Snake Heart

Snake Heart Tasked with an impossible mission hunted by the very people he wants to protect Yanko White Fox is the only one who can save his nation from famine and anarchy Armed only with his fledgling skills a

  • Title: Snake Heart
  • Author: Lindsay Buroker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tasked with an impossible mission, hunted by the very people he wants to protect, Yanko White Fox is the only one who can save his nation from famine and anarchy Armed only with his fledgling skills as a wizard and accompanied by allies he s not sure he can trust, he must track down an ancient relic before his enemies find it first But a sea full of obstacles stand in thTasked with an impossible mission, hunted by the very people he wants to protect, Yanko White Fox is the only one who can save his nation from famine and anarchy Armed only with his fledgling skills as a wizard and accompanied by allies he s not sure he can trust, he must track down an ancient relic before his enemies find it first But a sea full of obstacles stand in the way, including his mother The deadly and infamous pirate Snake Heart cares nothing for the family or the son she abandoned and wants the artifact for herself.

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    1. It feels like it's been forever since I read Warrior Mage even though it was only released last year, so I was over the moon the minute I had Snake Heart in my grubby little hands. It is so, so good, and I have the all-nighter-induced eyebags to prove it. I enjoyed the first book, but this one really knocked it out of the ballpark - I feel like it's really found its groove and rediscovered the things I loved best about the Emperor's Edge series (set in the same universe). The banter that I felt [...]

    2. I received a free ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Yanko's bildungsroman continues. Yanko, his one-eyed 'bodyguard' Dak, light-fingered Lakeo and Arayevo (Yanko's former babysitter and current subject of his unrequited love) are travelling with a bunch of pirates looking for an island where a former museum thief left his hoard of stolen artifacts, including a lodestone which is rumoured to lead the way to a forgotten land. Yanks has defeated the warrior mage Sun [...]

    3. These are so much fun to read. And so addictive. Proper review to come later, but do yourself a favor, just go buy them and enjoy.

    4. Snake Heart is my favorite fiction book so far in 2016. I know that the year is still young but I have already read a LOT of books. I have definitely read a huge number of books between Warrior Mage, the first book in the Chains of Honor series, and Snake Heart. Reading Snake Heart reminded me that I truly love the Chains of Honor series; possibly more than any other series in Lindsay Buroker's fantastic collection of books. Since I keep coming back over and over again to read Buroker’s books [...]

    5. I was so excited to find out that the next book in this series was out. I adore the honorable, nice guy hero in this series. Yanko is coming into his own in this novel and is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

    6. I really love Yanko. He is such a good guy. He tries so hard to be honorable. He tries to save lives even the lives of his enemies. He is able to laugh at his own shortcomings. His companions are interesting and the parrot who adopted him is hilarious.

    7. ExcitingIf you enjoyed the first book, the second has as much action and adventure. It also delves into the side characters a little more, though at the cost of some of the others. We learn more of Dak, but Lakeo and Aryovelo become one dimensional, even Yanko forgets about Lakeo often. Also, took a star rating off for the cliffhangers. Neither book is a satisfying read on it's own, baiting readers to buy the next installment with obvious "how will the hero's live this time???" endings.

    8. Another great story Another great story about Yanko,his friends and enemies and their adventures while Yanko tries to reclaim honor for his family and keep and protect his friends.

    9. A great series to read if you want something a little different, with a good story and well devoloped characters, which you'll be rooting for. Note you should read the first before this one so your not lost. Great Reading Everyone!!!

    10. Trouble againGreat story as always, but there were a few errors in the proof reading, but nothing major. I do wish that the third book in this series was already out. I hate to have to wait to read the continued story.

    11. Snake Heart, the second book in the Chains of Honour series, brings this new series to another level. In this book Yanko begins to truly come into his own. From the uncertain, awkward and self-conscious eighteen-year-old of the first book, he grows into a youth more confident in his loyalties if not his own abilities. Even there, he makes progress, honing his magic skills with the help of none other than the title character, Snake Heart, his infamous pirate mother. Yanko not only meets her but s [...]

    12. Disclaimer: I recieved an advance copy of this book in exchange for a review once it is published. I accepted, because I would have bought and reviewed the book anyways.More important: this is the second book in a series that in itself has its start with a YA trilogy of novels introducing not only the main setting (lands, countries, societies, issues therein) but also the main characters and their dynamics. The trilogy in question is of course, Swords and Salt - The Complete Series, a lovely, co [...]

    13. I was given an advance copy of Snake Heart so that I could offer an honest review. Here it is: I love it! For all of Lindsay's Emperor's Edge fans, the Swords and Salt - The Complete SeriesSwords & Salt series offers a peek into life on the Nurian continent. Young Yanko White Fox, a hard-working young man and aspiring mage, learns the difficulties and dangers inherent in the politics of a troubled nation. He is eventually forced to step up to protect the Empire and his family. In Warrior Mag [...]

    14. This series by Lindsay Buroker, which started with the 3-novella "Swords & Salt", is one of my favourites. Yanko is such an engaging character, who always stands by his principles and never gives up, no matter how badly things go for him--and generally speaking, if something can go wrong, it will. In this latest offering, even though he continues to refuse to compromise his honour, things are starting to come together for him, and when things go wrong, he's able to work his way through them [...]

    15. YodaMy fantasy wife. Lindsay Buroker. She is unique in this new world that has helped to create. The indie author.Many days and many hours of my life have gone towards reading. My eyes begin to deteriorate which plunges me into a state of sadness indeed. On the positive side, Lindsay's work is without equal. She is as good as Robert Heinlein. I want to say better but that would be sacrilege. One does not treat the founder of a genre with anything less than absolute respect and deference. Still, [...]

    16. I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. It's been awhile (and many books) in between reading Republic, Swords & Salt, and Warrior Mage before this book where the characters appear before, but I found I was able to jump back into these characters and this world quite easily. The author does a good job of explaining enough relevant back story as she goes, dropping reminders as well as the occasional Easter egg to satisfy whether it's been awhile or you are rea [...]

    17. I received and ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Another fun-filled and action packed fantasy adventure story from Lindsay Buroker. This one picks up where book 1 left off with our band of heroes heading off on a search for an artefact that supposedly leads to a lost land which Yanko hopes will help alleviate the food crisis in Nuria. But as usual not everything goes according to plan with pirates, long lost mothers (who are also pirates), mage hunting assassins and the Turgo [...]

    18. Snake Heart is the second book in the Chains of Honor series,and it didn't disappoint. Once I started this book, I couldn't put it down. It starts where the first book ended. Yanko is searching for a magical lodestone that will lead him and his country to a new continent. Buroker developed Yanko's character in a way that you can't help but root for him. His compassion and empathy towards people and animals melt your heart, but his power with the mental sciences prevents him from becoming a welco [...]

    19. This is even better than the first book.Yanko is becoming more mature and self-aware and becoming aware of the fact that it is time to reevaluate the things he's accepted as truth throughout his life.He finally gets to meet his mother and manages to get some practical lessons on magic (and life )from her amidst all the explosions and death. It turns out that it is a good thing he didn't get admitted to Stargrind, the Warriormage training academy. Dak loves playing up to the stereotype of Turgoni [...]

    20. I love this new series as much as the EE universe itself. Wonderful, self-effacing, generous, kind, intelligent, talented Yanko leaves everything he knows to try and help his people to escape starvation, thus embarking on a voyage of self-discovery and growth.You can never get settled - the story keeps unfolding all these on the brink situations which Yanko manages to escape in the nick of time, willing to self-sacrifice to help not only his friends, but also his enemies alive. Twists and turns, [...]

    21. I loved the Sword and Salt series that Buroker wrote a year or two ago, and I've been eagerly anticipating the sequel. The story starts off with bumbling Yanko, still trying to find the long lost secret continent of his people. His bodyguard Dak, ever mysterious, and his friend Lakeo and love interested Arayevo, go along on this adventure until they encounter Snake Heart!The book is light hearted and whimsical, with all of Buroker's typical snark and snappy dialogue. This book is definitely for [...]

    22. Book 2 of the Chains of Honor series. Yanko continues his search for the lodestone with the hope that it will lead to a new land for his people and restore the honor of his family, honor that was lost when his mother left and became a notorious pirate. During his search, Yanko encounters his mother and learns that there may be more to his story than he originally thought - and perhaps his country's leader is not as noble as he had believed.It is always a treat to read one of Lindsay Buroker's st [...]

    23. I received and ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Another foray into the Chains of Honor world has Yanko, Lakeo, Dak, and Arayevo continuing their adventure. The characters are more deeply developed, especially Dak. We find out more about his past and why he continues to help Yanko.The book is action packed, with Yanko often caught in introspection as he learns more about his budding powers. Expect lots of tricky situations with inventive solutions along with the action. I'm l [...]

    24. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.First of all, WOW. Judge this book by its cover because it is amazing!Second, if you're a fan of this author's work, you won't be disappointed. Though this is the second book in the series, I went in "cold" - I didn't remember anything about book #1. It was a bit confusing at first, but you pick up on things quickly and the author gives you enough to go on even if you didn't read #1.As always, the characters are realist [...]

    25. I don't normally start a series in the middle, but the cover drew me in. Have you ever been the outsider or one that everyone picks on and makes fun of? Well, that describes our hero. He's young, untrained, unsure, and thinks too much! But he is on a quest to restore his good name, and he is also on a secret mission for the prince. In other words, it's a rollicking adventure in a world of pirates, mystic visions, good guys, bad guys, steam engines, and most importantly, magic. The characters a [...]

    26. I love lakeo in this series. Just s girl, trying to get an education. And occasionally lighting stuff on fire. Yanko is the perfect hero. I get tired of the machismo found in everyone else's character males. Yanko is so earnest u can't help but love him. And who doesn't want some steampunk pirate action? Truly? As always the small little political asides between the fictional countries are funny in the slight mockery of our current life and times. It will be interesting to see where the next boo [...]

    27. I liked this installment better than the previous one. I liked:- feeling like Yanko is growing up- no time to get bored- the universe- the magical system- the plot twist at the end. I want to read book 3!I liked less:- Yanko's inner whinner about the blood toll his quest provokes. It's a commendable character trait but too much is too much- Sun Dragon: a two-dimensional villain - Yanko's mother: her potential for an interesting character was under-exploited in my opinion.

    28. A bit better than the first book, but I still don't connect with Yanko as much as I have the leads in Lindsay Buroker's other books. The unrequited love went on too long, but there was some movement in the plot, including the introduction of Yanko's pirate mother, who was a horrible person I guess, but treated him better than I expected. Ends in a bit of a cliffhanger, not my favorite ending, but I want to read the next book in the series to see how it all turns out.

    29. Love the worlds Lindsay has created, and as the Emperor's Edge series world is one of my absolute favourites, it was great to find out she had written another - this time telling us more of junior mage Yanko's story. There are mentions of other characters, but you certainly dont have to have read any others in the series to enjoy this one. Its got pirates, magic, explosions, strong women, and a search for a lost continent.

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