to the very end. Number 2, you [...]

    6. The ghost who is in love is Ling, a companion ghost to still-living Ben Gould; Ben was slated to die earlier but did not, thus throwing the ghost world into a state of confusion and disconcert. Ling is attached to Ben in order to find out what exactly is happening and why those scheduled to die are not dying as the schedule dictates. In the meantime, Ben is having flashes of another person's life and is suddenly able to communicate with his dog, Pilot. As Ben's recently ex-girlfriend, German, he [...]

    7. I thought this was a lovely book. I would recommend this book with caution, for I can see people either loving or hating this book. Readers may not like it because there is much in the story which is left unexplained, but I suppose I'm a relatively complacent reader, as any mysteries left unexplained to me weren't as important as the feelings and thoughts of the characters, along with the overall message I took from the book.I happen to love The Ghost in Love, and finished the book a little happ [...]

    8. The dust jacket features a glowing review of the author by Stephen King, so that was the clincher - without SK's input, I probably would have teetered the othe rway and laid the book back on the library shelf. So I guess I could say it's SK's fault that I had to limp through this book?! :p Seriously, though. The idea is good. Something is happening: people who are supposed to die are NOT dying, thus throwing the folk in charge of the afterlife into disarray. Thing is, the "normal" system that th [...]

    9. I'm a fan of Jonathan Carroll's work. I've read and loved several of his novels, but not for a while. Ghost in Love has all the classic Carroll's elements, great writing, small scale but gepic love story and plenty of magic/weirdness. Actually, with this story I think there might have been too much of the latter, possibly overwhelming the formers. Although it all made sense in the way Carroll's books usually do, it was almost a bit too convoluted or overly complicated. The story itself was great [...]

    10. Highly recommend! What a wonderful imagination this author has! Whatever you think this book is about, it's full of surprises. This is a book about love, including self-love. It's about accepting all parts of yourself- all of your different selves. This is a great book for dog lovers too- dogs play a wonderful role in this story. This is one of those books which I will never forget. I can't wait to read more of this author's novels.

    11. I would call this a mind twister. You think your headed down a path toward something and suddenly your brain is twisted around and you're yanked off into some other unknown. Yes, it's weird, but once you stop resisting, you'll be much happier.

    12. The Ghost in Love is a bizarre page-turner that breaks all the rules of death and ghosts as we know them. According to Jonathan Carroll, God decided to create ghosts only because people believed in them anyway and they seemed like a good idea. Their purpose would be to tie up loose ends after a person died. Strangely, the ghost wouldn't have to look like the person they belonged to since they operated on a plane of existence where they could only been seen by other ghosts and by animals.Ling is [...]

    13. Moving from reading the Twilight Saga to The Ghost in Love was a bit like going from Rocks for Jocks to Particle Physics. Even after sleeping on it for a night, I'm not sure I understand all of this book.I do think Carroll writes very creatively about issues central to what it means to be human. In fact, the entire book is a metaphor about the choices we face, the various facets of who we are that drive our decisions and how our relationships can impact those choices. Near the end, he wonderfull [...]

    14. How did I take so damn long to read this?? And by that, I mean that I have owned it for nearly two years, and I kept reading the first three pages then putting it down; I knew I wanted to pay attention, to read every word, to drown myself in the story, and I guess I haven't had the concentration for that until now. Admittedly, I read most of this at work at the library, where I should have been concentrating on work, and it became jarring to have to put it down and actually assist the patrons. I [...]

    15. I love this book. It started when I read the recommendation for the book from one of Nancy Pearl's columns where she quoted from page 171 "A man, a dog, and two understandably disgruntled women were walking down a sidewalk. One woman was a ghost, the man should have been dead, the dog was the reincarnation of the should-have-been-dead's girlfriend, and the last, the tall woman, was an innocent bystander who had the bad fortune of loving two of the others." HOw can you not fall in love with a boo [...]

    16. The title of this book does not really describe the book has a little bit of a plot line about a ghost in love but otherwise it is a book about humans taking charge of their lives and not dying when their time has come.It was actually a very funny book with a bunch of fleeting bizarre characters that were each very quirky and entertaining. Ben and German are very likable characters, and Pilot the dog is wonderfulIt is a pretty complex story so you really should pay attention but you will be rewa [...]

    17. The world is going crazy. Ben Gould was meant to die at a certain time, and yet he didn't. The angels can't figure out what's going to happen next, and neither can Ling, Ben's ghost. Ben, clueless to his own significance, is just trying to figure out what to do now that he and his girlfriend German have broken up. Welcome to The Ghost in Love.Like all of Jonathan Carroll's books, this one begins with a brilliantly strange premise, and goes crazy. Unlike what I've read of Jonathan Carroll thus fa [...]

    18. Jonathan Carroll holds a strange place in my heart. I have to say that none of his books of the last decade have pulled me in the way his early books did, but I still wait for them eagerly, and read them with relish. Somewhere in the middle, they start to leave me cold. He explores similar territory in different ways. There are many elements of his previous books evident, but it has lost a little bit of charm for me. I can't quite put my finger on it. The characters are well developed, and likea [...]

    19. One of my very favorites by Jonathan Carroll, I think. I found this one much more hopeful and optimistic than some of his previous novels. His writing style does take some getting used to, as there's a lot of exposition that occurs all the way through the story, and sometimes he'll even disrupt the narrative flow to make a point directly to the reader, and that can be jarring. But in the end, it all comes down to something that's completely magical and strange and even absurd at times, but so th [...]

    20. Jonathan Carroll’s The Ghost in Love: A Novel is an odd book with a ghost (in love), a talking dog, and the Angel of Death (who can appear in any form he/it/? wants). It is whimsical and charming with a dash of creepiness. However, the book falls apart for me in the last two ridiculous, what-the-fuck-just-happened chapters of glaring “here’s the whole message of the novel so you dumbass readers don’t actually have to think and come to your own conclusions (which might differ from what I, [...]

    21. As with all his novels, you begin one place and then proceed to go somewhere totally different. I have read all his novels, except Bathing the Lion which is next.His best books in my opinion : Land of Laughs, Wooden Sea, White Apples, and maybe Mountains of the Moon.

    22. I’ve had this novel on my shelves for a bit more than a year and I’ve been looking forward to reading it. I’ve read about several of Jonathan Carroll’s novels and they all sound amazing. In fact, they sound like I might have found a new favorite author. So this book was the test of this hypothesis – is Jonathan Carroll really as good as he sounds?From the beginning, I was intrigued. Who wouldn’t be when a book starts with a conversation between a ghost and a dog, a conversation takin [...]

    23. Carroll does some very interesting and clever things with the ideas of ghosts and the afterlife, which, along with some great characters and a few moments of pure emotion, really is what I was hoping to get from this book, and I did. It was an interesting and thought-provoking journey, though I wouldn't say I agreed with the ideas put forth.The convoluted story had me guessing and turning pages. I liked the feel of this story -its world and its style- and with good plot and compelling characters [...]

    24. I liked this novel a lot--I got sucked in from the first and read it in one sitting. It's not quite like anything I've read. Maybe the closest analogy is a modern prose version of Dante's Divine Comedy with a quirky sense of humor, a contemporary allegory of soul and psyche starring a man, Benjamin Gould, his girlfriend German Landis, their talking dog Pilot, and oh, yeah, Benjamin's ghost, Ling, living with Ben and in love with his girlfriend. And if that sounds whacky, hold on, because this st [...]

    25. Hmmm. I think I should have liked this one more than I did. It was quirky and dealt with existential ideas of identity and purpose--it had talking dogs and gourmet cooking ghosts and other fun twists and turns, but I guess I didn't buy everything Carroll was trying to teach. It was about a guy who falls and hits his head and is supposed to die, but doesn't. This intrigues the Angel of Death, who monitors him, along with his ghost, who try to find out why the rules were broken and what might happ [...]

    26. Maybe as a hard-core reader of science fiction and fantasy I should have learned by now to run away from the words "magic realism." Maybe I should have started with a different Carroll book. Maybe I'm grumpy because I have a cold. I was steered to this as a witty, funny exploration of a what-if concept. It is that, for about 2/3 of the book. For the rest of the way, I kept thinking of a balloon that was blown up and then released: pbbblllfffffttt! and limpness. (view spoiler)[All that complexity [...]

    27. I'm a big fan of Jonathan Carroll, but this was not up to the level I expect. The beginning is charmingly chaotic, and Carroll's attention to detail is adept at triggering my own memories of times, places, smells, emotions, and entire segments of life. The ironic, humorous undertones are there and things progress at a nice clip. Sadly, the last part of the book feels contrived and has the same feel as an after-school special. I had the impression that he wanted to make a statement about humanity [...]

    28. I read 'The Land of Laughs' and gave that five stars. I did not find this one as good. The ideas are there, but I don't think he did enough with them. The characters seem a bit undeveloped to use the ideas to full effect.German is an interesting character at first but Carroll doesn't seem to do much with her after the first 30 pages. Neither does the 'ghost' of the title seem to play much significant part in the story after that time, unless the title has some broader symbolic meaning. I'd hoped [...]

    29. When you're relieved that a book is over, that's a bad sign. I was really hooked at the beginning - the premise was intriguing and the characters promising, and it seemed like my kind of off-beat. A lot of the narrative observations struck a chord, and I was settling in and preparing to really enjoy myself. But then - I'm not sure what happened. The plot got too far fetched, the characters stopped feeling like living, breathing people, and everything felt sacrificed to the premise. I took a brea [...]

    30. A decent event. Better than decent. Enjoyable even. Admittedly, the premise of the book is a little cheesy (as is the title) but what he read of the first chapter held my attention. There were even a couple of downright brilliant passages.And his fans are certainly devoted. Not in the long greasy ponytail and wolf t-shirt way, but well, here's an example. When he mentioned Neil Gaiman people cheered and when he mentioned some other author/friend of his 2 people pulled out copies of books by said [...]

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