The High Priest's Daughter

The High Priest s Daughter Never Underestimate the Power of a Liberated Witch Despite swirling rumors of war seventeen year old Bianca Monroe is living without restraint for the first time With no curse to hinder her and her e

  • Title: The High Priest's Daughter
  • Author: Katie Cross
  • ISBN: 9780991531998
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • Never Underestimate the Power of a Liberated Witch Despite swirling rumors of war, seventeen year old Bianca Monroe is living without restraint for the first time With no curse to hinder her and her enemy, Miss Mabel, imprisoned in an impervious dungeon, she s finally free Nothing lasts forever The Southern Network attacks, launching Bianca, her beloved father, and eveNever Underestimate the Power of a Liberated Witch Despite swirling rumors of war, seventeen year old Bianca Monroe is living without restraint for the first time With no curse to hinder her and her enemy, Miss Mabel, imprisoned in an impervious dungeon, she s finally free Nothing lasts forever The Southern Network attacks, launching Bianca, her beloved father, and everyone she cares for into a war controlled by the clandestine witch Angelina Chatham City burns, Guardians die, and Bianca soon realizes the only witch who can save the Central Network is the conniving Miss Mabel Will setting Miss Mabel free save everyone she loves, or unleash a greater evil on the Central Network and all of Antebellum Is Bianca strong enough to make the right choice The High Priest s Daughter is the third book in the thrilling new fantasy collection The Network Series It s a haunting tale about growing up and finding the strength within.

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      405 Katie Cross
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      My world revolves around my husband who is a major hottie , my Vizsla s, and the mountains.I wear hiking boots instead of heels when I need to feel powerful, and on a bad day, I love a weightlifting workout Actually, I love it on a good day.I don t eat bread because my thyroid doesn t like it, although there are days I miss it Especially ciabatta Sweet potatoes are kind of my thing Cookies too.I write because I never stopped.Miss Mabel s School for Girls is my first novel More to follow.Email me at k cross writing at gmail dot com

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    1. I'm usually picky with my 5 stars--I have to LOVE the book and be geeking out about it in order to do so.Well, the Network series just keeps on making that work for me. I loved The High Priest's Daughter. It had action, intrigue, mysteryd a twist that had me screaming WHAT!? Bianca is back and sassier than ever as she finally gets to take a breath and live life free from the curse that should have killed her. She's finally ready to live her life and spend time with her friends free of worry!--On [...]

    2. This series gets better and better. This book started out at a fast pace and kept your heart pumping throughout the whole book. The characters are developing wonderfully and Bianca seems so real and easy to relate in this story. Can't wait for the final book in this series.

    3. The Network Series just keeps getting better! I love following Bianca's transformation as she comes to grips with a new and dangerous world, her successes, her failures, and the vulnerabilities of the family and friends that help define her.This is a great series for kids and adults alike, featuring classic storytelling, charming characters, and a healthy dose of magic. I absolutely love it, and I am seriously excited to read the final book in the series. I strongly recommend it!

    4. At long last, Bianca Monroe is free from the curse that threatened her life and her nemesis and former teacher, Miss Mabel, is imprisoned with no way of escape. But nothing is as it seems. Miss Mabel's mother Angelina, a witch of unimaginable power, is pulling strings throughout Antebellum. Derek, Bianca's father and High Priest of the Central Network, prepares for war, despite a growing number of witches who choose to remain blind to the darkness that threatens to consume them. Meanwhile, Bianc [...]

    5. I enjoyed this book! It isn't my typical genre that I read, but it kept me coming back! I wanted to know what was going to happen to Bianca and her friends! There were elements of magic, adventure/action, twinge of romance, & mystery.

    6. Rating 4.5 "If you don't like what you do everyday, you'll live a pretty miserable existence"Honestly in this series, each book is better than the last! It might even beat out the prequel Mildred's Resistance which I consider one of my favorite parts. One thing I find very refreshing about this series is that it does not focus too strongly on love-interests. That's not to say there isn't romance, because there is, but ultimately there is so many other things driving the story forward. Bianca is [...]

    7. Having read the earlier books in the series, I knew even before I started reading this one that I was in for a treat.The Central Network is preparing for war and Bianca is involved in some tense diplomatic action and political intrigue. The horrors of dark Almorran magic become more apparent as the conflict erupts. At the same time, Bianca and her best friends are growing into adulthood, and as the other girls begin dating, she fears she will lose them to love and marriage. Then her adored fathe [...]

    8. School is over for Bianca Monroe and her friends, and Antebellum is on the brink of war.Miss Mabel, having been defeated by Bianca in the last book, now resides in a dungeon she can't escape. But the omniscient threat of Miss Mabel's mother, Angelina, who is even MORE insidious, devious and powerful, seems to be moving pieces on the global chessboard without the knowledge of Bianca's father Derek, who has just been elevated to the rank of High Priest.For Bianca, she wants to hang out with her sc [...]

    9. More like 4.5, I really do love my half stars. I went into this thinking it was the last book in the series. However, when there were only 20 pages left and it was clear there was no way to resolve all the plot points in that amount of time, I knew I had been mistaken. Although I am sad my insatiable desire for closure was not satisfied, I am looking forward to at least one more book in this series. Katie Cross really found her stride with this one. Her writing was consistently good. The charact [...]

    10. I generally do not like to give out 5 star reviews, but I have been addicted to this series since I read the very first book -- Mildred's Resistance. Not to mention, I stayed up past midnight reading on a work night because I could not put the book down. The High Priest's Daughter is full of action, budding romance, mystery, plot twists, and suspense. The main character and heroine, Bianca, is a strong female lead that full of wit. Bianca has been put under an immense amount of pressure througho [...]

    11. Another great book by Katie Cross! The High Priest's Daughter will pick you up right where you left off in the previous book.d the story just flies from there! There is something magical about the way Katie writes, it leaves you wanting so much more of the story, but always has you reading at a speed that is insane just to see what is going to happen next! The character development is done so well, that you truly do love some characters and hate a few others.Perhaps my favorite part of this book [...]

    12. Bianca is a Force of NatureThe new novel in Ms. Cross’ outstanding Network Series delivers everything we’ve come to expect from these books, and so much more. Bianca Monroe has barely begun to catch her breath following the dramatic events of Antebellum Awakening when war comes to the Central Network, pitching everyone she cares for into danger. It also throws her into mortal danger, but Bianca never did care about her own safety ;).The stakes have never been higher, and this plays out in mo [...]

    13. Wow. Katie Cross has created another winner. This series keeps getting better. I love her writing style. She paints 3D pictures with words of the The Network Series world. The characters are realistic - in the realm of the fantastic, likeable (or detestable in the case of Mabel and her mother), relatable, sassy, and strong.This book has suspense, humor, intrigue, a pinch of romance, and a lot of action. I think it has something for just about everyone. I can't believe the next book is the last, [...]

    14. This is Katie's best book so far. I loved the action, development, dialog, characters, and Bianca of course. The descriptions were beautiful and image provoking. She has built her world further and expanded the reach of Bianca to include the other Networks. I can honestly say there is nothing that this book is lacking, nothing I would add. If you haven't read the other books in the Network Series your life isn't complete.

    15. Life goes onLike the two books before it, the third book in the Network Series left me wanting to jump into the next book. Unfortunately, I will have to wait. The network world created by Katie Cross is rich, vivid and real, and filled with people who just happen to be witches. Their stories could be the lives of any group, and leaves you cheering for the just to prevail over the evil. Will they? We won't know until the next book comes out!

    16. Another wonderful installment of The Network Series. I couldn't wait to finish this book to see how it was going to end. Once again, I could envision what was happening, could see Chatham Castle & Letum Wood. Thanks to Ms. Cross' writing, I felt like I was in the cave with Bianca & Angelica. I can't wait until the next book!

    17. This was my favorite book so far in The Network Series. Every book gets better and I am in complete awe of Bianca. Read the series from the beginning so you can see how this character evolves. It is fascinating,and besides that who doesn't enjoy witches, wizards and dragons!?

    18. This series keeps getting better!!! I am convinced that Author Cross cannot write a bad book. The adventure, intrigue, magicd twists just keep getting better. If you're looking for a series you can't put down This is it!

    19. Fantastic I love Katie's descriptions in this book, she made me feel as if I was inside. I loved the emotions and ups and downs. Great book.

    20. I absolutely love this series, and this is another great addition. The characters are well written and the story is deeply engaging. Can't wait for the fourth and final installment.

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