The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind

The Future of the Mind The Scientific Quest to Understand Enhance and Empower the Mind Michio Kaku the New York Times bestselling author of Physics of the Impossible and Physics of the Future tackles the most fascinating and complex object in the known universe the human brain The Futu

  • Title: The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind
  • Author: Michio Kaku
  • ISBN: 9780307473349
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Michio Kaku, the New York Times bestselling author of Physics of the Impossible and Physics of the Future tackles the most fascinating and complex object in the known universe the human brain.The Future of the Mind brings a topic that once belonged solely to the province of science fiction into a startling new reality This scientific tour de force unveils the astonishingMichio Kaku, the New York Times bestselling author of Physics of the Impossible and Physics of the Future tackles the most fascinating and complex object in the known universe the human brain.The Future of the Mind brings a topic that once belonged solely to the province of science fiction into a startling new reality This scientific tour de force unveils the astonishing research being done in top laboratories around the world all based on the latest advancements in neuroscience and physics including recent experiments in telepathy, mind control, avatars, telekinesis, and recording memories and dreams The Future of the Mind is an extraordinary, mind boggling exploration of the frontiers of neuroscience Dr Kaku looks toward the day when we may achieve the ability to upload the human brain to a computer, neuron for neuron project thoughts and emotions around the world on a brain net take a smart pill to enhance cognition send our consciousness across the universe and push the very limits of immortality.

    • The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind By Michio Kaku
      125 Michio Kaku
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    1. Michio Kaku

      Arabic Russian Dr Michio Kaku is an American theoretical physicist at the City College of New York , best selling author, a futurist, and a communicator and popularizer of science He has written several books about physics and related topics of science.He has written two New York Times Best Sellers, Physics of the Impossible 2008 and Physics of the Future 2011.Dr Michio is the co founder of string field theory a branch of string theory , and continues Einstein s search to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into one unified theory.Kaku was a Visitor and Member 1973 and 1990 at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and New York University He currently holds the Henry Semat Chair and Professorship in theoretical physics at the City College of New York.

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    1. What a wonderfully "feel-good" book about science! Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist, and a well-known author of popular books about physics, especially the future of physics. In this book, he strays a bit from physics, and enters the realms of biology, neuroscience, evolution, and the brain. Kaku admits that he is not an expert in these fields. However, he writes so engagingly, his fast-paced, light-hearted writing style, and fearless exploration of a wide range of topics makes this a very [...]

    2. The future of human mind and artificial intelligenceIn this book, City University of New York Professor Michio Kaku, a well-respected theoretical physicist has discussed our current understanding of human mind and consciousness, and where it is heading in the next few decades. He has followed his life-long interest in biology of mind in this exhaustive literature work after his discussion with leading neurobiologists. Despite the fact that his field of expertise lies in theoretical physics, this [...]

    3. For so many many centuries, the universe and consciousness have been two of the greatest mysteries for many philosophers and scientists. Interestingly, physicists like Francis Crick and Christof Koch among many others have engaged to this fascinating area of research. In "Future of the Mind" Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist, also approaches this subject. What is consciousness? Is it possible to be explained by the laws of Physics? and, with such an advance in technology, what can we expect o [...]

    4. I can't abide futurism. The best science fiction postulates an imaginary future society with imaginary future technologies and explores the present through a fantastical lens. Futurism, on the other hand, postulates that imaginary future because "why not?". Futurism is little more than making extravagant predictions while hand-waving away the very real technical issues that stand between the present and that predicted future. In my field of computer programming, we often tell stories of "the suf [...]

    5. يا له من كتابٍ مفيد وممتع ومثير ! يزيدك علمًا ومعرفةً وأسئلة. ولقد اجتمع له جمال أسلوب ‏مؤلفه المعروف(مشيو كاكو)، وحُسن الترجمة (سعد الدين خرفان)، والطباعة والنشر في سلسلة ‏عالم المعرفة بإخراجٍ مميّز وثمنٍ زهيد. ‏يناقش الكتاب مستجدات أبحاث العقل والدماغ تحت مظلة الاهتمام ال [...]

    6. I haven't finished it yet, but I don't need to finish this one to write the review.It's a nice summary of the state of knowledge about the human brain how it works, how technology is being used to learn more about it and how technology is being used to fix it/control it.The level of technical skill needed to read this book is on a par with any of the popular science shows on the Discovery Channel. That's not a complaint; I like the 30,000 foot view it provides.But the constant surface treatment [...]

    7. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist with a love of science fiction and of explaining science to non-scientists as well as of physics, once again takes a big, broad subject area that people are fascinated by, and explores what we know and can do now, what we can expect in the near future, and what the next century or two might bring us.This is a readable, fascinating introduction to what we know about the workings of the human brain, and how the mind emerges from it, as well as the current state [...]

    8. Pe dr. Michio Kaku îl știu din diferite documentare de la BBC sau Discovery și eu un tip super carismatic pe care ți-e mai mare dragul să-l asculți. După ce am citit "Universuri paralele", m-am bucurat să găsesc și cartea asta, bănuind că va fi cel puțin la fel de interesantă. A fost! Cartea e scrisă ca un articol al unei reviste tehnice cu informații pe înțelesul publicului larg, astfel încât să fascineze cititorul și să îl facă să-și pună o mulțime de întrebări [...]

    9. Interesting intro to neuroscience for the casual reader. If you're looking for depth and analysis, this is not the book for you. I belong to the latter category, and for me, the shallowness makes it an incredibly frustrating read.Don't get me wrong. I like Michio Kaku. He's a very charismatic speaker. But I just don't like to waste my time on magazine-level introductory knowledge.

    10. مستقبل العقل (الاجتهاد العلمي لفهم العقل وتطويره وتقويته)عالم المعرفةميشيو كاكوقرأت قبل هذا الكتاب ثلاث كتب للفيزيائي العظيم "ميشيو كاكو"، ولروعة ما قراته له تشجعت لقراءة هذا الكتاب. وقليلا ما تصدر عن سلسلة (عالم المعرفة) كتبا فأقرأها فور صدورها؛ نظرا لصعوبتها واكاديميتها ا [...]

    11. Knowledge and education is everything in life!!!! This is one fantastic book. "The Future of the Mind" by Michio Kaku introduces inquisitive readers to the exciting science of the human mind. Dr. Kaku is perhaps the preeminent popular scientist of our time with numerous books, television productions and media appearances to his credit. This fascinating book will interest everyone who wants to get up to speed on the rapidly evolving field of brain sciences including what the future might hold for [...]

    12. Each Michio Kaku book challenges the limits of my understanding by slowly taking me to the edge of what I know and then pushing me over the precipice. His books always seem to start out slowly by getting me comfortable with what I already know. Next, he pulls the rug out and I’m happily trying to figure out which way is up. The types of things that scientists are working on today make me sad that I probably won’t be around to benefit from them. Some of these “mind” things as well as robo [...]

    13. Very disappointing. This book is billed as scientific but is simply science fiction nonsense. The book starts out well enough with a review of the current types of brain scans and some commentary of potential future enhancements to these technologies. Then the author launches into wild speculation about telepathy and telekinesis and how these may be possible in the "very near future." Since my only interest in the brain is of a purely scientific and practical bent, these speculations were of zer [...]

    14. ثاني قراءة لميشيو كاكو بعد "فيزياء المستحيل" من نفس السلسلة ونفس المترجم.أعترف إن في البداية كان عندي بعض التردد في قراءة كتاب عن علم الدماغ والبيولوجيا والأعصاب من تأليف فيزيائي نظري، لكن على عكس توقعي، طلع الكتاب عميق، مدروس كويس، ومفيد. ميشيو كاكو بيثبت مرة أخرى إنه من أنج [...]

    15. The Future of the Mind5 Stars - Exciting read, filled with interesting facts and mind boggling ideas. Great read for a wide range of those interested in the future of science and the brain!What a fun read this was! Not often do books make me want to hide away from the world, until I can finish it in one read. While working my way through this one, I never did want to put it down, except when coming across an experiment that Michio Kaku touched upon, that I wanted to jump further into online.On t [...]

    16. Physicist Michio Kaku, an expert in string theory, might not seem the obvious person to take us on a tour of what the subtitle describes as ‘the scientific quest to understand, enhance and empower the mind.’ But Kaku is a very experienced science communicator and though I didn’t feel the same deep connection with, and love for, his subject as comes across in his physics-based books, there is certainly a lot to ponder in this reasonably chunky bit of scientific futurology.Of all the great s [...]

    17. يتحدث كاكو و هو فيزيائي عن العقل و الوعي من وجهة نظر الفيزياء. الكتاب يشرح عن العقل بشكل مبسط ثم يستعرض تاريخ و بدايات استكشاف العقل و يناقش الامراض النفسية و العقلية.من ضمن المواضيع التي يناقشها كاكو: الوعي و الذكاء الاصطناعي و امكانية نسخ العقل و امكانية جعل الانسان خالداً [...]

    18. An astonishing amount of information crammed into the confines of a 377-page book. Kaku's presentation is effortless and very accessible, like one of his numerous youtube videos.You just cannot help getting infected with his enthusiasm about the science he presents - the science which sheds new light on deemed-esoteric-forever concepts like telepathy, telekinesis and mind reading and that which is on the cusp of performing tasks like memory implants, memory recording, dream videotaping, mental e [...]

    19. Science, sci-fi or fantasy?As a theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku may not be the obvious choice to tackle the subject of the science of the brain, but he undoubtedly has a gift for writing about complex subjects in an accessible way. In this book he looks at the history of neuroscience, where we are now, and then spends a huge chunk of the book speculating about where the scientists may take us in the future.He starts by describing the physical properties of the brain, explaining how over the l [...]

    20. Люблю кники этого автора. Всегда интересно, много физики в интересном изложении. Это как Дэн Браун про историю, так Митио Каку про физику :) , не знаю почему, но такое у меня получилось сравнение. Оба автора мои любимые. Больше всего в книге мне понравились размышление о созна [...]

    21. سيكون هذا الكتاب مزعجا للبعض خاصة ممن ارتضوا الجمود والسكون الفكري،وذلك لما يثيره الكتاب ويطرحه من قضايا وأمور تدفع للتفكير، والبعض سيخاف مما هو قادم في المستقبل من تقنيات وتطور، والبعض سيراه مجرد هراء، لكني أراه كتابا مثيرا وممتعا ، ويمكنني أن أرشحه لمحبي هذه النوعية من ا [...]

    22. Every so often an author makes a stab at, "what makes humans special from all other animals". Michio Kaku does his best through defining humans through their ability to simulate the future both in space and time. He uses this definition for human consciousness and specialness and goes about explaining all phenomena arising from the brain. There's almost no topic he doesn't touch, hypnosis, outer-body-experience, abnormal psychology, BMI (brain machine interface), and so on.For each topic, he giv [...]

    23. The thing I like about Michio Kaku is that unlike other scientists and quantum physicists, he doesn't wander off into his own wonderland while describing some of the most complex concepts. This book is no different. Although, initially going by the title of the book, I thought that a neurologist or a biologist would be better suited author for book on Human Mind, I am glad that didn't put me off and refrain me from starting this book. Human Consciousness, Freewill, mental illnesses, Aliens, Robo [...]

    24. Who am “I”? Is reality really real? What are dreams? Will someone who's paralyzed be able to move objects with their mind one day ? Will robots be smarter than humans? Will robots one day take over the world? Interviewing top scientists in their fields, Michio Kaku explores these questions and many more in “The Future of the Mind.” Kaku’s ability to explain complex concepts, in easy to understand terms and examples, makes this an easy and enjoyable read. His passion for the topic comes [...]

    25. Fairly interesting science book about the future technologies that will soon come online to enhance our brains from cybernetic implants, to bionic technology, to downloading memories and uploading our minds. The book starts with an outline of neuro-anatomy and then shows the kinds of interventions and enhancements that may soon be coming to a brain near you. A fun book with a lot of to think about. The possibilities for use and abuse of these technology is something we may have to grapple with i [...]

    26. Definitely my favorite science book.Despite his divergence from the fields of Biology and Neuroscience , Michio Kaku's fervent curiosity manipulates his pen as he unravels the hidden realms lying on top of our shoulders.This book truly helps you understand, enhance and empower your mind,

    27. «نأخذ وعينا كأمر مسلم به، لكننا لا ندرك التسلسل الطويل والملتوي من الحوادث البيولوجية التي جعلت الوعي ممكنًا. يكتب عالم النفس ستيفن بينكر: أعتقد أن لا شيء يعطي الحياة هدفًا أسمى من إدراك أن كل لحة من الوعي هي بمنزلة هدية ثمينة»لم أقرأ كل كتب المستقبليات بطبيعة الحال، لكن ما أ [...]

    28. *A full executive summary of this book is available here: newbooksinbrief/2014/03/11The main argument: Up until 15 to 20 years ago the instruments and methods used to study the brain were still somewhat primitive. Since this time, however, advances in brain-imaging and brain-probing technology have gone into overdrive—as have the computers needed to make sense of the data coming out of these technologies. The deluge began in the early to mid 1990’s with the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) m [...]

    29. Uh-huh, I feel split-brained after reading this book. The beginning chapters, with the survey of the recent developments in neuroscience and the physicalist's definition and classification of consciousness, were promising. But then Well, I can't say I didn't enjoy the entertaining speculations about the possibility of enhancing or altering our mental capabilities via telepathy, telekinesis, uploading memories, or brain boosts, and the possibility that perhaps sometime in the next century we may [...]

    30. Overall a unique well written perspective of the future of consciousness and technology as it relates to our human potential as far as we can determine from our current understanding of physics and engineering possibilities. Speculations with a scientific foundation as opposed to the supernatural or fantastical interpretation of the future by those lacking any understanding in engineering feats and the laws of physics. Although about 4 hours too long it was written with a passionate tone and may [...]

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