Dangerous Wonder: The Adventure of Childlike Faith

Dangerous Wonder The Adventure of Childlike Faith Recapture the joy of being a child and apply it to your relationship with God Ask the difficult questions about faith then just take Jesus at His word Includes discussion guide

  • Title: Dangerous Wonder: The Adventure of Childlike Faith
  • Author: Michael Yaconelli Steve Björkman Dan B. Allender Tremper Longman III
  • ISBN: 9781576834817
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback
  • Recapture the joy of being a child and apply it to your relationship with God Ask the difficult questions about faith, then just take Jesus at His word.Includes discussion guide.

    • Dangerous Wonder: The Adventure of Childlike Faith ¦ Michael Yaconelli Steve Björkman Dan B. Allender Tremper Longman III
      108 Michael Yaconelli Steve Björkman Dan B. Allender Tremper Longman III
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    1. Michael Yaconelli Steve Björkman Dan B. Allender Tremper Longman III

      Michael Yaconelli Steve Björkman Dan B. Allender Tremper Longman III Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dangerous Wonder: The Adventure of Childlike Faith book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Yaconelli Steve Björkman Dan B. Allender Tremper Longman III author readers around the world.

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    1. I have read a good number of books that would fall in the "Christian Living" category, and a good majority of those that I've read werece. Few of them were truly inspiring. This is one of the few.With a measure of eloquence and grace I've not often seen in any genre, Mr. Yaconelli indicts the reader for our "maturity" and pushes us to realize the meaning of "childlike faith." Somewhere in the rush to grow up we have forgotten what wonder is like and how to experience it, and further, we've forgo [...]

    2. A beautiful book full hope, joy and childlike freedom. I would highly recommend this book if you want to be refreshed. I would also recommend his book, "Messy Spirituality." Both books leave you feeling more connected and whole. In the Cleft Joy Comes In the Mourning: A Story of Hope After Tragedy

    3. Per Sue Bates:The author challenges the reader to rediscover or discover their childlike faith. He gives great stories of what it means to experience God in a childlike way, and how adults can lose that over time. He pushes the reader to think through where they've put artificial boundaries on their faith and how to overcome them. The study questions at end of each chapter are excellent - really could generate great conversations and next steps for the reader.This is one of those rare books that [...]

    4. Dangerous Wonder: The Adventure of Childlike Faith (1998) by Mike Yaconelli calls us back to a childlike faith. Christians, saved by God's scandalous grace to a life of wonder, are too often dour, dispassionate people having forgotten what God has done. One of the fruits of the Spirit is joy. Where is our joy? Yaconelli writes of curiosity, wonder, abandon, playfulness, quiet listening, passion, terror, and naivete as characteristics to cultivate and not destroy. We are Christians, not Pharisees [...]

    5. An enjoyable book, with many thought-provoking statements and quotable quotes. I rushed to the end, eager to read all that it has to say. But, in reading the book so quickly, I didn't properly take hold of all the challenges and encouragements to change and develop a more childlike faith. There is, I suspect, so much more to take from this book than I did on first reading. I will have to to re-read it at least once (including the Discussion Guide, which I skipped), and take the time truly to eng [...]

    6. Given to me as a gift from our parish's then youth minister. It is a great read for teens in particular. It gave me a new way of seeing Christianity. Essentially what I got was, if someone is looking for an easy, comfy, show up to services and gatherings on occasion and feel good about your spiritual status then this ain't the religion for you. Christianity demands much of us that necessitates that we be shaken out of our comfort zone. This is what I call 'kicking the pews' in order to wake folk [...]

    7. I argued with this book a lot: I thought Yaconelli could have used a better editor, I thought his illustrations were irrelevant or flawed, and a lot of his thoughts were somewhat annoying. Let's just say I had a bad attitude. But then. Chapter 12 is called Naïve Grace. I cried all the way through it. I think I got some grace, and was able to give some back. That and chapter 13 are a great way to end a book

    8. I miss Mike Yaconelli's passion for Christ and amazing service to ministry over the years. This books helps me to be reminded of those lessons Mike taught over the years. And it has served as a continual call for me to become more childlike within my faith. A good, quick read that will stay with you in many ways. If you ever served in Youth ministry and used Youth Specialties, you will remember Mike and appreciate this book!

    9. "Childlike faith understands that God is as capable of destroying us as He is of saving us.""God is not only present when we can see Him, He is present when we can't, and joy comes from recognizing God in places we never thought He would be. God hides in difficulty, He hides in suffering, He hides in poverty, He hides in failure, and He hides in the stories of our lives."Dangerous Wonder will help you see and experience the danger and the wonder of God.

    10. I was recommended to read this as part of my duties on our church council. It seems a bit scattered at times, but when you start to dig into how to apply the ideas to your own life, it truly changes something within you. Some of the examples and stories that he uses to illustrate his points are extremely touching.If you are looking for a fresh way to approach your faith, I would recommend this book for you.

    11. Mike Yaconelli brought a very different perspective to the the Church that was struggling post Jesus movement. This book is a collection of stories from his life As a pastor, church leader, and foundeR of Youth Specialties. It is a fun read with a lot of personal growth thrown in among the stories. Well worth the time.

    12. Michael describes the many ways we adults drift from the wonder of childlike faith. It is especially challenging for those of us who value the productivity, efficiency, and responsibility of adulthood. Michael reminds us of the amazement we had when we first heard the things Jesus teaches. Certainly a new favorite of mine!

    13. I wish there were six stars in the rating system.There are not words to accurately describe the power and influence this book has had on me.I believe I came to understand God better through Yaconelli's writing.I read this shortly after becoming a Christian and it was as if God used this book to speak to me directly, assuring me that He was with me.

    14. Read as a group discussion book so it was interesting to go through the questions together. How do we recapture a child - like faith? Yaconelli poses this and other similar questions through out his book. How much do we miss in our relationship with God when we've lost our child like faith? He would say a great deal and it was fun to discover ways to return to that.

    15. Mike Yaconelli cuts through all the unnecessary stuff to the heart of a living breathing Christianity and does it all with a wonderful writing style that keeps one hoping for more. I read "Dangerous Wonder" as part of a group/class and always looked forward to what Mike had to share with us next. A great read that strives to help you recapture your child like faith.

    16. I didn't finish. It was a recommendation from someone elseybe I'll pick it back up again sometime, but it will be a long time from now, b/c there are too many other books i KNOW i want to read on my shelf.

    17. I love the child-like attitude of the writer. It excited and motivated me to not only think outside of the box, but to run away from the box and into the arms of Jesus.And best of all it was gift from my favorite cousin! (Go Janelle!!)

    18. this would be a better book if i wasn't me and wasn't living in china. if, however, you are a busy american who doesn't play very often, it is well worth the read. and though it wasn't earth shaking for me, i was reminded and i learned.

    19. I love Mike Yaconelli and miss him very muchhad the chance to spend a weekend with him back in my days of youth ministrywhat an inspirational person!

    20. i love this book and now it comes with a discussion guide. great for a small group wanting to ask questions about what it means to have a childlike faith.

    21. I love how Yaconelli not only demolishes the walls of my comfort zone but does so in such a simplistic and kind way.

    22. The Kingdom of Heaven is best seen in the heart and life of a child don't grow up too fast. It's okay to be a kid at heart.

    23. This is a great book! We are basing our Lenten worship on this book at All Saints. For the sermon series, check out the podcasts at: allsaintscg

    24. I have read this book many times and it never ceases to impact me. I love the stories and the encouragement to live dangerously in love and grace.

    25. This book was a refreshing reminder of God's unconventional ways. I was stirred by this read and challenged to be more child-like in my perceptions and interpretations of my savior.

    26. Another wonderful book by Yaconelli. He's a great story teller and a good reminder of child-like faith especially for seminary students.

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