Tessili Academy (Chronicles of the Tessilari Book 1)

Tessili Academy Chronicles of the Tessilari Book On an island in the middle of a river stands a school Brillbane bushes grow along the walkways supporting a population of bright colorful tessili Girls and young women live in ornate dormitories Sur

  • Title: Tessili Academy (Chronicles of the Tessilari Book 1)
  • Author: Robin Stephen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On an island in the middle of a river stands a school Brillbane bushes grow along the walkways, supporting a population of bright, colorful tessili Girls and young women live in ornate dormitories Surrounded by walls, attended by orderlies, their days are quiet They meander through magnificent gardens on their way to and from class Then, at night, they go out hunting.

    • Tessili Academy (Chronicles of the Tessilari Book 1) « Robin Stephen
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      Robin was interested in doing two things from a young age writing fiction, and riding horses The former was easy to manage early on, and by the age of ten she was lucky enough to be doing the latter on a regular basis as well By twelve, she owned her own horse and had written a full length novel.Robin is now in her 30s, and though she has added her husband, Brian, to her list of essentials and is no longer required to go to school, her lifestyle is otherwise largely unchanged since childhood She currently lives in Iowa with her husband and their three horses.

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    1. When I started this book I really did not expect to like it. Color me shocked when I got drawn into a world full of dragons. Girls. And fight to the bitter end. Very good YA book. Very good.

    2. I was pleased to find that I really liked this book! This book is about an academy, and focus on three girls who reside there. They are seniors, which means, their lives are in horrific danger. It's an all girls school, and each girl has a tessili. What is a Tessili you ask? Well, they are small dragon like creatures. They are very attached to their girls, and the girls are quite attached to them. However, this is only skimming the surface of this book. Something major is happening to these girl [...]

    3. I received a free download of this book from the author, thank you!I really enjoyed this book. At first I was frustrated because I didn't understand what was going on, but I soon realized that the reader is going through the process of discovery along with the main character. As Jey starts remembering things and figuring things out, the reader is enlightened as well. After I realized what the author was doing, I couldn't put the book down, because I wanted to find out what was going on just as m [...]

    4. Looking at a book objectively is completely different from looking at a book personally. I write my reviews based solely on my personal preference. Usually, I never have second thoughts about voicing my opinion. I feel what I feel. Plain and simple. However, sometimes a book comes along that really just points out how picky I am and makes me second guess my review style.First off, the storyline itself is one I’ve never gravitated toward and usually find uninteresting. It’s basically about gi [...]

    5. The novelette/novella is set in a world in which there is magic. Mysterious dark forces are apparently at work to exploit the young women who can wield this magic, and these forces exploit and murder these young girls. The story revolves around Jae, her regaining her own self-awareness, and using her power to lead an escape. Related to their power, though not fully explained, are the tiny tessili creatures. These creatures are like small birds or dragons, though the description and purpose only [...]

    6. Joss Whedon is one my favorite TV/Movie guys. Firefly is perhaps my favorite ever. Alas, there is only one season. After that I got hooked on Dollhouse. I loved the adventures of the Dolls and the big question of what was happening out in the wide world that you couldn't see.So of course when I learned that Tessili Academy was the first in a fantasy series with a concept similar to Dollhouse, but told from the Dolls' perspective, I was totally interested. Whedon does scifi stuff, but my biggest [...]

    7. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This book came about because I wanted to write a series of fantasy novellas. I was intrigued with the idea of writing a lean, spare story set in a world of magic and mystery. I wanted to let the world unfold around the characters, coming into focus little by little.The three small books in this series combine to tell a larger story. They are a sliver of a much larger story still - the story of fallen a people with a forgotten history. My intention is to use a number of short works [...]

    8. At first I found it slow, everything marched little by little, but then the action began and I had to read it until I finished it. Congratulations.

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