The Three Robbers

The Three Robbers Three robbers prowl the country and store their loot in a mountain cave One night they stop a carriage and find an orphan Tiffany on her way to live with her wicked aunt Tiffany is delighted to meet

  • Title: The Three Robbers
  • Author: Tomi Ungerer
  • ISBN: 9781570982064
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • Three robbers prowl the country and store their loot in a mountain cave One night they stop a carriage and find an orphan, Tiffany, on her way to live with her wicked aunt Tiffany is delighted to meet the robbers, but appalled at their ill gotten wealth What she does to change their ways will delight children of all ages.

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      215 Tomi Ungerer
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    1. Tomi Ungerer

      Jean Thomas Tomi Ungerer is a French illustrator best known for his erotic and political illustrations as well as children s books.

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    1. The three robbers live in the forest. With their blunderbuss, their pepper spray and their huge axe, they hold up travellers and plunder them of their goods. They have accumulated a gigantic horde of gold in their cave.The rest of this review is available elsewhere (the location cannot be given for policy reasons)

    2. “The Three Robbers" is a children’s book written by Tomi Ungerer and it relates the story of how three ferocious robbers became foster parents when they rescued an orphaned girl from going to her cruel aunt’s house. This book will surely be a delight for young children to read for many years to come. Tomi Ungerer did an excellent job at writing the story of the three robbers in a comforting tone. Tomi Ungerer made the robbers reform their evil ways by putting a child in the picture when th [...]

    3. Creo que puse ya algo, pero no lo veo. La cuestión es que este libro no lo he leído yo, sino que me lo han leído a mí. Es un libro clásico de iniciación a la lectura con unas ilustraciones que acompañan el texto de manera que refuerzan la historia y la comprensión lectora. El libro se hace muy corto, tal vez lo único malo que tenga, y deja en parte un argumento abierto que puede aprovecharse para opinar de qué piensa el niño que ha ocurrido y que no se cuenta en el libro. Para mi siem [...]

    4. I have always owned a copy of this book since I was little and, frustratingly, found that several pages were missing (it ended on the part where one of the robbers takes Tiffany). For decades the message of the story eluded me until I came to it a lot later and realised something was missing. It is only now after buying Tomi Ungerer: A Treasury of 8 Books (which is one of the most beautiful things I own) that I get to enjoy the story properly. The first thing I adore is Ungerer's use of a simple [...]

    5. Wonderful quirky picture book. Read to me by my son, it's only a few lines per page, but contains a handful of longer words. I myself didn't even know what a blunderbuss was. I would have liked this book as a child, and indeed it reminds me of all the stories of highway robbers I used to read. Not even sure where they all came from. Tomi Ungerer's pictures are quirky like the story. I really liked the very distinctive style, the graphic shapes and the use of black. Discovered this book through 1 [...]

    6. Tomi Ungerer is a weirdo, if you've seen the documentary about him, you know I speak the truth. If you read his books you can understand the genius behind it. Robbers turn into heroes all because a child showed them they could be something else.

    7. Un style graphique reconnaissable entre mille. Qui ne connaît pas cette célèbre couverture ? Trois brigands, volant sans but (parce que ce sont des brigands et c'est ce que les brigands font d'ordinaire), rencontrent une petite orpheline futée et téméraire. de là naît un grand projet. Un album très beau graphiquement et joyeux malgré ce qu'annonce la couverture très sombre. Une histoire sur les faux-semblants et la générosité dont est capable l'humanité si elle est bien conseillé [...]

    8. Reason for Reading: I love Tomi Ungerer as an illustrator; I love this book in particular and this qualifies as my "U" author for the A-Z challenge.The publisher's summary certainly tells the story in probably as many words as are used in the book! This is a simple tale and one with a rather ambiguous ending. Not sure if I'm entirely comfortable with it. The robbers who are indeed "fierce", with a gun, spend their lives as criminals. A little girl captures their heart and they turn good, But is [...]

    9. A Robin Hood story of sorts, in which a little orphan girl turns the hearts of three robbers. It's the kind of story that on one had has an honorable ending - the three robbers use their ill gotten gains to adopt more and more orphans - but Aesop is rolling over in his grave somewhere in the mountains of Greece. What's the moral here? Robbing from the rich - or this case everyone -to give to the poor is a good thing? But it's a morally ambiguous story with kick-ass illustrations. They are heavy [...]

    10. I found this book tremendously dull. There was no conflict in it whatsoever. The plot goes like this:There are three robbers. They are very bad. Bad, bad, bad. They steal all the things and hide them in their cave.One day they meet an orphan girl. She says, "Hey what are you doing with all this treasure?"They say, "Huh, good question, we never really thought about it. I know, let's build a castle for orphans!"So all the orphans live happily ever after in the robbers' castle.Come on. That's insul [...]

    11. I don't remember exactly when I read this book, but I can say that is one of the first ones I've read. I even remember when I used to reread it all the time. I just loved it, and i still do. It bring me so many memories, besides that the story is just beautiful. This book will be always in my heart.

    12. Heartwarming, hilarious and sweet, this book is childish in the best possible way. Ungerers imagination blooms through the pages and is guaranteed to draw a smile across the faces of even the crankiest of readers. Phaidon upkeeps its record of a fantastic selection of children's books with this addition.

    13. I was once on a challenged book committee because someone wanted it banned because it is violent and the robbers end up being the "good guys." Almost as good as the lady who wanted to remove a book because of the word "snot."

    14. I just loved this book. I'd never heard of a blunderbuss nor a pepper-blower. Somehow I knew it would have a happy ending and it did!

    15. Wow! This story looks and feels so modern! I couldn't believe it is nearly 50 years old! The illustrations are simple, bold, and engaging. The story is whimsical and timeless.

    16. Strasburdzka klasyka książeczek dla dzieci w polskim przekładzie Michała Rusinka. Liryczne opowiadanie o zbójcach, którzy zaczęli opiekować się niechcianymi dziećmi z całego kraju i wykorzystali swoje skarby na budowę zamku dla nich wszystkich. Książka interesująco zilustrowana -autor ciekawie operuje kolorem - rysunki są proste, dużo niebieskiego w tle, czarne postacie jak z teatru cieni, tylko czasami wzbogacone inną barwą - jak dzieci w czerwonych pelerynkach i kapeluszach, [...]

    17. This is a sweet story, but it doesn't start off that way. These robbers were seriously bad dudes, until they did right.

    18. A lovely tale about three robbers who eventually save a plethora of orphans and found a town. Low key redemption tale.

    19. Read this for my little cousin and omg it almost made ME cry. It's an amazing story and I think it made me more emotional than my cousin.

    20. Three sinister robbers who live in a treasure filled castle use a pepper blower, a giant red ax and a blunderbuss to hold up horse-drawn carriages and steal from the passengers. What kind of kid's picture book is this, right?!?! Well, on one particular night, the three robbers stop a carriage and are startled to find that the only valuable thing to plunder is a sweet little girl. And what follows is a heart-warming story of kindness, charity and community.The Three Robbers is a fantastic book! W [...]

    21. Summary: Three robbers go around and use their weapons to instill fear in people and steal from them. One day they come across an orphan named Tiffany who is not scared of them. They take her back to their cave in the mountains and give her a bed to sleep in. When she wakes up she asks them what they do with the money, they realize they have no plans for their riches. They end up buying a castle where many more orphaned children like Tiffany come to live.Themes: People who do bad things can be t [...]

    22. Tomi Ungerer, recipient of the Hans Christian Andersen award for illustration, and “one of the world’s most famous and best-loved children’s authors,” brings readers a fun tale that feels like something from the minds of the Brothers Grimm. It begins dark and scary, but ends with joy and happiness. The three robbers are feared throughout the land: “women fainted. Brave men ran. Dogs fled.” With their pepper-blower (for blinding the horses), their large red ax (for chopping the wheels [...]

    23. Nomadic SA Chick's Book ReviewsSummaryThree robbers run through a city looting it at every chance. One night they stop a carriage and take an orphaned girl named Tiffany back to their mountain cave. By doing this they save Tiffany from having to live with her wicked aunt. Soon they start to take in other orphans and use their loot to take care of the children.ReviewThis was a beautiful book, with lovely illustrations, and a great story. This book wasn't exactly what I was expecting (when I order [...]

    24. The Three Robbers screams classic. First published in Deuch in 1963, it has forthright, no-pussyfooting- around-softness and instead gives us the danger, violence and dramatic extremes of yester-century. I immediately loved it. Storyline is that some bad robbers' hearts are melted by a kid and they turn their stolen cash into good. They build a castle and provide for orphans. The robbers dress the kids they adopt in red, which immediately made me think of the oldest surviving girl's school in En [...]

    25. I have never really read a book like this before. It is interesting to see the old illustrations from a book that was published in 1962. The story goes like this, three robbers would steal people’s things when they were in carriages. One day they stopped a carriage and they only found an orphan girl. They took her in since there was no treasure and when she awoke the nest day she asked what their plans were for all the treasures they had. They said that they never had thought of that. They the [...]

    26. the three robbers was probably the beginning of my love for things a bit on the dark side. it's the tail of three robbers who go about terrorizing a village with a blunderbus a pepper sprayer and huge red ax. they never think what to do with all their treasures until they rob a coach with just one passenger. there's a little film too. there's also a full length move, but i'm going to guess that only bastardized the book in the same the full length movie of 'where the wild things are,' did that b [...]

    27. I could see how this book could scare a young child--the beginning part anyhow. The whole cloaked and dark and sneaky thing. Yeah. That can be scary. It's a nice twist in the ending, though the very end seemed a bit abrupt. A couple of illustrations that caused my eyebrow to raise (a paned window in a cave?), but otherwise I was fine. Not a book I'm in love with, but I ca see it holding its place among picture books. I'd probably do this more in a lap-read than a storytime, unless I was sure I h [...]

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