A Marriage Fit for a Sinner

A Marriage Fit for a Sinner Now il mio angelo I make you mine Billionaire Zaccheo Giordano walks out of prison with one thing on his mind revenge on the treacherous Pennington family who put him there And he ll start with his

  • Title: A Marriage Fit for a Sinner
  • Author: Maya Blake
  • ISBN: 9780373138630
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • Now, il mio angelo, I make you mine Billionaire Zaccheo Giordano walks out of prison with one thing on his mind revenge on the treacherous Pennington family who put him there And he ll start with his ex fianc e Eva Pennington.When Zaccheo demands she wear his ring again to save her family from his wrath, Eva has to agree At least a marriage in name only means she won Now, il mio angelo, I make you mine Billionaire Zaccheo Giordano walks out of prison with one thing on his mind revenge on the treacherous Pennington family who put him there And he ll start with his ex fianc e Eva Pennington.When Zaccheo demands she wear his ring again to save her family from his wrath, Eva has to agree At least a marriage in name only means she won t have to reveal the painful truth that she s infertile Until Zaccheo makes it clear their marriage will be real in every sense, including giving him an heir

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    1. 2,5 stars.e I liked the heroA Marriage Fit for a Sinner by Maya Blake is the 6th book in the Seven Sexy Sins series and this one is based on “wrath”.Poor Italian billionaire Zaccheo Giordano!! After what the perfidious Pennington family put him through the last two years….I would want my revenge too!!!Wrongly accused and framed for a crime he did not commit, Zaccheo first thought on his mind after his release from prison is to bring down that family……starting with his ex-fiancée, Eva [...]

    2. What better way to make an entrance than to land a helicopter admist a blaze of pyrotechnics that you flew personally on the lawn of an engagement party of a stately home.Now who would make an entrance like this you ask,well,I' ll tell you.e hero of this book,Zacchero is who.Zacchero,ex convict,newly released from a 15 month prison stay,wrongfully accused is now hellbent on exacting revenge on the entire Pennington family for sending him to prison for crimes he did not commit.First on his list i [...]

    3. Book starts with hero Zaccheo walking out of prison. He is obsessed with revenge on the family who put him there and his ex-fiancée, Eva. When Zaccheo demands she wear his ring again to save her father from prison and disgrace, Eva agrees. But Eva is afraid of how Zaccheo will react once he finds out that she can't give him what he wants most: children.I just loved this book. Zaccheo is an alpha hero literally walking off the page who leaves you breathless and wanting to read more. And the mome [...]

    4. Mi primer novelita de Maya Banks y me encantó~ ¡Qué linda pareja hacen Zaccheo y Eva! Sus conversaciones, las escenas que comparten juntos. La tensión sexual muy bien lograda, incluso hasta el epílogo me gustó.

    5. Nothing wrong with the book, but honestly I was so bored reading it. Nothing was happening much, as usual in HQ there was this stupid misunderstanding when she thought this and he thought that. Plus him being a famous man-whore who loved women and her I assume virgin doesn't really work for me at all. She acted stupid in things that had to do with her family, and honestly I didn't feel like she used to love hero that much. I felt more emotions from him(and he wasn't a jerk as he could be conside [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this HP!!!Not going to say much about the plot, synopsis gives a good preview. Just a quick overview. Great opening pages with some gripping scenes!!!Had me hooked from page one.I really liked Zaccheo, the hero. He was alpha, somewhat obsessed with the heroine, full of angst and determined to have her at all cost. Eva, our heroine was strong, kind hearted and dedicated to her family. She also wrestled with her attraction/feeling for Zaccheo, but wasn't afraid to speak her mind o [...]

    7. 4.5 stars. Another enjoyable and entertaining read by Maya Blake. This was Maya's contribution to the Seven Sexy Sins miniseries with her focus being Wrath, which was a main feature in the story mainly Zaccheo. Not that he didn't have a right to be angry because he certainly did but his wrath knew no bounds. The person subjected to that wrath most was the heroine Eva, a person who didn't deserve it most of all but because of circumstances and misconceptions was burnt the most of all. I enjoyed t [...]

    8. A Marriage Fit for a Sinner began with fireworks. I hoped it would continue on that explosive path. Unfortunately the heroine enabling her bad relatives and the hero not getting the justice for himself rather ruined a potentially great romance. Even the epilogue was a let down with the heroine still in contact with her bad daddy.This Presents had potential. It gets 3 stars for the great beginning.

    9. DNFI don't even remember where did I stop reading and started skimming then stopped and re-started but when I realized I was reading the epilogue 🙃I'm not a fan of the kind of heroine that claimed she loved the H with all her heart but never ever visited him in jail or try to get an explanation of why he "committed" the crime.And then it's the H the one that has to prove his love to her by forgiving the man (her dad) that set him (the H) up to go to prison for a crime committed by daddy deare [...]

    10. wow! wow! wow! An alpha with an undeserved bad boy reputation. 'Sizzling' and Scorching if I may say so! The H is ' to die for'. He evolved from a polished , pretty boy to a bulky, rough edged , 'sizzling' hunk! Didn't know jail could 'sexyrise' a man.The sex appeal of a bulky H with long hair and beard G! I loved that! Phew! Our H had issues with blue bloods and aristocrats because of harsh and cruel treatments. He was betrayed by the h family. Wrongfully incarcerated he served his time and zer [...]

    11. It was a drag fest! We had a poor little rich heroine who was mopping so much in the end that she drove me crazy. An alpha hero who was on a misguided revenge trip till he realized he loved the poor little rich heroine too much. A happily ever after ensued with the hero forgiving the heroine's father for framing him and sending him, an innocent man to the prison.

    12. I don't believe that the H loves the h even for a moment. No romance at all in my opinion.The revenge is also absurd and I never understand why she goes along with H's blackmail.

    13. Another hero who blamed the innocent woman, treats her badly when he really loves her and then says I love you and all is forgiven.

    14. Maya Blake always writes wonderful stories , however she has written such an excellent story that you will not want to put it down till the end. She writes about Zaccheo Giordano who is imprisoned for something he didn't do but was set up by Oscar Pennington the father of Eva who he was briefly engaged to. When he is released he has revenge on his mind and the first order of business is breaking up Eva's engagement party in a spectacular way. I am not giving away any more of this story it has to [...]

    15. 8/10. I liked the start of this book and then lost interest when the hero was forcing her into marriage and organising her life (picking up all her belongings/furniture from her bedsit and relocating them to her suite in his apartment into the exact same setup as it was in her bedsit) however the story picked up again and became a page turner. Enjoyed this book, enjoyed the characters, they both definitely had chemistry, but why he kept away so long after she told him her secret I don't know. It [...]

    16. This book started out with a lot of energy. Then one- half way thru i knew what was going to happen and then i knew that that even though the boy got the girl that she would put up a fit. There were few surprises and a good story but the next book Maya writes for Harlequin is about Romeo who you get a brief glance at in this book and i think it will be explosive!

    17. An excellent revenge romance. Zaccheo has just been released from prison for a crime he did not commit and is out for revenge starting with his ex-fiance Eva. Zaccheo knows that it was Eva's family who put him there and what follows is a well written fast paced romance.

    18. I love stories where either the hero or the heroine are falsely imprisoned and have to clear their name. This one was particularly poignant and I'm looking forward to the story of a secondary character in this - Romeo

    19. "Blake combines an engaging storyline with interesting, fleshed-out characters" (RT Book Reviews). Miniseries: Seven Sexy Sins

    20. To be honest, I skimmed a lot of this book so i wasn't too sure of specifics but even from skimming, it was decent. Reading the reviews, i knew it was a good book so I'm looking forward to flipping through this again when i have more time. I also really enjoyed the ending. It was so sweet.

    21. Interesting storyI like the HEA ending. I liked both the hero and heroine. Some of the story was a little clinched, but I appreciated that both learned to overcome their childhoods and created a wonderful new family.

    22. Wow!Once I started reading, could not put it down!I was truly not expecting this from what I read on the back cover!I do not give 5 stars but this is 4.5 for sureWaiting for Romeo story, hope it as good as this one or better.

    23. Brilliant book loved the alpha male zaccheo and Eva was a good character too I'd like to buy more of maya banks as this story didn't have any annoying flaws

    24. A man wrongfully incarcerated gets out of jail bent to getting revenge on the family that put him there. That’s right—it’s The Greek’s Pleasurable Revenge. Oh, wait. That’s another romance novel. You can forgive me for making the mistake. They’re so similar in tone and plot that the error is understandable.Eva Pennington has an aggrieved sister rather than sneering brothers and her father is alive instead of inconveniently deceased like Aristotle Gianopoulous. Eva also doesn’t have [...]

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