Starseers The mysterious and powerful Starseers have Captain Alisa Marchenko s daughter and she will do whatever she must to get her back even if it means traveling to their stronghold and confronting them pe

  • Title: Starseers
  • Author: Lindsay Buroker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The mysterious and powerful Starseers have Captain Alisa Marchenko s daughter, and she will do whatever she must to get her back, even if it means traveling to their stronghold and confronting them personally Unfortunately, her strongest ally, the cyborg Leonidas, may become a liability since the cyborgs and the Starseers have a long history of hating each other It doesnThe mysterious and powerful Starseers have Captain Alisa Marchenko s daughter, and she will do whatever she must to get her back, even if it means traveling to their stronghold and confronting them personally Unfortunately, her strongest ally, the cyborg Leonidas, may become a liability since the cyborgs and the Starseers have a long history of hating each other It doesn t help that Leonidas and Dr Dominguez have a mission of their own, one that could jeopardize all that Alisa is fighting for.

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    121 thoughts on “Starseers”

    1. Inhaled this third installment of what is developing into a quest with bigger questions and broader ramifications, while never letting either the delightful banter, or the fast action, flag.As in the second book, I really like the sense of chaos conveyed in the aftermath of war. The range, from cannibalistic pirates to old pieces of the various armies trying to establish order ring true, and Buroker keeps the tone entertaining and the pacing moving along at a fast clip, which I appreciate. It co [...]

    2. I’m happy to report that Starseers was a massive improvement from Honor’s Flight, because I wasn’t sure what to think after the mixed bag that was the previous book. We finally get to know more about the mysterious Starseers and become better acquainted with Yumi Moon, not to mention there’s some (very much welcome) plot progress as Alisa finds the first real clues she’s had as to her daughter’s whereabouts. After the second book, where nothing much happened at all except for a convo [...]

    3. the weakest installment in the series as the action devolves into self-parody on many occasions, especially on the Starseers base and the events there and around; the dialogue is still mostly entertaining (though even there there is some repetitiveness that starts becoming noticeable); on the plus side, a few new characters are interesting and one of Yumi's younger (Starseer step)sisters is actually the best new secondary character of the novels so far, while the plot thickens and the general st [...]

    4. As well as the edge-of-your-seat fight action, the growing attraction between Alisa and Leonidas, and the fascinating forward movement in the overall plot, this book was really FUNNY! Alisa cracks me up.

    5. Too busy already reading #4 to write a proper review, so just a few thoughts below. I am not certain whether I liked this more or less than previous instalments's strange, as while I was reading it, I thought maybe it was slightly slower and a bit frustrating with the situation they were in, but actually thinking back on it, I liked all the elements we found out in this one I think a 4 stars again.In this instalment we find out a lot more about the Starseers, maybe getting a bit too close to the [...]

    6. Actual rating 3.5 stars.What exactly happened here? A lot of action. Plenty of dialogue that makes the reader chuckle quite a lot. A romance that kind of is there but kind of isn't. Some ill-timed, yet funny humor. More action and even more banter. The perfect recipe for a book that I might love.There's something going on between Alisa and Leonidas and I'm rooting for it like crazy! There's nothing but a few glimpses and some wishful thinking (on Alisa's part) but the tension is definitely there [...]

    7. Full of action and mirth, which sometimes did annoy me but overall, I enjoy it quite a lot. Alisa might not be my favourite though. She's too selfish, impulsive and blunt at moments. Anyhow, I'm still waiting for kisses to be shared since we were last promised them in one of Buroker's interview at the end of the first book. Looking forward to the prequel and then the 4th instalment.

    8. Giving up on this series--the worldbuilding could be interesting, but the characters haven't grown on me at all. The main character in particular keeps making bad decisions, or decisions that go against her own interests, without any real logic or explanation as to why, other than the plot requires her to be with these people and doing these things. Not for me.

    9. It is taking a lot of guts for Alisa to search for the thing most precious to her in a place so scary. The Starseers have a reputation that spawns fear in the hearts of just about everyone. It's a good thing that constant peril has led to a bit of trust between the crew, as this isn't going to be any easier than searching the last place to which they were led. As we've journeyed through the Fallen Empire series to this point, I've come to love the characters. Alisa, captain of the Star Nomad, is [...]

    10. I'm just guessing that what I'm about to gripe over begins in this book, given the title, and honestly don't have time to look and check. It does happen quite early in the series, and it keeps happening right until the end, and it's awful. As I said in the brief comments on the first book, this reads at times like a more 'adult' version of the Emperor's Edge series. There's the banter of that series often more sexual in nature, but sometimes it fails badly, and sometimes it's just phoned in with [...]

    11. This series is deeply addictive. From Alisa's irreverent humor to the danger the Star Nomad keeps finding itself in, I'm hooked. Also, I'm deliciously anticipating the oft-mentioned massage Alisa keeps teasing Leonidas with. THOSE TWO.Alisa's faith in the Alliance has taken a beating since we met her in book 1. Things aren't looking up for her in that regard with this book. She's been abandoned, lied to, and I don't know, other stuff. She's seeing the cracks in their armor now and what she's fi [...]

    12. This is a first. Cannot believe that I DNF a Lindsay Buroker book!I couldn't stand Alisa at all. I don't understand her attraction to Leonidas, he was just boring. None of the other characters were that interesting and some were downright annoying like Alejandro. The search for Alisa's daughter is ridiculously stretched out for several volumes because Alisa likes to make stupid decisions that puts herself and her passengers in constant danger. That and drooling over her cyborg companion's muscle [...]

    13. Whenever I am unexcited by my other reading options, I get the next Lindsay Buroker, because I know it will be entertaining, exciting, filled with amusing banter, and competently written. That is what this is. I did notice one recurring error (the use of "may" instead of "might" in past-tense narration) and a few other minor issues, but generally the editing on these is very good. I bought the next one straight afterwards, and I'm reading it now.

    14. This series is getting better and better with each book. The plot and characters continue to entertain. Alisa has graduated from veiled innuendos to outright flirting at times (yay her) and it's hysterical.

    15. sta iniziando a venire un po' a noia il tema della protagonista che concupisce il cyborg ma che si sente in colpa perchè 1) è il nemico2) lei ha perso il marito solo otto mesi faE inizio ad avere l'impressione che ormai tutti i personaggi, non solo la protagonista, inizino ora a fare dell'"inappropriate huomour". Cioè, è un tratto distintivo di Alisa, sugli altri stona (e dà anche l'impressione che l'autore stia curando di meno la caratterizzazione dei suoi personaggi).Rimane comunque una l [...]

    16. This story finds Captain Alisa Marchenko looking for her missing daughter at a mysterious Starseer compound along with her motley crew. With all sorts of enemies on their tail, she has no dearth of dangers. But entering the Starseer stronghold might be the last move she makes. The Starseers have crashed her spacecraft through use of their psychic powers, stranding her there until her crew can make repairs. Can she buy them enough time and find her daughter before hostilities begin? Moreover, can [...]

    17. One of my favorites that she writes dog fights! I'm such a nerd, but I love'em. Whether they're space ships or magic bi-planes she does a phenominal job at it.One thing that creeps me the heck out are beings with mental powers. The kind that can control your body and read your mind. It is almost cool when they're on your side, but when they are on the other side. Creeeeeeepy.I really want to read the next book to see what happens with everything, but I'm not rich and I would want to buy the las [...]

    18. So close but so far away. Honestly, I found a bit disappointing how non-scary Starseers are. I mean, sure, they can blow up things with their mind and all, but it's not something that worried me throughout the story, not once I got to know them. I don't know whether this was intentional, maybe it was, but to me it feels like it shouldn't be that way.In any case, this was still as good as the rest. In fact, I'd have a really hard time deciding which one is my favorite. We'll see where else is thi [...]

    19. Next episode (because really, that's what they are) in Lindsay Buroker's Fallen Empire sees Alisa and her trusty band of misfits off to the Starseers to see if they can find out what happened to Alisa's daughter. Will the Starseers be another group that Alisa manages to unintentionally annoy? My vote is on yes!I'm still enjoying this series, but sort of wishing that Alisa would stop aggravating every powerful faction in the universe.

    20. This was a fun installment in the space opera series that I've been inhaling. It's just great fun, and to the usual mix of action, adventure, and snarky comments this book adds what are basically evil Jedi. It's just great.(If you like space opera, you should give the series a try, but make sure to start with the first book, and note that there are a lot of bawdy sex jokes which may not be to everyone's taste.)

    21. Getting goodI am loving this series. I love Lindsay Buroker's style. There is an overall story that encompasses the series, but then there are smaller stories told by each book. The relationships also developed little by little as the series progresses. It builds momentum and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I'm devouring thief series.

    22. Great seriesMurphys Law is alive and causing havoc. Everything that can go wrong does.The crew and passengers are dodging the mafia, having battles with the alliance. Starseers reading their minds, and there is a price on the cyborg head.What else can go wrong wellGet it, read it, you'll love it

    23. This book was similarly action-packed and enjoyable. I wanted more to happen and some of the sub-plots to come to a conclusion, but I began to realize that this was only an episode in the greater story arc. A new character was introduced. I started immediately with the next book in the series.

    24. The series is still enjoyable and finally moves a tiny bit forward with the hunt that started it all. The budding romance still runs me the wrong way and space magicians are a bit meh. At least it's a fast read with incredible amounts of things happening.

    25. Starseer issuesAlisa and her passengers and crew explore the North pole of the planet Arkadius. Alisia is searching for her daughter, who seems to have been kidnapped, probably by the Starseers.

    26. Great readThe characters continue to be entertaining and fun. The action scenes are brief but interesting. I'm enjoying the series and the storyline.

    27. I'm really enjoying this fun series. Though I have to make a step back. I didn't realise there was a 2.5, I missed the Station story.

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