The Ashes of Worlds

The Ashes of Worlds The culminating volume in Kevin J Anderson s Saga of Seven Suns weaves together the myriad storylines into a spectacular grand finale Galactic empires clash elemental beings devastate whole planetary

  • Title: The Ashes of Worlds
  • Author: Kevin J. Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780316007573
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The culminating volume in Kevin J Anderson s Saga of Seven Suns weaves together the myriad storylines into a spectacular grand finale.Galactic empires clash, elemental beings devastate whole planetary systems, and the factions of humanity are pitted against each other Heroes rise and enemies make their last stands in the climax of an epic tale seven years in the making.The culminating volume in Kevin J Anderson s Saga of Seven Suns weaves together the myriad storylines into a spectacular grand finale.Galactic empires clash, elemental beings devastate whole planetary systems, and the factions of humanity are pitted against each other Heroes rise and enemies make their last stands in the climax of an epic tale seven years in the making The Saga of Seven Suns is one of the most colorful and spectacular science fiction epics of the last decade.

    • The Ashes of Worlds by Kevin J. Anderson
      326 Kevin J. Anderson
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    1. When reading a series if the Thank Goodness its over becomes the predominant thought, then it is clear something has been wrong with the series. That this series suffers from so many things and that the author handled it so poorly makes this a never again. Ever.That others feel the same way shows that these opinions are not wrong. As always. Time scale. Sometimes you can from one spot to another in a few hours, traveling in space. Then later it takes weeks. Further, that pregnancy that lasted fo [...]

    2. it was bad. it's really sad when you read a book series and watch it go downhill. for the first five books in the series, i read with rapt attention as new events unfolded and mysteries were unraveled. but with the last two books (this being the final volume), i had to put up with over-explanation, horrible dialogue, unbelievably stupid events, boring segments of loquacity, Swifties, grammatical errors, predictable conclusions, really stupid characters, rocky plot devices, too many deus ex machi [...]

    3. As a huge fan of Mr Anderson's work, i must say I thorougly enjoyed this series from start to finish. As i was reading them as they were published, I had about a years wait in between books. I'd have them pre-ordered six months in advance and read them the second the showed up in the mail. I must disagree with the majority of the reviewers here and say that I didn't find the story drawn out in the slightest. I though it was well paced, each chapter being a convenient lenght that you could read q [...]

    4. I was a little disappointed with this last book, since the series start was so promising. This just became a little predicatable, I stopped caring for the characters in the end and couldn't wait for the end. Shame.

    5. A decent space opera, but could've been much better if it wasn't so long & the characters weren't so one dimensional.

    6. It's over. After a long seven book slog I am very happy to see the Saga of Seven Suns come to a close. The main thoughts I have about this is not how much I enjoyed the ride, or how I loved how the story came to a close. It's my relief that I don't have to pick up the next book. I know what you're thinking. If I didn't like the series then why didn't I simply stop reading after the first book, or after I stopped enjoying the series? Good question.As a whole, there are probably more things I disl [...]

    7. This is an interesting series but does take a little work to read. Also, I judge a book on how it is to reread and I found myself skipping many pages and sections due to it being a little too tediuos.

    8. Finally finished! Enjoyed aspects, but got a little sick of the continued introduction of newer, bigger, more formidable enemies. Got a little silly rather than epic.

    9. Well, I've finally finished The Saga of Seven Suns! It's been a long ride, and a good one too. I like that each character was given a final chapter (a few final chapters in a couple of cases) at the end during the denouement for final closure. Some authors like to end as soon as possible, but with there being so many character in the Saga, that would have been a huge disappointment, and I admit, I was a little concerned, but was ultimately pleasantly surprised.I think the end, the final battles, [...]

    10. A fitting end to the entire series. It wraps up all the loose threads and (as expected) looks to a bright future for Mankind and the Ildiran race. At the outset, there are four threats to this future: the Klikiss race, the black (Klikiss) robots, the Faeros, and Hansa Chairman Basil Wenceslas. The novel seemed a tad rushed in places to overcome all of these "enemies." However, all ended logically. As Miss Prism says in "The Importance of Being Earnest" about her own three-volume novel: The good [...]

    11. As the final installment of the saga, I was hoping for a grand finale with all the threads that were coming together. Instead most were closed with quite boring sequences: the Klikiss and the robots, the chairman, Rusa'h all of them meh.In retrospect, I shouldn't have read this fantasy saga, but the big picture has some memorable quality that kept me going. Unfortunately, neither the writing nor the plot evolution was up my alley. I have never skipped so much text while reading a novel, even in [...]

    12. I lost interest in the series in the previous book at the one-step-forward, two-steps-backwards events. I tried to pick it back up with this book after abandoning #6 to finish the series after investing myself enough to completely read the first 5, but the story just could not pull me back in. Essentially, the story outstayed its welcome for me, and it should have been finished in 5 books.

    13. Wrapped up all threads, ended mainly happily for all protagonists, but a little too neatly. Great action throughout, though the way he dealt with the Chairman was very unsatisfying.

    14. End of the first seriesMediocre series that wasn't worth the time but I'm going to see this through. Not without merit but Anderson attempted something that just didn't work.

    15. The Saga of the Seven Suns Book Seven: The Ashes of Worlds This science fiction space opera/ epic are one of the most exciting books of our time. The large cache of characters is woven into an intricate web of events and twists that will leave most readers flabbergasted. This story is the perfect balance of action, science, and romance. You will never get bored reading a book from the saga. “The Ashes of Worlds,” the seventh and last book in “The Saga of the Seven Suns,” takes place over [...]

    16. I had a hard time making it through this book, as well as the last. The series was never great for the first five books, but certainly entertaining enough. When the book reached it's natural conclusion at the end of the fifth book when the big bad was defeated, it had to set up a new enemy and further conflict for the remaining two books. This did not do the overarching story any favors and certainly emphasized the many flaws in the writing that have plagued the series from the start even furthe [...]

    17. This is the 7th and final book of the Saga of the Seven Suns. What a fantastic ride! Seven very long books, each hard to put down, with a multitude of story lines occurring at the time all over the galaxy.Each book is written similarlyeach chapter continues the story from the point of view of a particular characterd believe me, there are lots of them. If you forget, there is glossary of characters in the back of each book. And if don't read them one right after the other, there is summary of the [...]

    18. Last of a seven-book series, this is space opera on a grand scale. Galactic empires clash, and elemental beings wipe out entire star systems.The Klikiss are an insectoid, hive-mind race who were thought to have been extinct for the past several thousand years. Well, they're not extinct, and they want their old colony planets back. The Klikiss are the sort of beings who don't take No for an answer. They are also in the middle of a major "civil war" to see which hive, or breedex, will dominate. Wi [...]

    19. This is the 7th and final volume of the Saga of Seven Suns. I've you read the series up to book 6, you might as well finish it. This is a fast paced, epic conclusion to the series and in my opinion is one of the better books in the Saga.The pros: fast action almost from the start, you get right to the meat of the conflict. The conclusion is suitably epic and satisfying. The series as a whole presents an interesting variety of social groups- Humans: the Hansa, the Roamers, the Therons, Ildirans, [...]

    20. There are some spoilers so beware.I found the entire Seven Suns Saga to be highly enjoyable fare. Mr. Anderson did a great job of creating a galaxy of different life forms - from the humanoid - Aldirins and Compys - to elementals - trees, fire, water, and gaseous - to insectoids and their mechanical progeny. The series wrapped up quite nicely although a tad bit abruptly. I do have a few criticisms, however.The first I'll call my Gilligan's Island criticism. Time and time again I wondered why Bas [...]

    21. Enfin nous y voilà, la grande finale est enfin arrivé. Du moins "enfin" ce n'est pas l'opinion de tous, mais à mon avis, après 7 livres, l'histoire devait se terminer. Sur ce point je n'ai aucune critique, ce livre termine et termine bien, il ne laisse presque rien de non résolu.La seule chose qui me chicotte c'est le rythme que prend l'histoire dans ce livre. Dans les autre livres il y avait plein de bout long et smooth qui nous faisait prendre notre souffle ou par bout pouvaient même nou [...]

    22. At last, the seventh and final of the seven Suns saga, my scifi escapism indulgence for 2015. Is it a spoiler to say everything gets worked out in the end? I am left with the question about whether seven books were needed, particularly since some suns were extinguished along the way in any case There is a section of final resolutions for each of the main characters towards the end, but most of the book refrains the multiple tensions between humanoids and the others. I still don't know how the Ch [...]

    23. Op een rij wat moet opgelost geraken: bij de mensen, oorlog tussen Hanze en Ildiranen, tussen Hanze en Roamers, tussen Hanze en Confederatie, burgeroorlog/verzet op Aarde, tussen mensen en Klikiss, tussen mensen en Faeros, tussen mensen en Hydrogues, tussen mensen en Klikisrobots. Bij de Ildiranen: tussen Jora'h en Rusa'h, tussen Ildiranen en en Faeros, tussen Ildiranen en Hanze. Daarnaast: oorlog tussen Hydrogues en Faeros, tussen Faeros en Wentals, tussen Ventani en Wentals, tussen Klikis [...]

    24. This unsatisfying end to the series barely managed to squeeze a grudging 3 stars out of me. The series held my attention effortlessly for the first three novels but after that my attention seemed to be like a balloon with a puncture and by this book, I was nearly out of it. This series lost so much in the middle and is one of the few times where I will say that some massive cuts should have been taken out of the final four manuscripts. This should have been, at the very most, a five-book series. [...]

    25. Well, the book ended exactly as I thought it would - terribly!Seven books and it all comes down to a happy ending! After the plot has concluded, all the major characters get their own chapter where the author shows us what becomes of them with no time scale mentioned. The last few chapters were the most boring I have ever read at the end of any book.I did rant about Basil Wenceslas in my book 6 review but he deserves to be mentioned again: Wowjust wow. Watching a smart, intelligent character bec [...]

    26. From My Newsletter Number 28:The first review is on the seventh and last book in Kevin J. Anderson’s Saga of Seven Suns called The Ashes Of Worlds. The story continues where book six left off with several worlds in flames and battles raging between the Rusa’h led Faeros against Mage-Imperator Jora’h Ildirans with help from the Roamers, Wentals and Verdani. The various forces are aligned against one another and some enemies like Sirix and his black Klikiss robots have joined with the Earth [...]

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