After the Woods

After the Woods Statistically speaking girls like me don t come back when guys like Donald Jessup take us Julia knows she beat the odds She escaped the kidnapper who hunted her in the woods for two terrifying nights

  • Title: After the Woods
  • Author: KimSavage
  • ISBN: 9780374300562
  • Page: 491
  • Format: ebook
  • Statistically speaking, girls like me don t come back when guys like Donald Jessup take us Julia knows she beat the odds She escaped the kidnapper who hunted her in the woods for two terrifying nights that she can t fully remember Now it s one year later, and a dead girl turns up in those same woods The terrible memories resurface, leaving Julia in a stupor at awkwar Statistically speaking, girls like me don t come back when guys like Donald Jessup take us Julia knows she beat the odds She escaped the kidnapper who hunted her in the woods for two terrifying nights that she can t fully remember Now it s one year later, and a dead girl turns up in those same woods The terrible memories resurface, leaving Julia in a stupor at awkward moments in front of gorgeous Kellan MacDougall, for example.At least Julia s not alone Her best friend, Liv, was in the woods, too When Julia got caught, Liv ran away Is Liv s guilt over leaving Julia the reason she s starving herself Is hooking up with Shane Cuthbert, an addict with an explosive temper, Liv s way of punishing herself for not having Julia s back As the devastating truth about Liv becomes clear, Julia realizes the one person she thinks she knows best Liv is the person she knows least of all And that after the woods was just the beginning.

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      KIM SAVAGE is the author of three critically acclaimed young adult novels, After the Woods, Beautiful Broken Girls named by Kirkus as one of the 10 Best YA of 2017 , and In Her Skin releasing March 27, 2018 , all with Farrar, Straus, Giroux Macmillan Her novels have been published in Spain, Brazil, and Turkey, and have been optioned for TV Kim presents at conferences and book festivals nationwide has been featured on NPR, Herald Radio, and on local cable stations and she reads from her novels at bookstores across the country A former reporter with a Master degree in Journalism from Northeastern University, Kim s stories are based in and around Boston She lives with her family near Boston, not far from the real Middlesex Fells Reservation of After the Woods Kim and her husband have three children, each of whom beg to appear in her books They shouldn t You can follow Kim on Insta kimsavagewrites and Twitter khsavage , and visit her at kimsavage Please send letters care of FSG at Farrar, Straus and Giroux18 West 18th StreetNew York, NY 10011To request an interview or an appearance at an event, please e mail her publicist Morgan Dubin at Morgan.Dubin macmillan.For all other inquiries, please contact Kim s literary agent, Sara Crowe, scrowe pippinproperties

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    1. I become very still, trying to make myself shapeless so he’ll forget I am a GIRL, because that feels the most dangerous of all.4 1/2 stars. After the Woods is a really strong debut. It's a taut, psychological thriller that is more about intricate relationships and family secrets than it is a "whodunnit?" The premise of "two girls go into a wood" sounds all too familiar, and yet this book pulls away from the rest of the pile, standing out as one of the best YA thrillers I've ever read. Mostly b [...]

    2. Those that frequent at my blog or read my reviews on have probably noticed that YA contemporary is my jam! But while I read a lot of contemporary, the books I pick out usually tend to be more of a romantic nature or coming-of-age stories rather than mysteries and thrillers. I think in fact that this was only the second YA mystery/thriller I've read during 2015. If all YA mysteries/thrillers I've read before would have left me feeling like this, mysteries and thrillers would be the only thing I [...]

    3. I read about half of this and wasn't enjoying it so I just skipped and read the last chapter to know what happened.

    4. Honestly? I didn't really *get* this one. Which could be totally on me since half my GR feed adores it, buuut I do feel the writing was choppy and the ending was hella confusing. I ended up scouring my GR page for someone to discuss it in spoiler tags BUT NOBODY DID??? PEOPLE. SPOILER TAGS ARE HERE SO WE CAN DISCUSS ENDINGS. I NEEDED YOU AND YOU LEFT ME IN THE SNOWKES:• Julia! I loved her voice and attitude and she was an A+ protagonist!• the creepy deadly woods setting is always a lot of fu [...]

    5. MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading ListWhen they found me alive AFTER NEARLYTWO DAYS, the reporters called it A MIRACLE.Julia and Liv go into the woods for a jog one evening. But it didn't turn out as they had planned. They get attacked by a man, he has Liv penned and Julia takes it upon herself to try to help her friend. She gets hurt in the process and her friend runs away.Not everything is as it seems in this book. I thought the mystery was very good, I couldn't put the book down until I knew [...]

    6. angelerin/2016/03I've been dying to get my hands on this baby since I first saw it pop up on . From page one of After the Woods I was really invested in the story. It's such a compelling book and the whole time I was desperate to know what actually happened in the woods. Let me just say that while I loved the book, I didn't like anyone in the book. This isn't a book where you love the characters, this is a book where you get swept up into the story and the mystery. You are not required to like t [...]

    7. Initial reaction: I might be the minority opinion on this one, but despite an interesting protagonist and beginning with intriguing details, the presentation of this mystery was severely disorganized and lacking for what it was trying to do. It took tangents that didn't really gel with the overarching story, and somehow I felt all the characters save for Julia were stereotypes. I feel like the ending was obvious and forced. Full review: Hoo-boy. :( I'm kind of struggling in the aftermath of read [...]

    8. 3.5 StarsThis must be the year for thrillers and mystery in the young adult genre and I couldn't be happier for it.Savage's foray into the genre was a hit with her fast paced thriller that will keep you on edge and turning the pages.Julia has just about everything a good heroine in these type of reads should have. Strong, fierce, loyal, and one heck of a witty sarcastic attitude that is hard not to love, oh yeah, she's also a fighter. Not in the kick butt sense but in the do whatever she has to [...]

    9. Mind BOGGLED.I sit here reviewing this storyline and the poor editing and I'm simply blown away at the high reviews.This poor author was never given guidance, and while it had potential to be good, no one said to her "get your shit together, tighten it up."This book was a mess. Storyline was all over the place. It was as though the author wanted to hit all the boxes in her book. Mystery, check. Betrayal, check. Suspense, check. Romance, check. Abuse, check. But here's the thing, they were thrown [...]

    10. Sadly, this was one of those books that I felt completely disconnected from.I don't know what it is that hooks a reader. Maybe it's how well they can relate to the characters or if the plot captures their attention and manages to blow any other thought from their mind. Maybe a person liking a book merely depends on their mood at the time of them reading it. After the Woods never had me interested in what was going to happen next - which is funny, considering it's a mystery novel.The plot opens w [...]

    11. Imagine beginning a walk in a fog-enshrouded November forest at dusk. As the light fails you, you walk deeper and deeper in, picking your way along as branches tug at your sleeves and roots seem to reach up to trip you. It's quiet in the way of places with no memory; where people go in and sometimes never come out. But you press on because it's beautiful and because your desire to see what lies around the next bend overcomes the dread lurking at your mind's margins. That's pretty much what readi [...]

    12. Almost one year ago, Julia spent two days in the woods, fleeing from a man who first attacked her best friend, Liv, and then held Julia hostage after she broke her ankle saving Liv. As the anniversary of “the Shiverton Abduction” approaches, Julia struggles with PTSD, lost memories, and another mystery -- why is Liv acting so weird?I read this book mainly because it’s set in a state park located less than a kilometer from my house. A park I’ve spent a lot of time in, and hiked every trai [...]

    13. I received an arc of this book in return for a fair review.This. Book. Was great.I mean, I would have picked it up for the gorgeous cover alone, but even if it had no cover, I would have been intrigued. A year ago Julia was kidnapped by a man she and her friend literally ran into while jogging in the woods. Julia saved her friend Liv, who ran away, leaving Julia alone to face her abductor. But Julia was a survivor and escaped.The people around Julia want her to get her life back on track. Liv wa [...]

    14. I read an early version of this book as a member of the Freshman Fifteens. After the Woods is about a pair of best friends who go into the woods one day . . . and only one comes out. The story is a psychological thriller exploring the relationship of these two girls--the one who was originally targeted and the one who sacrificed herself to save her friend. As the narrative unfolds, the reader sees the consequences both girls face because of that day while simultaneously divulging pieces of what [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book. The first half is especially good. I really liked the main character, although she tried her best to be unlikable. I predicted the resolution fairly early on, but it's not often that a thriller shocks me. I also have really low expectations for YA thrillers, so this left me pleasantly surprised. While it was a very enjoyable reading experience, you might notice I only rated this 3-stars. This was a for a few reasons: 1. The romance was COMPLETELY unnecessary. If it ha [...]

    16. This was interesting. The first half of this I was really enjoying because it just wasn't what I was expecting at all. The trope of two girls go into the woods and only one comes out is very common so when it went in a different direction I was intrigued and excited.ThenI read the last 50%. I'm not quite sure what happened. The story was all over the place for me. I lost the connection to the main character because by the half way point I feel like the characters still weren't fleshed out enough [...]

    17. Do you like your psychological thrillers dark? Compelling? Complicated? Then read the first harrowing scene in After the Woods and try to put it down. (spoiler alert: you won’t be able to). Savage’s debut tells a tale of the warped lengths a person will go to in order to discover (or hide) their true self. Her characters are haunted and hunted, and she’ll keep you guessing about the real enemy right up until the end. AFTER THE WOODS is only the beginning of a journey that will take you to [...]

    18. It is not often that I pick up a book and read it without setting it down. After the Woods is an incredibly fast-paced book that really surprises and keeps the reader guessing. It is definitely not a horror novel, for those who are hesitant to give it a go. There is also a super heroic (literally) and brave main character that the reader will just fall in love with, making After the Woods an enjoyable and thrilling read.After the Woods is so fast-paced and genuinely unpredictable! The reader is [...]

    19. This review was originally posted on Young Adult At HeartSUMMARYA year ago, Julia Spunk sacrificed herself to save her best friend from a paroled predator in the woods. Now a girl’s body has been found, and Julia’s new therapist is upending memories she’d suppressed of her terrifying 48 hour ordeal. But Julia’s more interested in the downward spiral her BFF Liv has gotten herself into, dating an abusive boy and starving herself. How is it all linked?PLOTSo the basic plot, without giving [...]

    20. I'm not entirely sure what to think about this one. I loved Julia. She's an awesome MC and I loved being in her head. I loved the way she spouted statistics and how she worked to find the truth of what happened and why. The setting was quite creepy and the woods being used in the way they were was quite effective. There were also some great secondary characters who felt like they weren't really fleshed out. That was also a great way at showing how Julia was a bit ostracized. My main complaint is [...]

    21. At first I wasn't sure about this one, but I ended up really enjoying it. Not the typical "girl in peril" book, this is the story of the aftermath of a girl's trauma and deals with PTSD, friendship, and family issues. Julia's narration had a snarky dry humor that reminded me of Libby Day in Dark Places.Even though I'm usually skeptical of the inclusion of romance in books like this, there was one and it worked for me.Full review to come.Read more of my reviews on YA Romantics or follow me on Blo [...]

    22. yourhappinesslifeRealmente es una historia que engancha, el misterio de qué ocurrió realmente y el porqué, es adictivo.

    23. I thought this was damn good, and I might actually end up bumping it up to a five. Great voice, compelling story, really solid debut. Review to come.

    24. Ha sido un libro raro en todos los aspectos, pero me ha gustado mucho. Aunque no he entendido algunas cosas. RESEÑA//DESPUÉS DEL BOSQUE, la última novedad de la editorial Hidra, es una historia que tenía muchas ganas de leer, pese a no saber mucho sobre ella. Tratándose de un thriller psicológico, sabía que tenía que leerla, porque las historias de este género me llaman poderosamente la atención, porque contienen mucha intriga y suspense, por lo que se convierten en novelas que se leen [...]

    25. Being kidnapped has always been my phobia. For example, when I was 5 y.o. I ran away screaming from my neighbour. The old kind lady just offered me a candy, and I thought that she was going to kidnap me, because my mom told me not to talk to strangers. So this woman was confused and I was terrified lol. At the same time, I find books about it oddlyfascinating? So when I had came across this one and read a blurb, I decided to read the book immediately.The book is about two girls, Julia and Liv, w [...]

    26. So I agree with others when they said they consumed this book in one sitting. Along a lovely beach today, I laid in the sun and completely devoured this story. The first half was just amazing. The writing really drew me in, the character was funny and sarcastic and she'd been through such a major trauma that it was fascinating to see who she was on the other side of it.Adding in the drama of Liv and the reporters and police issues and this was really working up to be an amazing thriller.buten it [...]

    27. Definitey enjoyed this book, if not I wouldn't have stayed up waaay to late and read over 150 pages not noticing the time flying. Now that I've finished the book I realize I should have been asleep like 4 hours ago. But I'm sure my fellow bookworms can relate. Some books are hard to put down!Anyways, this is a book I have to think about before I can properly rate and review it. I need to gather my thoughts after some sleep. Review coming up!

    28. Hoo boy, this book is one wild, atmospheric, voice-y ride. I loved Julia from page one, with all her grit, vulnerability, and drive. I loved Savage's language, all at once lyrical and teen and perfectly dramatic. This is one for thriller-lovers!

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