Don't Forget the Bacon!

Don t Forget the Bacon A simple trip to the grocery store becomes complicated when a boy mixes up his shopping list again and again Repeated phrases and predictable pattern make this favorite story by a critically acclaimed

  • Title: Don't Forget the Bacon!
  • Author: Pat Hutchins
  • ISBN: 9780688131029
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • A simple trip to the grocery store becomes complicated when a boy mixes up his shopping list again and again Repeated phrases and predictable pattern make this favorite story by a critically acclaimed author ideal for sharing with new readers in a group setting.

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    About "Pat Hutchins"

    1. Pat Hutchins

      Pat Hutchins is an English illustrator and writer of children s books.She won the 1974 Kate Greenaway Medal from the Library Association, recognising the year s best children s book illustration by a British subject The work was The Wind Blew, a picture book in rhyme which she also wrote It shows how a crowd of people anxiously chase their belongings in the wind.

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    1. Pat Hutchins creates an adorable tale of a young boy who is given a short grocery list to remember: six farm eggs, a cake for tea, a pound of pears and bacon. He and his furry companion make the trek to the market, along the way trying to remember the items on the list. He runs into trouble when he mixes up the words and forgets which items to get. Finally, he purchases the correct items and returns home to his mother. He realizes at that moment that he forgot the one item he did not mix up: bac [...]

    2. We've all forgotten a list or two in our time (like yesterday at the supermarket!), and our young helper has all the same problems. Words that sound the same, with a bit of a distraction and it all gets mixed up. Kids will identify with the forgotten list - though alas perhaps not with being allowed down the street on their own.Would be good fun to follow a class read with the game Shopping List.

    3. With his basket on his wrist and his dog at his side, a little boy is sent to the store. Saying the list over and over, the words sort of gets jumbled-mumbled up, except for 'don't forget the bacon't, when the right words come back, the most important item is left behind. Used for "Cheep, Oink, and Moo: Chicken, Pork, and Beef" storytime-April, 2010.


    5. What can happen when a mother sends her kid on a simple errand to purchase "Six farm eggs, a cake for tea, a pound of pears", and, of course, bacon? Quite a lot can happen, as we find in this book. The plethora of distractions swirling through the streets and stores in town and all the way there are more than a match for our young protagonist, trying to keep straight the order specified by Mother back at home. But is it six farm eggs his mother wanted, or six fat legs? A cake for tea, or "a cape [...]

    6. Cute and Quick! A son is sent to the story to get food items for his mom, but he does not write them down! On the way to the store, the boy passes by several odd sights that make him confused about what he was supposed to pick up. For example, a "pound of pairs" becomes "a flight of stairs." Despite all of his confusion, he is sure not to forget the bacon. When he is finally at the store, he buys all the correct items, but what does he forget?? The bacon, of course!I used this story to introduce [...]

    7. This is a silly story about a little boy with a grocery list of four items who proceeds to confuse the items on his list with other items that he sees along the way. The fact that the young child is allowed to walk about town and go shopping on his own is completely alien to our girls, but I know that it was much more common when the story was first published in 1976. Overall, it's a fun tale and we enjoyed listening to Larry Robinson narrate the story on CD while we followed along with the book [...]

    8. This was the first book I had to argue for the right to continue enjoying when I was 'too old for picture books'. I was eight and an advanced reader when I saved up for it 10p at a time from the school book club. It’s full of pleasing rhyming word play as the character steadily misremembers each item on his shopping list, with amusingly improbable illustrations: “Six farm eggs?/ Six fat legs?/ Six clothes pegs?”. Aesthetically this one doesn’t stand up with her best, Rosie’s Walk, but [...]

    9. The short sentences in the story lead to hilarious reading. A young boy is told to go to the market to get a few things for his mother. He is reminded to not forget the bacon. The boy promptly begins to forget each item but eventually remembers everything. Excepthe forgets the bacon!The children in Reception really enjoyed this book. It had a nice rhyming text and the chldren all tried to remember the correct things to go for. It was funny all the things that sounded the same but were all wrong. [...]

    10. A little boy is given a list of things to get for his mother, with a warning not to forget the bacon. He repeats the list over and over and eventually mixes up the list in quite a humorous way. He rights it, but then guess what he forgets? This is a fun build-upon story that can help children develop narrative skills, and it is sure to get a laugh from kids and adults. I used it for a breakfast-themed bilingual story time program, and I was happy with the result.

    11. This book is a classic. It is about a kid being sent out to buy things for his mom. I did not like this book because the color scheme was gross, all this pee yellow. And then the kid forgot the bacon of course. I just thought that was annoying. If I was to use this book to teach, I would look at the story line and ponder through why the author would have the kid forget the bacon. Why not have to kid remember the bacon and have his mom happy with him that he succeeded?

    12. The theory is that predictable patterns help young readers develop confidence. However, Pat Hutchins books give me a headache. It reminds me of a long car ride spent playing that game where each person has to add an item onto an established list (I'm going to the store and I'm going to buy an apple, I'm going to the store and I'm going to buy an apple and bananas, etc)

    13. This book was really funny--a little boy goes into town to buy some things for his mother. Along the way, he changes the words into other things, and ends up buying an assortment of random objects. The pictures are simple, but effective, and there is a good amount of repetition in the story. The sound-alikes presented in this story make it a great tool for building phonologic awareness.

    14. This is a simple book about a boy who is sent to the market for his mother, however he can't seem to remember the grocery list quite right. Use this book with pre-k to first graders to check out the fun rhyme scheme of the crazy mixed up grocery list.

    15. Classic Pat Hutchins. Short sentences lead to hilarious reading. A young boy is told to go to the market to get a few things for his mother. He is reminded to not forget the bacon. The boy promptly begins to forget each item but eventually remembers everything. Excepthe forgets the bacon!

    16. This book has a silly story line that would engage young children. The illustrations are colorful and catch your eye. This story is repetitive and the children would be able to engage with you as you are reading. Would be a good book to use in a classroom to learn sequence.

    17. Very cute, fun, rhyming book. Quick and easy to read with simple words. Great book for children to learn how to recall information. I would use this book in my class to teach about what's going to happen next.

    18. This is a great book to read to any child. The purpose of this book is to teach children about counting and different types of food. My favorite part was when he mixed everything up besides the bacon. It showed how much he liked it.

    19. Cute picture book about a young boy going to the store for his mother. He tries to remember the list of things he is to pick up for his mother. Cute book, great for a story telling. Could do a telephone extension activity with group of kids.

    20. This went extremely well for a class visit story time. I called out the title on the cover and the title page and every time after that I would say "Don't forget the" and hold my hand behind my ear and the class would yell out "Bacon."

    21. I loved this book! It was so funny and easy to memorize, and the best part was that we got the one that was gigantic. Seriously, it took up half of the couch. Mama says that any book about bacon has to be good.

    22. Pat Hutchins is one of my favorite authors of books for young children. And this is one of my favorite books

    23. This is a cute silly simple litte book. Good for teaching sequencing, and repetition. The pictures are simple, but effective.

    24. Alot of repetition is used throughout the book, in every page. Some rhyming is included in this story. Illustrations are very simple and easy to understand.

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