Only You

Only You After a terrible childhood Shane Morgan made something of himself someone any parents would be proud of except his own He vowed to be a better parent to his own kids A mistake with Liza Hall four y

  • Title: Only You
  • Author: Ancelli
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After a terrible childhood, Shane Morgan made something of himself, someone any parents would be proud of except his own He vowed to be a better parent to his own kids A mistake with Liza Hall, four years ago, gave him the biggest gift in life his son And then on Valentine s night, trying to please his son, he met the love of his life For the first time in his life ShaAfter a terrible childhood, Shane Morgan made something of himself, someone any parents would be proud of except his own He vowed to be a better parent to his own kids A mistake with Liza Hall, four years ago, gave him the biggest gift in life his son And then on Valentine s night, trying to please his son, he met the love of his life For the first time in his life Shane was finally happy, ready to take his relationship to the next step with Larissa until a knock on his front door Will this change everything he d hope for Valentine s day is supposed to be about love, hearts, flowers and candy, but for Larissa Edwards it was just another day Until she met a handsome stranger and his little boy in the restaurant after she was stood up That night everything changed for her Shane owned her body, heart and soul Can she handle the past when it comes knocking Can their love survive abuse, lies and secrets WARNING This book contains explicit sexual content FICTIONAL

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    • Only You By Ancelli
      183 Ancelli
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    About "Ancelli"

    1. Ancelli

      I married my best friend, the love of my life, we have two beautiful daughters, and I love serving my country On my spare time, I love scribbling and making my words come to life I love writing romance stories about couples that go through trials and come out stronger Love is never easy, but it s worth all the hard work I would like to hear your opinion whether good or bad, you can leave your comments at ancelli55 live or visit my Facebook page facebook pages InterraThank you,Ancelli

    550 thoughts on “Only You”

    1. 3% "Straight up, I bought this because of the polar reviews. There's absolutely no in-between at all! I mean, it's a trip to see reviewers who like everything be all NOPE and others who are 5 stars. Right now I already want to tell this girl to get her life. Who cares if you're the only black person in a restaurant. That's how a big chunk of my life is without trying, NO ONE CARES, HUN. Please get all of your life and with a quickness."8.0% "I get it now! This couple is completely psychotic.LO [...]

    2. No, no, no. Between the son who needs a speech therapist, the immature, bipolar 'ride or die' heroine, the 'trying so hard to be alpha, but is really just a complete jerk' hero and the totally unbelievable storyline of the mother abusing the kid, I'm going to have to pass. Life is wayyyy too short to read ridiculously BAD books.I don't even know how the heroine survived the first unbelievably rude encounter to entertain the idea of even dating the hero. He's a complete asshat to her but touches [...]

    3. I'm rating this a 2.5 and rounding it up to a 3.This is the story of Shane, a federal agent and single father no longer with his "baby mama", and Larissa, a single HR consultant who is a self proclaimed "bad ass". The two meet as Larissa is stood up at a restaurant on Valentine's Day and Sean is trying to get a meal for his son during his visitation day. Sean barges his way to a seat at her table and subsequently into her life.The story revolves around the crazy "baby mama" and her unwillingness [...]

    4. The WorstIt starts off stupid and only got stupider. It filled with so much useless drama that after awhile it stops making sense plus the lead characters are totally unlikable. I thought about getting a refund so I could but some Tylenol.

    5. I have read all the books by this author and have enjoyed them all.I would have liked to know what finally happened to Liza (Shane's ex) in the end.I really enjoyed Larissa because was a ride and die kinda of woman.

    6. OMG! What the what did I just read?! This book's tone was like a bad daytime soap with a lot of drama for no reason. I honestly also didn't get the chemistry between the two main characters. (view spoiler)[ a rude man invites himself and his son to your table and curses you out for being rightly put out and you melt because "you like different"?!ally?!.ally?!h(hide spoiler)] Also the whole abuse aspect was poorly integrated/executed in the story. I just felt like the author added in this aspect [...]

    7. Simply AmazingShane and LaRissa stole my heart from the first snippet in ARC until the last word in the book. Only You is a story about a man that felt unlovable and not deserving of good things since his childhood was an epically miserable situation. He met and fell in love on Valentine's Day when he saw and subsequently met LaRissa.LaRissa had a wonderful childhood and was in a good place. Her dinner date stood her up but being the string woman she is, she treated her self to dinner. As fate w [...]

    8. Ancelli hits another one out of the park. I had been waiting on this book for a while, as I had already fallen in love with Larissa, Shane, and Grayson months ago. This story is about finding love and overcoming whatever obstacles it takes for that love. There are of course some sad moments as we delve into abuse. I've said it before and I'll say it again.Ancelli is a master at twists and turns as you will discover because we get to reacquaint ourselves with some of my favorite past characters f [...]

    9. Another Ancelli MasterpieceGreat as always Ancelli I truly enjoyed reading Larissa and Shane's story, the good and the bad. Character Chemistry, as always with your stories, is on point. If you are familiar with Ancelli's work, you know what I'm talking about; however, if you're not, it's time to find out.I'm praying that there is a sequel because I'm dying to read more about John and Sophia, actually all of the characters. Thanks for continuing to share your talents.T

    10. Great book, It was great to finally get the entire story of Shane and Rissa. The surprise connection to another series was an awesome treat. I am now anticipating a follow up story to connecting book. Grayson melted my heart and I wanted to punch Liza in the face ever time she was mentioned. This story is a true definition of the quote Love Conquers All. Great job Ancelli

    11. I really enjoyed this book. I love how Shane was a no nonsense type of person and he was all about his woman and his son. I love how cocky he was at the beginning. And I especially love his prayer towards the end.

    12. A love worth fighting forLarissa and Shane met by design. Their love was meant to be. Grayson is such a beautiful child and Larissa loved him more than she thought possible. No child deserves to be abused and made to feel worthless. The love of family and friends makes the fall worth it.There was some serious ugliness and hateful actions and words. The good thing is it all worked out. Not a perfect happily ever after but the beginning of a lot of love and family expansion.Very well done.

    13. In Only You, author Ancelli, introduces us to Shane Morgan, a rough-around the edges, take no prisoners law enforcement office and his son Grayson. On Valentine's day they meet Larissa Edwards at a restaurant where she has been stood up and Shane invites himself and Grayson a set at her table. Thing start off rocky and first; however, by the end of the night Shane is calling it their first date and asking for her contact information.Fast forward one-year later Shane and Larissa are still going s [...]

    14. Loved this book. Loved everything about Shane. He comes from a traumatic childhood but doesn't play the blame game. Instead he preservers through hard work to ensure a positive future. But along the has attracted a crazy baby mamma. He handles that situation like an upstanding man, provides for his son without physical relations with the baby mama. He meets his perfect match on Valentine's Day, the same weekend his gets to spend time with his son. Shane and Larissa are each other's perfect match [...]

    15. In Only You we have another page turner and I enjoyed how Ancelli brought awareness to sensitive subjects such as child abuse, interracial dating, prejudice and that sometimes the mother is not always the best parent for the child.Larissa and Shane’s first meet was anything but smooth, from the very start you have ethnic differences, single father with known baby mama drama, Shane was arrogant, rude and complete with rough edges and Larissa was a confident, independent women that was able to s [...]

    16. Awesome!Shane and Larissa are your modern day Bonnie and Clyde, the romance version. These two ride hard for each other; they always have the other's back and will take no prisoners when it comes to protecting their love and family.Shane is an alpha to the core and Larissa is his perfect alpha queen. The love and sexiness oozes through your Kindle. The most prevalent theme in an Ancelli book is family and this book is no exception. Shane thinks Larissa and his son is all the family he needs but [...]

    17. Love it!I love this story of Larissa and Shane. From the very first meet, when Shane inserted himself and his cute son Grayson into Larissa's dinner, these two have been inseparable. Shane comes with baby mama drama in the form of Grayson's mother Liza. This woman takes nutcase to a whole nother level, she will do whatever it takes to break up Shane and Larissa. If you've read Barely Breathing, then you'll be very excited about Shane's revelation/secret when he reveals it. After an incident with [...]

    18. First impression is never always how a person turns out to be. What is a Fact is that Shane is an Alpha male and what you see is what you get. When he loves he loves hard and takes care of those he loves. Throw in a feisty confident woman that is LaRissa and an adorable child that is Grayson. This is a story about fighting for the ones that you love and coming home. I was so happy to see some of the faces from the past. This is Ancelli strength weaving the romance and societal issues without bei [...]

    19. A beautifully written love story with an exciting series of eventsI love this authors work she keeps it real! When you first start to read this story you think Shane is one arrogant sob, but as you get to know the character and see how he loves his son and Larissa you fall in love with him just like Larissa did and Grayson is such a sweetheart you can't help falling for him either. I hate reading about child abuse, but in this story it was portrayed with th e sensitivity it required, this book i [...]

    20. Tears by Denise AndersonWhat can I say through my tears of joy! Shane had a rotten childhood with abusive parents, Shane overcame all the negative issues of childhoodTo be an outstanding adult. Shane and Larissa met when her date did not show up on Valentine's day for dinner, his loss Shane gain. Their relationship goes through a lot which includes abuse, lies, secrets ,and the past. I really hoped we get a couple of extra novels about Shane new found family . Excellent novel Ms Ancelli

    21. Damn good bookThis is what every book should strive to be. Fantastic hero and heroine that did not attempt to change each other or bow to the many different types of angst that were presented to them. The hero was a true alpha in every sense of the word and the heroine was strong and actually continued to be strong throughout the entire story. I absolutely loved this book and will reread many, many times. Just a beautiful, sexy story.

    22. Only you is a fantastic IR story of Larissa and Shane. What do you do when the mother of your son is manipulative and vindictive? What do you do when all you want is love who you love without pressure? What do you do when you feel the hurt of your childhood trying to repeat itself through the life of your son? Well, this gut wrenching story has all this but a love few in a lifetime find. This is a page turner with a sister after my own heartGreat read

    23. Really enjoyed this book. It was realistic and touched on some difficult topics. I loved how the author addressed those topics and made you feel for what the characters were going through. Loved Shane and all his alphaness. He made not want to mess with him or his family. Loved Larissa as well.e was truly a ride and die kind of woman.

    24. From the moment when they met to their ending in happily ever after, Larissa, Shane and little Grayson have captured my heart. Author Ancelli knows how to set the fire and fan the flames. A great book that will have you laughing, smiling, testifying and wanting to fight. A must purchase and awesome read.

    25. Only You - loved itI read the snippets of this book when the author would tease us on Facebook. I was overjoyed when she published it. Loved, loved the story. I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a story of how love can survive between to people when there is evil trying to keep them apart.

    26. Yea I was feelin this. Although kind of fast-paced, it hit on some really big issues. The cycle of violence, child abuse, and racism. It showed the innocence of children, and the healing spirit of the human soul. I loved the family bond. To not know you have a huge family and support, and receive it in abundance is beautiful!!

    27. Good readjust like the other books you have wrote just GREAT,can't wait tell you write the follow-up the John and Sofia,we need to know. Shane and Larissa was make for each other.Liza the baby mother I wanted to beat her as!!!!!!!. Read this book

    28. Shane is a manly man. He is a man after my heart, rough around the edges. And who will sing 'neighbours know my name' lol. because he is that goodI really enjoyed this book, it is my second book from this author and sother far I have not been disappointed. Loved it

    29. I love this book!I love you work, with each book you get better and better!! I can't wait for your next book! If you have not read this book pick it up. You will not be disappointed.

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