For Promise Yet Unbroken

For Promise Yet Unbroken Jeremey has been an unrepentant troublemaker since the day he learned to walk with no intention of slowing down until the day tragedy struck Now a young man Jeremey seeks to make amends for his wild

  • Title: For Promise Yet Unbroken
  • Author: Tygati
  • ISBN: 9781620046784
  • Page: 445
  • Format: ebook
  • Jeremey has been an unrepentant troublemaker since the day he learned to walk, with no intention of slowing down until the day tragedy struck.Now a young man, Jeremey seeks to make amends for his wild youth and fulfill an unspoken promise he once made years ago to the people of Noman All he needs is a dragon and a chance to prove himself, which is easier said than done inJeremey has been an unrepentant troublemaker since the day he learned to walk, with no intention of slowing down until the day tragedy struck.Now a young man, Jeremey seeks to make amends for his wild youth and fulfill an unspoken promise he once made years ago to the people of Noman All he needs is a dragon and a chance to prove himself, which is easier said than done in the face of a crashed spaceship, hostile aliens, a deadly plague, and interstellar war.Still, if there s anyone up to the task, it s Jeremey Jasper, troublemaker extraordinaire.

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    1. Classic heroic journey from underestimate kid to dragon rider to galactic hero.Jeremy Jasper, recalcitrant teen, is biding his time until he can be more. Be seen again. He made a promise long ago, and when the time comes he'll keep that promise. Promise, a sapphire dragon that aligns with Jeremy. The other riders of Fair Valley are stunned, not happy, but Sheriff Sullivan puts up with it even when all the other dragons show deference to this upstart kid's mount.Things don't stay quiet for long. [...]

    2. 4.5After reading the first book, my only complaint was that I wished it was longer I got my wish in book 2!When he was young, Jeremy was always getting into trouble. Everyone in the town of Deadwood Gulch knew who he was and to keep an extra eye on the ornery kid.Now as an adult, and after losing his parents, Jeremy has promised to take care of the people in Noman. He gets himself a dragon he named Promise and does just that.I continue to love the western, sci-fi setting. Jeremy was like a cowbo [...]

    3. I read the first book in this series and fell in love with the author's blend of fantasy, western, and sci-fi all in one story. There were fierce dragons, the protective dragon riders, and gritty wild western living on a harsh, desert like planet where a bunch of earth colonists were left and ignored by the Federation. Couldn't get enough of it and I came back for more.This second book really needs to be read after the first short novella. This is the story of the young Jeremey the troublemaker [...]

    4. 4.25 starsWell -- I think I am adding Tygati to my future author-to-watch list. I really, REALLY, enjoyed this space cowboy adventure -- WITH DRAGONS! At first, I was a bit bummed because this novel was not a lengthier continuation of the first novella, In the Hours of Darkness, because I was expecting to read more about Charlie and his dragon, Zorevan. But Tygati erased that feeling immediately, only by the first few chapters.I was immediately drawn into Jeremey Jasper's life as he finally come [...]

    5. 4.5* Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.Jeremey Jasper had never met a person he didn’t want to prank; stolen pies, hidden items…nothing and no one was safe when Jeremey was feeling mischievous. An unforeseen and unexpected tragedy changes all of that, however, and the need to cause trouble is replaced with a need to protect; one he’ll make happen regardless of what anyone else says. When the war that no one knew was being fought suddenly breaks the everyday life on Noman, however, Jere [...]

    6. This book was a awesome addition to this series! This time you get Jeremy, he was the child who was a troublemaker in the first book of the series. In this book he is now a adult and a dragon rider. Well he has to Lasso a dragon which is harder then he thought it would be. Finally after countless times of trying a dragon comes to him and he names him Promise. I have to say how much I love this world the author built in these books. Also I really loved these characters Tygati created. You get to [...]

    7. I really love the setting of this series – a space western with alien dragons. It’s fun and intriguing and has space cowboys. Okay, so in terms of emotional depth this one really does skim across the top of things, and the action always feels light and fun rather than as dangerous as it probably should, but I don’t care, I thoroughly enjoyed it.Jeremey was a minor character in the first book of the series (the short In the Hours of Darkness), but it’s been several years since then and th [...]

    8. Full review available on All About Romance - likesbooks/cgi-bin/bookRevWelcome to Noman, a planet colonized by humans, settled as an Old West series of towns, and overrun with dragons. Yeah, I wasn't sure where the author was going with this either. But, as we've seen before, space cowboys are pretty interesting characters, and so I was willing to give it a go. I'm glad I did. Not only did I get my space cowboys, I got a coming-of-age story with shapeshifting dragons. And it actually made sense. [...]

    9. I will start by saying that I am a huge fan of this author, so my opinion is a bit bias. I would give this book at 3.5 stars out of 4. I hate spoilers, so you won’t get any here! If you were hoping that this second installment of the No Man Series was more in-line with the her earlier style of light hearted adventures, coming of age, and sweet budding romance from friendship, like her Beauty and the Beast; and Dragon Island series. -- Then I am happy to announce this is exactly what you are ho [...]

    10. I really enjoyed the first book of this series, In the Hours of Darkness - abandoned colony on a far-away hostile planet, people who learned to fend for themselves long ago with the help of dragon-like animals. Charlie, the sheriff of a small settlement, and his dragon, Zorevan, who can secretly shift into an almost-human I wished only for more.Well, I got "more" in this book, and now I wish I've never read it. It's not because of the main character of this book is not Charlie but Jeremey. In In [...]

    11. For Promise Yet Unbroken follows Jeremy, a character introduced as a child in the first book of this series. It isn't necessary to have read the first book to read this one, but it does add a closer look into Charlie's character that adds insight to the reading.I first picked up this book because I enthusiastically devoured everything Tygati has written since I discovered her work on Fictionpress years ago. After reading the summary, I was really excited. I didn't even read the summary of the fi [...]

    12. Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance I fell in love with No Man's land in about 11,000 words when I read In the Hours of Darkness. Tygati gave us dragons and shifters, a hostile environment and people just trying to live their lives. I knew Noman had more stories to tell. For full review see Prism Book Alliance® prismbookalliance/?p=4

    13. It's been a long time since I felt the joy of a new rider connecting with his dragon. Perhaps 15 years ago when I read Anne McCaffrey, I learned that feeling and loved it; Tygati's Noman series is the first time in years I've felt it again. Jeremy and Promise are a wonderful pair full of surprises and I eagerly await another installment in this dragon-riding world. I never thought I would go for so many genre crossovers (scifi, fantasy, western) but Tygati makes it work beautifully.

    14. 2016 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: For Promise Yet Unbroken by Tygati 1) This book was gorgeous, entertaining and threw enough twists and turns to keep me on my toes.2) A thoroughly satisfying, sweet, funny, exciting Western-Sci-Fi romp of a novel, with quiet undertones of coming-of-age, discovering who you are and finding your place. Lovely, and I for one will definitely look for more of this author to come.

    15. I adore this series and getting to see Jeremy all grown up with his own dragon was a great next step to this series. The groundwork for a third book was put in place, and I hope Tygati continues with this series. My only criticism was that even for an out-there sci-fi novel about shapeshifting dragons, the conflict with the enemy and its resolution seems a little too far-fetched and deus-ex-machina for me.

    16. From Magnolia Reviews: Five PetalsI absolutely recommend this book. It's well written and very engaging. I particularly loved the way the dragon society was structured. If a future book is ever published in this series I will absolutely purchase it. Read the full review on Maggie's website: magnoliareviews.weebly/rev

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