Citadel 32: A Tale of the Aggregate

Citadel A Tale of the Aggregate In a base on the Moon a man finds a strange discovery that could lead to reconnection with Earth But someone wants to stop him from pursuing it Meanwhile on Earth a monk of the Citadel discovers a s

  • Title: Citadel 32: A Tale of the Aggregate
  • Author: Tom Merritt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In a base on the Moon, a man finds a strange discovery that could lead to reconnection with Earth But someone wants to stop him from pursuing it Meanwhile on Earth, a monk of the Citadel discovers a strange ancient artwork Could it lead to truth of the myth of the Moon Men Finding out the truth could kill him.

    • Citadel 32: A Tale of the Aggregate >> Tom Merritt
      170 Tom Merritt
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    1. 3 1/2 stars.The author explains in the beginning that this short novel was written in one month, as part of the NaNoWriMo challenge.That said, I must admit that the story did not captivate me as I wanted. However, being fair, the plot and the characters, and the book as a whole are correctly written.As a criticism, the tale has an excess of technical information in some parts. On the other hand, I consider that the worldbuidling is very good, and also that I liked the ending of the story.

    2. Citadel 32 was a nice, quick read. A fun, quick SciFi story that takes place in two places: The Earth, and the Moon. The story moves pretty quickly and delves a bit into interesting policies and practices that would naturally come about from an independent moon colony, or a post-civilization-earth. Sometimes it seems like the story is going a bizarre direction, and it's not really ever clarified why it went that way, but the story is for the most part fulfilling.(view spoiler)[The good: Merrit d [...]

    3. I found the characters and world of this book absolutely fascinating, and I think Merritt has done a fantastic job of creating unique science fiction work that is genuinely interesting. I literally couldn't put it down and read it in two sittings.Having said that, it does feel like it happened to quickly. Having drawn out the literal, Merritt misses some of the description and emotion that could really make this an amazing story. There's no outrage at being caught, little foreshadowing of a roma [...]

    4. Citadel 32 feels like the outline for a much broader story. Everything one reads of the tale is interesting. The characters are well plotted out and the narrative flows well with good pacing. While there are certainly a few tropes that seem to pop up here and there, as is often the case with post-apocalyptic fiction, the story has its own voice and its own tone. The biggest failing of Citadel 32 is that it feels rushed. There are large parts of the story, characters and events that are glossed o [...]

    5. I want more!I grew up with sci-fi. I watch the author's podcast, which is how I discovered the book. When I realized I had less than 10% of the book left to read, I knew I was in trouble; no matter how it ended, I would want more.I consider that the ultimate sign of success in a story: you satisfyingly wrap up the current plot, tell the tale you started with (even if it's not the one your audience initially expected), but they want more. Congrats, Tom Merritt. I want more.

    6. Unique take on post apocalyptic scifiA very enjoyable read with likable characters and interesting views on what society might become post a global disaster. The touches of recycling everything to survive were particularly cool and I loved how the author fed those into forming the culture. Overall a good read.

    7. Very enjoyable classic sci-if novella. It takes me back to the stories by Campbell, Azimov, Heinlein and Clarke that I read as a kid in the 70s. If this were a movie, it would make a great double bill with Wool, by Hugh Howie.

    8. Very goodInteresting premise, and great story telling. Cit32 kept me interested and always wanting to find out what was next. I just hope we get some more tales and history from this universe.

    9. A great Sci-Fi short story from my favorite tech news podcaster, Tom Merritt. It leaves you with many unanswered questions, yet also a glimpse of hope for the future world it occupies. Hopefully it is a world Mr. Merritt will return to in our own future.

    10. Fun fast original ride. Tom invented a very cool, very original world, and really likable characters. I'd love to know more about this universe.

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