My Little Monster, Vol. 9

My Little Monster Vol Sudah cukup lama Shizuku dan Haru jadian tapi Shizuku tetap merasa mereka terpisah oleh jarak yang jauh Dia tak tahu apa apa tentang Haru Sampai akhirnya dari Andou Shizuku mulai mendapat sedikit pe

  • Title: My Little Monster, Vol. 9
  • Author: Robico
  • ISBN: 9781612629933
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sudah cukup lama Shizuku dan Haru jadian, tapi Shizuku tetap merasa mereka terpisah oleh jarak yang jauh Dia tak tahu apa apa tentang Haru Sampai akhirnya dari Andou, Shizuku mulai mendapat sedikit petunjuk tentang keadaan keluarga Haru.

    • My Little Monster, Vol. 9 BY Robico
      184 Robico
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    1. Another awesome volume that I loved and had so much fun reading. It's crazy that this series is almost over, but I am glad that I decided to read this. There are so many things that weren't explained in the anime so I am really glad that I was filled in with the gaps of the plot with this manga. "The old me would never have known how blue the afternoon sky looks from the roof. My world is growing. What I once considered background noise is now comforting."Shizuku is a studybug who cares about he [...]

    2. I'm starting to love this series.Surprisngly, I'm not just following series out of curiousity to know Haru's past. I'm reading it because I love characters and the way they develope. It's just like real life; everything is so ambiguous that you'll never know if your choice was right, or that how others think or feel. I just want to watch their desicions and the consequences closely.

    3. Series rating 5.0 starss! I read this series on a whim while waiting for Ao Haru Ride updates.I never expected to love this one so much!! I love the illustrations of the mangaka and the plot of the story too. It's filled with cutesy scenes and such (though not all of it).The story starts with a misunderstanding on Haru-kun's side, as he thinks that Shizuku is a friend of his. The guy is pretty dense on just about everything though, so that explains it. From this encounter then starts a rollercoa [...]

    4. Ya ampun, akhirnya komik ini lanjut terbit lagi. *bahagia.Entah kenapa, saya lebih suka sama plotnya Sasayan dan Natsume ketimbang Shizuku dan Haru. Ada sesuatu yang lebih nyata dan manis dalam hubungannya mereka.Anyway, semoga terjemahannya kali ini gak ngadat lagi. Dan please, please jangan kejadian seperti Cat Street. Just please, :')

    5. 4.5 stars. We are really getting closer to the end, though I am worried on how it will end, it feels like it still can go on for a long time. Also Iyo is just getting annoying and I just wish she wasn't added. We also find out more about Haru's past. \o/

    6. Esta serie esta empeorando en los últimos tomos. Una pena, en vez de seguir avanzando parece que no hayamos pasado del primer tomo.

    7. In SummarySummer means trips and festivals! Not a whole lot of major developments during the first half of the volume, but the cast’s antics are still entertaining as they make the most of school break. Then, at the start of the new semester, scandal erupts for the Yoshida family. We’ve seen bits of Haru’s family life before, but this latest development promises to shed a whole lot more light on the origins of Haru’s unusual personality.The ReviewVolume 9 continues where the previous vol [...]

    8. Series review! 5/5!I've gotten fed up with tsundere characters so I went out to test/read more of this other subtype known as kuudere (google: kuu "cool" + dere "lovestruck"; literally: cold and emotionless characters that slowly show their feelings). A quick google search of top rated/favorited ones included this (and Akuma to Love Song, which I stopped reading a loooong way back and must re-read again soon) so I did. And I am pleased. Very pleased. One of the reasons why I stopped reading shou [...]

    9. Few more volumes and this series will finish. I don't want it to end!! waaahhhh!!! I liked this series, even though I had a little tough time wrapping it in my head for the first two volumes. But now I get it Haru's past is slowly getting visible and Shizuku is getting more and more curious about Haru. That is good! I want to know what happened in Haru's past too. Sasayan and Natsume I wanted this to happen from the beginning. Even though the idea of Micchan and Asako seems all cool, I knew it w [...]

    10. bagian ini salah satu komik yang hana baca berulang pas di manga onlinesuka sama sasayan :Dbiasanya kalau baca komik, hana jatuh cinta sama tokoh utama lelakinyatetap suka sama Haru tapi kali ini hana lebih suka sasayan :Ddi komik ini bagian sasayan mulai lebih banyakdia berantem sama natsumesuka sama semua karakter di komik iniI feel related to them allShizuku yang blak-blakan,Haru yang belajar berteman dengan temen sekelasnya,Natsume yang kesepian dan kerjaanya kabur ke dunia online,sasayan ya [...]

    11. Not much happened in this volume but it was amazing for character development. The events on the chapters show how far Shizuku has come from her old self and we see how Haru is starting to realize how things are supposed to work in a relationship (winning back my love, so now I don't root for Yamaken as I did before still kinda do tho) I really liked the interactions between Asaka and Sasayan :) Im really happy with this manga, it's exactly the kind of clichè I like, is well written and gives [...]

    12. This is turning into one of my favorite manga series. Shizuku and Haru started off as completely weird--Shizuku is intensely antisocial and Haru is just plain crazy--but their friendship and relationship has grown so much. This volume especially has some really cute scenes that show how much the characters have changed. I really love this series and can't wait for the other volumes to be released in English (since I can't read Japanese well enough yet to read the Japanese versions).

    13. This is as far as I get in this series, so the rating is for this and the previous volumes as wellSuch a slow pace for my liking, funny most of the time, but with a slow development in their relationship. The anime made me laugh and go crazy with the girl, she seriously need that someone knock some sense into her hard skull ( and she is a genious, ha!)The guy? I'm so curious about what happened to him.

    14. Haru just keeps getting more and more lovable! True, he's keeping stuff back but it looks like we'll have some answers very shortly.

    15. I'd read the manga and I loved it But I don't have a copy. Only read it online. For now, I got no plans for buying a copy.

    16. I'm glad to see Haru growing in terms of social skills (a tiny bit, at least), but I hope he starts opening up to Shizuki more.

    17. These keep getting adorable with each volume. The story and characters also keep getting more interesting as the story arcs go along. Good volume.

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