This Place Has No Atmosphere

This Place Has No Atmosphere A gorgeous new package for Paula Danziger s backlist with an introduction from Ann Martin In the year people live in malls take classes in ESP and get detention from robots Fifteen year old Aur

  • Title: This Place Has No Atmosphere
  • Author: Paula Danziger Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A gorgeous new package for Paula Danziger s backlist with an introduction from Ann Martin In the year 2057 people live in malls, take classes in ESP, and get detention from robots Fifteen year old Aurora loves everything about her life She s part of the coolest group of kids at school and has just started dating the best looking guy in her grade Then her parents make thA gorgeous new package for Paula Danziger s backlist with an introduction from Ann Martin In the year 2057 people live in malls, take classes in ESP, and get detention from robots Fifteen year old Aurora loves everything about her life She s part of the coolest group of kids at school and has just started dating the best looking guy in her grade Then her parents make the announce ment that she s sure will ruin her life the family s moving to the moon What with water rationing, no privacy, and freeze dried ham burgers, how will Aurora ever feel like she s home again Paula Danziger s novels are hilarious, genuine, and full of dynamic female characters that have won the hearts of her readers and turned her books into beloved classics These playful covers full of charming details capture the spirit of Paula s stories and will brighten up the book shelves of her fans and a new generation of readers.

    • This Place Has No Atmosphere by Paula Danziger Ann M. Martin
      191 Paula Danziger Ann M. Martin
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    1. Paula Danziger Ann M. Martin

      Born in Washington, D.C and raised in New York, Paula Danziger knew since the second grade that she wanted to be a writer Throughout her career, she wrote a collection of children s stories, including The Cat Ate my Gymsuit, The Divorce Express and, recently, the Amber Brown series.Danziger loved to travel and meet young kids all over the world She was embraced by her audience for her ability to relate to children through the characters in her stories She was often known for borrowing children only the ones she knew for her inspiration The Amber Brown character was conceived during one of her trips with her niece.Danziger was also the recipient of numerous literary awards, including the Children s Choice Award from the International Reading Association and the 2003 Garden State Children s Book Award She spent most of her time in New York City and London, England.She is survived by a brother, three nephews, and a niece The Amber Brown Fund has been set up in memory of her Donations for this fund will be used to allow authors and illustrators to speak at local schools and libraries.

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    1. Full review: paperbackdolls/2011/05The year is 1986. I had recently moved (AGAIN) to a different state and was about to start school mid semester. I was the new kid once more. It seemed like just as soon as I would start to fit in my family moved. I am sure many adults can relate to the feeling of being up-rooted and moved as a child, but at the time you swear you are the only person who has ever felt that way. SoI reada lot. At first it was to pass the time on long cross country car trips follo [...]

    2. Another attempt to re-visit the past, with another novel I remember loving as a teen.This one, sadly, doesn't stand up to the test of time as well as others.It's kind of a gateway sci-fi book for the reluctant sci-fi reader. The book contains a whole, fleshed out sci fi world that's mostly there to support the character-based story. It's a bit younger than I remember - maybe I was a pre-teen when I read it? Aurora is 15 and rather shallow and stereotypical when the reader first meets her. Of cou [...]

    3. This is still, I believe, one of the most fun YA books ever written. I love the story of Aurora, who wants to be an actress and live in a mall, and who thinks her life is over because she's moving to the moon colony. I love the descriptions of life in the future, almost all of which still seem futuristic, nothing has already happened and so seems silly: the mega malls, mood clothing, eyelash implants, spray stockings, etc. Get this: the president of the US is a woman . . . notice that, like the [...]

    4. I've been trying to remember this book for ages! It was one of the many books on my shelf when I was young that I read more than once. The most memorable part for me was the mood clothing being modelled by real people in the shop display window and one of the models must have been very sad cause her dress was plain black. This was a fantastic coming of age story about a family that moves to the moon and a girl who finds herself happy in a situation she was sure was going to be awful. I'd recomme [...]

    5. This book is really hard for me to review. It was recommended as a fun light read on booktube and I really enjoy sci-fi so I thought I’d give it a try. I enjoyed Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so why not other kids books? It’s aimed at a much younger audience so I found it very juvenile and a bit silly and corny. I think it would be an excellent book for an 11 or 12 yr old girl. There is some mention of sex and pregnancy but it wasn’t a major focus. The main character is a f [...]

    6. This is one of my favorite books. Its about a girl named Aurora and her family. Her parents get a new job on the moon because her parents are intelligent scientists. They have to move and Aurora is very sad. Everything in her life was going prefectly. Aurora is scared to see what is going to happen to her at the moon. Aurora is your typical teenage girl who worrys about every little thing. Will she get it together? Make friends?Aurora and her family try there best to make it feel like they were [...]

    7. This book is set in the future, with main character Aurora. She fits in and is popular, and finally has the boyfriend of her dreams. She has all she ever wanted. Until her parent tell her that the family is moving to the moon for 5 years. Aurora doesn't believe it, and does not want it to happen at all. Her first impression of the people in the little town on the moon, is what her friends on earth would think of them. Everyone on the moon close to her age, would never be in her clique. After a p [...]

    8. This particular offering marks Danziger's foray into the world of sci fi, telling the tell of young Aurora, an aspiring high school actress whose parents have decided to move the family quite literally to the Moon. Aurora is devastated--she is part of the in-crowd at school, and has no intention of leaving Earth to go to the Moon. Her parents finally agree that she can come home after a year if she hates it. And so, Aurora, her sister, and her parents become space pioneers and Aurora must find h [...]

    9. I think this book was entertaining at the beginning but became dull towards the middle and on. I selected this book because I saw someone reading it in class so I decided to see the back of the book and it seemed to interest me. One thing in the book that made me not fond was how the content changed so much and how the story got boring. Fore example, after she left her home to move to the moon, the story didn't progress. The characters in this book are very realistic as well as the setting. The [...]

    10. I give this book three stars because I thought some parts of it were mildy amusing and it was well written. I probably would have given it one otherwise. The characters (almost every single one of them), were stupid, materialistic and annoying. I didn't like any of them at all, either because you never really got to know them, or would rather not have in the first place. I think that maybe you need to have the same point of view as a immature 13-year-old obsessed with popularity and boyfriends i [...]

    11. I really loved this book when I was young, and I just now realized why. It's about a girl who moves to a small town where there are very few people with whom to socialize and she finds herself through acting. Which is pretty much the story of my life. Growing up as an Air Force brat, I moved around a lot. This story really spoke to me, since it's about a family that gets uprooted and all the members have to make new friends. Just say "Army post in Germany" instead of "colony on the moon."Anyway, [...]

    12. This review is originally on my blog. Check it out for more reviews and writing: rea1itylapse.wordpress/Welcome to 2057, where you can live in a mall, where there aren’t any parks left, students take lessons in ESP and–thanks to an airtight dome–there’s a colony of people on the moon. Fourteen-year-old Aurora couldn’t be happier in her life on Earth, but Aurora’s parents have new jobs on the moon, and now Aurora and her little sister, Starr, must leave their homes and schools to go w [...]

    13. This is not a great classic, and I doubt many people remember it from the '80s despite the fact that it's written by Paula Danziger. But I loved this book when it first came out, and so when I found it again at the Friends of the Library sale, it was a no-brainer!It is 2057 and Aurora, a popular, pretty high school student is shocked when her parents announce the family is joining the colony on the moon. One nice thing is although she's popular, she's not particularly mean (at least no meaner th [...]

    14. When I first read this book as a young teenager, it was probably still about 10 years or so past it's original publish date. What I remembered from it (except for perhaps the mention of mood clothing) was the overarching themes--young girl, happy on earth, moves to moon with family to be pioneers in a new settlement against her adamant wishes, and eventually grows to love (or at least appreciate) her new life. So the technology in this book is largely irrelevant, and in fact, the theme is univer [...]

    15. Sometimes I am afraid to reread favorites from my childhood, because what if they are not as great as I remembered them to be? I didn't have to worry about this one at all, it still rocks! I think as a kid who was moved around a lot, it was easy for me to identify with a main character who gets unwillingly moved to the moon by her parents. Also, as an adult, I realize that this book (and Star Wars) really set off my love of Science Fiction. Just the IDEA of living in a biome on the surface of th [...]

    16. Aurora is a teen living in the not-too-distant future, and she's more or less living the dream--she's a turnip (uh, the name for her popular social group), she's got a cool boy interested in her, and she's loving her high school life. Too bad her parents decide to make a colonist out of her by moving the whole family to the moon. Aurora is devastated, but after some obstinacy and mourning, she begins to embrace her new future and finds meaning in the life she's been handed.Except for being set i [...]

    17. I choose this book because it had a fascinating title,'This Place Has No Atmosphere.'It made me wonder what place has no atmosphere.As I read the novel it shows how life can change in the future and can effect us greatly.It also reminded me about how scientist research if human can live on any planets and the moon.CharacterAurora's family is moving to the moon,she has to leave her perfect life behind her.She's apart of the coolest group of kids at school,Turnips and has just started dating the b [...]

    18. Aurora thinks she has it made, belonging to the "cool" group of kids and starting her freshman year of high school. Unfortunately, just days into the school year her parents inform Aurora and her younger sister that they've volunteered to move to the moon colony for five years. Aurora is devastated and is convinced that this is basically the end of her life.Aurora is super dramatic and a lot of this book is just telling us stuff and is not particularly deep, but she does have reasonable and visi [...]

    19. I read this sometime in high school?? I remember it was on one of those spin racks at the library with a much different cover. I only remember small details about it. The year is 2057, and a teenage girl who is used futuristic Earth living is being moved to the moon with her family who want to start a colony on the moon. (Not exactly sure why). I remember that the girl has grandparents who were born in 1981 who are staying on earth. (That detail really stuck with me because that's the year I was [...]

    20. This book was a really great book. It showed Aurora's change through out the beginning of the book to the end. I didn't expect it to end like the way it did. This book was about a book a girl in high school named Aurora, her and her parents are going to move to the moon. Aurora doesn't want to move to the moon because she is in the popular group at school and she just started to date the guy she liked. When she finally got to the moon she kept comparing people to her group in school. She was to [...]

    21. I've read this book many times throughout my life. I grew up on Paula Danziger! I loved the idea of a family being moon pioneers. It's crazy how the futuristic details seemed so cool when I first read the book, but 30-years after publication a lot of them ring true.For example, there's a character who constantly wears music-playing earrings and doesn't really listen to the conversations around her- this reminds me of people who wear iPods all the time and miss out on really being present in life [...]

    22. Unfortunately, this book's ending was predictable and the attempts to insert future weirdness sometimes fell flat out of the author's need to insert wacky hijinks with new future inventions and/or developments, just because . . . "Well, it's THE FUTURE!!!" . . . but other than that, it was actually kind of an enjoyable read and I think I liked the concept more than the way it was handled. The main character has to move to the moon because her family is doing so, and like any moving story she has [...]

    23. Found this on my bookshelves when I wanted something light and fluffy to read.Boy, is this light and fluffy! In the future - 2057 to be precise - there is very little green space left, people live, work and shop in malls and the moon is finally being colonized. And this is where our heroine comes in. Once popular girl must move with her family to a small town on the moon. She learns that she is more than her friends gave her credit for and gets a cute boy to boot.Clearly, this book was something [...]

    24. Blast from the past! And, uh, the future. I remembered loving this book when I was in middle school and found it last week in a "Free Books" box as I was taking a walk. I think I have more sympathy for Aurora (the main character) now as an adult than I remember having for her as a kid. I think I thought she was kind of a brat. And she isbut I appreciate more nuance now than I did then. And some of Paula Danziger's "predictions" for the future are eerily prescient (i.e lash transplants, people li [...]

    25. Interest level: 5th +Reading level: easyGenre: science fiction, humor, actingThis is an easy, quick-paced, and very funny book about a girl, Aurora, who has to move to the moon with her scientist parents and live there for the next five years. It takes a while for Aurora to adjust to her new life, but she starts feeling at home when she gets involved in creating plays for the local inhabitants.If you enjoy this book then you'll be happy to know that author Paula Danziger wrote loads of books, ma [...]

    26. I adore Paula Danziger, especially The Pistachio Prescription (and maybe also The Cat Ate My Gymsuit). Sadly, this book just serves to remind me how darn formulaic those both are - I never thought of them together, but this one follows the exact same arc as the other two, and the main character is a slightly shallower sillier version of Marcy blended into Cassie. The "futuristic" stuff was funny and amusing - even relatively well-done (she's going for goofy points, not scientific accuracy, after [...]

    27. Science FictionAurora, a teenage girl, is forced to move to the moon with her family when her parents get new jobs. She is devastated to leave her friends, the Turnips, her fashion, and the boy she is beginning to like. Once she becomes comfortable with her new life on the moon, she realizes it isn't all that bad.Ideas to use in the classroom:-Great example of the genre (elements)-Could be used as a resource when teaching a solar system unit-Compare the future and the setting (moon) with earth t [...]

    28. 4 STARS"In the year 2057 people live in malls, take classes in ESP, and get detention from robots. Fifteen-year-old Aurora loves everything about her life. She's part of the coolest group of kids at school and has just started dating the best-looking guy in her grade. Then her parents make the announce­ment that she's sure will ruin her life—the family's moving to the moon! What with water rationing, no privacy, and freeze-dried ham­burgers, how will Aurora ever feel like she's home again?" [...]

    29. I don't really get why everyone is so crazy about this book. I mean, it's good, but not the "and again she brings us another GORGEOUS book etc etc". Again, it's ok, I liked it, reread it, but it wasn't swoon worthy or anything like that. I have a great sense in choosing good books, so most of my books are really good and my favourites, so this would be about at the bottom of my shelf.If you're looking for a short, fun read, then this is a worthy choice, but if you're looking for an awesome read, [...]

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