Before the Feast

Before the Feast It s the night before the feast in the village of F rstenfelde population an odd number The village is asleep Except for the ferryman he s dead And Mrs Kranz the night blind painter who wants to dep

  • Title: Before the Feast
  • Author: Saša Stanišić Anthea Bell
  • ISBN: 9781782271291
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s the night before the feast in the village of F rstenfelde population an odd number The village is asleep Except for the ferryman he s dead And Mrs Kranz, the night blind painter, who wants to depict her village for the first time at night A bell ringer and his apprentice want to ring the bells the only problem is that the bells have gone A vixen is lookingIt s the night before the feast in the village of F rstenfelde population an odd number The village is asleep Except for the ferryman he s dead And Mrs Kranz, the night blind painter, who wants to depict her village for the first time at night A bell ringer and his apprentice want to ring the bells the only problem is that the bells have gone A vixen is looking for eggs for her young, and Mr Schramm is discovering reasons to quit life than smoking.Someone has opened the doors to the Village Archive, but what drives the sleepless out of their houses is not that which was stolen, but that which has escaped Old stories, myths and fairy tales are wandering about the streets with the people They come together in a novel about a long night, a mosaic of village life, in which the long established and newcomers, the dead and the living, craftsmen, pensioners and noble robbers in football shirts bump into each other They all want to bring something to a close, in this night before the feast.

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    1. Pošto me je "Kako vojnik popravlja gramofon" oduševila, malo prebrzo sam uletela u novu knjigu Saše Stanišić "Pred svetkovinu", očekujući sličan stil pripovedanja. O kako sam se prevarila i kako mi je drago zbog toga. :)Kako sam okretala stranice tako sam sve više bila uvučena u priču i imala osećaj kao da sam zaista posetila Firstenfelde (malo selo koje je nekada bilo grad). Stanovnici ovog mesta su toliko realno i detaljno prikazani da sam ubeđena da kada bih stvarno posetila Firs [...]

    2. Update: the latest edition of Granta 129 just thudded through my door: I am delighted to see the first chapter of this novel in there under the title The Ferryman is Dead, translated by Anthea Bell, who does a far better job than I. The accompanying note says that Before the Feast is to be published by Pushkin Press in 2015. Not long to wait!The night before Anna is burned she goes jogging.Johann wants to do his practical exam to qualify as a bell-ringer but the bells have gone, Lada (a previous [...]

    3. "The ferryman is dead and no one knows why.We are sad. We don’t have a ferryman anymore. And the lakes are wild and dark again, watching, and observing what goes on.”This is one of those books that may seem like a quick read but is, in fact, the complete opposite. It demands to be taken in small portions, like eating the courses of a meal (or a feast…awful pun very much intended). Similar in a way that reading Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente left me a mess, Before the Feast is a book th [...]

    4. Do me favor. Go back and read the synopsis for this. Then go through and read all the 5 star reviews. Each one, if you have the patience.Know what you'll find? Lots of fluffy, pretty language, people saying how the author seamlessly weaves myth and truth together, maybe some stuff about how wonderful this book is.Know what you won't find? A story. A plot. Any semblance of one, in fact. There's just no such thing here. We are getting ready for a feast, yes, but most of what happens in these tiny [...]

    5. This book is one of those that are instant cover lover. It is also a good read. A friend of mine who read the back cover said it sounds like a mixture of British comedy, Shirley Jackson, and Monty Python. (Yes, I know). He’s not far off. The witches’ brew works too. The novel centers on a town in Germany that sits near two lakes. It is an old town with old traditions and old mysteries. The difficult thing is that it is impossible to write a review without spoilers. The language is wonderf [...]

    6. Mada mislim da to što se ova knjiga nalazi na dečjem odeljenju čačanske biblioteke pre ima veze sa ilustracijom na koricama, nego sa stručnom bibliotekarskom procenom sadržaja, ima nečeg baš iskreno dečjeg u njoj. U smislu da će vas podsetiti na letnje raspuste koje ste provodili kod babe i dede na selu (ako ste imali sreće da odrastate tako) i na sve one likove koji se tamo mogu sresti. Starosedeoci, došljaci, duhovi, džinovi, lisice, crkvena zvona, legende, tračevi, istorija i na [...]

    7. A unique novel that takes in a day in the lives of the residents of Furstenfelde, a tiny East German village with a well documented history going back hundreds of years. That history is interspersed with vignettes of daily modern life and the result is a metaphor laden, literary novel that at times takes on the feel of myth and has an enjoyable thread of comedy woven throughout its pages.Ulysses-like in its look at a village's single day and with the Paddy Dignam-esque death of the town ferryman [...]

    8. Ako bi se trebalo opredjeliti za onaj jedan jedinstveni utisak vezan za ovu pricu, meni se nekako sve tek naziralo kroz slojeve maglicastog, magicnog, nestvarnog, dalekog.Ok, ima tu sjecanja, legendi i zapisa iz nekih davnih dana, ali ipak se glavna nit proteze kroz jednu noc ne tako davne i tesko zamislive 2012. To sto mi se cijela ova situacija nazirala tek kao kroz neku koprenu je u stvari samo davalo car cijelom citanju, posto na momente nisam znala bih li se radje vracala i iznova citala ne [...]

    9. Here I am with my brand new, hot off the press, classy edition of “Vor dem Fest”, the first book I ever preordered. That much about my enthusiasm. A village in former (but still lingering) Eastern Germany, ein Nest, ein Kaff, with some few hundred souls and the night before Saint Anne. This is not the first time that an entire lifetime fits into one night and that this rigid, classic timeframe is bursting with irony (I had to think of Jebo sad hiljadu dinara). One lifetime is fairly understa [...]

    10. Wait was this meant to be a book with a story? Nope!100 Pages in and still not sure if this is just a note book that someone has written some random sentances in or a badly translated book that has no plot or anything going for it.The blurb on the back had me exited about this book and I was really hoping this could become an instant classic but this was just art house nonsense.

    11. Nacht voor het feest is a book unlike any other I've read - in a good way. It mixes folklore with modernity, and beauty with ugliness. Its lightness and host of characters and storylines reminded me of Kundera's The Festival of Insignificance, and its humor and local history, its mix of realistic scenes mixed with local history and folklore, told in a light way reminded me of most of Márquez' work. I sometimes get annoyed by reviewers endlessly comparing new authors or books to existing, known [...]

    12. Nažalost nisam videla neku posebnu suštinu. Dopada mi se stil pisanja, likovi su zanimljivi, ali površno obrađeni tako da zateknemo sebe da se više vezujemo za lisicu (što i nije loše). Zanimljive su mi bile reference iz nemačke istorije i kulture i uopšte njihov svakodnevni život.

    13. German magical realism? A post-unification folk tale? A ghost story?"Before the Feast" is choppy, wandering series of tales set in a small village in what had, for a time, been East Germany. The memories of life in the German Democratic Republic color the lives of the villagers as much as the interspersed folk tales, and long past (and lost) village history. Stanišić's witty, short prose, takes the long way from start to finish. You may wonder, at times, if it's all going some where but to quo [...]

    14. Before the Feast reminds me of the feeling you get when you are in a dream that keeps shifting. You're seeing snippets of things that make sense and then your in another story and your dizzy because you aren't sure what is going on or where you are or if you're talking to yourself or if someone else is talking to you. This style isn't for everyone- literary fiction with a bend. The characters are strange, the stories are bizarre, there is a 'folktale' feel, particularly when we are given snippet [...]

    15. Er hat mir mein Dorf geklaut. Wer mich nach diesem Buch fragt, bekommt zuerst diese Antwort. Es ist mein Dorf und nicht mein Dorf, was machen hundert Kilometer für einen Unterschied, wenn es die verbrannten Dorfhexen gibt, die Galgenbäume, den Rollenspieler, die Dorfmalerin. »Vor dem Fest« ist ein wunderbares, liebevolles, aber niemals kitschiges Portrait des deutschen Ostens – und es ist wahr. Wahr im Sinne, dass es dem entspricht, was es behandelt, dass es die Menschen beschreibt, die es [...]

    16. This book is a series of connected vignettes that tells a story about a village and its inhabitants, both past and present. It reminds me a bit of Enchanted Night by Steven Millhauser in both structure and feel. Don't go into this for action or plot, but rather to follow along where the characters lead and feel time and story weave themselves around you.

    17. So many stories! Past and present, dead and alive, true and maybe not true - but all fiction. Delightful.

    18. Subjektives Gedächtnisprotokoll einer Lesung von Stanisic und Vor dem Fest!Mittwochabend war ich auf einer Lesung mit Sasa Stanisic. Er las aus seinem großartigen Buch Vor dem Fest, das ich noch nicht gelesen habe. Dennoch weiß ich schon, dass ich es großartig finde (ich habe sowas im Gefühl bei manchen Büchern, da sehe ich das Cover, lese den Klappentext und weiß, dass ich sie lieben werde) Nach heute Abend fühle ich mich bestärkt im Glauben an meine Instinktsicherheit und will es um s [...]

    19. For more reviews: bookishvillainy.wordpress/Before the Feast was….quite unlike any book I’ve read so far. There wasn’t much of a main character or even an actual plot, which makes it a little difficult to review this book. Still, I would like to make an attempt — despite the rating I have given this book, I still feel that it’s interesting to talk about.Perhaps I should correct myself: this book doesn’t have a main character in the traditional sense. Though there are several recurrin [...]

    20. Acht jaar geleden debuteerde Stanisic met "Hoe de soldaat de grammofoon repareert": een even originele als prachtige als poëtische roman over de oorlog in Bosnie, het geboorteland van Stanisic. En nu is er dan het minstens even prachtige tweede boek, waarin Stanisic een radicaal ander onderwerp kiest: hij schrijft nu niet over zijn door oorlogsleed geteisterde land - kennelijk wil hij herhalingen vermijden, en niet worden vastgepind als schrijver over de Balkanoorlog- , maar over een fictief kl [...]

    21. Şenlikten Önce bir tablo roman. Tabloyu seyrederken her bir fırça darbesinin farklı bir hikâyesi, farklı bir karakteri olduğunu görüyorsunuz.Kitap ölen bir kayıkçının bahsini açarak başlıyor, daha ilk sayfalarda kendine bağlıyor ama mevzu o kayıkçı ile devam etmiyor. Sizi bir köyün büyülü gerçekçi tarihçesini okuyormuşsunuz hissiyle bir hikâyeler denizine sürüklüyor.Saša Stanišić ile tanıştığıma çok memnun oldum. Yayımlanmış bir kitabı daha varmı [...]

    22. Archeologie rond de dorpspompAcht jaar geleden debuteerde de Bosnisch-Duitse schrijver Saša Stanišić met het overdonderende Hoe de soldaat de grammofoon repareert. In Nacht voor het feest, zijn tweede roman, stuwt hij zijn poëtische schrijfstijl naar een nieuw hoogtepunt, ditmaal in een diepgeworteld verhaal dat zich afspeelt op Duitse bodem.Verzot op geschiedenis, zo noemt Stanišić zichzelf in een uit 2007 stammend interview. Dat heeft hij bewezen met zijn debuutroman waarin hij als kamel [...]

    23. Rekli bi da je svaki grad, svako selo priča za sebe, zar ne? Svaki njegov stanar koji je živio ili još živi u njemu, svaki njegov dah, pokret, odluka , žila je kucavica jednog mjesta.Upravo je to Saša Stanišić pokušao predočiti čitatelju u jednom malom selu usred istočnonjemačkog Uckermarka, Fürstenfeldea. Selo koje je prije bilo grad ali su propili pravo da se zovu gradom. Kao i u svakom selu , postoje živi, ali postoje i mrvi kojih se selo sjeća, čak i ne može bez njih. Tako [...]

    24. Saša Stanišić's Before the Feast is a phantasmagoric journey through the history of Fürstenfelde, an East German town which has had a surprisingly large number of residents named Anna. We learn about the town, its residents, and its ghosts over the course of a single night, the eve of the titular Feast, and our introduction to the current Anna is disconcerting:We are glad. Anna is going to be burnt. The sentence will be carried out at the Feast tomorrow evening.Shades of "The Wicker Man" or [...]

    25. Ein starker Einstieg ("Wir sind traurig. Wir haben keinen Fährmann mehr. Der Fährmann ist tot."), der bereits ein wichtiges Stilmittel verrät: einen Wir-Erzähler, der mal deutlich zutage tritt, mal weniger. Dann sind noch die Passagen aus der Perspektive einer Füchsin und viele "historische" Schilderungen, die aus einer Dorfchronik stammen könnten.Denn nichts anderes ist dieser Roman: Eine Momentaufnahme eines Dorfes in der Uckermark, in dem nur noch eine Handvoll Kinder leben, entgegen de [...]

    26. Have you ever visited a small town and somehow sensed its history? A sense of magic? Step into the village of Farstenfelde in northeastern Germany, on the night before the feast of St. Anne. Here you will find a cast of unique characters, but at the heart of the story is the village and its folklore. The publisher's blurb describesBefore the Feastas "old stories, myths and fairy tales wandering about the streets with the people." It's an allegory for every town - the old stories, gossip, tales [...]

    27. "Vor dem Fest" beschreibt die Geschichte eines Dorfes in der Uckermark und seine Bewohner, insbesondere die Ereignisse in der Nacht vor dem jährlichen Annenfest. Viele Menschen (und eine Füchsin) sind in dieser Nacht unterwegs. Vieles ist anders als es scheint und manches ist doch so wie es ist, auch wenn es anders scheint. Am Ende ist in der Nacht äußerlich weniger geschehen als erwartet, die meisten Veränderungen haben sich im Inneren, in den Köpfen der Personen abgespielt.Das Buch ist s [...]

    28. This was a book with no plot, no story line, and no main characters; hence the one-star rating. Memorable Quotes"ON THIS DAY THE NIGHT WEARS THREE LIVERIES:What Was, What Is, What Is Yet To Be.""We’re social. We’re anti-social. We’re open-minded. We’re suspicious. Who likes being bothered? No one."

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