Midnight Rainbow

Midnight Rainbow Passion and espionage meet in this fan favorite tale from New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard Grant Sullivan is the best agent the US government has ever had and he has one mission rescue

  • Title: Midnight Rainbow
  • Author: Linda Howard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Passion and espionage meet in this fan favorite tale from New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard Grant Sullivan is the best agent the US government has ever had, and he has one mission rescue the wealthy socialite Jane Hamilton Greer from captivity But is Jane just a society girl in over her head, or is she really engaged in espionage that could compromise US intPassion and espionage meet in this fan favorite tale from New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard Grant Sullivan is the best agent the US government has ever had, and he has one mission rescue the wealthy socialite Jane Hamilton Greer from captivity But is Jane just a society girl in over her head, or is she really engaged in espionage that could compromise US interests for years to come Only one thing is certain when Grant finds Jane, questions of guilt and innocence begin to fade against the undeniable attraction between this fiery couple

    • Midnight Rainbow : Linda Howard
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    1. Linda Howard

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Linda S Howington is an American best selling romance author writing under the pseudonym Linda Howard After 21 years of penning stories for her own enjoyment, she submitted a novel for publication which was very successful Her first work was published by Silhouette in 1982 She is a charter member of Romance Writers of America and in 2005 Howard was awarded their Career Achievement Award.Linda Howard lives in Gadsden, Alabama with her husband, Gary F Howington, and two golden retrievers She has three grown stepchildren and three grandchildren.

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    1. Ex-government agent Grant Sullivan is hired by a wealthy man to get his daughter, Jane Greer, out of the Costa Rican jungle where she is being held captive by a powerful man who thinks she has access to important microfilm that he wants. What follows is an exciting, suspenseful, and romantic story.I really liked:The heroine Jane Greer--29 and divorced, she was no TSTL (To Stupid To Live) heroine. She was quite brave and gutsy at times but also vulnerable and likable. She was a heroine who actual [...]

    2. Grant Sullivan is an 'Original' Uber-Bad-Ass, dominating, possessive male!Jane (Priscilla) Greer is charming, witty, sassy, and brilliant. When the reader 'sees' things through her eyes, everything seems SO logical, but when it actually plays out maybe her choices may not have been the best in her situation.I absolutely LOVED this story!BackgroundGrant Sullivan is a retired agent hired by Hamilton Greer, a wealthy, connected socialite to rescue his daughter (Jane) from being held captive in Cost [...]

    3. Midnight Rainbow was originally published as a Silhouette Intimate Moments in the '80's and is about 250 pages. It is more exciting, more action-packed, more romantic and plain more fabulous than many a longer mass market paperback published nowadays. In fact it is one of my top 5 favorite Linda Howard books. If only she still wrote like this! The plot is simple enough - burnt out special ops hero must rescue spoiled socialite from villain's Costa Rican lair. There's a microfilm involved, which [...]

    4. I had read this years ago but wanted to revisit some of Howard's stories. Namely the Kell Sabin series, as I recall loving him to absolute pieces. This was a jungle setting, nonstop action from page one, and the hero is the alpha male that I never knew the name for way back before realizing there was a name for the type of hero I liked. I admit, this story feels a little dated. The technology they talk about would have been okay ten years ago, but sadly, it seems archaic now. The romance was gre [...]

    5. Hands down my favorite Linda Howard book and the only one that has earned a five star rating from me as of this date.For 90% of the book, it was a lighthearted, humorous, romantic suspense reminiscent of those popular 80s capers that would pit a prim,proper, cool, city girl with a hawt and dirty adventurer in some exotic locale. Think Romancing the Stone or Crocodile Dundee. I enjoyed the banter and tension between the characters, the setting of the Costa Rican jungle, and the fast pacing. But w [...]

    6. As they would say in Ireland "It was grand." I had higher hopes for it but they fizzled out about halfway through. I felt it read like another LH book but cannot seem to remember the name of it right now. The next in the series is available for preorder on kindle at $10.00. No thanks. Not sure how an author/publisher can justify issuing an OLD book on kindle and then charging that much for it. Will have to scour the second hand bookshops at some stage.Time disappeared as they stood in the wate [...]

    7. Plot? Who cares. There's the McGuffin aka microfiche that has to be smuggled out of Central America by heiress/natural born spy Jane who is rescued by ex-covert agent Grant Sullivan. Bad guys give chase while love blossoms. I jest. Fun, fun, fun. Tons of exciting action within a very short time period and off the charts sexiness.Midnight Rainbow is an excellent example of suspense novel. Strong silent-type hero, smart and ingenious heroine, explosive chemistry, and non-stop action. Correction, a [...]

    8. I enjoyed Midnight Rainbow. Grant Sullivan lived in the shadows too long, covert operation and more that he found himself losing his humanity, so a year ago he quit and bought a farm trying to heal but now he's back because someone made him an irresistible offer, if he rescues a woman, his mortgage will be wiped clean.The woman is Priscilla Jane, who is a hostage in Costa Rico. After observing her Grant thinks he has her pegged, she is rich, spoiled, pampered and woman who uses her feminine wile [...]

    9. Extremely fast insta-love aside, this was such a brilliant book! THIS is why I love Linda so much. She's just amazing.

    10. This is a very fun adventure/romance. Definitely a lighter offering by LH as far as angst goes. The hero only has one small episode of asshattery where he falsely accuses the heroine, but it doesn't last very long.This is basically a story of opposites attracting with some twists (the h isn't as opposite as most think at first glance). Re: Audio - I am not a fan of the choice this narrator made for the heroine's voice. It honestly took me quite a while to be able to tune out my annoyance and jus [...]

    11. 4.5 giddy stars for the book, and maybe 4 stars for Sweeney's narration.Her voice for the hero is great, but the heroine sounds both flakey and fake, high pitched. Whoot!! Linda Howard's romantic adventure is decades old, but it stands the test of time. Fabulous story! Lots of action and adventure in the rain forests and villages of Costa Rica. Fast-paced page turner. Plenty of tension. Logical, coherent plot. All the characters were credible, with slowly-steaming sizzle between Grant and Jane. [...]

    12. "Midnight Rainbow" is the story of Jane and Grant.When heiress Jane Greer is kidnapped and suspected of espionage, her father hires the famous government secret agent Grant Sullivan as the man to rescue her.Grant thinks of Jane as the airheaded man-eating bimbo, but within moments of meeting her- realizes how mistaken he was, something that is proven yet again by her resourcefulness throughout the journeyIt was a pleasant read. The couple survives in the wild, fighting against nature and initial [...]

    13. I wanted to buy the audiobook but the narrator Brenda Sweeney is terrible. There were many complaints on Audible about her and her breaths were annoying. My review of the paperback is below.Fun, good story. Warrior-type saves smart, feisty, troublesome heroine - danger, suspense and love.Setting is current day Central American jungle with former CIA-type agent. Sexual language: moderate. Number of sex scenes: eight or more. Copyright: 1986. Genre: romantic suspenseUTION SPOILER:When the two were [...]

    14. 4.5 starsMIDNIGHT RAINBOW is the first of four books by Linda Howard about the U.S. government's most effective agents. Grant Sullivan thought he had permanently retired to a farm in Tennessee when he got called back to save a woman in Costa Rica. Under the impression that she was a spoiled bimbo, he was going to say no until he found out there was more involved than a simple extraction. The security of the United States was at stake.Grant was an uber-alpha loner. Many who knew this former soldi [...]

    15. This is one of my favorite of Linda Howard's "oldies but goodies"! Linda Howard is perhaps best known for her MacKenzie series, but for my money, this series is her best.Here's the order to read them in:Midnight RainbowDiamond BayHeartbreakerWhite LiesMidnight Rainbow begins this awesome romantic suspense series as Grant Sullivan is hired to rescue Jane Greer from a compound deep in a South American jungle. I love a good jungle romance, and they don't get any better than this! With Linda Howard' [...]

    16. Just as lovely the second time around. Love this story. I am particularly fond of running through the jungle stories and this one is great. The alpha male all set to rescue the society princess but she is already in the process of rescuing herself. She's odd and quirky and smart but not hard and smart alecky. Moves fast, well written and well plotted. The hero and heroine spend almost the whole book on the page together. It had almost that old madcap comedy movie feel without being in anyway ove [...]

    17. Amazing 4.5 Stars. Another great book for the talented Linda Howard. The chemistry between Grant and Jane was one of the best I read. Definitely a favorite.

    18. Initially this story starts off with a bit of Pride and Prejudice, in that Grant Sulliavn, ex-military who’s specialty was jungle warfare, is prejudiced against Pricilla Jane Hamilton Greer from the facade of a spoiled selfish society girl she’s wrapped around her life. But Jane, is not who she portrays and she knows exactly what she’s doing- ie getting the hidden secret microfilm (microfilm- yeah that’s how old this book is) and getting the hell out of Costa Rica ASAP. If her pride keep [...]

    19. After a discussion on Twitter last week, I decided I need to re-read this again. It was just as satisfying this time around. Howard is definitely one of the few who can stand the test of time. It has been so long since I read this book I didn't remember most of the details. I enjoyed it, though of course I had to take the time period into account and give some leeway to the characters.Jane is such a different woman. She constantly surprises Grant, blowing his preconceived notions to hell again a [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book. It's a bit of a shorty, but the bulk of it takes place over only a few days, so it was just right. Great hero and I loved the heroine who was feisty and smart. Gotta love a heroine who says of an already in love but gun shy hero, "I'm going to chase that man like he's never been chased before." Love it!

    21. 3.5 stars.I like the H and h, why 3.5 stars then?The almost all jungle adventure story setting is really not my cup a tea

    22. **3.5 stars**This was one of those narrations that detracted from the book but wasn't so horrible that made me stop listening.The plot itself was goodrprisingly not as dated even though it was written in 1985, but then, they spent a lot of time in the jungle. Grant was one of those quietly tortured heroes and Jane was the type of person that finds joy in the most unexpected of situations. She wasn't ditzy per se, just a person who really thought differently - she would react to things in really [...]

    23. 4 stars.This is vintage Linda Howard romantic suspense. One of the reasons why Ms Howard used to be one of my must-buy authors. Her RS novels were fabulous, a pity I have been disappointed with her recent offerings.The tale maybe a bit dated now with its reference to the Vietnam war and public phone queues at the mall but packs enough action and romance to satisfy the reader. The only quibble I have with this audio version is the baby-girl voice given to Jane, our heroine. Just seems a bit too m [...]

    24. LH perfection. Growly, damaged, alpha-bad-ass. Feisty underestimated woman. Jungle. Action. At one point he was such a stubborn dumbass. Then it was all swooooooooon. Lurve.

    25. Unabridged audiobook.A dual review with Brenda over at AudioGals:Brenda: Oh we of little faith (in unknown narrators). What a wonderful surprise Dreamscape Media has brought audiobook lovers with the release of Linda Howard’s Midnight Rainbow!Here at AudioGals, all three Gals consider Linda Howard one of their favorite authors in print and audio. Midnight Rainbow, from 1986, has been wished for numerable times as an audiobook by both you and I, has it not Lea?Lea: Oh, yeah. We were missing fiv [...]

    26. This was my second book by Linda Howard. This book came out in 1986. The hero is nine years older than the heroine.This book is about Grant Sullivan, an ex- agent and Jane Hamilton Greer, a rich young woman, whose father took her out of his will. Jane hooks up with a bad man. Someone that's only with her, because she has something that he wants. A microfilm. The microfilm can bring him down.One night, Grant goes to the place where Jane was staying at to rescue her. He was in for a surprise. She [...]

    27. This is my first Linda Howard book and boy did it start out WOW. The first scenes really dragged me into the story and I hoped it would continue like that. Unfortunately, the internal dialogue picked up quite a bit around the middle part of this short (around 200 pages) story, but the ending was sweet. Overall it's a 3,5 stars for me.Grant is an ex secret agent who gets an assignment to rescue a society rich girl out from an south american kidnapping situation. He hates girls like that but slowl [...]

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