Drina Ballerina

Drina Ballerina As Drina becomes an adult she has difficult choices to make trying to balance a career as a dancer with her personal life

  • Title: Drina Ballerina
  • Author: Jean Estoril Mabel Esther Allan
  • ISBN: 9780750012706
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • As Drina becomes an adult, she has difficult choices to make trying to balance a career as a dancer with her personal life.

    • Drina Ballerina by Jean Estoril Mabel Esther Allan
      312 Jean Estoril Mabel Esther Allan
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    1. Jean Estoril Mabel Esther Allan

      A pseudonym of Mabel Esther Allan.

    570 thoughts on “Drina Ballerina”

    1. This review was written for The Review Diaries: reviewdiaries/201The last month has been filled for me with moving house, and that meant unpacking a lot of books I haven’t touched since I was a child. The ‘Drina’ books were a favourite of mine growing up – in fact they were a favourite of my mother as well, as they were first published in 1957.The series consists of eleven books, detailing the life and adventures of Drina Adams from age ten (roughly) to age eighteen. Drina, brought up by [...]

    2. I give the series five stars, but this book only three. I've been waiting 20 years to read this book, and finally, I tracked it down (and was actually able to afford it) but it did not live up to 20 years worth of expectation. In all fairness, probably not much would. It's obvious that this book was written many years after the tenth book, Drina Goes on Tour. The writing style is different, it's stilted, and it's hard to determine which decade it's set in. Whatever flaws with the writing and cha [...]

    3. I'm embarrassed to say that I finally got this book and read it this week. I thoroughly enjoyed the finale to a series that I started as a kid and never finished (11 books, 5 published in the US). It gives me some closure! The last book is interesting and sufficiently bittersweet to be somewhat realistic. Drina is described as "ruthless" as she climbs the ranks of her ballet company and has lost a connection with may of her close friends. She's okay with that though and marries and American busi [...]

    4. It makes me very, very sad to say it, but this was not the ending I waited nearly 18 years for. Though satisfying to see Drina achieve her dream--and her destiny--the book ended with a very odd scene. This final book was published almost thirty years after the one immediately previous ( Drina Goes on Tour ), so I wonder if Goes on Tour was meant to be the last book. That's one of the two that have been too expensive to acquire, so I haven't read it yet.I still love Drina anyway.

    5. I had not read the Drina books since I was a child and I recently re-read them all. I read the first 5 as a child and then as a teen I hunted down the final 6 once I realized they existed. I am happy to say that for the most part they hold up to the test of time. They are very much in the style of British school stories but I quite like those. I think the whole series is definitely worth the effort it takes to hunt them down.

    6. I do think this series finished too quickly. I think I'd have preferred Drina to be at least 20 - 21 before she got the ballerina title, and also before she got married. I thought the whole Rose storyline was weak suddenly Rose was jealous but she had never been before? Seriously? However because I love this series and it was a conclusion - and a happy conclusion at that, I'm still happy to leave it at the five stars it was when I read it as a much younger girl :)

    7. I don't know if I'm over Drina but this last book in the series was a bit of a disappointment for me. I'm trying to look at it in the historical context but too many things jarred with me. And it was a bit lame. The Drina books are always predictable in a way but this one was especially so.

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