A Matter of Time Book II

A Matter of Time Book II Jory Keyes is doing his best to get over Detective Sam Kage who broke his heart Fearful of coming out of the closet Sam intended to marry and uphold the status quo After testifying against the man h

  • Title: A Matter of Time Book II
  • Author: Mary Calmes
  • ISBN: 9781897532775
  • Page: 256
  • Format: ebook
  • Jory Keyes is doing his best to get over Detective Sam Kage, who broke his heart Fearful of coming out of the closet, Sam intended to marry and uphold the status quo After testifying against the man he saw commit cold blooded murder, Jory is sure he and the detective will never cross paths again But fate has other plans Between Sam s job and Jory being openly gay and oJory Keyes is doing his best to get over Detective Sam Kage, who broke his heart Fearful of coming out of the closet, Sam intended to marry and uphold the status quo After testifying against the man he saw commit cold blooded murder, Jory is sure he and the detective will never cross paths again But fate has other plans Between Sam s job and Jory being openly gay and on the run from hired killers, the path to true love has never been rockier When Jory is kidnapped, the culprit is someone no one ever suspected.This book is no longer available at Club Lighthouse Publishing.

    • A Matter of Time Book II ¦ Mary Calmes
      256 Mary Calmes
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    1. Written October 24, 20143.7 Stars - Heartbreaking - A lot of everything but stingy with love Book #2I finished the first part, book #1 - A Matter of Time 1 (3.8 stars), early this morning and couldn't but start to listening to book #2 and the second half in Vol.1 - A Matter of Time (book #1-2) at once. ~ Still a captivating and truly touching love-tale ~Okay, I see I need to read them all At once! - I knew this would be many long hours and that these guys should hurt my heart, make me sob and ge [...]

    2. 4.5 stars but under protest AGAINOh, after being left hanging in book 1 I was all set for resolution in book 2. Ummm, no, that didn’t happen. After I continued to follow Jory and Sam and all their friends and family for yet another book I found that again this books cuts off abruptly. At least the last sentence is finished but it cuts off IN THE MIDDLE OF A SCENE. You can imagine my ire. So I sent off to the publisher for some info on the number of releases this was going to be until we read t [...]

    3. Call me the Grinch, but I'm starting to feel like this is a series people adore only because they read it (for the first time, anyway) when they were new to the genre and just excited to read any m/m no matter what fuckery was happening on the page. The writing isn't great, their isn't a plot 'arc' so much as what it would look like if you plotted the path of a pinball in one of of those old school arcade games, and the characters take turns being annoying as fuuuuuuck.*big, grumpy sigh*But I'm [...]

    4. Review for both book 1 & 2I first met the main character of this book, Sam Kage, in another series Marshalls. He was a cranky bad ass, and I wanted to learn more about him. So I was quite surprised as I finished up book 2 in this series, and I am not very happy with Sam AT ALL. Sam is a Detective in charge of keeping a witness, Jory, safe and alive to testify against a big time drug dealer. Jory likes to have fun and has lots of friends. He seems to find trouble wherever he goes. Sam has his [...]

    5. 2.5 starsI think instead of writing a balanced, thought out, well-formed paragraph style review I'll just make a list of the things that annoyed me.*Sam and Jory's relationship - This back and forth "I love you, I can't live without you", and then the next day "We can't be together" (for no real reason) thing gets old REAL damn fast.*Eeeveryone loves Jory - Why does Jory need to meet a new guy that falls head over heels in love with him at first sight in every other chapter? What is the point of [...]

    6. Over the top, borderline ridiculous, and I LOVED every second! That ending though-Holy. Cliffhanger.So glad I'm reading them now that they're all out! I would've been a very angry Colombian if I had to wait for the next one. Lol Off to start book 3!

    7. JORY IS STUPID, BUT HIS PERSONALITY HAS A CERTAIN SPARK THAT YOU CAN'T PUT THE BOOK DOWN. ALTHOUGH SAM IS *i dont have a right word for him yet* maybe a soonuffabitch i think!This book is too stupidly funny :P

    8. ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Contains spoilers*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱The thing that keep getting to me, annoying me, is the constant mentioning of how gorgeous and pretty Jory is. He's a looker, we get it, you don't have to mention it regularly. Same with Dane. And Sam. They are amazing, now move on. Now, I almost felt like this book wasn't about Jory Keyes (view spoiler)[becomes Harcourt (hide spoiler)] (22, becomes 23) and Samuel “Sam” Thomas Kage (34). It was like reading a chapter of Jory's life, his [...]

    9. AudibleOh, this was painful. Reminded me of my favourite Adrien English series. I went through the audiobook almost without a break, wanting to hurry up and see what happens next. It's getting better and better and judging by the nasty cliffhangers here, it looks like I'll have to put my life on hold in order to finish the series and get my much needed HEA. I'm seriously hooked!Thank you, my dear Ingela, for recommending the series to me! ***4.2 stars***

    10. DON'T READ THIS BOOK unless you're ready to read all four of the first books at once and you are ready to be really upset for awhile. Apparently the four were written as all one book but the publisher felt it was to long and cut it into four parts. I'm very angry with the publisher. These are emotionally draining.I'm going to review all of the first four together because they really are one book. I've noticed that now #1 & #2 are called Book I and #3 and #4 are Book II in some places but boo [...]

    11. Detective dickhead really seems to be less dickhead-ish by the end of this one. He was actually very sweet and it was nice

    12. 4.0 StarsJeez, these guys know how to bring the drama. I've come to realize that Sam is very much like Jake Riordian. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. I love Jake (and Sam). But man do they drive me nuts! The on-again-off-again dynamic gave me whiplash but I loved every minute of it! Jory did A LOT for Sam ((view spoiler)[read: took a bullet for the guy! (hide spoiler)]) in this book. So the ending (and it's a doozie) left me gaping like a fish.Bottom line: I can't stop reading this series [...]

    13. Ugh, where to start. The first book was so awesome and this book is so lacking.I'm mad at Jory and Dane didn't end up together and I think their whole relationship is weird. Like, one day Jory goes from assistant that's practically scared of his boss to brothers and suddenly he's like "oh okay. brothers then." The entire situation is weird.Also I dislike Sam. A lot. He's a huge jerk and keeps leaving Jory and treating him like shit. Make up your goddamn mind, mind. Jesus.

    14. And this is why I do not do series/sequels. At 27% I have been reading the same two lines repeated ad nauseum. Sam: "You love me. You belong to me, always."Jory: "No___ I, uh, but, uhm, it never works. Sam___ugh"I am dead serious. The premise of this book has yet to revel itself27% in to it. The purpose is looking more and more like a cash cow because it is reading like a wholly unnecessary, weakened replication of Book 1.So I am jumping ship. This is a DNF for me.

    15. This was definitely a step up from book#1. Not once did I laugh about anything too ridiculous to believe (well, maybe once or twice). I liked Jory much better now, maybe because the amount of adjectives to describe his beauty were seriously diminished, and he was not bumping in to the hundreds of guys he once had sex with. He was also sliiightly more human in this one. Well, except for how brilliant he is at everything (apparently he is a great photographer as well, and a match-maker of epic pro [...]

    16. Ode to JThere once was a man named Jory,He made me obsess on this story.He was very beautiful and so very kind,And always in trouble with his distracted mind.His skin was so golden and his eyes were so brown,There was no one who could resist him in the whole windy town.He had a big knack for trouble and an eye for things pretty,He loved jazz clubs and good scotch and was always quite witty.Then he met Sam - a big handsome guy,The cop who started off straight - but then maybe was bi?A detective w [...]

    17. Just adorable. Jory is so sweet and Sam is such a great character. I had read the Marshals series first so I knew about Sam Kage and it was great to get elaboration for his character. Fun and exciting romance, but very interesting plot too.I have the audio version of this and I had to ditch it after Volume 1. The narrator just couldn't grab me and there were way too many pauses which were distracting. Didn't do Mary Calmes' excellent writing justice.3/29 - I just did a quick re-read and it was j [...]

    18. I am so WTFing right now. I am developing sever whiplash from all the turns the story is taking and lockjaw from the screeches at my kindle. Ok so to sum it up here is what I am thinking so far on each character. Dane sigh Dane, how I want you for Jory, ok, gun to head how I want you for me. You have all that asshole outside/gooey sweetheart inside wrapped up in a sexy package that I fall so hard for.JoryWake the hell up and have some pride Man. He slept with someone else and you literally jump [...]

    19. What exactly is so romantic about the relationship between Jory and Sam? Sam is a controlling bully who borders on being abusive and doesn't understand the meaning of "no." There's a fine line between being persistent and being a stalker/jealous creep. Also, how many times can guys feel the need to "feed" Jory? And how many times can Jory storm out of a restaurant only to find Sam there or to have some guy chase out of the restaurant after him? It is getting very redundant.

    20. second readI still love it, no matter what - these guys will always have a place in my heart. I know sometimes you want to smack them up the head and sometimes you just want to love them.10 June 2015I am a book slut, yes I am. I am currently reading 3 books at the same time and this series one of the 3. And the M/M reads - they are bit new for me. I have only read a handful of them and I thought why do I love them so much? Well during this threesome of mine I have discover whyFirst off all it's [...]

    21. This book was worse than the first. Where was the plot? Where was the romance? I've lost any and all respect I had for Sam Kage when I first met him in All Kinds of Tied Down. Sam was a verbally abusive asshole to Jory the entire time. Why Jory would want a man like that I have no idea. Sam was also a hypocrite to sleep with that Maggie chick.Nick was a hot, desperate mess. Why was he even in the story? And why didn't Sam realize Dominic was dirty? Isn't he a detective???? I'm gonna put the brak [...]

    22. Casting of A Matter of Time. Written review to followJory: Mathias Lauridsen (The only guy pretty enough to make a straight man gay.) Sam: This gorgeous unknown manOrChris Hemsworth (Blonde,brown hair, check. Slate blue eyes, check. 6"3 inches, close enoughd hot,hot hot!!!) Dane: Hugh Jackman (Hansome, debonair and damn sexy in a tux!). Dane's expression when Jory does something stupid.

    23. Review for Volume 1 (Books #1 & 2)I’m finding it difficult to review even up to this point in the series because even though there is a stopping point at the end of book 2, we’re not given a HEA. knowing this is a romance, this very much feels like a cliffhanger ending. I’m not a fan of cliffhangers! At ALL!I am a huge fan of this series though. There are so many things I’m annoyed with that now I have to list them:1) EVERYONE (not just men, but women, their mothers and their puppies [...]

    24. Okay, okay. I admit, if I had read this 3 years I might have fallen for it all just a little bit. But now? PfffttttttNO!Such a shame though because there are moments that worked for me, moments where even Jory worked for me. Mr Perfect managed to break down a few of my defenses all by himself. Without the influence of any side characters. There is a nice little bit of angst and Sam, well I saw that one coming. I mean, there are how many books in this series? So the ending was obvious.So this wou [...]

    25. I love this series even though part 2 meanders way too much and honestly, that coupled with the numerous typos, missing words, musical chairs with character names and generally poor editing really hampered part 2. On page 47, Paul suddenly becomes Aaron in a pivotal scene. And Sam is "the live of his life" - had to read that line several times abound on every page. Too many to give this segment five stars. I am left wondering why everyone male and female falls all over Jory. Not liking Sam much [...]

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