The Deer Effect

The Deer Effect When his wife Hannah is found dead near the body of a fawn on the side of the road Rod Demsey sets out on a journey to find the killers with his dog who seems to be able to talk to his dead wife s

  • Title: The Deer Effect
  • Author: Susan Wingate
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  • Page: 402
  • Format: ebook
  • When his wife, Hannah, is found dead near the body of a fawn on the side of the road, Rod Demsey sets out on a journey to find the killers with his dog who seems to be able to talk to his dead wife s spirit His grief makes his faith wither until an unexpected turn with brings Rod face to face with the only person who can tell him what really happened to his wife THE DEERWhen his wife, Hannah, is found dead near the body of a fawn on the side of the road, Rod Demsey sets out on a journey to find the killers with his dog who seems to be able to talk to his dead wife s spirit His grief makes his faith wither until an unexpected turn with brings Rod face to face with the only person who can tell him what really happened to his wife THE DEER EFFECT is a story of loss, redemption and forgiveness From the author of DROWNING winner of the 2011 Forward National Literature Award for Drama and 1 bestseller THE DEER EFFECT will be a great read for fans of Alice Sebold and Frank Peretti

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      author susanwingatesusanwingate Susan Wingate booksSusan Wingate was born in Phoenix and studied writing under Michael Collins for two years Susan is the author of thirteen novels and many short stories SUSAN WINGATE IS A 1 BESTSELLING, AWARD WINNING AUTHOR OF BOOKS THAT SPAN THE GENRES OF SUSPENSE, MYSTERY, THRILLER, ROMANTIC SUSPENSE, PARANORMAL, RELIGIOUS FICTION, FANTASY, AND MEMOIR.Her mash up THE DEER EFFECT won four book awards in 2015 You can find Susan herding cats, hushing her dogs and out feeding the deer and possibly a tossing out kibbles for a raccoon or two.The twists and turns of Susan Wingate s likable characters are often set in fantastical worlds readers can escape to.Susan s fantasy and paranormal books are recommended for teens, young adults and upND ALL OF SUSAN WINGATE S BOOK AND SHORT STORIES AT susanwingate susan Win

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    1. I received the audiobook edition of this novel by the narrator in exchange for an honest review.I usually love stories that have to do with afterlife and redemption; this one felt just too "nice" and forced upon. It was like "Ghost" met Hallmark productions on sucrose overdose. There's bambi and popcorn and rose petals in this story (view spoiler)[ At one point the main character, the woman who died but needed to stay back so hubby could move forward started crying rose petals from her eyes. I k [...]

    2. Well, to be honest, I bawled my way through it - for Hannah, for the deer, for her husband and of course, for her dog.Well written and emotionally draining, this book had me riveted from the beginning, so much so that I can't find any more words to say - except READ IT!!Excellent writing, excellent characterisation - all in all, well done!!!

    3. One of the most difficult challenges I face when committing to a book review, is knowing that I may possibly have to dole out that ONE sullen Sparrowhawk; especially when it concerns a personal book review request.What’s more, I have established that personal requests are awfully unnerving, because I have the author’s feelings in mind since they respectively reach out to book bloggers on a more individual level as opposed to distribution services such as Netgalley or even publishing houses, [...]

    4. With a title like The Deer Effect, somehow the reader anticipates a story about hunting - but this couldn't be further from the truth. And billed with the catch-all 'novel' phrase, it's uncertain (from either title or cover) what to expect - which is, plain and simple, NOT a hunting saga or 'Deliverance' type of tale, but a story of murder and grief.The protagonist finds his dead wife's body next to the carcass of a fawn, and the rest of the story assumes 'whodunnit' proportions as Rod embarks o [...]

    5. I received this book via GoodReads First-Reads.Page 113, last paragraph, first word OMGee. That pretty well sums up this book. If you're an avid reader you will likely be frustrated by the repetition of words and phrases as well as the word errors.The book had a lot of promise but lacked the ability to consume me. It was hard to read and continue on. There seemed no motive for the killing early in the book which seemed malicious in intent only to read that it was an accident later on.The author [...]

    6. Though unconventional in timing, I will say first and foremost that it will not take you long in this work to discover why Susan Wingate's books rank as 's best sellers and why she has received numerous writing honors. Though fictional, The Deer Effect has realistic aspects that affect us all when it comes to appreciation, regard, and forgiveness toward one another.Hannah Demsey's walk with Bobby, her beloved dog, would be her last as she hurried out the door following another despairing fight a [...]

    7. I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to read it. It was a nice change of pace from the types of stories I've been reading lately.Hannah and Rod had a disagreement, but before they could settle anything, Hannah was killed. We get to watch as Rod and their dog, Buddy, come to terms with Hannah's death.I loved how Buddy could see and interact with Hannah and Fawn, the deer who died with Hannah. There are many out there who believe an [...]

    8. Susan Wingate has given her readers a novel cast from a different mold than her best selling thriller-suspense series Bobby's Dinner. The Deer Effect is an inspirational Christian fantasy novel wrapped in a metaphysical cloak of ghostly proportions giving the reader chills and a desire to join in all at the same time.A hit-and-run driver on a lonely stretch of road kills Hannah. Her husband Rod is inconsolable and unable to turn to God or the church because of his stubborn disbelief. Her little [...]

    9. I loved writing this novel. It took me to all levels of emotion during the writing. My hope is that you feel those emotions and enjoy the journey with the characters. Thank you for considering reading THE DEER EFFECT.Oh, and it has either won outright or has ranked as a finalist in six literary awards.

    10. I thought this book was really beautifully written and the story was really interesting. That being said, I had to knock off a star because my enjoyment was hampered by a certain aspect of listening to the audio version. The narrator, Felisha Caldiera, is a very good narrator, and I have listened to other audio books narrated by her, enjoying them immensely. One aspect of this book is that the main character, Hannah, is killed and comes back as an angel. When she comes back as an angel, she is a [...]

    11. The Deer Effect by Susan Wingate isn’t worth reading. Since I got it free I don’t feel bad. I thought it would be really a great read since it won four awards. Just goes to show you that you can’t believe everything you read and we all are very different in what we like. This book is told from a dead person’s point of view. It almost seems sacrilege to me. The dead woman talks about her dog more than her husband. She misses her dog so much. She goes along spreading fairy dust and thinkin [...]

    12. "I can See Why this has Won FOUR Literary Awards""The Deer Effect" was an amazing listen. Along with the story being fantastic, the narration was very, very well done. This story was realistic yet fantasy-ish or even perhaps paranormal-ish but it has the elements of the afterlife, faith, and what it means to feel loved.I really loved the characters Hannah and Rod. What I took from their relationship was be careful how you treat people because it could be the last time you see them. In this life. [...]

    13. The Deer Effect by Susan Wingate is entertaining with an unusual take on death and the afterlife. Hannah and her sweet, beloved dog, Bobby, go for a walk and while tending to a wounded fawn lying by the road, Hannah is struck by a vehicle. Hannah's husband, Rod, having just told Hannah he was leaving her is devastated when he hears of her death.After their deaths, Hannah and the fawn's spirits remain in the earthly realm and communicate with Bobby. Wingate takes readers on an interesting journey [...]

    14. I liked the premise of the book and I think that the author is a good story teller. There were quite a few errors, i.e. missing words or incorrect words. The author should hire someone to proof read for her. I found the errors distracting. Some of her descriptions were quite lovely. The relationship with her dog was very sweet. I had a few problems with the writing. I swore if Fawn did one more somersault I might become the deer hunter and the repetition of giggling became annoying. When the ang [...]

    15. Caught in BetweenI must say that I couldn't really believe that a person's spirit could come back to show themself to the person that was still living. I did enjoy reading this story even though I did not fully believe in the connection between the dead and living. I still enjoyed the positive ending.

    16. Metaphysical is not my thing.I was not sure would like this book, and as it turns out I would have been better of heading my own judgement. This book really didn't feel connected to me, it seemed scattered too far between the heaven and physical elements. I don't plan on reading more by this author.

    17. I received this as a first read. This was a unique story that I enjoy reading. I loved the fansty aspect of the story. However there are some errors here that can make it hard to read. The plot drag me in though. A good but sometimes a frustrating read.

    18. Wonderfully writtenAtonement, faith,loyalty and love comingle for an inspiring read. Forgiveness comes at a price Keep the tissues handy for this one.

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