Dream Reunion

Dream Reunion Librarian s note this is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B H RN SE I wish someone my mother my husband anybody would really let me have it instead of telling me everything s not my fault when

  • Title: Dream Reunion
  • Author: J.J. DiBenedetto
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s note this is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00H9RN2SE I wish someone my mother, my husband, anybody would really let me have it, instead of telling me everything s not my fault when it obviously is Sara s seen the cost of interfering in other people s dreams firsthand it s measured in ruined lives and cemetery plots.When her supernatural dreamsLibrarian s note this is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00H9RN2SE I wish someone my mother, my husband, anybody would really let me have it, instead of telling me everything s not my fault when it obviously is Sara s seen the cost of interfering in other people s dreams firsthand it s measured in ruined lives and cemetery plots.When her supernatural dreams start up again, Sara is faced with problem after problem And the only solution she can see is the one she s sworn never to attempt changing the minds of the dreamers from the inside out.Sara thought that fighting against serial killers, mobsters and crooked politicians was difficult, but she s about to come up against the most difficult foe she s ever faced her own conscience.

    • Dream Reunion - J.J. DiBenedetto
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    1. J.J. DiBenedetto

      J.J James DiBenedetto was born in Yonkers, New York He attended Case Western Reserve university, where as his classmates can attest, he was a complete nerd Very little has changed since then.He currently lives in Arlington, Virginia with his beautiful wife and their cat who has thoroughly trained them both When he s not writing, James works in the direct marketing field, enjoys the opera, photography and the New York Giants, among other interests.The Dreams series is James first published work.

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    1. J.J. DiBenedetto creates a wonderful sense of real world relationships in his Dream series, with characters that love and care for each other, marry, give birth, struggle with finances, jobs and commitments, and Well, then there’s his equally wonderfully created, slightly paranormal world as well, where a generous doctor called Sara shares other people’s dreams and struggles with the morality of interfering in the name of giving help. Of course, in book 5 of this series, the moral and parano [...]

    2. This is the first book I've read by this author, but it definitely won't be the last. Just days before Sara plans to leave for a ten-year class reunion, she begins seeing inside peoples' dreams. Some of the dreams she's witnessing are those of classmates she's about to be reunited with. There's never a dull moment in Sara's house with five kids, a hard-to-manage medical practice and friends and family dropping in at regular intervals. I loved Sara's voice - she speaks to the reader in a conversa [...]

    3. "Dream Reunion" by J.J. DiBenedetto depicts the life of Sara during the two months following 9/11. She is a doctor in Arlington, Virginia, has a family and she has the ability to see other people's dreams. I came late into the series and guess the concept has been explored to some extent in the previous instalments. This book however reads perfectly fine as a stand alone.From student to professional, the series has followed Sara and her personal growth and her supernatural power.This book is dea [...]

    4. this series is quite entertaining and unique but does need to be read in order for better understanding. In this book we follow Sara and her husband after giving birth to her son. We get to take part in their College reunion. Of course Sara is faced with another nightmare and has to choose how to handle it. The only part of the story that I really disliked was her constant fear and almost hate of law enforcement. I realized it there are people out there with bad experiences but I hate how promin [...]

    5. I have continued to thoroughly enjoy this series. Although, this book did leave me a little sad because Sara didn't get quite the resolution that she really wanted.She dreams that one of her friends from college is planning to burn down his business, but she can't figure out who or what she can do to stop it from happening. I think she struggled a lot with her conscience in this book, both because of who she discovers the dreams are from and because of what she has to do to "help" him with his p [...]

    6. Another great book, it was nice to see some old characters again and see where they are in their lives. Curious to see what Ben has in mind for Sara and Brian, I don't have the next book yet -I NEED THAT BOOK!

    7. I love that the author used a notable time to make this story feel more real. Since Sara's husband works at the pentagon it is only natural that the 9-11 tragedy was made reference too. The after affects of this disaster are playing havoc with the woman of Sara's family as they dream about the people they know or have met. Its time for a school reunion and Sara is drawn into a dream about arson and is at a loss to stop it from happening. The gift of the seeing dreams have always taken a tole on [...]

    8. Sarah and Brian's lives are progressing and believe it or not, it is time for Sarah's 10 year college reunion. She is excited to reunite with all of her old friends. Only, once again, Sarah's dreams predict the future of one of her classmates, someone who has gotten himself into a lot of trouble and Sarah believes she is the only one who can help. The mystery is, which one of her classmates is the one who needs the help so desperately and how will she be able to come to someone's rescue without [...]

    9. Again a completely original story in a series. I love that this is the 6th book in the series and that there is absolutely nothing formulaic about the story!The only thing that is the same is that Sara has the dreams and everyone comes together again to help her figure out how to deal with it. I really like how Sara has gained confidence moving through her dreams and is guiding Steffy through it all now. It is obvious she has grown in her abilities over the course of the series. Again moving bet [...]

    10. This newest audiobook version of this series is a great addition to the series. Elizabeth Klett is the newest narrator for this series and doesn't miss a beat. Having listened to all the audio versions of this series Elizabeth has the sound of Sara and her friends and family down as if she has been the narrator from book one. This book takes us deeper into the mental frustration Sara has with her dreams and seeing things she doesn't want to see. Sara has come to grips with her gift and even sees [...]

    11. When Sara gets a notice for her college ten year reunion, she starts getting dreams about someone familiar wanting to burn down their business for the insurance money. She recognized the guys voice just couldn't place where she knows him from. When Sara, Brian, two of their kids Lizzie and Grace and her best friend Beth drive to the reunion; Sara, Brian and Beth try to plan to see who the guy is. When they run into Sara's ex and friend she hasn't talked to in ten years, Joe, and his wife Bonnie, [...]

    12. Dream Reunion takes us into the life of Sara, a woman who can see into other people's dreams. I was thrilled to find out that it was written in first person. Though the dream part was interesting, I felt more emotionally involved with Sara's family life. The author did a great job making each character a full-fledged human being with real, every day problems that we can all relate to. Sara was not only a powerful woman who had an extraordinary gift, she was also a wife who felt guilty for yellin [...]

    13. Another non-stop, can’t put down book!!!While reading this series, I have started to feel as if I’m part of the family. Sara is not preparing for her 10 year college reunion and is having dreams again. This time it’s someone she feels she knows only can’t see their face. Will they commit the crime they are thinking of?? She must figure out who she is dreaming with before she can try to help. I love that Brian and the children are still active in the story as well as Laurie. This still ha [...]

    14. Kindle Copy for ReviewIn book 6, Sara still dreams of Lydia whom she killed or else be killed. She and her husband are struggling with a new baby and trying to keep themselves from being in too much debt.As their college reunion is approaching, she finds herself dreaming about one of her classmates who is in financial debt. She sees him setting his business on fire with gasoline but she can not remember who he is until the reunion.Sara has vowed not to interfere in people’s dreams but her cons [...]

    15. I adore this series. There is no other way for me to say it than that. JJ DiBenedetto created a character, Sara, that is unlike any other. And as he takes us through her life, you really feel like you know her. This is unlike anything else you've ever read and it is so well written that you'll be wondering how you didn't discover it sooner.

    16. Another good tale by JJD. With plenty of different stories running along side each other it's nigh impossible to lose interest in Sara and her wooly headed thinking. A really enjoyable book which is also a stand alone as well as part of the series. Definitely one to read and feel part of Sara's family.

    17. Fans of Mr. DiBenedetto’s Dream Series will enjoy this read and catching up with Sarah, Brian and other characters from the previous novels.Read full review in the 2014 June/July Double Issue of InD’tale Magazine.

    18. this is book number 6 and I think they just get better and better.aracters have developed more, storylines continue to build, and I am hooked on all the twists and turns.r a dull moment in this series.ad alone or in a row, it's all good !

    19. So-so; there wasn't much in the way of mystery here; the characters felt much less in-depth; perhaps because we know them so well now?

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