The Jezebel Remedy

The Jezebel Remedy Martin Clark who has set according to the Winston Salem Journal the new standard by which other works of legal fiction should be judged now delivers his finest novel yet Lisa and Joe Stone married

  • Title: The Jezebel Remedy
  • Author: Martin Clark
  • ISBN: 9780385353595
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Martin Clark who has set, according to the Winston Salem Journal, the new standard by which other works of legal fiction should be judged now delivers his finest novel yet Lisa and Joe Stone, married for twenty years and partners in their small law firm in Henry County, Virginia, handle less than glamorous cases, whether domestic disputes, personal injury settlements,Martin Clark who has set, according to the Winston Salem Journal, the new standard by which other works of legal fiction should be judged now delivers his finest novel yet Lisa and Joe Stone, married for twenty years and partners in their small law firm in Henry County, Virginia, handle less than glamorous cases, whether domestic disputes, personal injury settlements, or never ending complaints from their cantankerous client Lettie VanSandt eccentric by some accounts, certifiable by others When Lettie dies in a freakish fire, the Stones think it s certainly possible that she was cooking meth in her trailer But details soon emerge that lead them to question how accidental her demise actually was, and settling her peculiar estate becomes endlessly complicated Before long, the Stones find themselves entangled in a corporate conspiracy that will require all their legal skills not to mention some difficult ethical choices for them to survive Meanwhile, Lisa is desperately trying to shield Joe from a secret, dreadful error that she would give anything to erase, even as his career and her own hangs in the balance In The Jezebel Remedy, Clark gives us a stunning portrait of a marriage, an intricate tour of the legal system, and a relentlessly entertaining story that is full of inventions, shocks, and understanding.

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      Martin Clark Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Jezebel Remedy book, this is one of the most wanted Martin Clark author readers around the world.

    113 thoughts on “The Jezebel Remedy”

    1. I really enjoyed Clark's last book, The Legal Limit, and I'm a fan of his writing in general. I bought a reviewer's copy and it was money well spent. This is an AMAZING book. It keeps a lot of balls in the air, keeps a lot going on, but everything holds together and moves along perfectly. First, the Jezebel Remedy is about marriage and temptation and what we should expect of a spouse after twenty years together. The author gets so many details correct, and the main characters Joe and Lisa are li [...]

    2. 3.5 starsMarried couple Joe and Lisa Stone are partners in a small law firm in Virginia. Married for twenty years, they have no children but dote on their pooch Brownie. Most of the law firm's work is routine with the big exception of Lettie VanSandt.Lettie is an ill-tempered, eccentric woman with a small income; a bunch of tattoos; a large, gold, front tooth; various piercings; frazzled hair; an assortment of thrift-store clothes; a home full of cats and dogs; and a penchant for inventing usele [...]

    3. Martin Clark, a circuit judge, has written several legal thrillers and been compared to John Gresham. This, the first of his books I've read, reminds me more of Scott Turow in its density of plot and assuredness of dialogue. While I enjoy Gresham's work, and love his formula of some small guy going after the bigger fish, I find his writing not as rich as Turow's, but based on this novel, Clark delivers on many levels. Joe and Lisa Stone have been marriage and law partners for almost 20 years tak [...]

    4. 70+ pages in and I feel like my IQ has gone down by an equal 70 points. Oh this is some really bad writing. I couldn't figure out how I had missed a much-lauded, legal thriller writer's other books. I hadn't. Clark's other "legal thriller, The Legal Limit was written under the nameMartin Fillmore Clarkand it was passably okay, definitely neither great nor the discovery of a great, new literary talent.This outing is an abomination. Nonsensical, with neither a plot nor any discernable grammar skil [...]

    5. I won an early copy from the giveaway, and was excited to dive into the story. Two chapters later and I'm done with this book. The best way I can describe this novel is by giving you an example of the structure of a typical sentence. One sentence- twelve commas, ten 'ands'. There were so many commas! Combining barely related topics into one sentence with multiple commas does not make pleasurable reading. This book needs a good editor. I had a hard time following the story because of the poor wr [...]

    6. Want to hook your reader early? Having your opening sentence contain thirteen - THIRTEEN - commas is not going to do it. Nor will having three words in a row being followed by commas help either. The writing is pretty terrible, which allows it to go hand in hand with the irritating protagonist. The super-brilliant lawyer who is so super-hot she stuns men just by showing up is arch, superior, smug, and vacillates between whining about how boring her marriage is to having hot sex with her husband [...]

    7. 2nd from clark for me, just finished, three oh seven pee em, afternoon of the 3rd of january 2018, kindle, library loaner, good read, four stars, i really liked it.

    8. I'm not sure how I heard about this one, but man, was I glad to finish it! Not appealing to me in the slightest. Not even remotely plausible as far as the plot is concerned. The characters? Mehhh. All of it just seemed to drag on and on. I wanted to walk away so many times but there is that thing in me, that dedication to the author that prevents me from doing it.

    9. This isn't the kind of book I usually pick up, but I enjoyed its clever dialogue and unique approach to the legal thriller genre. Martin Clark has a razor-sharp wit and a gift for fashioning quirky characters and building suspense without resorting to formulaic violence and cliched plot devices. It ain't Dostoevsky, but it's a highly intelligent, frequently very funny, consistently suspenseful page-turner--a great beach or travel book for folks looking for a good story that respects the reader's [...]

    10. This guy, Martin Fillmore Clark, is one of my very favorite writers. I'm a retired lawyer and often find it difficult or exasperating to read novels featuring lawyers and legal situations when written by those who never practiced law -- they get too many of the details wrong, and they just don't quite "get it." And not all lawyers/judges can do a good job at it, but Clark is just excellent. He doesn't just get the details right -- he understands what it feels like to practice law. It's just a de [...]

    11. Interesting book, set in Virginia and centered around two attorneys--who have been married for 20 years, an eccentric client who likes to sue anyone and anything, and a shady pharmaceutical company. It is a page turned and will keep you guessing until almost the very end!

    12. I much prefer this legal thriller writer over John Grishom. The first book I read by Martin Clark was a bit slow, and jumped around in the story too much, but this story was well paced, well written, and a pleasure to read.

    13. Good readBeing a native of Patrick County, I was curious about the author’s writing. After reading The Jezebel Remedy, I’ll definitely be reading more of Martin Clark’s books.

    14. A Legal Thriller with at Least One Eccentric CharacterLisa and Joe Stone are law partners. They have an easy life practicing law in a Virginia small town, no children, but a lovable dog, Brownie. After twenty years, Lisa is becoming restless. She loves Joe, but what's exciting about small town legal work. In addition, Joe is such a push over, he takes on eccentric clients for little pay, like Lettie VanStandt. Lettie is constantly making wills, trusts and corporations. She also fancies herself a [...]

    15. I loved this book! We are reading it for my at-work book club. It was written by a Virginia judge (Martin Clark) and takes place in Henry County, VA. It mentions many places I know and real people I've heard of or know. It is a legal thriller, and even includes a Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board hearing - which is very pertinent because I work for the Virginia State Bar in the Disciplinary Section and clerk those hearings!You can read the synopsis of the book yourself, but I found it a lot [...]

    16. somewhere underneath all the hubbub is a pretty good novel, but it just didn't quite get there. i feel like clark just tried to do too much with this story. i previously enjoyed The Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living: A Novel, so hoped for the same bit of entertainment with the jezebel remedy. clark's sense of humour fell flat for me in TJR - at some points it was uncomfortable in seeming to (inappropriately) play up cultural stereotypes. i was also disappointed in the ending - it was tidy and ( [...]

    17. Critics say Clark, “who set the new standard by which other works of legal fiction should be judged,” has produced his finest novel yet. Married law partners Lisa and Joe Stone must figure out why Lettie VanSandt, a cantankerous client described as eccentric and certifiable, has died in a freakish fire in her trailer. Meth seems obvious, but in trying to settle her estate, a corporate conspiracy emerges. The small-town lawyers take up what proves to be a very challenging case.A well-paced th [...]

    18. Alas, with the right editors at the helm, this could be an exciting four-star book. Our author has five books in print and some solid story-writing skill. This plot has the potential to be exciting on screen. Sadly this book - as published - is a long yawn. Riddled with run-on sentences from the very first (94 words, 13 commas) to the very last (124 words, 14 commas), the writing distances the readers rather than drawing them in. While the author's writing tells rather than shows much of the tim [...]

    19. This may be better read than heard, as mispronunciations and some sloppy characterizations obscure the "snappy repartee" and the humor the reviews mention. It's a story about "hired guns and a secret formula" according to one character, and that pretty much covers it. Likable, nice-guy lawyer couple, Lisa and Joe Stone, get involved in a way-too-complicated case involving said formula. Tricky legal strategies employed by the Stones and corporate skullduggery on the part of a drug company; both s [...]

    20. Lisa and Joe Stone are lawyers who have their own small firm and happen to be married to each other. Problem is, Lisa is getting a bit bored. Joe is great and all but his dated expressions "googly moogly" and such are getting a little tiresome. Her eye begins to wander. My husband of almost 24 years read this first and kept saying, "I don't know if I want you to read this." But Lisa isn't the only woman causing problems in this Virginia-set tale. There's also his client Lettie, who believes in s [...]

    21. I was very excited to find a book set in my hometown of Martinsville, VA, and a crime thriller at that! Sadly, it seems the book was set in "Martinsville." It was obvious from the early going that the author who sets his storied in the state of Virginia didn't take any time to get to know the city or the people who live there. His central characters were unsympathetic and uninteresting (I really didn't care that the wife was bored with her self-described perfect husband and was flirting with an [...]

    22. Let me state that this book was part of the free give away program from the publishers Alfred A. Knopf through . It didn't take long for me to know the book was not a good one for me. Its the story of Lisa and Joe Stone; a couple of married lawyers in Virginia; who have been married for twenty years. Lisa is getting bored and looks for an affair to lighten things up. She is not a sympathetic character at all. Joe is a loveable steady guy and not unattractive; she's just bored.Then a client; Lett [...]

    23. I have never read anything by this author before, and I did like it, but I didn't love it. It was painfully slow in parts, but the real problem was Lisa Stone, one of the main characters. I just could not like her and could not justify her actions. She was so annoying that it spoiled some of my enjoyment of the plot. In fact, even the title implied that there was a remedy or cure for the person she was. A "Jezebel Remedy," in fact. Balderdash. The main story, one of shady dealings and underhande [...]

    24. This was a fast-paced "trip" through Southside Virginia, and I enjoyed meeting the characters along the way, including Lettie, M.J. Gold and the other small town folks one encounters. (A reader from Virginia's legal community will recognize many of the judges and lawyers who serve as the basis for some of these individuals.) Compared to previous books by the author, I think he did a better job of pulling things together and, despite the growing tension and the many twists and turns, kept the nar [...]

    25. Excellent read; several cuts above the normal legal thriller. But don't go into this expecting secret agents and made-up courtroom scenes. This is written to be very real and accurate, and the characters are fleshed out. The plot is clever and there's lots of it, but it's never over the top. It's funny at times, too. This line alone is worth the price of admission, where Lisa Stone is worried about how average her twenty year marriage has become: "Sex was so mission control she could count down [...]

    26. Overall kept my interest. Written very brightly, with plenty of humor and intelligence. Action is pretty quick, with some detours.Detractions:The protagonist is unlikable. I'm sorry, there's no way around this one. I started out loving her -- spunky, intelligent, caustic. I wanted to love her all the way through, but it's not possible, due to her very deliberate actions against her marriage. And all the rationalizing (they didn't go all the way, etc) doesn't take away the fact that she cheated. [...]

    27. Legal drama with lots of personal story along with a dramatic case involving a giant pharmaceutical firm. Lisa and Joe Stone are partners in marriage and in their law firm operating in Henry County, Virginia. When Lettie Van Sandt, a long time and frequent client of Joe's, is killed in an apparent meth lab explosion and fire, her will sets off the search for the magic salve formula she had developed. With much local background, a unique set of mostly sympathetic characters, and a difficult case [...]

    28. Kept me reading in the late evening and early morning. Interesting plot and characters, generally not so "quaint" as found in books taking place in Virginia, although the client of focus in the book certainly seems to fit that mold, probably a bit over the top. However, author lives in that state, so perhaps based her on people he has met. The book also offers some perspectives of the challenges of relationships of longer duration.First book I've read by this author, and I'm tempted now to read [...]

    29. It is SO rare that I give up on a book, but I just couldn't push through the predictability of this one. The author was compared by critics to John Grisham and the setting was small town Virginia near where my parents live. I was excited to get this "beach read." After three different times of being able to predict the plot, though, I had to give up. There is too much else out there from which to choose

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