The Privilege of Being a Woman

The Privilege of Being a Woman Women historically have been denigrated as lower than men or viewed as privileged Dr Alice von Hildebrand characterizes the difference between such views as based on whether man s vision is secularist

  • Title: The Privilege of Being a Woman
  • Author: Alice von Hildebrand
  • ISBN: 9780970610676
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • Women historically have been denigrated as lower than men or viewed as privileged Dr Alice von Hildebrand characterizes the difference between such views as based on whether man s vision is secularistic or steeped in the supernatural She shows that feminism s attempts to gain equality with men by imitation of men is unnatural, foolish, destructive, and self defeating Women historically have been denigrated as lower than men or viewed as privileged Dr Alice von Hildebrand characterizes the difference between such views as based on whether man s vision is secularistic or steeped in the supernatural She shows that feminism s attempts to gain equality with men by imitation of men is unnatural, foolish, destructive, and self defeating The Blessed Mother s role in the Incarnation points to the true privilege of being a woman Both virginity and maternity meet in Mary who exhibits the feminine gifts of purity, receptivity to God s word, and life giving nurturance at their highest.

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    1. Alice von Hildebrand

      Alice von Hildebrand DCSG born Alice Jourdain 11 March 1923 in Brussels, Belgium is a Catholic philosopher and theologian and a former professor.She came to the U.S in 1940 and began teaching at Hunter College in New York City in 1947 She was married to the famous philosopher and theologian Dietrich von Hildebrand 1889 1977 , meeting him at Fordham University in New York, where she was a student and he was a professor She remained married to him until his death Their grandson is anthropologist Mart n von Hildebrand She retired in 1984.Alice von Hildebrand lives in the United States and is a lecturer and an author whose works include The Privilege of Being a Woman 2002 and The Soul of a Lion The Life of Dietrich von Hildebrand 2000 , a biography of her husband In 2014, she published her autobiography, Memoirs of a Happy Failure, about her escape from Nazi Europe and her teaching career at Hunter College.

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    1. Take care before reading this, any of my liberal friends/relatives - it is very conservative - just remember I am a strong woman and feel equal in our society, because of what I bring to it. I am not trying to say that their isn't injustice or discrimination in the world, just that we should be careful how we 'generalize" anythingThis book was given to me by my CBS teacher, they are considering it for a school-wide read at her all-girl Catholic school.I was very intrigued by the book and read it [...]

    2. I'm sort of neutral towards the term feminism. I have feminism to thank for the vote and the option of college or a career should I choose it. Without feminism I wouldn't be able to be treated by female doctors, and for that I am eternally grateful. But there are also a lot of horrible things, chiefly abortion, that have been brought about in the name of equality for women. I'm reluctant to use the term "feminist" to refer to my belief that women should be treated with equal dignity and respect [...]

    3. A short book, a sad book, the sort of book one would give to a pubescent daughter in the forlorn hope that she would remain pure and saintly - this is the author's attempt to defend the Catholic church against the accusation that it is sexist, is condescending to women, patriarchal, that it devalues women. Von Hildebrand is a traditional Catholic, a very conservative one, almost reactionary -is still not reconciled with the changes of Vatican II - regrets that women are no longer required to cov [...]

    4. A few good points and quotations, but overall the book is written like a defense. And, until the 2nd chapter, you're not sure who the book is defending itself against. It's a quick read.

    5. Very good, but perhaps a little old fashioned or 'fundamentalist' in her view of womanhood, I couldn't agree with absolutely everything but many of her ideas were very good.

    6. I feel really troubled that this book has received so much high praise (and average of 4.3 on ? Seriously?), and it confirms to me that the only people who pick this up are the ones who are already eager to swallow anything that gets the Vatican's approval, no matter how inane it is. It is indeed a privilege to be a woman, but I wish that Alice von Hildebrand could have made that point without saying so many utterly stupid things. She essentially makes an argument that is in line with certain sc [...]

    7. It is a good book for popular consumption that will convey the general culture of the femenine in Catholicism in the aftermath of The New Femenists (Orthodox Catholic Theologians who reaffirm the basic tenets of femeninity while embracing society's new appreciation of womanhood). It is a good inspirational and summary book that is quick and easy to read. It is not however a work of deep theological insight or advancement. There is very little looking at the scriptures and almost no historical co [...]

    8. I am only half way through this remarkable book but I know I will finish it soon. At first I felt very much like screaming until I realized that perhaps I have been a bit indoctrinated by "Liberal Feminists" and that my own feminist philosophy ought to be updated. The thing that I dislike about this book is her generalization that all women cry or that all women are "dainty" however, I do feel that structurally and biologically I can see why and how she is able to make these bold claims. I think [...]

    9. I love this little book so much! It's full of wisdom and good sense. It's one to read more than once, because there are so many profound statements that just can't all be absorbed the first time through. This book should be read by men and women. It truly is a privilege to be a woman, and the greatest accomplishment is to be the woman that God created you to be, not the woman that society wants you to be.

    10. I felt like this book didn't teach me anything new from beginning to end. It gave no difference between man and women besides character and personality traits which are not differences, because sensitivity, courage, strength, and weakness are not inherently masculine or feminine traits they are human ones.

    11. This is an odd read, in that I agree with all of AvH's conclusions, but am frustrated by the arguments she makes to arrive at them. It's beyond preaching-to-the-converted; it's an argument that only the converted can follow.

    12. There's a lot of good in this book and I can agree with much of what she is saying but there were some parts that really irked me.Exhibit A: von Hildebrand claims over and over that women are morally superior to men. She provides the example of a room with a baby and a computer, stating that while women would go to the baby, men would care more about the computer. *eye roll* Guess men are all robots devoid of emotion now. It is interesting how von Hildebrand claims that feminism is harmful (righ [...]

    13. Indeed, it is a priviledge to be a woman! The only reason this took so long to read is that I only read the book during part of Adoration once a week (books in the Adoration space are not to be removed). Many of the pages included great food for thought. It reminded me of a fruitful Lasallian class minus the inter-person dialogue. Father Cook actually recommended this book in his October Pro-life Mini-Series homily on Modesty (smiles- Kim & Lill would know why that amuses me)d I was about 20 [...]

    14. Amazing little book! If your major issue with contemporary feminism is that there is nothing particularly "feminine" about it (that is, if you've recognized that most feminists adopt a masculinized view of gender differences), then you will love this book. Hildebrand, with a philosopher's eye, exalts and analyzes the unique benefits of being a woman -- of being essentially different than men.

    15. If you are an adult able to read (obviously in English) then you should read this book. It is for you. It is for your spouse. It is for your priest, your siblings, your parents, your friends. Bottom line: Take a chance and read this book.

    16. A great book that every woman should readd tell her husband/boyfriend about. It might seem counter to what "pop culture" tells us is good about being a woman but it definitely rings true with what your heart feels about being a woman.

    17. A supurb study and reflection on woman as a unique, mysterious creation of God and the blessings of traditional femininity. I highly recommend this to anyone who may need insights into the errors of modern, radical feminism.

    18. I'm reading it again. Especially in our culture today I need a regular reminder that it is okay to be a woman. I don't have to apologize for my emotions, inclinations, thought processes etc. This is how woman was made.

    19. I really enjoyed this book we are reading for our book club. The writing is clear and easy to understand, but the meaning is deep. I really needed to read this book at this time in my life. It's easy to feel unappreciated as a mother and teacher!

    20. Short and to the point. Good read for both males and females. I liked the insights into what "weakness" is. I am really bad at writing reviews.

    21. This is a wonderful little book filled with the argument against modern feminism and tells of the beauty of true womanhood.

    22. I read it in one sitting, it's that good. An amazing work. Though short, it's incredibly rich -- and the references cited provides a whole wealth of further reading to explore.

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