No, Not that Jane Austen

No Not that Jane Austen This is a short story prequel to The Best of Fools The complete opposite of her parents Jane doesn t like reading love stories and can t stand all things romance but most especially she hates her na

  • Title: No, Not that Jane Austen
  • Author: Marilyn Grey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is a short story prequel to The Best of Fools The complete opposite of her parents, Jane doesn t like reading love stories and can t stand all things romance, but most especially she hates her name No, not that Jane Austen, she s said so many times to so many teachers, friends, and strangers, while lamenting the fact that her parents named her after one of their faThis is a short story prequel to The Best of Fools The complete opposite of her parents, Jane doesn t like reading love stories and can t stand all things romance, but most especially she hates her name No, not that Jane Austen, she s said so many times to so many teachers, friends, and strangers, while lamenting the fact that her parents named her after one of their favorite authors, the very author who sparked their own love story Jane isn t looking for a love story, and on the eve of her 18th birthday she happily considers changing her name and finally steering her life away from the self imposed expectations that come with it, but she meets a charming British boy on his way back home and everything she s fought hard to control suddenly becomes irresistible.

    • No, Not that Jane Austen - Marilyn Grey
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    1. ‘‘I can’t say I’ve ever met a girl like you before.’’You just met her, yet you dare use this easily avoidable sappy line, Alistair. Good thing Jane was considerably reasonable and didn’t fall for your, hmm, incomparable charming personality right away.They first laid eyes on each other in an airport and instantly connected. After that episode, they didn’t immediately go their own way, since Jane decided to drive him along to a tattoo shop. A complete stranger. Did I ever say that [...]

    2. Download for free from Smashwords here: smashwords/books/viewThis was an okay short story. I didn't really feel like I had enough time to get to know Jane, and I didn't really understand why she was so desperate to change her name and get a tattoo.I didn't really feel like there was enough time to like Alistair either, and the way he left Jane, and the strange note he left were just that - strange. Can't say I'm all that impressed overall.6 out of 10

    3. Download for free on smashwords: smashwords/books/viewI was asked to review this short prequel by the lovely author, Marilyn Grey.This is definitely a cute and quick read. This reminds me of a prologue before a book, a long prologue at that! From what I have learned about Jane Austen, Not THAT Jane Austen, is that she is not the one to fall in love, she just doesn't see what most girls do. The romance, the giggles, the ever after with a perfect happiness. I suggest there's a reason for that, and [...]

    4. First, i have to say, i love this cover!The writing is great. I love this carefree style, without pretentious words and yet told with style. That's the first thingthat came on my mind while reading.Donovan. I fell in love with him with first couple of sentences :) Such a great character. I really hope to see more of him.I love connection between Jane and Alistair. Like a writing style, their connection is also carefree and quite simple.Of course since this is just a prequel i believe that at som [...]

    5. PERFECTION!!!!!I can honestly say this book swept me off my feet! The characters were so realistic and extremely believable. The storyline lacked nothing. Perfect set up for the upcoming book! Instead of The End, seeing To Be Continued made my heart race almost as much as the idea of a real Alistar. This short story had me desperate for more! I am definitely looking forward to The Best Of Fools!!!!

    6. Actual rating - 2.5I didn't really like the characters in this, and I didn't like the romance.There wasn't much going on this really, apart from Jane going on about wanting to change her name and getting tattoos. I didn't get why she was so determined to change her name really. I get that she was tired of people asking if her name was her real name, but changing it just because of that seems a bit silly.I wasn't impressed by the ending either unfortunately. (view spoiler)[And I have to say, If I [...]

    7. I am not one to read short or quick books often, unless I know the author. I did not know this one but I am certainly glad I one-clicked!!Jane is a character that I think a lot will love. I am certainly looking forward to more of her. Her rationalization of life and love are both refreshing and inspiring. I loved some of her points especially her example of the pressure of love that is put onto girls from a young age. It is so true!!! I never thought of it till now but looking back at it I see [...]

    8. It's just not something I'm interested in. People fall in love too easily and it's all fuzzy and surfacey, then what happens? They get cheated on or they break up or they lose interest. Does that sound appealing to you?" I picked up my drink. "Way too much drama for me." Famous last words! Haha I picked this up this morning quite excited because last time I checked the release date was still a while out. So with lighting reflexes I one clicked and began the journey.I absolutely love Marilyn's ot [...]

    9. WooooooowAMAZING!!!!I know this was only a prequel but I am practically shaking with wanting more! I can already tell I'm going to love the full novel. The way Marilyn writes is very different from other authors I've read, but in a good way. I hope I get to read the full novel soon, fingers crossed.

    10. Another book in a series that has an interesting plot. Romance in a different kind of way. Looking forward to how the character of Jane Austen will end up in this series. I learned something about young adult culture from this one. Nice read!

    11. Have you ever eaten something that made you savour every taste of it until you came to the last bite without even realizing it and you were left unsatisfied hanging craving for more only to find out that what you had was just the appetizer and you didn't even had an idea because it was too good and you were lost enjoying it and so you'd end up more than willing to wait for the main course to be served no matter how long it would take because the appetizer was simply too appealing and tasty and y [...]

    12. The complete opposite of her parents, Jane doesn't like reading love stories and can't stand all things romance, but most especially she hates her name. "No, not that Jane Austen," she's said so many times to so many teachers, friends, and strangers, while lamenting the fact that her parents named her after one of their favorite authors, the very author who sparked their own love story. Jane isn't looking for a love story, and on the eve of her 18th birthday she happily considers changing her na [...]

    13. No, not that Jane Austen by Marilyn Grey.This is a quick, quirky read that will have you smiling all the way through. Jane, no not that famous Jane, this Jane is an 18 year old girl with an aversion to the lovey dovey fairy tales and believes love isn't for everyone. Being raised in an idyllic family surrounding, with parents who adore each other, family that think the world of you and best friends that love you unconditionally, you'd think Jane would love the idea of falling in love, but no. In [...]

    14. **I was asked to review** :)I enjoyed this. Admittedly I did find it a little odd that Jane would have doubts about accepting a cup of coffee from a stranger, and yet she was happy enough to drag him along as she got a tattoo – her first and a personal experience that she had wanted to share with actual friends and not a stranger.Of course this is a romance story, of sorts so once I got over that, I enjoyed the rest. Loved the Nicholas Sparks mentions. I am a fan of his too so I could identify [...]

    15. READ THE NEXT BOOK FOR FREE!This prequel will continue in The Best of Fools which is available now for pre-order on US and UK. BUT you can get a free paperback copy of The Best of Fools simply by being one of the first 25 people people to review No, Not that Jane Austen on ! Did you enjoy No, Not that Jane Austen? Are you excited to read more in The Best of Fools? Enter to win a FREE KINDLE FIRE HD6 when you let Marilyn know by leaving a review of No, Not that Jane Austen right now! AND the fi [...]

    16. Not totally what I was expecting, but a few minor typos aside, I ended up really liking this. Main character Jane Austen is tired of feeling pressure from all sides about romance, and her name certainly doesn't help. But then she bumps into Alistair at the airport (literally) and over the course of the day she begins to think a little less negatively about it. This description sounds like a bunch of other cheesy romance books where the main character is resistant to the idea of love only then, o [...]

    17. Kindle CopyIt’s not easy being named Jane Austen and having parents caught up in romance. She does not believe in romance and think it is highly overrated. All she wants fir her eighteen birthday is a name change and tattoos.Taking her best friend to the airport to catch a flight, she stumbles across a British guy named Alistair who she trips over. He offers to buy her a cup of tea which turns to coffee as an apology. Before she knows it, she has spent the whole day with him as they get to kno [...]

    18. I really enjoyed reading this short story prequel! The follow up book is going to be a must read for me. The author grabbed me into this story from the beginning and didn't let go until the end.The story is one day in the life of Jane who meets Alistair while dropping off a friend at the airport. Alistair is returning home to Britain but they spend the day together. He is a proper gentleman making this a clean romance. This story will take you back to being 18. You'll remember that sweet feeling [...]

    19. Wow, this is quite creative. I just finished my No, Not that Jane Austen. I found the novella to be charming and exciting. A young girl meets a stranger at the airport on her 18th birthday just after seeing a friend off for his flight. They spend the day together and agree, that in 4 years they shall meet back for that kiss that he wanted so badly. There are so many ways this book can take off. I was really hoping he would kiss her too! Somehow I feel the love of her life just slipped away! I su [...]

    20. I luckily got the chance to read this book when the author contacted me herself. I downloaded it and opened it on my nook while riding home and I finished it so quickly. Alistair is the absolute perfect leading man and I found myself being swept away by his charm and Jane was phenomenal in her stubborn fight against her name. At times though, I did find the dialogue a bit confusing and hard to follow but overall, great read! I'm ready to start The Best of Fools. Thank you much Ms. Marilyn Grey f [...]

    21. (Favorite sentence in the whole book) "Color me shocked," but I loved this book! I didn't know what to expect because I was asked to review this. I felt I could relate to Jane right away. Overall, I felt I could relate to a lot of parts. I loved the author's writing style. Anytime I read Alistair's dialogue it made me laugh. I loved the similes that the author used. "The next hour or however long it took, dripped by like water from a sink left on the absolute lowest setting." I would highly reco [...]

    22. Great refreshing novel after being on a book slump for some time. I love characters who are witty and independentent, but also realistic. Jane fit these qualiities very well and I loved her spunk. Her and Alistiar's realtionship was cute, nothing was rushed, but still could be fit into 33 pages. Sadly, when it comes to romances, I like them drawn out and somewhat complicated (I just have the feeling of incompleteness after I read them). But I will say that I believe that Ms. Grey wrote a short l [...]

    23. I don't think I have read anything by this author before, but I really liked the style. It was very easy to read and had a good pace. This book did a good job of introducing the characters and making me really look forward to reading more. I like the interaction and they are relate-able. Seriously I may have been Jane when I was 18. I know this was a prequel but really it felt like a sort of long sample. I guess that's the point, just a taste to make you want more, and it is free on Kindle Unlim [...]

    24. This is one of the best Marilyn Grey books I read so far. I was so excited to read this short prequel. I can relate to Jane as to how she feels about love. I was laughing hard when I learned that at that age, she has not gotten into a relationship as well (but already had her first, second and so on kisses!) I am so surprised to see how Ms. Grey created a fiction that could actually happen in real life. I am so in love right now! Tho' I haven't read any Jane Austen book, but would definitely rea [...]

    25. Oh my, this was absolutely the best ever novella. Wow, it just draws you in so quickly. It's cute, quirky, and all kinds of crazy fun. Jane is a trip, just love her. I caught myself laughing out loud. I couldn't stop reading this until the very end, so I'm posting my middle of the night review. Love, love, love, it!! Definitely worth a read and can't wait to read the novel "The Best of Fools." : )

    26. I liked this book, the plot is very interesting and it looks very promising! I think her bff is gonna be a weird character idk I just got that vibe, he seems like one of those guys that falls in love in 5 seconds. Anyway, I loved the whole day with the British guy , it was cute and I so wish they'd kissed but oh well that's what's gonna make their reunion that much better. But four years??? really? that's a damn long time to wait

    27. It's the first book I read by Marilyn Grey and unfortunately it was too short !The characters got that easy-going-conversation that make you feel like, they are in front of you at the Airport.# Spoiler Alert# Now I want to know if they'll meet again in 4years and if she'll have a true Sparks-Austen Romance with the mysterious English Anonymous!I guess I'll have to read "Best of fools" to find out =) And I hope all the questions that are currently boiling in my head will have answers.

    28. Downloaded for free from Smashwords and for a very short story it had me hooked. Jane Austin is a character I could really like and I quite like her friend Donovan even though we only met him briefly. Not much is yet known about mysterious Alastair but his note was oh so sweet,will she meet him in 4yrs timeI'm away to find out by reading The best of fools :-)

    29. Cute setup for The Best of Fools; I'm intrigued enough to want to read it. Of course, I'm a Jane Austen fan, so the title drew me in. I do have to say, I was so confused by the ending, is it 4 years or is it her 21st birthday?? I had to read a few pages into The Best of Fools and the mistake is addressed, whew!

    30. Can't wait to read the best of foolsCannot wait to read the best of fools. I not that Jane Austen totally reeled me in and left me wanting more.n not wait to find out what happens between Jane and Alistair! As always Marilyn keeps my interest and makes me want to read more!

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