Devoured Braxton surprised me in front of hundreds of students with a kiss I try to avoid him but when you live with someone it s extremely difficult After agreeing to be just friends we start hanging out He

  • Title: Devoured
  • Author: Alycia Taylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Braxton surprised me in front of hundreds of students with a kiss I try to avoid him, but when you live with someone it s extremely difficult After agreeing to be just friends, we start hanging out He has different plans for us and it has nothing to do with being friends, but sleeping with me Will I be able to fight the urge to give in

    • Devoured ¦ Alycia Taylor
      478 Alycia Taylor
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      Alycia Taylor Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Devoured book, this is one of the most wanted Alycia Taylor author readers around the world.

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    1. This was definitely better than the first book.We have the chance to find out more about our main heroes and mostly about Braxton.In this book the author explores the inner family problems Braxton hides from everyone, and the tensed relationship he shares with his dreadful fatherAlso Emmi gets an opportunity to work on her favorite past time, photography, more seriously, maybe it is her true calling after all[image error]As for their realationship, is strained one moment and extremely cute the n [...]

    2. awesome book but short, i loved the characters and the connections and emotions in the book, unfortunately i have to wait till next week before i get to read the rest of the series, sad :( but anyway the book was incredible but i preferred the 1st one in the series more i don't know why though lol!

    3. Me ha gustado bastante más esta segunda parte, creo que los protagonistas se han terminado de formar con una personalidad de lo más interesante y empiezan a verse uno al otro de otra manera.Aunque es un poco más corta que la primera tiene más peso en cuanto a trama y dramatismo al ir viendo un poco más del contexto de los personajes, y el por qué de ciertas actitudes.Tengo ganas de leer la siguiente entrega, pero aún no sé cuándo le daré su tiempo.Obviamente va siendo una saga bastante [...]

    4. In the first book Emmi moved in the house Braxton lives in he's a player and she's trying really hard to stay away from him. But she soon discovers there's a lot more to Braxton than a great set of abs. She was thrown for a loop after attending one of his MMA fights when he kissed her. Avoiding him seems the only answer, but it's difficult when she's sharing a house with him.The question is what will happen next will they or won't they. This is the second book in this series which I liked better [...]

    5. Great second in series.I enjoyed the first book 'Consumed' where we're introduced to Emmi and Braxton, now Emmi is a great female character, she's normal, which I know doesn't sound like 'great' but she's believable, she doesn't have any stupid 'romance book' moments she's just Emmi, and Braxton, when we're first introduced to him he's a player but we know there's more to him than that. The air is so thick with sexual chemistry, which has only increased since 'the kiss' that it can only be a mat [...]

    6. I really want to hate Braxton, I really do, but I can't this man is beyond sexy and I am in love with this series, In fact I was kinda mad that my ipad wouldn't sync last night and I couldn't start book three, so here I am at work trying to figure out how I can read book three on my phone. :) This is a hot & fun MMA fighter romance book, that is a series of short stories that have one giant arc. Oh Fighter Romance, how I love thee.

    7. Braxton and Emmi are still working their the kiss that shook her a bit but feelings were hard to hide and they started out as friends and working their the past of Braxton. Worrying about his sister and the fight and then Emmi always being on his mind to the anger that happen to have him open up more. Great book hope the next one comes fast since I am pulling for these two to be a couple.

    8. Mejor que el primer libro pero no por mucho.Nada de diferente, ni los personajes, ni la historia solo nada. :(

    9. loved it. totally was into it, captivated and intrigued, the author does a very good job. love the interaction between the characters.

    10. After the kiss that shook her world, Emmi literally started hiding in her own home. There was no other word for it. She avoided Braxton at all costs and took measures to keep from bumping in to him. Something that was not easy considering that they lived together. Thing is, that kiss changed everything. She knew Braxton wanted her, but she couldn’t be with him without a commitment. And Braxton was not the commitment type. She knew that. He knew that. She would not be fooled again. Fool me once [...]

    11. Review of MMA Romance #1 & #2Alycia Taylor has written a book in a series of short stories. I have recently found out that I am not a fan of this style of writing. This is my fourth novel split into several series and I do not like it.The issue with the MMA Romance series is it's too elementary. The writing is simplistic and the story line is really bland. After I read MMA Romance #1 I decided to give Taylor another shotter all the story was less than a hundred pages. I figured there was no [...]

    12. Devoured was a good follow up from the first book in this series.Braxton wasn't thinking when he kissed Emmi. He just acted with all the adrenaline he had from the fight. Emmi wasn't happy with this. She wasn't asked if she wanted him to kiss her, even though she probably did at that time without knowing it.Emmi was a coward for awhile and hid from Braxton in her room. Braxton knew she was hiding, but he acted like a gentleman by leaving her be to sort it out in her head.Braxton finally got Emmi [...]

    13. The more I learn about Braxton, the more I like him and this installment definitely gave me a lot more insight into him. It also proved that there's usually more going on behind the scenes with someone and you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Especially if it's the cover Braxton goes out of his way to put out. I loved the simple romance that was displayed in this installment as well. it wasn't too thin or too thick. It was perfect. I love the way the characters play off each other and the s [...]

    14. Like this story, but there is a discrepancy in this book that I can't handle! (view spoiler)[At the beginning of book 1 (Consumed) Braxton starts off with a girl in his bed and they get "nekkid" but never go all the way because Emmi rings the door bell. So in this book, at 89%, Braxton tells Emmi "I haven't had a single girl in this bed, Emmi. Not one, ever."So I am thinking, well the sex WAS interrupted and he tells her, "I had sex a lot, but never in that bed. I was saving my bed for the perfe [...]

    15. I loved this for a 2nd book. They story line is great and well written. I've easily fallen in love with Emmi and Brax. Emmi has normal fears of getting hurt after being with her last boyfriend who cheated on her. Braxton wants to give Emmi the relationship she deserves but is worried he will slip up and hurt her just like her ex, which he doesn't want to do at all. He enjoys the times they spend together. It went from a try and get her in my bed to a i'd like a relationship with her. Can't wait [...]

    16. Brax puede ser la cosa mas tierna del mundo cuando quiere.Me siento igual de enamorada que Emmi ajdkskd. Me hace reír verlo coladito por Emmi, me recuerda a Will Sumner.Lo único malo que veo aquí es que, a mi parecer, es realmente innecesario separar la historia en seis tomos cuando pudo haberlo dejado en un solo tomo, o tal vez dos.En fin, me sigue agradando lo suficiente la historia como para continuarla.

    17. This was a better book for me then the first one. I actually am starting to like Braxton but I'm a little anxious at the same time. I'm sure something is bound to happen that will tear these two apart but for the mean time I think Braxton and Emmi are cute together. If Braxton actually lets down some of his walls instead of hiding behind his persona of a no relationship kind of guy then he will be happy.

    18. I read the full series and I loved it I am so glad that I didn't start reading this series until all the books had been released I would have been going bonkers if I had to wait to find out what happened I really enjoyed this series and the HEA was fantastic it might have been a bumpy ride but it was a great HEA ending :)

    19. shortI have read the first 2 books now and I like them but they are really short they should have been combined into 1 book. I do like the characters Braxton and Emmi, it is worth reading.

    20. GOOD SERIES BUT WAY TOO SHORT! I thoroughly enjoyed this book but 54 pages is entirely too short even though yu get a full story it's still not evough. I do however recommend this series to everyone.

    21. Wow I really can't get enough of Emmi and Braxton. Their relationship is starting to click. Emmi told Braxton she only wants relationship if he's ready to commit. Can sexy MMA fighter commit? Loving it. Too bad it's too short. You are starting to see their past. Book 3 here I come.

    22. This installment is Braxton getting Emmi to become his friend but when he can't take being friends anymore he has to convince her to take the plunge. Ending wasn't a cliffhanger but book #3 "Addiction" is out and I know what they built in this installment is going to be shot to hell in that one.

    23. I was enjoying this series, but these books are SO SO SHORT. The price on the last 3 jump up to $2.99 each for something less than 100 pages?! I think I'm going to stop the series now since that just seems insane!

    24. Yup the story line just keeps getting better and better! I loved learning more about Braxton in this one. I can't wait to read part 3. This one did not disappoint! I defiantly recommend giving this series a try!

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