Murder Under the Bridge: A Palestine Mystery

Murder Under the Bridge A Palestine Mystery When Rania the only female Palestinian police detective in the northern West Bank as well as a young mother in a rural community where many believe women should not have such a dangerous career disco

  • Title: Murder Under the Bridge: A Palestine Mystery
  • Author: Kate Raphael
  • ISBN: 9781631529603
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Rania the only female Palestinian police detective in the northern West Bank, as well as a young mother in a rural community where many believe women should not have such a dangerous career discovers the body of a foreign woman on the edge of her village, no one seems to want her to look too deeply into what s happened But she finds an ally in Chloe a gay, Jewish AmeWhen Rania the only female Palestinian police detective in the northern West Bank, as well as a young mother in a rural community where many believe women should not have such a dangerous career discovers the body of a foreign woman on the edge of her village, no one seems to want her to look too deeply into what s happened But she finds an ally in Chloe a gay, Jewish American peace worker with a camera and a big attitude and together, with the help of an annoying Israeli policeman, they work to solve the murder As they do, secrets about war crimes and Israel s thriving sex trafficking trade begin to surface and Rania finds everything she holds dear in jeopardy Fast paced and intricately plotted, Murder Under The Bridge offers mystery lovers an intimate view of one of the most fraught political conflicts on the planet.

    • Murder Under the Bridge: A Palestine Mystery by Kate Raphael
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    About "Kate Raphael"

    1. Kate Raphael

      Kate Raphael is a San Francisco Bay Area writer, feminist and queer activist, radio journalist and law firm clerical worker She got her BA at Oberlin and an MA in political science at UC Berkeley She lived in Palestine for eighteen months as a member of the International Women s Peace Service, documenting human rights abuses and accompanying Palestinians as they attempted to live normal lives under occupation At the end of her time in Palestine, she was imprisoned for over a month by the Israeli authorities and eventually deported In 2011, she won a residency at Hedgebrook She produces the weekly radio show, Women s Magazine, on KPFA Pacifica, which is heard throughout Northern and Central California Her writing from Palestine has been included in the anthology Peace Under Fire Verso , Reclaiming Quarterly and Left Turn.She lives in Oakland, California, where she organizes direct action and educational campaigns for social and economic justice, queer liberation, opposing militarism and Palestine solidarity She was a founding member of Act Against Torture, opposing US human rights abuses and indefinite detention She is featured in the film Shutdown The Rise and Fall of Direct Action to Stop the War.

    322 thoughts on “Murder Under the Bridge: A Palestine Mystery”

    1. A contemporary mystery that takes place in the West Bank, featuring a Muslim Palestinian police woman, Rania, who must partner up with a Jewish Israeli policeman, Benny. Despite their cultural, religious, and political differences, Rania and Benny must work together in order to find out who killed a foreign woman. Intriguing, right? Different? In a world of strong female policewomen that seem to be trending in mystery fiction, Rania carries a lot of similarities. She is a working mom that is goo [...]

    2. Through her Rania, Raphael was able to draw me into her world and to follow each step bit by bit and wonder like her about what was going on, who had done what and why. The kind of crime/mystery I like to follow where I as a reader can build by own theories and then enjoy having them proven right or wrong by the author, all in a setting of personal and political conflict.I liked reading this and am looking forward to reading the next in the series. I would not say that it is an easy read because [...]

    3. I was hooked from the moment Rania, the Palestinian police detective and protagonist of Murder Under the Bridge, finds the body of a young, foreign woman under a highway bridge outside the West Bank village of Azzawiya. The first novel of the Palestine Mystery series is a page-turner.The author’s portrayal of Palestinian life under Israeli occupation opens a window onto a world that most readers wouldn’t otherwise see through the lens of news and op-eds from and about this part of the world. [...]

    4. Now that I have read the first book in this series. The second book "Murder under the fig tree" makes more sense.The story was good but the mystery is just a mystery. What I did find very interesting was learning more about the issues in the West Bank between the Palestinians and the Israelis. How internal politics are always at play as well as the politics between the two Which all related via the well developed characters old and new and the story itself. Just like "Murder under the fig tree"

    5. Hmmmm it is a poorly written mystery and I wonder it was not set in Palestine whether it would have been published at all. I think a good editor could have upped the pacing which was woeful and made the characters less cardboard and stereotypical but I think this is unsubtle polemic masquerading as a thriller. It also fails on that front because the characters are too black and white generally and the Israeli's are so one dimensional. There is much wrong with Israel's actions and attitudes towar [...]

    6. This was a painful read for me. It is not that I support Israel's treatment of the Palestinians but this was so blatantly one-sided that I don't think it helps the cause. The author certainly does a great job of portraying the anger and hate towards the Israelis. A better read for me was the nonfiction book The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan. That gave a much more nuanced picture of this very complex sad situation.

    7. Bigoted, hateful book that is both disrespectful to Palestinians (turning them into stereotypes of children) and viciously hateful towards Israelis. Israelis are shown to be "arrogant" and the main character of Chloe is shocked that any Israeli "would show courage." Also, a really poor mystery.

    8. Riveting and thoughtful this book explores complex relationships between women, their communities (inside and out), and hunger for truth and justice. Also, it is an unusual portrait of life under Israeli occupation. A must read by a brilliant contemporary thinker.

    9. 3.5 *This novel features two strong female characters. Rania is a Muslim Palestinian police officer, working and living in the West Bank area. She is married, and her husband is mostly supportive of her work, though he dislikes how often her job takes her away from him and their young son. Rania’s family is for the most part only a minor part of this story.Chloe is a lesbian Jewish American, who comes to the West Bank in order to actively support the Palestinian cause. Her romantic involvement [...]

    10. This began, i thought, ploddingly, bouncing back and forth between our protagonistas Rania (a Palestinian policewoman) and Chloe (a Jewish American woman trying to do the just thing in Palestine). The episodes seemed repetitive. Chloe goes out, pisses off Top Killer, escapes. Rania goes to work, does exceptional work, gets shafted, keeps trying, heroically. Yada yada. But i realize in retrospect, some of that was to put in motion, the ongoing and almost insane levels of harassment that the cruel [...]

    11. This book offended me to the point that if I bought it i would have burned it. Somewhere in among the non-stop polemic against Israel there was a story with an appealing protagonist. A palestinian policewoman, Rania, working in a male environment in a very male culture. but the author is so consumed with hatred that other characters were ludicrous. She could have written an interesting story illuminating the very real problems but she didn't. This is a missed opportunity.

    12. While the setting of this mystery novel is both interesting and convincing, the characters were less so and the plot was rather slow.

    13. I thought about deducting a star as the writer labours the pro-Palestinian/all Israelis are bad angle a bit too much, but the plot was really interesting and the setting fascinating so it still got 5 stars from me.

    14. Loved this book!In “Murder Under the Bridge” Kate Jessica Raphael paints an illuminating picture of daily life in the West Bank of Palestine, ranging from checkpoints, home demolitions, and settler violence to ordinary family life in Palestinian Arab culture. And she does it all in the context of a page-turner who-done-it style mystery novel! I was engaged from page one! Not only is the story engrossing, but Rafael’s characters are captivating and illuminate the wide variety of people that [...]

    15. This book gripped me from the start. I finished it in 2 days, even though I was supposed to be doing a lot of other things.There were lots of great plot twists involving the intersecting lives of several really strong characters, especially Rania, Chloe, Tania, and Malkah. The complicated relationships between various police and military units and the families of different characters fadded to the excitement and mystery. This aspect of the book also gave me more insight into the "stickiness" of [...]

    16. Murder Under the Bridge reminded me of Laurie King’s Oh Palestine in that it taught me about the intricacies of a community and culture of which I’m unfamiliar and it did so through the vehicle of a fascinating mystery which pulled me through the pages to its exciting conclusion. In this book, Kate brings to life a world you only read or hear about in the news. Murder Under the Bridge goes beneath the headlines and explores the world of Palestine, specifically a Palestinian police woman and [...]

    17. Just finished this book and it wasn't easy. From the standpoint of becoming educated about the culture and current civil and political situation in the middle east, if some of the background and story line in the book is true, it was quite an eye opener for me.Following the story from a mystery reader's standpoint, on the other hand, was very difficult and frustrating at times. There are many foreign names and locations and I as the reader found myself constantly checking back with the glossary [...]

    18. Rania, a Palestinian police detective has found the body of a young woman in an olive grove near her town. She becomes involved with this murder case and wants to know who did this to such a beautiful young girl. High officials of the Israeli military are implicated in this mystery. Rania's ally in all this is Chloe, a Jewish-American with a camera and an attitude that can sometimes get her into a barrel of trouble. How can these two women find a killer?This books takes a look at the lives of wo [...]

    19. Excellent mystery, and even better for presenting Palestinian viewpoint on Israeli occupation. Written by a Jewish woman from San Francisco.

    20. It’s generally a good thing to question one’s own biases when selecting a reading, even in fiction. Having previously admired several nuanced murder-political whodunits by Matt Benyon Rees featuring the intellectually honest UNESCO teacher, Omar Youssef, I had been looking forward to a comparably worthy effort featuring a female Palestinian detective from the very interesting She Writes Press (shewritespress). While Murder under the Bridge by Kate Jessica Raphael offers a complex plot involv [...]

    21. Murder under the Bridge is a highly entertaining, suspenseful read. I loved the two women protagonists who work together to solve this mystery. Raphael does a fabulous job in creating real, sympathetic women from two very different backgrounds and cultures. I have to admit that I actually learned a lot about the Israeli/Palestinian situation in reading this book, though Raphael does not burden the reader with political backstory or fact dumping. Instead, with very literate prose and realistic di [...]

    22. I love mystery books and downloaded this one because I've never read a novel about a Palestinian policewoman and it did prove to be an eye opener. The author has an intimate knowledge of Palestine under Israeli occupation and in this book we are able to get a picture of daily life for the occupied. There is a good mystery in this book and it does use some Arabic and Hebrew snippets which are immediately translated. Through Rania’s eyes and thoughts we learn a good deal about the geography of o [...]

    23. "Murder Under the Bridge," by Kate Raphael, is a fine book. Set in the occupied West Bank, otherwise known as Palestine among its Arab inhabitants and their Israeli, American and European supporters, the well-paced mystery explores a milieu most American readers know little about. Right there it has that wonderful advantage of well-written fiction--the reader gets to inhabit a far-away place s/he may never get to visit in person, and to understand--even it could be said to experience--subtleties [...]

    24. I’ve read good mysteries set in France, or Italy, or California, but Palestine? What do I really know about life on the ground in Palestine, and could that work as a first-rate setting for a mystery? Well—yes! It did. Murder Under the Bridge engaged me from the start, written in Kate Raphael’s highly readable style. It didn’t take long before I came to know the central character, Rania, the Palestinian woman juggling family with a non-traditional career as a female police officer. Throug [...]

    25. Just a few minutes ago I finished reading Murder Under the Bridge.  It is a first-rate piece of work, carefully crafted, perfectly paced, with fully three-dimensional characters and a compelling plot.  There's not a false note in the way the author combines a good detective story with the realities of life in Palestine.  The use of Hebrew and Arabic words and phrases seems completely natural and believable, adding a real sense of authenticity to the goings on. I particularly like the way Raph [...]

    26. What makes me select mysteries to read? On the one hand, I have a pretty broad taste, on the other-there are definite plusses: In addition to good writing, good plot, good characters, I like it when the book is 1. about women, 2. refers to a location/city/geography I am familiar with, 3. describes characters who have similar interests and/or sexual orientation and/or politics to me, 4. contains historic or cultural reality. You get the picture. In the case of Kate’s book- bingo on all counts. [...]

    27. This book is a multilayered murder mystery. A Palestinian policewoman's investigation of the murder mystery is complicated due to the reality of living in and attempting to travel around Palestine and israel. Rania also navigates life as a working mother. An American solidarity activist assists with the investigation because she is able to easily travel around the area. As a lesbian traveller/tourist, Chloe both lives in and outside of Palestinian and israeli society, and finds challenges in fin [...]

    28. Blatanly biased of the "poor poor me Palestinian' without any offer of a humanitarian perspective of the Israelis. Just demonizing Israelis and victimizing Palestinians. There are no truths to be found within the pages of this bookwhich are now currently being used in my cats litter box. My best advice for the author? Take your two main characters OUT of the middle east, where their differences and similarities can shine, but without the highly charged current environment and where political pot [...]

    29. I hope Kate Raphael writes more novels. I enjoyed this one, and also learned a bit more about life in occupied Palestine. My only criticism is that I wish it had been longer, and that there had been more backstory on the characters. It seemed like most of the book, particularly the latter half, was focused on solving the crime. Yes, yes, I know, it's a murder mystery. I guess I just found the characters interesting, and would have liked to have known more about them. That said, we do see their i [...]

    30. This is the holiday book I'm giving this year. It's a great read, did not want it to end. Smart and principled women from a variety of backgrounds having to make tough decisions. Enjoyable like a mystery but I also learned a bunch about a part of the world I have wondered about. The learning was so fun you didn't notice it. Which would also make this a great vacation book. Or when you need a break, a perfect chance to escape to the cutting edge. A fun read that opens up a bunch of brilliant pers [...]

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