Calamity Jena

Calamity Jena Jena Morgan Atlantic City s favorite go go dancer may have overreacted when she found her boyfriend balls deep in a stripper called Candy Instead of washing her eyeballs with bleach she drank a bot

  • Title: Calamity Jena
  • Author: Janet Elizabeth Henderson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jena Morgan, Atlantic City s favorite go go dancer, may have overreacted when she found her boyfriend balls deep in a stripper called Candy Instead of washing her eyeballs with bleach, she drank a bottle of tequila and bought a house off the internet A house far away from her cheating, criminal of an ex boyfriend A house in Scotland As soon as she turns up to claim herJena Morgan, Atlantic City s favorite go go dancer, may have overreacted when she found her boyfriend balls deep in a stripper called Candy Instead of washing her eyeballs with bleach, she drank a bottle of tequila and bought a house off the internet A house far away from her cheating, criminal of an ex boyfriend A house in Scotland As soon as she turns up to claim her new home, Jena finds out exactly why you shouldn t one click houses while falling down drunk It was a dump With no money, and no skills outside of shaking her booty, Jena does the only thing she can do she throws herself into the biggest DIY project the Highlands have ever seen Since Jena s arrival in town, Officer Matt Donaldson s workload has tripled The woman is a menace, gorgeous yes, but definitely a few sandwiches short of a picnic Her only discernible skill seems to be causing chaos wherever she goes She attracts trouble like honey attracts bears Which is why Matt isn t surprised when her ex boyfriend turns out to be a member of the New Jersey mob Although Jena s ex has come to Scotland to win her back, she wants nothing to do with him a reaction the mobster does not take well Overnight, Matt s job morphs from hunting missing cats and breaking up fights at the old folk s home, to chasing down the mob and keeping Jena alive And he s trying to do it all while remaining professional enough to keep his hands off his sexy, but crazy, American charge This is book 4 in the Invertary series, but can be read as a standalone novel Pre order now on

    • Calamity Jena - Janet Elizabeth Henderson
      122 Janet Elizabeth Henderson
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      I grew up in Scotland, but after I met my Dutch husband in America we decided to move to New Zealand and that s where we ve settled We bought a patch of land that we ve filled with other people s unwanted animals we didn t advertise for them, they found us So far we have three miniature horses we took in two and were surprised 11 months later when a third appeared yep, we know nothing about horses , three anti social alpacas, a grumpy cow, one pet sheep who wants to live in the house, a crazy goat who keeps eating my manuscripts and an escape artist chicken who breaks into our house through the cat flap And that s just the pets who live outside the house don t even get me started on the demented, farting dog who keeps burying my shoes On top of this I have two small girls, one DIY obsessed husband I said obsessed not skilled and a 92 year old neighbor who thinks she lives with us In between cuddling animals and herding kids, I write books If you d like to sign up for my newsletter, which happens sporadically usually when books are being released then you ll find a form on my website In the meantime, happy reading my website janetelizabethhenderson

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    1. She has done it again. I love this one a much as the rest. Well maybe a bit more since I'm totally crushing on Don-Don. He's got it all, the uniform, OCD, the well deserved cocky arrogance, patience of a saint, and all around good guy. I really can't think of a single thing I didn't adore about this book. It really has it all, hysterics, hijinx, shenanigans, all the way to major ugly cries. Janet can do no wrong, lol, other than keep me waiting for the next book. Reading OrderLingerie Wars (Inve [...]

    2. Overall rating: 4 "Princess" stars!Triggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ Not between the main characters, but the heroine's ex boyfriend did cheat on her repeatedly(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ Nope - no intimacy with others(hide spoiler)]Intimate Pasts: (view spoiler)[ Matt (hero): It isn't mentioned, but you know that he is experienced with women because he tells the heroine that he is a good lover and would make sex good for her. J [...]

    3. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from the author. Janet has done it again! I've been impatiently waiting for this next installment in the Invertary series, counting the days until its release. In this action-filled, laugh out loud rom-com, Invertary is shaken up yet again by a visiting American ex-go-go dancer, Jena. Wherever she goes, it seems, chaos is sure to ensue. Not that she means it to, of course. Unfortunately, her mishaps haven't gone unnoticed by the entire town, and they've given [...]

    4. The secondary romance was more fun that the main one, but still overall enjoyable.Jena is accident prone. Early in the story local cop Matt says to Jena “men have a tendency to get injured around you.” Another scene had Matt thinking “he’d seen her during the aftermath of many a disastrous date.” All those prior dates and injuries were skipped as if they were a back story I knew nothing about. And I read the previous books. It wasn’t in them. I wish the author would have given us exa [...]

    5. 4.5 Stars RoundedA break up with her long term boyfriend after his extracurricular activites with the staff members at his new strip club, Jena sold everything, bought a house in Invertary on the internet and flew across the pond to resettle in Scotland after a brief foray in Paris. Now with a house in disrepair, few funds to pay someone to renovate and few DIY skills but a pink toolkit, Jena is struggling to make her place and find a way to support herself in her new home. Enter Frank with two [...]

    6. Jena Morgan, Atlantic City’s favorite go-go dancer, may have overreacted when she found her boyfriend balls deep in a stripper called Candy. Instead of washing her eyeballs with bleach, she drank a bottle of tequila and bought a house off the internet. A house far away from her cheating, criminal of an ex-boyfriend. A house in Scotland. As soon as she turns up to claim her new home, Jena finds out exactly why you shouldn't 'one-click' houses while falling-down drunk. It was a dump. With no mon [...]

    7. No my favorite book of the series based in this awesome Scottish town but enjoyable nonetheless. The heroine is new inn town and is a disaster when it comes to dating. Our hero Matt is a cop and all around good boy, so when the heroine's ex comes calling he assigns himself as her protector. The romance was the weakest link in this book but I loved everything else, even Grunt and Matt's sister Claire's crazy story.

    8. 3.5 Betting Board Stars. This is the fourth book in the Invertary series. Goody Two Shoes is still my favorite, but this one upholds the standard. Jena fled Atlantic City looking for a new life. Well, OK, let’s be honest, she was trying to find somewhere her snake of an ex-boyfriend would never in a million years find her. That’s how she ended up in Invertary. Matt, aka Don-Don, is Invertary’s only police officer and he’s looking to get out. He’s tired of the most exciting part of his [...]

    9. ☆ 4.5 starsssss ☆I'm in love with Invertary and its inhabitants!!WHY I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THEM BEFORE IS A MYSTERY TO ME!I've read 2 book in this series so far and I want so much more!The writing is GREAT.With this book I laughed a lot and even the serious moments, (view spoiler)[the most emotional being Matt's father's death after suffering for 8 years from Alzheimer's Disease, (hide spoiler)] were written beautifully.I absolutely loved Jena & Matt and they are surrounded by AMAZING se [...]

    10. Amusingly funny!Jena a go go dancer looking for fresh start buys a home in Scotland. Little did she no she purchased the money pit. She finds help at the locate hardware store with her house troubles. Little does Jena no she is the talk of the for all the accident s she seems to cause. Then her ex shows up demanding she return to the states, she refused and the local lone police officer must intervene and becomes Jena's bodyguard to protect her, until he can get rid of the boyfriend. Matt and Je [...]

    11. There is conflict, but if you're looking for high drama these are not the books for you. Henderson's stories are funny, funny, funny. The scene where the twins run a man off the road is hilarious. There were characters from the other books in the series and for most it would be nice to get another glimpse of them, but it had been a large gap of time since I'd read the other so they were vaguely remembered. Not a distraction to the story, just wish I'd read them closer together because the charac [...]

    12. This is a multi part series but this was the first book in the series that I read. I wasn't lost and it is definitely a stand alone work. The story was funny, really moving, and very fast paced. I had to take a break to wipe my tears near the end and also had to apologize to my family for laughing out loud and not sharing the joke with them. Strongly recommend this book, series and author.

    13. I couldn't put it downThe characters are wonderful. I want to move to this crazy town but I expect like Brigadoon it only exists in our imagination. Made me laugh and made me cry. If you want a book with romance, lots of fun and lots of love this is the book for you. Start the new year with a winner.

    14. No rating I just could not read it but it seems unfair as I've only read about 30 pages to give even a bad rating. I didn't feel I would like the characters and I really felt the book was missing a few chapters at the beginning to understand where the heroine came from.

    15. Another great installment in this witty series by Henderson!! I love these original well written stories and characters! She blends the funny and sad so beautifully! Not enough Betty in this one, she totally should have been table dancing!!

    16. I think this might be my favorite entry in this series. Am looking forward to future visits to Invertary and it'd shenanigans.

    17. This is the first book by this author that I've read, and it was really good. Very funny, and well written.After finding her boyfriend otherwise engaged with one of his employees/strippers, Jena does the only thing she can. She sells everything they own, including his very cherry, pristinely restored muscle car, and buys the first house she finds as far from Jersey as she can get. A quaint little town in Scotland. Invertary. Where she quickly becomes the towns entertainment. They have endeared h [...]

    18. I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!!!Janet Elizabeth Henderson knows how to write a hilarious romantic comedy!!!There is humour (Lots of it) and there is loss, lots of love and plenty of mischief.When I found out Matt was getting his story I nearly peed my pants with Glee!!And then she put in Grunt and Claire and I just about fainted. (Yeah that good)I was so involved in Claire and Sams (Grunt) story I didn’t want their time to end, completely delicious and alpha. And Woah Grunt Im thinking I want a piece. [...]

    19. This book is funny. There's romance, of course, but there are many funny dialogues. A book to entertain us, even if the plot is a little farfetched.

    20. *** 4.5 HILARIOUS Stars ***First read by this author & OMG Hilarious - the tampons + tights and the whole commando in the mini was LOL funny. And although 4th in a series easily read as a standalone with excellent background provided by the author on the characters and events previous.After 26-yr old Jersey go-go dancer Jena Morgan walks in on her cheating manwhore boyfriend she sells off all their wordly goods [incl his prized and fully restored '66 Chevy Chevelle] and hightails it off to S [...]

    21. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsARCCalamity Jena begins when Jena's ex-boyfriend shows up in her new town in Scotland. Jena left him months ago because he cheated on her, and she was done with it. Now, she believes he has connections with the mob, and is after more than she's willing to give. With the help of Matt, the local town cop, and the rest of the town Jena now lives in she's being kept safe for the moment. But "Calamity Jena" isn't ever safe for very long, especially after her [...]

    22. Sadly CALAMITY JANE was not for me. It wasn't awful but it was kind of awful? I don't know. I think maybe I've read too many other novels of a similar tone and plot that are just far more superior. The bar is high in the sexy contemporary genre, especially when it involves a Scot or a Scottish setting. There was a lot of potential but for every good moment it seemed Henderson followed it up by doing something ridiculous or frustrating or just too typical to be enjoyed. I'm pretty sure this was a [...]

    23. I've read the 1st and 3rd book in this series along with this one. Unless Jena was in the second book then I don't think we ever hear of her until this book. It was a little odd at first since we didn't get to "meet her" when the rest of the town did. I got over that quick though, catching up on her and falling easily in love with her.I only haven't read the second book because it just didn't sound like a plot for me. I may go ahead and read it though because I have really liked all the ones I'v [...]

    24. I bought this book (2 copies - one for me and one for my niece Jena, spelled the "correct" (unusual) way with one "n"). Jena's copy was to be an extra little item in her bag of bridal shower gifts. I was thrilled - it's fate! - when I read the back of the book and found that the love interest's name is "Matt". My Jena's fiancé is named Matt! How perfect is that? So the book endeared itself to me before I even opened it up. Now that I've actually read it, I really liked it. A lot of interesting [...]

    25. I went full circle with this book. I laughed and I cried at Jena's misadventures. Rightfully nicknamed "Calamity" Jena escapes to Invertary after she catches her wanna-be mobster BF cheating on her with a siliconed stripper named Candy. After disposing of his assets she funds a trip to Paris and buys an old house in Invertary. She beguiles the local men who literally fall over themselves to date her. The local cop Matt is immune to her charms and views her as a hazard. Then Frank, the ex, steams [...]

    26. Absolutely loved this book! It was funny and witty but not cheesy. The characters were so likable and they pulled right into their world. This was not just about Jena, it was about the people in this wonderful town. Claire and Megan had me laughing so hard I was in tears. This is a great read with all things that you like, great people, funny situations, some drama, some suspense, some hot steamy scenes, and some heart wrenching moments. I cannot say enough good things about this book. If you ha [...]

    27. Perfect, perfect, perfect!!! That's what this book was. Janet Elizabeth Henderson is a master story teller. I have read book one and now this one (on sale for 99¢) and they are A-Maz-Ing!!! The people of Invertary are hilarious! I want to move there and live the rest of my life with friends, family and laughter every day. This book has everything a book is supposed to have, romance, family, friends, possessive men, laughter, tears, crazy ex and crazier town folk. I've been in a bit of a book sl [...]

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