Ottoline and the Yellow Cat

Ottoline and the Yellow Cat Meet Ottoline Brown and her best friend Mr Munroe No puzzle is ever too tricky for the two of them to solve

  • Title: Ottoline and the Yellow Cat
  • Author: Chris Riddell
  • ISBN: 9780061448812
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet Ottoline Brown and her best friend, Mr Munroe No puzzle is ever too tricky for the two of them to solve.

    • Ottoline and the Yellow Cat ¦ Chris Riddell
      215 Chris Riddell
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    1. Chris Riddell

      Chris Riddell was born in Cape Town, South Africa, where his father was an Anglican priest and a member of the ANC The family moved to England in 1963, when Riddell was one year old, and he spent his childhood in a number of different locations, as his father moved between parishes Both of Riddell s parents continued to be active in the anti apartheid movement.Chris Riddell is an internationally acclaimed writer and illustrator whose many awards include the Nestl Gold Award and two Kate Greenaway Medals the most prestigious prize for illustration in the UK He is the creator of than one hundred books for all ages, including the immensely popular series the Edge Chronicles and his latest chapter book series, starring the irrepressible Ottoline Brown, which School Library Journal called exceptional Chris lives in Brighton, England, with his wife and three children where he invents his amazing characters in a very tidy shed in his yard.

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    1. A cute story about a young girl named Ottoline Brown who lives with Mr. Monroe, a small and hairy creature from a bog in Norway. Her parents are away from home, travelling the world. Occasionally they send their daughter a postcard. The pair solve a mystery involving missing jewels, missing lap dogs and a mysterious yellow cat. The illustrations are whimsical and well done. I found the drawings to be a whole lot better and more interesting than the story itself. The story, in my opinion, ended t [...]

    2. It's been three months since I taught this book to my group of second graders and they STILL reference it during discussions of entirely unrelated books! Not only that but they bring in other books from the series and insist I look at visual motifs that have carried through from this book, the first in the series.It's this last part that I think makes Ottoline and the Yellow Cat such a great book for teaching close reading to second graders. Not only are the pictures very detailed but much of th [...]

    3. Chris Riddell on tullut tutuksi Ada Gootti lastenkirjoistaan. Osasinkin siis varautua tarttuessani Ottilia ja keltainen kissa -romaaniin hupaisaan tarinaan ja ihastuttavaan kuvitukseen. Mustavalkoisen kuvituksen yllättävänä väripiristeenä on punaista.Riddellin kertomukset ovat täynnä nonsense ilottelua, juuri sopivan pöhköä lastenkirjoihin. Ottilia asuu Pippurimyllytalon 24. kerroksessa, asunnossa numero 243. Seuranaan hänellä on Mauri-herra, Pieni, karvainen norjalainen suo-otus. O [...]

    4. It's cute. It's almost a graphic novel--but there's just enough text to keep it a book. I like the black and white w/occasional touches of red format. But there's something a little TOO cute here, something that says "isn't this all so witty and charming"? It reminds me of Eloise. And I HATE Eloise.

    5. Velmi povedená dětská kniha, která nejen, že pobaví, ale ještě k tomu je vytvořena tak, aby děti mohly příběh díky obrázkům a poznámkám lépe probádat. Tahle kniha není jen o čtení příběhu, ale také o zaměstnání dětské hlavinky i z jiného úhlu. Vydařenéiznidenicek/2016

    6. Aw, such a cute and fun read. Love the drawings and Riddell is almost as good as Gaiman with his inventions and storyline.

    7. Other readers have compared this story to Olivia and Eloise and I can certainly see the resemblance. Ottoline's parents are rich and off exploring the world. In this case, she is left in the capable hands of Mr. Monroe who was found in a bog in Norway and a series of cleaning services to tend to her daily needs. From a clothes folding to bed making services whats not to love. Ottoline's favorite things are collecting postcards, solving mysteries and brushing Mr. Munroe's hair. In this particular [...]

    8. The cover is done up in faux gold leaf curliques, and most pages are completed by diagrams or clever little black and white illustrations, this alone was enough to get me to open up the book. But then there's it's heroine, Ottoline. She's a clever girl always recording things her journal, she enjoys maintaining her parent's large collections, eavesdropping on her neighbors, and brushing the full length hair of her Cousin It-esque nanny, Mr. Munroe while her parents are off traveling the country [...]

    9. Sweet little story, expertly illustrated by the author, the brilliant Chris Riddell. Man I love Chris Riddell. But while this is a whimsical story, with lots of little quirks and fun, the mystery itself is unsubtle and not something that would be very unique without the wonderful illustrations. I think I'd have liked the storytelling itself to have had a more engaging voice to it, as some pages felt a little bland. The characters are well-drawn but they don't yet have much personality in the sto [...]

    10. An Eloise-esque crime novel revolving around an amiable little girl and her Norwegian hairy pet/guardian thing as they solve a peculiar crime Old ladies keep getting lapdogs, then they suspiciously disappear and then the rich and busty elderly ladies' jewels go missing It's all genial and dandy but the book's graphic novel-type writing style almost dilapidated the experience, weirdly enough. Overall, it's a cutesy and well-illustrated kids graphic novel that while won't enhance anyone's life nor [...]

    11. My oldest daughter and I read this page for page. (she read one I read the next, she read cloud balloons too) Half comic half story. Interesting read.Jordyn (my daughter) says her favorite part was Ottoline's shoe collection. She keeps one and only wears one of the pair.My only question is how does her mother know what's going on when they are on vacation? what do you think I said to my daughterwe know everythinglol Great read, help solve the mystery.

    12. Neljäsluokkalainen lukaisi kirjan pyynnöstä, ja valmista tuli osapuilleen tunnissa: "Ihan kiva kirja, hienot kuvat, mutta Gootti oli hiukan parempi. Puhuvat eläimet olivat hyviä ja päähenkilöllä oli naurettavan lyhyt otsatukka." Itse luin kirjan seuraavana iltana.Aikuisena hiukan riipaisee se, miten yksinäisiä ja hylättyjä nämä Riddelin lapsihahmot pohjimmiltaan ovat. Adan itsekeskeinen isä luuhasi maailmalla "taiteilemassa" ja Aada selvisi valtavassa kartanossa henkilökunnan ho [...]

    13. I first found this in the school library back when I was in school, and I loved it so much I kept taking it out to read it again and again. Gorgeous illustrations that fit exactly with a cute story about a girl and her best friend since childhood, going on adventures together and solving mysteries. Although the story isn’t terribly intricate (which is to be expected as it is aimed at a younger audience), it is still an enjoyable read and I love it to this day. I am fond of it for many reasons, [...]

    14. Chris Riddell piirtää aivan mahtavia ja yksityiskohtaisia kuvia, juuri sellaisia mihin pystyy ovelasti piilottamaan erilaisia johtolankoja. Tai siis ainakin pystyisi, jos haluaisi. Ehkä yritän vähän väkisin tunkea näitä Ottilia-kirjoja dekkarigenreen? En oikein saa selvää että mitä ne ovat. :D Joka tapauksessa, olen sijoittanut sekä Ada Gootit että Ottiliat nuorten puolelle, koska ne eivät tunnu ihan niin lastenkirjoilta.

    15. This is one of those books that first got me into reading. As a dyslexic child a difficult feat. this book was difficult enough to make me not feel stupid when i didn't know a word but also exciting enough that i didnt get tired of it. Would recommend to any child with difficulty reading.

    16. Funny thing, I actually read the second one before this one and it's still as delightful. Ottoline and Mr. Munroe on their first mission, yet it seems like they're been doing this for many years. Fantastic illustrations. Definitely, a great read.

    17. This is a funny children's book which is something of a cross between Pippi Longstocking and "The Addams Family," with a bit of Dr. Seuss thrown in for good measure. The story has elements of the bizarre which hearken to both of those settings, and at the same time so much of the story is told through Riddell's wacky illustrations that it sometimes feels like the pictures are driving the story. Ottoline is abandoned by her parents as they go on vacation (one gets the sense that this is a frequen [...]

    18. Oh man, did we ever love Ottoline. Chris Riddell has long been a favourite of mine because kids love his work - Barnaby Grimes and Fergus Crane - and the combination with Paul Stewart is almost unbeatable but one afternoon my youngest daughter and I were looking through the stacks and found Ottoline. Her name caught our eye and the idea of "The Yellow Cat" was too hard to pass up. Who was this Yellow Cat and why was she/he so important to become a part of the title? Had to take it home.It was a [...]

    19. Both the kids and I love the whole Ottoline series. The drawings are great, with so many funny little details (like the lamps over the dining table changing with each meal), the plot is always just the right shade of absurd, and Ottoline and her sidekick Mr. Munroe are both brilliant. (Although there really is no Norwegian word for "small, hairy bog person".)

    20. Ottoline is a little girl with a penchant for solving mysteries. She lives with her very hairy friend Mr. Monroe in a large apartment in the city, tending to the strange objects collected by her globetrotting parents. Ottoline is kind of an urban Pippi Longstocking, and Mr. Monroe bears an uncanny resemblance to Cousin Itt from the Adams Family (we learn that he comes from a bog in Norway). When they notice a string of missing lapdogs and burgleries, Ottoline wonders if there may be a connection [...]

    21. I loved, loved, LOVED this book. It was a wonderfully charming and whimsical story. Ottoline is a young girl whose parents are often traveling around the world. She lives with a bog man named Mr. Munroe that her parents brought back from Norway. They are the best of friends and inseparable. Ottoline basically takes care of herself, but Mr. Munroe is a constant companion. She is a very clever girl, who is excellent at disguise, and has two collections, one of postcards from her parents, the other [...]

    22. Ottoline lives in the Big City in a luxury apartment, with a small hairy bog person called Mr Munroe. Her parents are exploring, so she has a number of services coming in to look after her. Besides this, Ottoline is a capable little girl who can look after herself- as she is an accredited Mistress of Disguise. One day out on their walk they notice a lost dog poster. Their investigations lead them to the criminal mastermind, the Yellow CatThis is a fabulously funny story, with a resourceful girl [...]

    23. I loved! loved! LOVED! this book. It was a wonderful and bellylaughing story. Ottoline Brown is a young girl whose parents are almost always traveling around the world. She lives with a hairy little funny cute thing named Mr. Munroe that her parents brought back from a bog in Norway, when Ottoline brushes Mr.Munroe's hair,(which he does not really like, but respectfully and paiteintly lets her do it) she comes up with Good Ideas. They are the best of friends and they always do things together. O [...]

    24. This could almost be a graphic novel, as the story is heavily illustrated and some of the illustrations tell parts of the story. Ottoline lives in an apartment full of "collections" of various sorts with her "guardian," Mr. Munroe, who is really some sort of a creature out of a bog in Norway. I liked her character, though the story was bizarre. Chris Riddell's illustrations were appealing and certainly enhanced the story considerably. There are other books about Ottoline, but I've not read them; [...]

    25. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Riddell at the Edinburgh Book Fest today - what a wonderful man. I've recently read his Goth Girl series, but I bought Ottoline at the event, so I could get something signed. Imaginative and fun as always - not my favourite (I love Ada Goth), but still super cute. It's amazing that a male illustrator (and author) is creating inspiring books about girls, who are intelligent and resourceful and above all confident.

    26. The illustrations are quite incredible. The story is good. The combination was sometimes difficult for me to grasp and slowed down my enjoyment of the whole. I will have to read the next ones and see how it goes.

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