Out of the Past

Out of the Past Compelled by a dark secret from his past private investigator Reed Ferguson takes on his most unique case yet bodyguard for young spoiled trust fund baby Stephanie McMahon As Reed tries to protect h

  • Title: Out of the Past
  • Author: Renee Pawlish
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Compelled by a dark secret from his past, private investigator Reed Ferguson takes on his most unique case yet bodyguard for young, spoiled trust fund baby Stephanie McMahon As Reed tries to protect her from her father s enemies, he gets than he bargained for Things are not what they seem, no one can be trusted, and the past has a way of coming back to haunt us AnCompelled by a dark secret from his past, private investigator Reed Ferguson takes on his most unique case yet bodyguard for young, spoiled trust fund baby Stephanie McMahon As Reed tries to protect her from her father s enemies, he gets than he bargained for Things are not what they seem, no one can be trusted, and the past has a way of coming back to haunt us And when suspicious deaths begin piling up, Reed knows he might be next With a twisting plot and film noir fun that readers have come to expect, Out of the Past is Reed Ferguson at his best.

    • Out of the Past By Renee Pawlish
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    1. Renee Pawlish

      From the time she was ten and tried to write her own detective series in the fashion of the Hardy Boys, Ren e Pawlish has been developing her craft Along with creative writing classes, Ren e studied great writers like Dashiell Hammett, Rex Stout, Stephen King, Sue Grafton and many Once Ren e graduated from college, she began her first novel Now, all these years later, she has penned numerous books in a variety of genres.Ren e was born in California, but has lived most of her life in Colorado When she s not hiking, cycling, or chasing ballplayers for autographs, she is writing mysteries and thrillers She also has some middle grade novels waiting to be published.Ren e loves to travel and has visited numerous countries around the world She has also spent many summer days at her parents cabin in the hills outside of Boulder, which was the inspiration for the setting of Taylor Crossing in her novel Nephilim Genesis of Evil.The Reed Ferguson Mystery SeriesThis Doesn t Happen In The MoviesReel Estate Rip offThe Nephilim TrilogyNephilim Genesis of EvilBooks Two and Three soon to be releasedThe Noah Winter YA Adventure SeriesThe Emerald QuestTake FiveA short story collection that includes a Reed Ferguson tale.The Sallie House Exposing the Beast WithinA non fiction book about one of the most haunted houses in America.To learn you can follow her on Facebook facebook reneepawlish.on her blog tobecomeawriter.wordpress on Twitter twitter reneepawlish

    994 thoughts on “Out of the Past”

    1. Great characters Reed ferguson is a private detective. He is roughly introduced to the McMahon family and is hired to act as body guard to Stephanie McMahon. She is not thrilled to have a bodyguard following her around as she goes from club to club. Reed has been left in the dark as to what is going on and do he tries to find out why Stephanie really needs a bodyguard. Reed discovers a trail of recent deaths surrounding Stephanie. He invited the help of his tech savvy friend Cal to help him find [...]

    2. Out of the Past is the latest in Renée Pawlish’s comic mystery series featuring Denver Private Eye, Reed Ferguson. In this tale, Reed is strong-armed – both physically and metaphorically – into baby-sitting the spoiled brattish daughter of local businessman, Forrest McMahon. Reed’s charge, Stephanie McMahon, spends her days shopping, socialising and spitting out smart remarks, and her nights partying and getting her chemical and physical kicks. Reed’s duty appears fairly routine, albe [...]

    3. Ok but I'm very disappointed. This book is not as good or fun a read as are earlier books in this series. The humour seemed to kind of disappear about half way through and then the book just sort of stopped with all sorts of loose ends left dangling. I am not a great lover of these already not very long books that have almost the last quarter taken up by synopsis of other books by this author and a lengthy preview of the next book in the series although maybe if I read that preview I might find [...]

    4. A short and quick read. It was interesting enough till the final quarter or so of the book. The main mystery and capturing the "bad guy" compelling, but the ending was a little confusing to me. I've read better books in this series, but I will prolly read more of them.

    5. A light read for a plane trip home. I like the main character because he is a throw back to film noir -- his favorite film and perhaps mine as well. The plot was not thin and the characters were sufficiently developed. Not thrilling or especially gripping but not bad either.

    6. OkNot much depth of character. Plot was somewhat interesting but the bad guy came out of nowhere. I like things to build with clues and come to a logical ending.The second secretive so convoluted and led nowhere

    7. It is suggested that Reed Ferguson take on the case of bodyguard to trust fund female Stephanie McMahon. But he gets suspicious when he finds out about the 'accidental' deaths that have happened to her friends.

    8. Just okayThis does not have a very good ending. Some of the dialogue is so unbelievable. I will not read the sequel.

    9. This book is for fans of film noir and old time detective stories. The hero, Reed Ferguson is (what else?) a private detective who is hired by a rich old geezer to protect his (what else?) attractive, wise mouthed daughter from someone who seems to be out to kill off her and her college friends. There are gun fights, people getting knocked over the head, murders, plot twists and all the other things you'd expect from a book dedicated to the Noir tradition. I enjoyed the book, but it wasn't anyth [...]

    10. A light hearted amusing detective story. Reed, the detective, relates events as he experiences them to film noir movies. He has some goofy friends who are sort of dense, but the help him anyway. He is hired as a bodyguard for rich spoiled college age girl. But things are not as they seem - are they ever?

    11. Great readI chose this book because I was bored and luckily it turned into a great read with a fascinating storyline. I must say I will be reading of these books

    12. Nice thrillerIt is over all a 4 star rated novel it's ending could be more clearer but it is quite nice.

    13. Out of the pastReed is summoned to protect a spoiled rich girl. He needs to figure out who wants to harm her and why. Fast moving story with a slight twist at the end.

    14. I was browsing through the free books available through the Kindle store when I stumbled upon this one. After reading back to back true crimes novels, I was ready for something a little more light hearted and this book worked out perfectly. This was a fun, fast paced neo-noir, mystery story that follows detective Reed Ferguson as he is hired to be the bodyguard to the daughter of a very wealthy man with shady connections and an even shadier past that is starting to catch up to him. Reed is an in [...]

    15. Well. I guess this is book #5 in the Reed Ferguson Mysteries. I didn't know that when I downloaded this book, so I was messed up for most for a bit of it. Sometimes books can be read out of order, but this one didn't feel like that. Maybe I was just tired on the day thatI read it.However, I think this is a series that you might need to read in order. But it does have a different feel to it because it feels like it was written in classic film-noir mode. I'm not sure I really liked that. I couldn' [...]

    16. review is from: Out of the Past: A Reed Ferguson Mystery (The Reed Ferguson Mystery Series Book 5) (Kindle Edition)OUT OF THE PAST is a pleasant, entertaining mystery. Can a mystery be called pleasant? Pleasant because there are no obscenities, explicit sex or gratuitous gory bloodletting, which can be a relief even to hard-core noir mystery thriller readers such as I.The PI hero , who admires those great film noir mocvie heroes of the old days, and aspires to be one himself, is hired by a milli [...]

    17. Out of the Past, Lama Press, e-book by Renέe Pawlish is a Reed Ferguson Mystery where the PI is hired to protect Stephanie, the spoiled daughter of a wealthy financier. Not his usual type of employment, he accepts the job because the father hints of knowledge of Reed’s participation in a long ago questionable activity that he believed had been sufficiently covered and forgotten. The assignment becomes increasingly dangerous as someone makes an attempt on Stephanie’s life, killing her ‘bes [...]

    18. Renée Pawlish just keeps getting better & better in the mystery genre. Pawlish's continuing development of her lead character, Reed Ferguson makes for an entertaining read as she feeds us movie trivia that both entertains & educates, all while being interwoven in the story. This time Reed takes on a job as a bodyguard that, of course, comes with a mystery to solve. Pawlish's mystery plots continue to evolve, getting better & better with each book she writes,all the while continuing [...]

    19. This book was a little different than the other Reed Ferguson books. He takes on the task of being a bodyguard for a very spoiled twenty something, Stephanie. He wouldn't normally take on something like this but he is forced to by mistake from his past that Stephanie's father somehow knows about. Someone is trying to kill Stephanie and as the danger mounts Reed is determined to find out what is happening. He also wants to find out how someone else knows about his mistake he thought was hurried d [...]

    20. "Out of the Past," A Reed Ferguson Mystery, A ReviewAs I have read a couple of works by this author in this series, I find that I am liking them more and more. I have always liked the detective film noir references as those are some of my favorite movies too. The author does not pull off the tone of the hard boiled detective like her hero Raymond Chandler. But the detective that she brings to us is determined to succeed and he truly loves what he does. He takes us on that ride with him as he fol [...]

    21. Hard-Boiled GeekAs a nerd who loves film noir myself, I can relate to Reed Ferguson. He tries hard to emulate his hero, Humphrey Bogart but can't quite pull it off. He's tough enough, don't get me wrong, but he just isn't hard-hearted enough. And we love him for it. He is more like the main character in "The Black Bird", a loving tribute to "The Maltese Falcon".If you, like me, have read everything written by Dashiell Hammet and Raymond Chandler and have seen every film starring Bogie, then this [...]

    22. This is the second Renee Pawlish book I've read (and consequently the second Reed Ferguson mysteryI know, I'm reading them a little out of order) and I have to say that I enjoy them immensely. There are a few editing issues that I've noticed - which typically would drive me nuts - but the quality of entertainment supersedes that flaw. They are an easy and fun read. I find them to be light hearted in spite of the film noir influence. I look forward to reading the rest of the Reed Ferguson mysteri [...]

    23. Bogart livesThe plot thickens as young adults that that attended college together turn up dead. Secret clubs with the children and the adults are involved. Good read.

    24. Excellent read!This is the first book I have read by this author. I have to say I enjoyed it very much. Not so much for the story, though it is an excellent one. But rather for the way the story is written. The sentences seem to flow together well, letting the scene form easily in my imagination, rather than be, stiff and chopped feeling. If you are looking for an enjoyable mystery, look no further!

    25. Coerced into being a body guard for a spoiled rich girl who just wants to party and get high, Reed Ferguson enlists the aid of his computer geek buddy to peel off the layers of mystery surrounding the men stalking the girl. But there is more than Reed figured going on here and the surprises don't end till the final pages.This is another in an outstanding series that is the perfect blend of suspense, action, humor and a little romance - not to be missed!

    26. An interesting P.I. mystery with multiple plots and two secret societies. A spoiled young lady is protected by Reed Ferguson, who is forced to take the job because of a problem in his past. Some of the usual characters from other Pawlish books are in this one, and there is added humor as Reed counts on them to protect Stephanie.I liked the way the book was written and found it hard to put down until finished.

    27. Book #5. I liked this one the best so far. In this one, we learn a little about Reed's past he has something to hide. And when an unscrupulous man hires him to be his spoiled daughter's bodyguard, Reed finds himself having to take the job because this man somehow found out Reed's secret. Who talked? So while keeping the daughter out of trouble, he is also investigating the father's background. It turns out that the father has a few things to hide, too. A fast paced story.

    28. This was a less than 200 page mystery story, so the reader doesn't get bored or put off by the wordiness. Our hero, Reed Ferguson, in his fifth appearance is tasked with babysitting the 20 something daughter of a wealthy man. Not as easy as he thought--as people stalk and try to kill them. Both Stephanie and her father don't want to tell him much, but eventually he finds out who is pulling the strings, but not before Stepanie is injured by the bad guys.

    29. After reading the first of the Reed Ferguson series and finding it enjoyable I decided to try this book. I found this book to be even more fun than the first the recurring characters like the Goofball Brothers and Willie help to flesh out Reeds character and we learn about a secret from his somewhat murky past. I will definitely be reading more of this series in the future, and its even started me watching some of the old film noir .

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