Lives of the Twins

Lives of the Twins None

  • Title: Lives of the Twins
  • Author: Rosamond Smith Joyce Carol Oates
  • ISBN: 9780671644680
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
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    • Lives of the Twins by Rosamond Smith Joyce Carol Oates
      250 Rosamond Smith Joyce Carol Oates
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    About "Rosamond Smith Joyce Carol Oates"

    1. Rosamond Smith Joyce Carol Oates

      Rosamond Smith is a pseudonym for Joyce Carol Oates.

    450 thoughts on “Lives of the Twins”

    1. Lives of the Twins is Joyce Carol Oates' one (and apparently only) venture into writing under a pseudonym, Rosamond Smith. It's an interesting little novel with an intriguing pretense - a seemingly insecure, ungrounded woman named Molly Marks falls in love with her psychotherapist, Jonathan McEwan. After months of the affair, they decide to move in together, and on the evening they are first in the apartment, Jonathan casually mentions having an identical twin. He says little else other than tha [...]

    2. not at all believable but entertaining, I much prefer Oates writing as Oatesand what is with the repeated full names of the characters - Molly Marks Molly Marks Molly Marks - absolutely maddening

    3. Pleasingly melodramatic. I like the books Joyce Carol Oates writes under her Rosamond Smith pseudonym. The style and narration are definitely Oates', but they're much more readable and formulaic. A gratifying, leisurely read.

    4. Una pena que Rosamond Smith (seudónimo de Joyce Carol Oates) no esté editada en España, porque es igual de buena que cuando firma con su nombre. Quizás como Rosamond Smith se atreva con historias más bizarras, thrillers psicológicos llevados al límite, y se atreve también a soltarse más la melena. A mi me apasiona también como Rosamond Smith y en Lives of the Twins ataca un tema muy en boga: doppelgangers, gemelos, clones, dualidades enfrentadas, un tema apasionante. Las vidas de dos g [...]

    5. if anyone does 'creepy and seeped in dread' better than Joyce Carol Oates i want to know them this book never does give you the gutpunch of several of her other tales, but it is plenty unseemly and dark i was hoping for more awfulness and nastiness on the page, but it does leave you with a rather unexpected but totally apt ending

    6. An older book by my favorite writer. A really great book, well written. The three main characters are really convincing, couldn't escape their own demons. An outstanding psychological thriller.Didn't like the characters

    7. Thoroughly satisfying dark psycho/sexo thriller from Oates. It’s about twins and really uses twins as we might expect, but it’s still a fun ride. For a pulpy thriller. I’ve loved Oates for years but never knew she had fix or six books under this pseudonym.

    8. Brilliant and creepy thriller written by Joyce Carol Oates under the pen name Rosamond Smith. The ultimate "evil twin" story.

    9. Lives of the Twins (1987) deal with twins, doubles, Doppelgangers and impostors, sometimes verging into the supernatural.

    10. Molly und ihr Psychotherapeut Jonathan verlieben sich ineinander und ziehen zusammen. Jonathan, ein sehr zurückhaltender Mann, gesteht Molly nur sehr widerwillig, dass er einen Zwillingsbruder hat, der ebenfalls Psychotherapeut ist. Jonathan und James sind "spiegelbildliche Zwillinge". Einer ist Rechtshänder der andere Bruder Linkshänder; das Spiegelbild des eines Mannes wirkt wie das exakte Abbild seines Zwillings. Als Kinder haben die Jungen ihre Ähnlichkeit so extrem zu Streichen ausgenut [...]

    11. This is just the type of psychological thriller that attracted me to the mystery genre in the first place. I was fascinated. But the ending is so abrupt, the book ends but the story doesn't and we are left to wonder. It is a creepy and beguiling story and I enjoyed reading. It does have a grotesque premise.

    12. Habs in einer Ramschkiste kostenlos aufgeschnappt, hat als Pendellektüre gedient. Allerdings war der Erzählstil nicht so wirklich meins, obwohl der Klappentext echt interessant klang fand ich die ganze Geschichte recht fad und das Ende naja. 1,5 Sterne.

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