Madigan Mine

Madigan Mine Alex doesn t know what he wants to do how to connect with people or what s good for him He drifts his way through dead end jobs and fumbled relationships unable to find a way out of the rut his life

  • Title: Madigan Mine
  • Author: Kirstyn McDermott
  • ISBN: 9780330425711
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alex doesn t know what he wants to do, how to connect with people or what s good for him He drifts his way through dead end jobs and fumbled relationships, unable to find a way out of the rut his life has become Then he runs into Madigan Sargood and everything changes.A ray of light shining from an almost forgotten past, Madigan is beautiful and impulsive, enigmatic andAlex doesn t know what he wants to do, how to connect with people or what s good for him He drifts his way through dead end jobs and fumbled relationships, unable to find a way out of the rut his life has become Then he runs into Madigan Sargood and everything changes.A ray of light shining from an almost forgotten past, Madigan is beautiful and impulsive, enigmatic and passionate beyond measure This is what it means to live, Alex realises, and to love Never mind that she can be somewhat possessive Never mind that his best friend thinks there s something wrong with her, something dangerous even Never mind that the creepy band of misfits she attracts have all but taken over his home Madigan fills Alex s life with significance he will put up with anything to be with her.Until, without any warning, she kills herself.Now Alex can t seem to get her out of his head, and his world along with his sanity begins to disintegrate Black outs and missing time, conversations he can t recall, people he can t remember Is this the product of a diseased and lovesick mind, or can Madigan really be trying to communicate with him When the past threatens to obliterate the future, Alex is forced to take action To save himself and those he loves, he must discover the sinister reason why Madigan took her own life and why she won t lie still in her grave.

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    1. Kirstyn McDermott

      Kirstyn McDermott was born on Halloween, an auspicious date which perhaps accounts for her lifelong attraction to all things dark, mysterious and bumpy in the night She has been published in various magazines and anthologies, including Shadowed Realms, Southerly, GUD, Redsine, Southern Blood and Island Kirstyn lives in Melbourne and is a member of the SuperNOVA writers group Her short fiction has won Aurealis, Ditmar and Chronos Awards and her debut novel, Madigan Mine, was published by Picador in 2010.

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    1. When Madigan Mine came out it was nominated for a number of awards, and received a great deal of critical acclaim. When you read it, you will see why. Madigan Mine works on a number of levels, and I was able to enjoy it immensely both as a reader and a writer.A gripping tale of psychological disintegration, Madigan Mine deals with grief, obsession and how love can be used against someone. It’s not for the faint hearted; visceral and confronting, it pulls no punches as we see exactly how far so [...]

    2. Once in a while a book comes along that is so beautifully written, so perfectly crafted that it leaves you with a serious case of envy – word envy that is. Such is the case with Kirstyn McDermott’s “Madigan Mine”. The characters are so rich and believable, the world you are transported into so whole and multi-dimensional and the very mood of the book so tangible that, as a reader, there is never a moment, from start to glorious finish, that you are taken out of the story, reminded that y [...]

    3. I've been wondering why all the reviews are about love. Sure, there is love and romance in this book. But most importantly, there's Madigan - and within her, a powerful, detailed deconstruction of a manipulative mind. I was amazed at how McDermott managed to show Madigan's workings, her ruthlessness, gaslighting, her own narrative, and still make her a real person, with her own doubts, experiences and sadness. Yet, there's nothing to suggest that Madigan's surroundings shaped her entirely; mostl [...]

    4. I'm not going to say anything about the plot because I went into this book knowing almost nothing about it and that totally increased my enjoyment of all the weird, crazy things that it delivered. Almost anything would have been a spoiler. I thought it was a thriller about some sort of messed up obsessive love gone wrong, and it was, but also so much better than that. This book completely exhausted me, from the intensity and pure hatefulness that is Madigan and my terror that she would triumph i [...]

    5. This review forms part of my contribution to the Australian Women Writers 2012 Reading Challenge. All my AWWC reviews can be found here.I'm not a big reader of horror, not because of any kind of strong dislike of the genre but I find that horror novels seldom make it to the top of my reading list. Madigan Mine by Kirstyn McDermott makes me think that I'll have to be more active in trying to find good quality horror - I really enjoyed this book.I hadn't read much about the story before pickin [...]

    6. Madigan Mine by Kirstyn McDermott is the author's first novel but I have previously reviewed her second (unrelated) novel, Perfections. I think the blurb (on the actual cover, rather than what thinks the blurb is) of this one sums it up quite nicely:When Alex Bishop meets Madigan Sargood again after twelve years apart, everything changes. His childhood sweetheart is beautiful and impulsive, but there is something wrong with her. Something dangerous. Then she commits suicide. Now Alex can't get [...]

    7. "Nach dem Tod seiner Ex beginnt Alex, in seinem Kopf plötzlich Madigans Stimme zu hören. Hat er sie doch mehr geliebt, als er für möglich hielt? Aber woher kommen seine seltsamen Blackouts? Und welche Verbindung hatte Madigan zu den geheimnisvollen >Söhnen des Belials<? Dann findet Alex heraus, was wirklich in jeder Nacht geschehen ist, als Madigan ihn fast umgebracht hätte. Und ihm wird klar, dass er seitdem in seinem Körper nicht mehr allein ist"You are mine ist ein Buch, das eine [...]

    8. I don't read a lot of Fantasy - Dark or not, but luckily I've been steered in the right direction when I have picked up one of these books - and MADIGAN MINE is no exception. What was even more startling is that this is a first book, yet it's very assured, cleverly paced and quite engaging.This book is the story of Alex Bishop who meets up with his childhood friend Madigan Sargood after many years apart. A very intense love affair follows, with tensions over friendships, time spent together and [...]

    9. Madigan Mine is Kirstyn McDermott’s first novel[1]. It’s won an Aurealis and a Chronos award and has been nominated for an Australian Shadows award and a Ditmar. Frankly, that’s because it deserves it.I think if a writer can take you from thinking the main character is an annoying, whiney, pain in the backside, that needs to, as Chopper [2] would say “Harden the @!?! up”, to rooting for him - then they have a rare talent.The StoryNow I am not going to elaborate on the story, spoilers w [...]

    10. Alex and Madigan were childhood friends since kindergarten – until Madigan’s family suddenly moved away. Alex is thrilled to bump into Madigan again years later when they’re both in their twenties. They renew their relationship, but this time it’s become a dark and warped romance. After a violent argument, Madigan leaves a relieved Alex. But when he learns of Madigan’s suicide he becomes more involved with Madigan than he ever thought possible. I chose this book because of its descript [...]

    11. This book begins with a suicide, or rather the immediate aftermath of one, and it doesn't get happier from there. It's a book about grief, obsession, and horror. It's definitely not for the faint of heart, or for those who want a typical ghost story. The story follows Alex Bishop, a Melbourne 20-something who struggles to cope with the loss of childhood friend and adulthood flame, Madigan Sargood. Alex is a terrific character, real and distinct. While I found him unlikable at the beginning of th [...]

    12. Alex Bishop has had his heart broken and his life twisted up in knots by Madigan Sargood. Childhood friends, adult lovers, Madigan’s reappearance in Alex’s life causes havoc, throwing him into chaos and causing him to question his own values and beliefs. Then Madigan commits suicide and Alex doesn’t know how he’s supposed to feel, or why he is driven to find out the reason why. And why he can’t get Madigan out of his head. Literally.I didn’t know what to expect from this book. Kirsty [...]

    13. I've tagged this as horror, because that seems to be how it's marketed, but that's not really how I thought of it - it's a dark story, definitely, a disturbing story in parts, but horror? I don't know. I'm not exactly a horror reader, so I'm not sure what the markers of a horror story would be. I picked it up because I love listening to Kirstyn on the Writer and the Critic podcast - and I have a fairly good track record with progressing from thinking an author seems interesting to enjoying their [...]

    14. Ich war irgendwie nie drin in der Geschichte. Die ersten 200 Seiten haben sich nur so hingezogen und ich habe die ganze Zeit mit mir gerungen. Geb ich auf oder nicht? Da das Buch nur als Wanderbuch bei mir gastiert hat, wäre das an sich ja gar nicht so dramatisch gewesen, aber trotzdem konnte ich nicht. Ich habe bis jetzt jedes Buch durchgelesen und war es noch so schlecht :)Obwohl ich das Buch erst gerade aus der Hand gelegt habe, weiß ich nicht mehr, was ich eben eigentlich gelesen habe. Ich [...]

    15. I want to rate this 3 & half stars. Madigan Mine is a page turner, although I think I don't scare as easily as some of the other reviewers because it didn't worry me to read it late at night. It's a fast-paced read, but the author doesn't overwhelm with too much action at once and is skilled at giving the reader a breather every now and then, which is important in a psychological thriller.The flashbacks were handled really well, and I liked the dream/memory sequences where Alex, the main cha [...]

    16. Title: Madigan Mine Series: - Author: Kirstyn McDermott Genre: Psychological Thriller Rating: 3.5 stars A very intriguing read, and a very nice debut by Kirstyn McDermott.It's a psychological horror basically put, that shows just how controlling love can be. The story begins at the aftermath of a suicide, the suicide of Madigan, and it really doesn't get any happier from there. Alex, while struggling through grief, tries to find the answers to why Madigan committed suicide, uncovering a whole he [...]

    17. This is one of those books that you just have to rate 5 stars even though you can't give it a blanket recommendation! The book crosses the line from dark fantasy to horror/psychological thriller and I usually avoid the latter. If I'd known how masterfully creepy it is, I might not have read it. And I did find it really creepy and disturbing. Other reviewers have commented that it's not for the faint at heart, and I completely agree . The problem was that once I began reading it, I couldn't stop. [...]

    18. Madigan Mine is a supernatural thriller. Alex Bishop is reunited with his first love Madigan Sargood and after she commits suicide he is haunted. McDermott creates a tense atmosphere as Alex and Madigan’s love affair is revealed. There is a creeping sense of dread and suspense as McDermott takes the reader through twists and turns. I loved not knowing where it was going and constantly being surprised as I turned each page.As I was getting ready for bed one night while reading the book I stood [...]

    19. A fiercely dark novel of love, possession and jealously. Strong and passionate characters bring this story to vivid realization demonstrating the dangers in an unconditional love that leaves you blind to all flaws. Madigan is impulsive, reckless and unstable and as a character makes for a compelling villain. Flawlessly written and thoroughly enjoyable, Madigan Mine will hold large appeal for any reader that loves a dark, compulsively readable mystery/thriller with gripping characters and a darin [...]

    20. One of my favourite reads of 2016 so far. Madigan Mine is a creepy, absorbing story of abuse and control, and Madigan herself might be the best antagonist I've read in a long while. Certainly it will be a while before I get her out of my headMcDermott does an excellent job of raising the stakes bit by bit (or revealling how high the stakes have already become). The Point of No Return (no spoilers!) was very well done, the execution more than making up for the slightly out-of-place naivety of sev [...]

    21. Deserving of all its nominations and awards, Madigan Mine is a fabulous book of creeping horror. It begins as a story of two messed up people being self-centred and destructive about being in love. It ends up with the destruction falling like doom upon everyone, the result of a warped and vicious mistaken idea of what love means. Kirstyn McDermott brings a chilling eye to a creepy and abominable love story. I can't wait for her next book!

    22. This is a masterful book, written in crisp, clear prose that captures the possessive relationship of Lexi and Madigan in a chilling and yet, for a supernatural narrative, oh so real way. The characters are beautifully realized as is the love-hate relationship and the creeping awareness that death is not an end I could not put this down.

    23. Kirstyn McDermott's debut novel is a beautifully crafted, compulsively readable story of obsessive love and possession. Gothic thriller fans will love its spiraling journey from the dark recesses of the human psyche into the realms of the supernatural. I loved its damn fine writing. A pleasure to read. A writer to watch.

    24. Toto bol triler ako lusk. Od začiatku do konca ma mrazilo a autorka sa dokázala pohrať s psychikou postáv. Celé to prevtelenie sa bolo waw dve duše v jednom tele jednotka s hviezdičkou McDermott :)

    25. Was an interesting story line and written well. At times i felt it was a little to sinister, and had to put the book down to shake off the mood.

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