No Rain Today (Clouds in the Wide Blue Sky, Beginner Readers & Bedtime Stories from the Heart Book 1)

No Rain Today Clouds in the Wide Blue Sky Beginner Readers Bedtime Stories from the Heart Book Beginner Readers Bedtime Stories from the Heart Squirrels don t like his rain Cats don t like his rain Worst of all children don t like his rain and this has the Heavy Little Cloud feeling pretty lo

  • Title: No Rain Today (Clouds in the Wide Blue Sky, Beginner Readers & Bedtime Stories from the Heart Book 1)
  • Author: Kristen Iten David Overholt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Beginner Readers Bedtime Stories from the Heart Squirrels don t like his rain Cats don t like his rain Worst of all, children don t like his rain, and this has the Heavy Little Cloud feeling pretty low What s a little cloud to do Our friend, the Heavy Little Cloud, comes up with an ingenious plan to keep everyone happy Unfortunately, his idea starts to cauBeginner Readers Bedtime Stories from the Heart Squirrels don t like his rain Cats don t like his rain Worst of all, children don t like his rain, and this has the Heavy Little Cloud feeling pretty low What s a little cloud to do Our friend, the Heavy Little Cloud, comes up with an ingenious plan to keep everyone happy Unfortunately, his idea starts to cause some trouble along the way Get your copy of No Rain Today to see what happens when a friendly little cloud decides that he s never going to rain again Children around the world have fallen love with the vibrant colors and fun illustrations in our Clouds in the Wide Blue Sky, Beginner Readers Bedtime Stories from the Heart series Parents appreciate the positive underlying message of self acceptance and friendship found in No Rain Today All of the books in this series are equipped with large print text pop ups for easy reading No Rain Today has been enjoyed as the perfect bedtime story by children around the world Be sure to check out the next book in our series, Adventures on the Breeze to see what happens when a tired little cloud falls asleep in the wide blue sky Tags bedtime story, beginner reader, beginner readers, reading practice, children s books about weather, story book about weather, weather, story book about rain, ages 3 5, ages 5 8, friendship, early reader, early readers, cute picture book, cute story book, clouds, cloud, self acceptance, unlikely friends, acceptance, be true to who you are

    • No Rain Today (Clouds in the Wide Blue Sky, Beginner Readers & Bedtime Stories from the Heart Book 1) >> Kristen Iten David Overholt
      185 Kristen Iten David Overholt
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    1. Kristen Iten David Overholt

      As founder of k10conceptions, Kristen works tirelessly to produce high quality children s literature As a child she experienced firsthand the wonder that is a parent reading to their child Now as a mother herself, she has committed to providing unique stories that parents around the globe will use to build lasting family memories of their own Kristen started her writing career as a freelance writer Most of her time was spent writing informative nonfiction content That was pretty unfulfilling on a creative level, she remarked There was the satisfaction of a job well done when I would finish a piece, but as a whole, the job became such drudgery that I began to question whether or not I even enjoyed writing She soon realized that she was writing the wrong kind of material When I switched over and began to write from the imagination things really began to pop Kristen is now a successful author with several children s books awaiting release She manages k10conceptions and is working to build a vibrant community on facebook that supports parents in their efforts to find creative and developmental playtime activities for their children MY REVIEW POLICY As an author myself, I understand how valuable reviews can be I love to help other authors out by reviewing their work That being said, if I can t leave a review with a 4 or 5 star rating I will kindly decline reviewing your work at that time I will never downgrade a star rating based on my personal preferences It is easy to spot a book that an author put a lot of thought and heart into If I find that a book has been well crafted, I will happily leave a positive review whether the book was written in my preferred style and genra or not.

    846 thoughts on “No Rain Today (Clouds in the Wide Blue Sky, Beginner Readers & Bedtime Stories from the Heart Book 1)”

    1. I love finding books to read with my son. Being 2 years old now, he is beginning to understand and comprehend the meaning of books a lot more, and he just LOVED No Rain Today!No Rain Today is the story of a little cloud who got very upset because nobody liked his rain. Not the squirrels, or the cats. And even all the little children stay inside because they don't like it when he rains on them. So he decides to hold in his rain to make everybody happy. But it has some unexpected consequences.Firs [...]

    2. 'No Rain Today' by Kristen Iten is another one of her picture books that captured my attention. The pictures help move the story along, even though I felt there could have been more of the cloud itself, since it was the main character. The children and animals are enjoying the day until rain seems imminent, so they hurry inside, and the cloud seems upset by its sudden lack of company when no one is around for it to watch over.There is metaphorical value at work in the book as well, since, as the [...]

    3. In a way, reviewing a kids' picture book is not unlike being a cloud, just like the one in this story. You have to look at it from a distance, admire the detail and the thought behind it, and appreciate it as a whole even though you are far, far removed from the age range for which the book is intended."No Rain Today" tells the story of a friendly cloud, who considers all of of the children and animals that live beneath him to be his friends. But he notices that when he rains on them, they all g [...]

    4. Can we talk for a moment about how adorable this book is? It stars a cloud who is trying to hold in its rain because it doesn't want all of its animal and kid friends to go inside and leave it. But clouds cant hold in their rain. He tries and tries until he finds a friend that wants to stay out and play in the rain. The pictures in this book are so well done. They're bright and eye catching. My little niece couldn't take her eyes from all the colors. The writing is perfect for a children's book [...]

    5. What a gorgeous book! This is a story about a cloud that doesn't want to rain because it will make all her friends will go inside and she'll be lonely. Not only did it remind me of a child needing to go toilet and the difficulties with "holding on", but it also teaches that just because you're different doesn't mean that people won't like you.I loved the illustrations - bright and colorful and sure to entice any preschooler (or parent). The story is just gorgeous too, teaching life lessons in a [...]

    6. I have to admit that I am a kid at heart. I enjoy children's stories even when not reading them to youngsters. You can't go wrong with this book. It has absolutely beautiful illustrations. The character (cloud included) have such animated expressions, and are caught in freeze-frame actions, showing all their joys and disappointments.The author sneaks in bits of alliteration to make it a joy to read out loud, like "drop my drips" and "squeeze out my sprinkles." Plus the cloud does not "say" thing [...]

    7. When it is sunny, the little cloud notices children, squirrels and even cats playing outside. But when the cloud releases its rain, it notices that all the fun stops. Children go inside, while cats and squirrels hide to avoid getting wet. Since the little cloud wanted to be liked, it starts to hold the rain. But hiding one's true self can cause deep pain. Then when the cloud is quite full and must let out more rain, it sees a little girl playing in the puddles. This book is about self-acceptance [...]

    8. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I have three small grandsons just at the stage where they are becoming interested in books and this book is perfect! It gets over the concept of clouds in a way a small child can understand and it also gently introduces the concept of empathy. This is an easy story for a small person to understand and the illustrations are gorgeous. I love how the little cloud is characterized and given feelings.Not only does this story explain the general [...]

    9. In this first book of the Clouds in the Wide Blue Sky series we meet the happy little cloud who enjoys hanging in the sky and watching everyone play and enjoy the day. When he needs to let out his rain though all the fun stops and he is left alone.Why does everyone leave? Is it all his fault?The book is great and really makes you like and feel bad for the cloud. By the end though everything works out wonderfully. I think every child will enjoy this one and may even find themselves outside lookin [...]

    10. NO RAIN TODAY is a lovely tale about a rain cloud that doesn't want to drop its rain on the animals and kid below. 'Heavy Little Cloud' must find a way to hold in its moisture.Fantastic illustrations by David Overholt bring to life the colorful, clever prose of Kristen Iten. It is subtle, but meaningful. As with all great children's stories, NO RAIN TODAY not only educates about weather, but teaches life lessons as well. Not every thing is what it seems, not everyone that rains on you wishes you [...]

    11. Sometimes you do what you think is right only to soon find out that what comes naturally is the best way, after all. Being yourself and not second-guessing how you are affecting the wider world around you is a lesson worth learning and worth repeating. Even if you're a rain cloud and you might make some people unhappy by making them wet temporarily, then so be it. You can't please everyone all the time anyway. If you were designed to drop those rain clouds, then do it to the best of your ability [...]

    12. This is a top shelf children's book of the highest quality, and I can give you two reasons, as to why I believe this to be true. Firstly: the sentences are beautifully put together in a cohesive, easy to read manner for young kiddies. The words simply run of the tongue in an almost poetic fashion. Secondly: I was very impressed by the quality of the pictures. They draw the eye with vivid colour and images, expertly accompanying the words underneath.I'm sure this will be a great hit for little on [...]

    13. I wrote "No Rain Today" because I believe that children deserve story books that will engage their young minds and entertain; all while presenting a positive message. The illustrations are bright, beautiful, and designed to captivate the highly visual minds of both children and parents alike.I have enjoyed reading this story to my own children many times over, and I hope you get the same enjoyment out of the experience!

    14. No Rain Today is a delightful book that will bring hours of fun to both parents and little ones. It is beautifully edited, has repeats of sentences to help an educated way. Also it works well as a child's first introduction to geography.The illustrations are fantastic, David Overholt had done a great job in making them bright, colourful and a talking point for little eyes.Overall this book promises to be the start of a series for children. Well done

    15. This is a lovely children's story and I will enjoy reading it to my nephews. It also contains a very good message about finding the bright side of things, which is great for kids.I loved the illustrations throughout, and that itself made the book so appealing.I would love to see this published in paperback, as I think it would be lovely for kids to also read on their own, especially as its so very colourfully illustrated.

    16. What an awesome and unique story about a little cloud!I liked this very unusual and unique ebook this little happy cloud and the happy ending. I recommend this for any young kids! It teaches kids about clouds in a whole new different way so I feel it needs a five star rating. I received this ebook. for free and here's my honest review in return. Great work Kristen ! By Angela

    17. Cutest cloud in the sky.The face expressions on the cloud's face along the story are awesome. The cloud is cute, so cute that I want to squeeze all the water out of her. It's a great read aloud book for children. I can see my students having fun with this book during class. It’s great to introduce weather and seasons vocabulary.And more cuteness with the finger puppets too.

    18. Drops, Drips, and Sprinkles.The 'Happy little cloud' does what clouds do. He gradually grows heavy with rain. A lovely tale of how one 'Happy little cloud' overcomes his sadness and discovers how being himself can make others happy too.Beautifully illustrated children's book with dynamic illustrations.

    19. absolutely loved this book, the characters were very lovable and the story was a great way of showing children that they a perfect the way they are , and people will like them for who they are . The illustration was first class and complimented the story well, and I loved the little surprise extras at the end

    20. I loved the bright and funny illustrations in this little book, and enjoyed it's simple but humorous story. An ideal book for little ones, that will also put a smile on the adult reader's face. This is a tale about needing to just "be yourself", and about the joy of finding new friends in unexpected places.

    21. Love the simplicity and repetitive nature of the story. A little cloud tries to make everyone happy, soon realising he can't do that and still be himself. He eventually finds out people are happy for him to be himself.We should all be happy to just be ourselves

    22. Before I had even opened the book, I was struck by the vivid but simple colours, which are important for children in the target group. The story was simple but very effect, leaving a crucial moral to think about. A book which I would certainly recommend to any parent. Well - done!

    23. I read this to my Four year old. She loved the illustrations. She also loved the story and wanted to read it again as soon as we were done. She has already told me its going to be her bedtime book for a few sleeps. As a parent I really enjoyed this story and the illustrations that came with it.

    24. Rain rain stay todayWonderfully illustrated and written. Behind every cloud there is indeed a silver lining. Highly recommended. May all children jump in rain puddles.

    25. I really loved the simple story in this book. The little cloud is so cute, and the illustrations are bright and happy. It's a lovely, well written story that my kids loved.

    26. Excellent bookMy girl loved this book.wonderful read. Excellent plot, characters, and illustrations. Thank you for writing this for kids. We need more authors.

    27. This book is just too cute for words and I loved the illustrations. I can't want for my little girl to get older so I can read it to her. I know she'll love it as much as I do.

    28. I love the rain and I loved this book! Such a sweet story that is beautifully and professionally presented. The illustrations are stunning and so brightly coloured- they reminded me a lot of Disney cartoons. A lovely book that will appeal to young and old- especially those who live in rainy England like me!

    29. Sweet book with beautiful illustrations.This is a cute book for teaching children there is someone for everyone. Just when the little rain cloud thinks no one likes him, he finds a friend. Lovely little book for children.

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