Tsura In WWII Romania Tsura a young Roma gypsy woman has no choice but to leave her lover Andrei behind and marry the grandson of the man whose basement she and Andrei have been hiding in An epic WWII

  • Title: Tsura
  • Author: Heather Anastasiu
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 396
  • Format: ebook
  • In WWII Romania, Tsura, a young Roma gypsy woman, has no choice but to leave her lover, Andrei, behind and marry the grandson of the man whose basement she and Andrei have been hiding in An epic WWII saga, for fans of The Bronze Horseman and Outlander It won t be a real marriage Tsura put her hands to Andrei s shirt and pulled him in close I ll never share a bed wIn WWII Romania, Tsura, a young Roma gypsy woman, has no choice but to leave her lover, Andrei, behind and marry the grandson of the man whose basement she and Andrei have been hiding in An epic WWII saga, for fans of The Bronze Horseman and Outlander It won t be a real marriage Tsura put her hands to Andrei s shirt and pulled him in close I ll never share a bed with him I love you I only do what I must to keep us all safe Once the war ends, it ll be as if it never was She caught his face in her hands I am only yours, Andrei Yes, you re only mine, Andrei bent over and growled in her ear When you put on that dress for him and walk down the aisle in that ugly goy church, he kissed her hard before putting a strong hand to the back of her neck, pulling her forehead to his, you think of me, here When you say your vows to that man, you remember that it s me who has owned your body tonight He again pressed his lips to hers It was a claiming.

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    1. Heather Anastasiu

      Heather Anastasiu grew up in Texas and recently moved to Minneapolis with her family When she s not busy getting lost exploring the new city, she spends most days writing at a caf or daydreaming about getting a new tattoo.

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    1. Review to come.Complimentary copy provided by Patchwork Press-Cooperative via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    2. I accepted a free copy of Tsura by Heather Anastasiu for review from the author because the central character is a Romani woman. Romani are what the gypsies call themselves. I've read a number of books about Romani history and a couple of anthropology studies about Romani in the United States. I've also read some Romani memoirs, and a great many novels dealing with Romani. So you might say I'm interested in the subject.I admit to being somewhat disappointed about the extent of Romani cultural co [...]

    3. This is a series review because I wasn't sure how I felt after finishing book one and I wanted to see what happened next before I wrote my review. Here are my thoughts: The author found her voice during the last 5% of book one and it carried through into book two. There is a shitload of drama in book two that I would have appreciated being stretched out more so I didn't feel as if my heart took a savage beating over and over again so rapidly. I wish the last 20% would have been more developed be [...]

    4. Looks can be deceiving. At first glance the novel's cover looks as if it's advertising paranormal romance, but upon reading it I was delighted to learn that it was indeed a WWII historical romance and the woman on the cover is the gypsy, Tsura. Forced into hiding, Tsura seeks refuge with an elderly couple and a young Jewish man who she falls madly in love with. One evening she is caught by two Nazis outside her hiding place and she is sure the end is near for a gypsy like her. Luckily one of the [...]

    5. The best accolade I can give this story is to say that when I finished reading the book, I immediately bought the sequel. “Tsura” is a captivating tale about a spirited Roma young woman’s struggle for survival and to do what she can to help the Romanian resistance to the Nazi regime. It vividly evokes Second World War Romania, a lesser known arena of the world conflict, with a fast-paced plot and convincing dialogue.The complex character of the protagonist, Tsura, is one of the novel’s g [...]

    6. This book was a very powerful and  historical read. It follows Tsura a young woman who has lost her family and is forced into a marriage because of her status. It is either hide in plain site and be married to the man she was rescued and hid by or be sent to a camp. It follows her life of pain and suffering and tells a wonderful yet sad story.   This book had a lot of history. I love reading about history. This book gave me a great story along with the history of World War 2.   I found it t [...]

    7. IT'S LIVE NOW! Just $0.99 for a limited time or FREE with Kindle Unlimited!!!I hope you enjoy the ride :)

    8. This is definitely an emotional ride. Tsura is such a passionate, heart-on-sleeve, and vibrant personality that the reader can’t help but be drawn into her journey. We feel her every soar of passion and romance, all her betrayals, her sorrows, and her struggle to survive. It’s an out-of-control train ride all the way up to the end, ratcheting up the emotional tension with each turn of the page.At first, I wasn’t that impressed with Tsura. The actions she took in the beginning of the novel [...]

    9. One of the things I like about being a writer myself is that I am exposed, through my craft and my network, to other genres, styles, and frames of reference that force me to leave my usual comfort zone - both as a reader and a writer.Tsura is a book that I would probably not pick from the shelve based on the cover or the synopsis. As a sci-fi and horror fan and erotica writer, WW2 romance was never high on my reading list.But sometimes, you take a chance and give a chance, and I'm glad I did. Ts [...]

    10. I enjoyed this. The strong storyline combined romance with a very plausible picture of life in Romania in 1943. Tsura, an engaging and realistic character, tries to survive and wants to be with the man she loves, but has to accept some huge compromises. Some aspects of the story were rather intriguing. I’d never thought about life on the "home front" within Eastern Europe or one of Germany's allies, nor how it might be to have to get along with Nazis and their sympathisers, or that you might a [...]

    11. I haven't really delved into the world of historical romance too much, but after reading this novel I truly believe it's opened up an entire new sub genre to me. I highly recommend.

    12. A strong quick, read - pulls you in and won't let go@ I need the next one, like, NOW. And it's on KU, the only way I try new authors, sweet find.

    13. World War II is devastating Romania, and the Jews and Roma are being targeted for extermination by the government, allied with the Nazis. Tsura, a young gypsy girl, finds herself forced to accept marriage to Mihai, a Nazi collaborator, in order to save her family, and her lover, Andrei, a Jew. As the war rages, and Tsura adapts to her sham marriage, she learns that Mihai has been leading a secret life in an effort to atone for his father’s sins.Tsura by Heather Anastasiu is a tale of war and l [...]

    14. I very rarely feel the need to get the sequel to a book, but this is one of those occasions. As soon as I turned the last page I went to to grab 'House of stone', which I will be starting after writing this review.First of all, I found it amazing how natuarally the author managed to capture the Romanian 'ways' without even living there (though her name does indicate a Romanian descent). Second, I loved how she managed to seamlessly stitch together the characters and the flow of the story.The en [...]

    15. I couldn't put this book down. The characters are well drawn and it addresses a little known aspect of the war (The Roma people, Romania). I fell in love with Mihai; such a strong, admirable character, and Tsura, the protagonist, was likable and sympathetic. Great plot twists and the slow, careful discovery of Tsura's feelings towards Mihai and vice versa was very well done. Can't wait to read book 2!!

    16. Glad it was free or I'd have sent it back for a refund.First sentence: "Do not live life looking ahead or behind you like the gagii do," I could only find the following for the meaning of 'gagii' and the author offers no explanation:syll. ga-gii, gag-ii ] The baby boy name Gagii is pronounced as GAEJHIY- †. Gagii's origin is Native American. Gagii is a derivative of the name Gaagii.I don't think that's quite what the writer meant; bad form of her not to give readers an explanation. I don't min [...]

    17. TsuraLet me first preface by saying , I am not a fan of historical romance. I love romance. I love erotica. But usually I only read the ones written based on recent times. However, I took a chance on Tsura and i'm actually really glad that I did. Something about it just appealed to me. Tsura is a tale so powerfully emotional! You will feel love and passion but you will also feel anxiety and fear. The author does an astounding job of placing her reader so squarely in the scene as the story unfold [...]

    18. Fine blend of history and romanceI was asked to read this novel and write an honest review. I downloaded it via Kindle Unlimited. Romance novels are not normally on my reading list, but this book promised more. It promised and it delivered. In addition to being a twist on the star crossed lovers premise, the book is a fine WW2 historical novel. The plight of Romanian Jews and Gypsies (Roma) is brought home to the reader with realism and historical accuracy. Romanian politics, relations with Hitl [...]

    19. There's not much historical fiction about Romania during WW2. Everyone knows that the Jews are arrested and killed by the Nazis, but it's not commonly understood that gypsies were also decimated.Anastasiu's story follows the Roma(=gypsy) girl, Tsura, whose marriage of convenience to gagii (=non-Roma) Mihai provides the cover she needs. Proximity, and a few other plot twists, propels their relationship from platonic to marital. But danger lurks and looms. Evil men exist. I enjoyed learning more a [...]

    20. I can't say what exactly captivated me so much about Tsura, but captivate me it did. Tsura is a young Roma (gypsy) girl hiding in the basement of an elderly gentleman's home in Romania during the second World War. Due to a couple of questionable decisions, she finds herself in a situation where she must marry the grandson of the man that is harboring her and a few others. If she doesn't do this, she risks the other refugees and the life of the man that has been helping her. She goes through with [...]

    21. Neither the cover nor the blurb do this novel justice. I bought this as an e-book impulse buy that I intended to casually dip in and out of; I then consequently demolished it in a matter of hours, stopping only to delve into online historical articles about a part of WW2 history that I had never really explored myself.I found Tsura incredibly entertaining, both as a result of the characters and the relationships between them all and from a historical point of view. The author notes at the end th [...]

    22. This is a different take on WWII, a romance set in Romania - so much more than just a romance.The writing is atmospheric, there is the sense of danger all around the characters, the added mystery of Tsura whose background is Roma, people’s suffering, different ways of thinking, unlikely friendships formed, tragedy, human suffering all combine to make this book so different. I felt Tsura was a little bit immature, perhaps a bit selfish but maybe that is just self-preservation in the times she i [...]

    23. Tsura is a gripping story about love during war time. The same intensity that prevailed during WWII is clearly felt in the way the author presents the plight of the Romanian Jews during the German invasion. The author kept up the pace in this fast moving story which unrequited love was even more poignant when you had to live in daily fear that every day might be your last. This was even more so for Tsura, Mihai, Andrea and then Luca. I was not able to connect with Tsura. I found her hard and sel [...]

    24. 3.5 stars, so I rounded up. Honestly, I almost didn't read past the first couple of chapters. I seriously disliked Andrei, and felt icky for Tsura. I am glad I continued the book though even though it was heart-wrenching. I've never read a novel concerning WWII Romania, so that was interesting to me. In the end I'm not sure how much I really like Tsura, even though the author gives plenty of credibility to why she behaves the way she does. But, I really like Mihai. It does end unresolved, so I w [...]

    25. I absolutely loved this book. My only problem was that is has a Book two which is considerably more expensive than I usually spend on a Kindle book. It is a holocaust, WWII story which takes place in Romania, which is different from most of the others. It revolves around Tsura, a gypsy girl, her lover, Andrei, A Jewish boy in hiding, and is forced by circumstances to save her life by marrying her brother's best friend Mihai, a Romanian Orthodox Christian. She promises it will be a marriage in na [...]

    26. This book was definitely a pleasant surprise. It was a free ebook from Barnes and Noble and it has become one of my top favorite books of all time! It's a nice twist on the traditional holocaust book and the romance is absolutely captivating. This book is very well written and it makes you want to turn to the next page as quickly as possible. At the end of the book, naturally, I got tremendously upset having finished before I was mentally prepared to stop reading. That was until I found out ther [...]

    27. *RC provided via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!*Simply unputdownable!A beautiful and emotional story that yet again demonstrates that love is never what or who you expect.Read my review on The Book Voucher!

    28. So goodBeautiful. Tragic. Raw. Lovely. As a recovering Paranormal Romance junkie, I'm discovering that historical fiction and human heroines and heroes can be just as magical. Tsura and Mihai are the makings of an epic love story. I love them. I can't wait to read "House of Stone"!!!!!!

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