Half the World in Winter

Half the World in Winter A captivating drama of family secrets and tragedies It is London and Lucas Jarmyn struggles to make sense of the death of his beloved youngest daughter his wife Aurora seeks solace in rigid s

  • Title: Half the World in Winter
  • Author: Maggie Joel
  • ISBN: 9781743310908
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • A captivating drama of family secrets and tragedies.It is London, 1880, and Lucas Jarmyn struggles to make sense of the death of his beloved youngest daughter his wife, Aurora, seeks solace in rigid social routines and eighteen year old Dinah looks for fulfilment in unusual places Only the housekeeper, the estimable Mrs Logan, seems able to carry on.A train accident inA captivating drama of family secrets and tragedies.It is London, 1880, and Lucas Jarmyn struggles to make sense of the death of his beloved youngest daughter his wife, Aurora, seeks solace in rigid social routines and eighteen year old Dinah looks for fulfilment in unusual places Only the housekeeper, the estimable Mrs Logan, seems able to carry on.A train accident in a provincial town on the railway Lucas owns claims the life of nine year old Alice Brinklow and, amid the public outcry, Alice s father, Thomas, journeys to London demanding justice As he arrives in the Capital on a frozen January morning his fate, and that of the entire Jarmyn family, will hinge on such strange things as an ill fated visit to a spiritualist, an errant chicken bone and a single vote cast at a board room meeting.Written with charm, humour and rich period detail, Maggie Joel has created an intriguing novel of a Victorian family adrift in their rapidly changing world.

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    1. Maggie Joel

      Maggie Joel is a British born writer who lives in Sydney, Australia She has been writing fiction since the mid 1990s and her short stories have been widely published in Australia in Southerly, Westerly, Island, Overland and Canberra Arts Review, and broadcast on ABC radio She has had four novels published The Past and Other Lies Pier 9,2009 , The Second Last Woman in England Pier 9, 2010 which one the FAW Christina Stead Award for Fiction, Half the World in Winter Allen Unwin, 2014 and The Safest Place in London Allen Unwin 2016.

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    1. Set in Victorian England, the story follows the Jarmyn family who are grappling with tragedy. Firstly the youngest daughter Sofia dies in a horrific accident and then the father, Lucas, is rocked by the news of a fatal train accident involving his own railway company. Just when it seemed things could not get any worse the terrible news comes through of the death of Cousin, Roger, during combat in South Africa. Daughter Dinah is devastated as she had intended to marry him on his return.These inci [...]

    2. Sorely in need of some judicious editing, especially 'commas'! While the historical content was interesting, for me, the story was slow and too fragmented to be seriously considered a good read. A very poor 2★

    3. I settled happily into this story of Victorian England. The novel starts with a train accident which kills three people, one of them a child. Her father, Thomas, wants justice. Lucas Jarmyn, owner of the railway, also knows the feeling of loss and grief in his own life and circumstances. Basically this is a book about families and how each person deals with grief in a different way. Yes, the pace is leisurely but to me it was in keeping with the times in which the book is set. It is obvious a lo [...]

    4. This book parachutes readers back into Victorian England and keeps them there from start to finish. The painstaking research that informs this book is admirable, and the details fascinating – for example, the ‘grief stationery’ and other customary mores of mourning. The book’s relevance is not limited to the era in which it is set – it is a compelling insight into family relationships. Highly recommended.

    5. A story of tragedy, grief, and redemption, Half The World in Winter centers around Lucas Jarmyn and his family who are mourning the grisly death of nine year old Sofia. As the household struggles with the loss of their beloved daughter and sister they turn away from each other, and their home, in which Lucas forbids a fire to be set, grows ever colder. Hundreds of miles away a train accident claims the life of a young girl. Her grief stricken father, Thomas Brinkley, demands justice from the hea [...]

    6. I received this book through the First Reads Program and would like to thank , Allen & Unwin and any others involved in providing me with my copy of this novel. This story is centred around the Jarmyn family, who have recently lost their youngest member, Sophia, due to a tragic 'domestic accident'. Maggie Joel portrays the family relationships well and details how each of the family members handles the grieving process differently. Meanwhile, a man named Thomas Brinklow is also grieving over [...]

    7. A story set in London in 1880, Half the World in Winter follows in particular two men who have each lost a daughter under tragic circumstances. Lucas Jarmyn has lost his daughter through an accident at home, while Thomas Brinklow has lost his daughter in a railway accident, the same railway company that is in fact owned by the Jarmyn family.In the Jarmyn family home, Lucas' wife Aurora and eldest daughter Dinah are coping in their own ways with the loss. Meanwhile the household is kept running b [...]

    8. London 1880s, the lifestyle of the wealthy railway man Lucas Jarmyn and his family is described with well researched detail. Lucas is dealing with the recent death of his 9 year old daughter and a string of railway accidents that threaten the family business. His family's life is seen to be pretty shallow as the need to follow the customs and traditions of the day restrict their choices. The world of Jarmyn is nicely compared with the father of a young girl killed in the most recent railway acci [...]

    9. I received this book through giveaways. Thanks and Allen and Unwin for the opportunity to read this captivating book.3.5 starsThis book wasn’t what I expected, however, I still found reading it enjoyable. It was a great the way the author used the language of the Victorian era to bring the characters to life and the images of family life provided me an understanding of society and class in this period, especially in times of grief. Unfortunately, I often found myself distracted and loosing f [...]

    10. Half the World in Winter was a beautifully written novel. Ticking all the boxes for a good historical fiction. Maggie Joel’s novels are becoming more popular for good reason and as such, this novel highly recommended to any avid reader who wishes to extend into historical fiction.You can read more of our review here: writersedit/book-revi

    11. I always look forward to novels written by Maggie Joel. She combines elegant prose with an element of history I know little about to create a story that is fascinating with a touch of Gothic qualities. For Half the World in Winter (don’t worry, you’ll discover the meaning of the title by the middle of the book), she goes back in history further than before to London, 1880. The setting is still London and the topic is grief. This is an era before antibiotics, skin grafts and trauma medicine b [...]

    12. Thank you to the publisher who provided this book in exchange for an honest review. This did not influence my review in any way.It is 1880s London, and the Jarmyn family are coming out of deep mourning for the youngest member of their household, nine-year-old Sofia, after a terrible accident. Each member of the family is struggling – head of the family Lucas, his wife Aurora, eldest son Bill at Oxford, newly eighteen year old Dinah, younger sons Gus and Jack who were left out of it all – and [...]

    13. * 3.5 stars1880’s London, Maggie Joel transports the reader to the Victorian era in this exploration of family relationships and grief. Half the World in Winter opens with a tragic death on a railway line of a nine year old girl, Alice Brinklaw and follows her Father’s cycle of grief, anger and eventually redemption. Lucas Jarmyn has inherited the railway from his Father that Alice Brinklaw has had her tragic accident. The two men do not realise at first but are linked by the grief they hold [...]

    14. Firstly I would like to thank , Allen and Unwin and the author for making it possible for me to win a copy of this novel. It was an honour to be among the first to read it.The basic idea revolves around the Jarmyn family in Victorian London, after the death of the youngest child, Sofia in a fire. This event shakes the family as they each withdraw into their own method of coping and often blame each other and themselves for the tragedy. The story was quite good, very enjoyable, however I felt tha [...]

    15. I received this book as a Giveaway. Half the World in Winter was not at all what I was expecting, however I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. The book predominantly focused on Lucas Jarmyn, a railway owner, and his family in the months following a horrific disaster through which he lost his youngest daughter. Throughout the story the daily life and individual struggles of each family member and their small staff is explored in realistic detail. The secondary character of Thomas Brinklow, who s [...]

    16. i have to declare that i was very lucky to win this fabulous book from the author and ! So thankyou so much for the opportunity to read this because i was actually looking forward to reading this!i have just finished reading "Half the world in winter" so my reaction is just best described as "wow! amazing story!" I can't wait to read this again.It is so rare that i find a book that i think about when i'm not reading it but there were a lot of elements that i thought were very real & hard (th [...]

    17. This novel is an intricate look at grief and how different people react to it. Set in the Victorian era, this book is dripping with (accurate) details which will definitely satisfy all those people who love historical fiction. I think the best way to describe this book is "subtle" - a little slow to start but by the end, I wished it was twice as long. It's not a book that will make you sob with anguish, but one that makes you reflect on the characters, their motivations and their actions. Superb [...]

    18. This was a tale of family, loss and grief, set in 1800's England.It was a quick, compelling enough read - very well researched, and told in accessible language. The ending was, for many of the characters, quite unexpected, and could have been quite interesting, yet it felt rushed. Resolution for one character in particular, seemed to come in a manner quite inconsistent with everything that had transpired in his world to that point. Indeed, to me, character development overall was somewhat flat. [...]

    19. Maggie Joel is fast-becoming one of my favourite Australian historical fiction writers. This story opens in 1880 with a horrific train crash which kills two railway employees and a small girl. The owner of the railroad, Lucas Jarmyn, is still suffering from the death of his own daughter Sofia, 6 months before. The circumstances and blame laid for her death weave through the narrative, as the Jarmyns nurse their private tragedies that tear them apart. Thoroughly researched and yet worn lightly, I [...]

    20. London in the 1880s - I really enjoyed this setting, a time when people followed the social rules. The beginning of railways when they were privately owned was interesting. It is into this setting that I found a family that has suffered a tragedy - the full story that is slowly revealed to the reader throughout the story. The father is also owner of a railway company who has to deal with tragic railway accidents. The insight into society - the way that proper behaviour had to be observed plays a [...]

    21. I received this book as a giveaway. It is the first book I have read by the author Maggie Joel and I enjoyed the style of writing . Set in the 1880s in London it tells a gripping story of a household experiencing sudden deaths and stressful business times. The author has included many historical events of the time however it is never boring. Thank you for the opportunity to read half the World in Winter, I will be looking forward to the next book.

    22. I find I'm left wanting. There's nothing wrong with the storyline other than that for a book of over 400 pages, I found there could have been MORE story. More depth to characters? Connection between characters? It seemed somewhat sterile to me, which perhaps is for the most part purposeful. Only, it needed SOMETHING more. I found many plot leads, after gaining momentum and pulling me in, seemed to then just be dropped in a heap. Which was disappointing.

    23. I disagree with the overall rating this book has received. I was absorbed in this book. The characters were tangible. It is at its core a tragic book, yet because of the richness of the characters I had lol moments. It helped that I have a fondness for old world England and am a little fascinated by the class system. Most of all it encompassed the fragility of our circumstances/existences - how instantly everything can change. Loved it.

    24. While I read it quickly, I didn't particularly enjoy this book and was a bit disappointed with it. I felt the story lacked guts; it felt as if the author had been really enthusiastic when she started but quickly lost momentum, which was evidenced by certain scenes in the novel. The character of Dinah Jarmyn was fairly well developed, but more could have been done with the characters of Mr and Mrs Jarmyn, as well as Mrs Logan, to justify the plot development in that score.

    25. Thank you to for the opportunity to read this. The book took me a couple of attempts before I got into the story. It follows the story of Lucas Jarmyn and his family and those surrounding him. The story starts with a train derailment resulting in the death of a child and ends with the real story of what happened to cause another child's death - which I was not expecting. A little slow but it got there.

    26. this book was very well written and the plot was very clever, developing in a lovely and steady way that I enjoyed. I didn't enjoy any particular characters but I thought that the family as a whole developed and changed and grew over the course of the book (during that winter). overall a great book. :)

    27. This novel is set in 1880 and centres on the domestic survival of a family and the servants in the household. I liked the portrayal of the family structure and the methods they employed to cope with loss and also a glimpse of the history of the railways in England at the time. I felt the ending was rushed and would have enjoyed a 'fleshing out' of the conclusion.

    28. A good book to read. Set in London in the 1880s, it explores tragedy and the eventual path to redemption. The historical insight is amazing and the way Joel rights is quite vivid. I felt there parts that were a bit chunky but overall this book is elegant and eloquently expressed. I received this book as a giveaway.

    29. Met the author at a book lunch, and was intrigued by how she gets inspiration for her stories. Really enjoyed the book - a bit slow at first, but got right into it and enjoyed the plot twists at the end. A really good depiction of Victorian society and the mores and traditions associated with daily life.

    30. I love family drama and this one did not disappoint. A father coming to terms with the death of his young daughter. The book weaves around numerous events in their lives and becomes an interesting read.

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