Bite Me, I'm Yours

Bite Me I m Yours Sarah s known monsters and John isn t one Sarah s life isn t going well She s divorced from an abusive jerk been drugged stuffed in her trunk and nearly kidnapped Between that and a harsh winter it

  • Title: Bite Me, I'm Yours
  • Author: Stacy McKitrick
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sarah s known monsters and John isn t one Sarah s life isn t going well She s divorced from an abusive jerk, been drugged, stuffed in her trunk and nearly kidnapped Between that and a harsh winter, it s almost than a girl can take She s rightly distrusting of any man s affection, so an ice skating date with John who doesn t seem to feel the cold isn t exactlySarah s known monsters and John isn t one Sarah s life isn t going well She s divorced from an abusive jerk, been drugged, stuffed in her trunk and nearly kidnapped Between that and a harsh winter, it s almost than a girl can take She s rightly distrusting of any man s affection, so an ice skating date with John who doesn t seem to feel the cold isn t exactly on her bucket list Yet something about him captures her attention John is determined to live as an ordinary mortal He s moved into the city, bought a sports bar and works there as the bartender As a new vampire, he s never considered dating, until he meets Sarah Prudence dictates he stay away from her, but everything about her calls to him right down to her cute animal socks Sure, finding out John is a vampire is scary, but Sarah s learned not all monsters have fangs Besides, someone else isn t too happy about their budding relationship Sarah will have to survive before getting her chance at love.92,308 Words

    • Bite Me, I'm Yours By Stacy McKitrick
      423 Stacy McKitrick
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      Stacy McKitrick fell in love with paranormal romance, decided to write her own, and found her passion in life Born and raised in California, she currently resides in Ohio with her husband They have two grown children If you d like to be notified of new releases, sign up for her newsletter at eepurl Auwz

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    1. ARC courtesy of NetGalley and the publishers I liked how this one brings up all the standard vampire myths (garlic, mirrors, photos, etc) and uses that as a way for them to stay safely hidden in amongst the human population.a fun filled story with plenty of bumps along the way that kept you guessing. the pieces all fell into place reasonably easily for me, but it also wasn't blindingly obvious what was going on that it detracted from the book.

    2. Bite Me, I'm Yours by Stacy McKitrick feels much like a contemporary romance would, with the exception that it has a light touch of paranormal feel to it thanks to a hunky, bartender who also just happens to be a vampire as well. The cover immediately drew me with its kissing couple and its fun title for sure.  The author Stacy McKitrickis new to me, and I was hoping for a paranormal romance with strong and exciting characters all wrapped-up in a fun and contemporary setting. Overall, it was en [...]

    3. It’s no secret that I love to read about paranormal creatures, vampires and werewolves in particular. So when I saw this book on Net Galley, it was a no brainer that I request it, in exchange for a fair and honest review. I am not always happy with the lighter side of paranormal books, but occasionally one will really surprise me. I ended up really enjoying the read in this case.Sarah is an accountant, young, newly single, and very pretty. One day she leaves work late, and gets attacked and kn [...]

    4. There was something about this cover, with the black and white characters and bold blood red word BITE, that drew me in. After reading the blurb, this sounded like a book I could get interested in. Additionally, this will be my first official KLover post (though I did request the book before I was approved).When we first meet Sarah, she is on her way home from work. She has just left her work friend in the parking garage's elevator. As she is heading toward the bright yellow Xterra, that she hab [...]

    5. ARC courtesy of NetGalley and the publishers I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d find within the pages of Bite Me I’m Yours (BMIY), but the blurb had me intrigued. This story tells the tale of a romantically battered woman named Sarah who finds that she has a connection to local bar owner, John. She knows she’s far from ready to re-join the dating game, but she can’t get John out of her mind. Sarah throws caution to the wind and agrees to a date with him. One date leads to another, and befo [...]

    6. After everything she’s been through, Sarah’s rightly distrusting of any man’s attention but something about him captures her attention, sure he’s a vampire, but she’s already learned that not all monsters have fangs besides someone out there isn’t too happy about their relationship in this bewitching vampire romance.This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers shivering in anticipation with suspense, drama, and romance. The author describes the story with well written scenes [...]

    7. Arc was supplied by netgalley3.5 chocolate kissesThis was an interesting tale, light and easy to read but with quite a bit of sex. It was a contemporary romance with a dash of paranormal-vampires. I say dash of paranormal because it could have been a story told without having vampires in it at all. Yes there was biting and bloodsucking mixed with sex, but the main theme to me was about the heroine and hero's relationship and what crosses them; someone from the past with an axe to grind. So what [...]

    8. Bite Me, I’m Yours was most definitely an engaging and entertaining read. In fact I was hard pressed to put it down. I was even tempted to read while on duty at work!Domestic abuse survivor Sarah Daugherty is having problems losing the attention of her ex-husband when vampire John Pennington enters her life.Drop dead gorgeous doesn’t do John justice and to top it all off he’s just an all around nice guy.Bite Me, I’m Yours isn’t so much a book about the supernatural world as it is a rom [...]

    9. This sexy, fun vampire romance takes place in the same world as My Sunny Vampire (Bitten by Love, #1) but can be read standalone. In Bite Me, I'm Yours we meet John, a vampire who was changed against his will in the 1950’s and Sarah an accountant who has recently escaped an abusive marriage. When they meet the attraction is instantaneous and fierce. This book has its good moments and then there are the moments when I felt like the author was spoofing Twilight. Making fun of the age difference, [...]

    10. NetGalley Free BookSarah has finally gotten out of an abusive relationship with her husband. He just won't leave her alone and is constantly stalking her. Her friend decides to take her out after work one night and she happens to fall for the owner of the restaraunt. He has secrets of his ownch as.he is a vampire. This was a whinny book. Sarah was always crying or scared. John was an overly sensitive vampire that needed to grab himself by his balls and be a man. I could not attach to either one [...]

    11. McKitrick does a fantastic job of mixing all of the elements (vampire, abusive past and serial killer) without short-changing anything. With good flow and interesting characters, Bite Me I’m Yours is good for those in the mood for a little fang with their kisses.Full review available at romanticreadsandsuch.wordpress Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

    12. I picked this book up at Netgalley because the blurb sounded interesting to me, while I liked the book it was not what I was expecting. But to be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.You can find my full review here:myreadsoklikes/post/944

    13. A light read with a "good guy" vampire and an unlucky in love, plucky heroine. Reads more like a contemporary romance with a side of the supernatural. I would recommend to the reader with a taste for a sweeter story than the typical bloodbath that some paranormals are. A solid three stars!

    14. This was a cute romantic read. It was a little dark, but the romance was sweet. I really liked the main characters and it took me a while to figure out the mystery, which kept me interested. Paranormal romance lovers will really enjoy this book!

    15. Now this was a good book. I really enjoyed this book and I told a few people about it and they have it on their Kindle now. Awesome author. got this book from Net Galley like most of my books.

    16. I didn't know what to expect when I requested Bite Me from Netgalley (in exchange for my honest review) other than it was a PNR with vampires.The romance was surprisingly sweet with Sarah and John going on dates like the movies and ice skating. The sexual build up was slow and they didn't have sex until approx. 64%, there were two or three sex scenes (if I recall correctly) of a low-moderate heat level. Nothing kinky except John biting Sarah and drinking her blood during sex which is standard fo [...]

    17. By giving this book only two stars, I'm not trying to say it was bad just wasn't exciting to me. If you take out the fact that John is a vampire, it's pretty much just a sweet love story of a tortured girl. Which is all well and good, but I want more. Especially considering this is a paranormal vampire romance. Even though it is listed as the second book in a series, I think it can be read as a stand alone because I had no trouble following it.Sarah has had a rough life for one so young. She fin [...]

    18. Y’know it’s not great when halfway through the book you have more than a page of angrily scrawled review notes…From the get-go I couldn’t shake the idea that I was reading some sort of Twilight/Sookie Stackhouse fanfic mash-up. I don’t think that was actually the case, but the comparisons are hard to ignore:- The heroine smells overwhelmingly good to vampires- The hero can’t read/control her mind- The heroine is continually in overblown danger- Vague reasons why their relationship ca [...]

    19. Check out more of my reviews on my blog gemmareadstoomuchforittomenormal.2.5 StarsBite Me, I’m Yours is book #2 in the Bitten by Love series but can be read as a standalone novel. I was given this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review so here goesOk so the good bits• Sarah this poor woman has been through so much but she comes out smiling fair play!!• John he is the most normal vampire ever lol!!• Perry he totally needs his own book!!And the not so good bits• This book [...]

    20. Based on the title, I expected a fun, fairly lighthearted PNR. Bite me I’m yours was not what I expected, it’s PNR, yes, but not particularly humorous. It tells the story of Sara, a young divorcee with an abusive ex, who is having an exceptionally shitty week. One night she is assaulted, drugged and abducted outside a bar. Luckily she’s rescued just in the nick of time by John, the owner of the bar, who just happens to be a vampire. John is drawn to her against his will, and even though sh [...]

    21. Book two in Stacy McKitrick's Bitten by Love series. I was sadly disappointed by this book. The characters were kind of annoying and their batter back and forth was sadly lacking it wasn't quite snarky, witty or very funny. I have never read a book where the characters say "sorry" more than they say "I love you". The only thing I can say I liked was the end, and not for the sarcastic comment about because its was over, the battle with the serial killer at the end was the best part of the book an [...]

    22. The second in the series, this book stands alone without difficulty, and lighter on the Paranormal than one is led to believe from the blurb. John is a very Byronic vampire: brooding, dark and not particularly friendly, not to mention he’s not strongly alpha, a more typical characteristic for vamps in these stories. He’s decided that he wants to blend in, and has bought a sports bar to further his desires. Not at all willing to embrace his new life (death?) status, we learn a bit about his l [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I was looking for a nice light and fluffy fun read when I started this book. Wow, it is certainly anything but! This is a dark and sometimes difficult book that gives a gritty look at a reluctant romance between a damaged human and a reclusive vampire.This book starts out just like I wanted it to: there is a human (Sarah) with some baggage who is trying to get a new lease on life. Right out of the gate, she is almost kidnapped and v [...]

    24. Sarah Dougherty is a 24-year old divorcee who likes vampire novels and animal socks. One night after work, Sarah is attacked in a parking lot. Sexy bar owner John comes to her assistance, saving her life and persuading the attacker to turn himself in. How does he do this? Because John is a vampire.He is also inexplicably drawn to Sarah. Sarah goes to the bar one night soon afterward with her friend, and her attraction to John is instant. The first part of the book was okay. John seemed nice enou [...]

    25. I didn’t know what to expect for this book when I picked it for a review. I really do enjoy vampire books but this one I didn’t really enjoy. Firstly, I couldn’t feel the connection or chemistry between Sarah and John. There were also bits that I felt was very unbelievable. Like Sarah doesn’t handle her ex-husband well but when she gets raped and needs convincing to go to the hospital and the Police she aggressively pursuits John for sex in the next week. I felt that it wasn’t very rea [...]

    26. **I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review***Sarah’s life isn’t going great. She’s no longer married, she’s been kidnapped, drugged, and is being stalked by her sicko ex-husband. Oh and she has been raped as well. What else could go wrong for Sarah?? Lots moreJohn is determined to live as an real life man, a flesh and blood man, rather as a vampire. John is a new vampire but he would rather just be a man, than a vampire. John buys a sports bar and ends up meeting Sarah.Jo [...]

    27. Bite Me, I'm Yours is the second book in the Bitten by Love series and can easily be read as a stand-alone. I was a little disappointed by this book, the storyline/plot had so much more potential than what was written. John and Sarah has such a sweet normal relationship involving many dates that anyone would have. While there are some erotic scenes (about three) they're pretty short and don't get your blood really pumping. This book also seemed to really lag during the first half of the book eve [...]

    28. John saves Sarah from a serial killer who drugs her and almost trunked her. She has no idea it was John that saved her. She has also recently escaped an abusive marriage, but her ex is stalking her. When her friend talks her into a night out at a local bar she meets John who hasn't been able to stop thinking about her since he rescued her. Only problem is that he's a vampire and doesn't want to mess up her life by telling her. When her ex physically attacks her, John realizes that he wants her i [...]

    29. ARC received from Netgalley for an honest review. What first attracted me to Bite Me I'm Yours by Stacy McKitrick, was the outstanding cover. I requested it, without realizing that it was the second book in the Bitten By Love series. The nice thing is, BMIY can be read as a standalone book. I would consider this as a light read as I figured out early on where the story was headed. But, having said that , it didn't detract from the story. Sarah is our heroine who was able to get out of abusive ma [...]

    30. I liked the story. It had good mystery elements to it. What I didn't care for, and really made the story fall a little flat for me was, there was way to much going on all at once. All these bad things kept happening to Sarah and it was like oh well lets go watch a movie. John for being a vampire was a little on the whimpy side. I mean dude some guy just did the worst thing ever to your girlfriend, why aren't you out ripping his head off? This story had all the potential of being HOT, but the fla [...]

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