Murder of a Real Bad Boy

Murder of a Real Bad Boy Still recovering from breaking up with her boyfriend and alienating half the people in town Skye Denison has sworn off men but she hires sexy contractor Beau Hamilton to renovate the old house she in

  • Title: Murder of a Real Bad Boy
  • Author: Denise Swanson
  • ISBN: 9780451218285
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • Still recovering from breaking up with her boyfriend and alienating half the people in town, Skye Denison has sworn off men but she hires sexy contractor Beau Hamilton to renovate the old house she inherited After all, who can ignore his qualifications Golden hair, bronzed chest, muscular thighs he s just too good to be true Sure enough, he has a reputation for conningStill recovering from breaking up with her boyfriend and alienating half the people in town, Skye Denison has sworn off men but she hires sexy contractor Beau Hamilton to renovate the old house she inherited After all, who can ignore his qualifications Golden hair, bronzed chest, muscular thighs he s just too good to be true Sure enough, he has a reputation for conning the ladies But before the not so na ve Skye can fire the hunk, he turns up dead Since even bad boys deserve justice, Skye has to juggle than a passionate police chief, a cagey brother with a secret, and a possibly haunted house She s got a killer to catch.

    • Murder of a Real Bad Boy by Denise Swanson
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    1. Denise Swanson

      Denise Swanson lives in rural Illinois with her husband, classical composer David Stybr After 22 years as a practicing school psychologist, she s happiest sitting in her scree porch reading However, when the weather turns too cold, she s willing to leave the Midwest to cruise the sunny Caribbean Denise is an animal lover, but her home is currently furless, since her kitty of 20 years passed away in August of 2016 Instead, she enjoys watching the wildlife out her office window.

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    1. Yet again, Skye has gotten herself into trouble. By acting like a 15 year old. What a surprise.Scumble River must be the murder capital of the midwest, and who knows how that happened. Once again, a body drops on Skye's doorstop. Not only that, but the poor girl must deal with having to find alternate ways home from work to avoid her ex-boyfriend. And the hottie contractor she hired was ripping her off.Skye can do anything she wants and be indignant when people get mad (she barged in on her brot [...]

    2. This is book eight in the Scumble River mystery series by Denise Swanson. Scumble River is a fictional town and here lies plenty of adventure and secrets. In this book Skye Denison(school Psychologist) hires hunky bad boy Beau Hamilton to do some construction work on her house but this bad boy has a bit of a reputation and it was not long before Skye had to start looking for another contractor. Poor Skye is really having a heard time in this book with her love life and there seems to be somethin [...]

    3. OK, that May and Bunny stuff? Too silly for words. And, I'm not sure if it was this book or the other I read today, but in the Acknowledgements section in one of them our author thanked her husband for being, among other things, her copy editor. Because she said that, and ONLY because she said that (or proofreader, I can't remember), I'm going to pick a nit: What's with all the stupid typos? As in, cat for eat, and things like that. I dunno, maybe other people don't notice stuff like that as muc [...]

    4. I read this series to learn how certain writing errors effect a readers experience of a story's narrative. I also read this series to learn about creative similes.

    5. Oooooohhhh! A "real bad boy" is defined as a male that rides a motorcycle? OK. How can Skye be seen as the murder solving sleuth the town knows her as when she is a person who constantly backs down from any confrontation? The police are trained and skilled in solving crimes but in every book they have "missed the mark" with such blatant in-your-face clues. Once again, I purchased the Scumble River books as a set and vow to get through them but I have to voice my disgust with the writing attempt [...]

    6. I'm finally caught up. I've read these all out of order and this is my last one. If possible, Skye was even less intelligent here than she's been in other books. I justI just wanted to hit her."Hi. I know you don't know me, but your lawyer friend says I should fix up your house for you. Go ahead and look around your house with me, all by yourself, with no protection, alone without even confirming with your friend that I'm legit. Ooh! And then let me change your lock for you! I know you've been h [...]

    7. Murder of a Real Bad Boy (Scumble River Mystery, #8)Denise SwansonSkye is trying to settle into her newly inherited house. She hires a contractor to come and make repairs. Soon he ends up dead. In her investigations she finds he has slighted a lot of people. The suspect list is growing. Skye is on the scene to solve this crime.Fast paced, light read. I liked hearing more about Bunny, and I am trying to get used to Skye in her new relationship. The same fun characters are back. I look forward to [...]

    8. This series is so bland and repetetive, I spent a good chunk of time wondering if I had already read this one. Why do I bother? And yet by the end I am invested in the "mystery of the week" enough to forgive lovely Skye for repeating herself, verbatim, book after book. I want to like her and her friends, I really do. It's just that she explains herself so thoroughly and with such a superior yet sniveling manner that I just want to shake her editor. Plus it's great for when you are zonked on the [...]

    9. Murder of a Real Bad Boy by Denise Swanson is the 8th book in A Scumble River Mystery series. Skye finds her housing repair contractor, Beau Hamilton murdered on coming home one day and continuing break ins to her house, get her involved in solving the murder. I love this series and this book is a great addition. The mystery itself is a bit weak and Skye stumbles across the murderer rather than solving the crime.Her relationships are focused on more than the crime and I wish she would just go wi [...]

    10. Skye is still recovering from breaking up with her boyfriend and half the town has alienated her. She has sworn off men- but she hires Beau Hamilton a sexy contractor to renovate the old house she has just inherited.He's to good to be true. Sure enough he has a reputation for conning the ladies. But before Skye can fire him, he turns up dead. But even bad boys deserve justice, Skye has more to juggle than a cagey brother with a secret, a possibly haunted house and a passionate police chief, she, [...]

    11. The Scumble River Mystery series is a fun series to read. The books are pretty short and they are fast and funny reads. School psychologist Skye Denison gets into all kinds of trouble when she plays around as an amateur investigator in each book. The mysteries are full of twists, turns and surprises and there are always plenty of suspects to choose from. I almost never know for sure whodunit until fairly close to the end. The whole series makes for excellent pool or beach reads for the summer.

    12. Oh. My. God. Wally is SO hot! AH! I've always like Wally better than Simon and to have this be so teasing and hot at the same time. Hahaha. Half the time I was just as frustrated as Skye when she didn't get into Wally's pants.A very good conclusion to that stupid Sheriff storyline, and Loretta is making a permanent impression, sweet.Vince, as adorable and hot as ever.How can Skye breath with all that testosterone?Loved it!

    13. I'm still moving along in the series, and while I do appreciate the character development, the mystery part of the story is getting buried by this very aspect. This does not mean that I do not like this book; I do like it, and I will continue to read the series. Swanson has done a lot to soften Skye's strident image since the first book, making her a much more sympathetic protagonist.

    14. I have to say this is my favorite by Denise! I literally could not put this one down. The whole time thinking one person did it. Then change who you think like two pages later. Feeling the fear the heroine was going through. Her sorrow of her missing cat. Yelling at the book saying "No don't go that way!" or "Watch out he is behind you!" I had my family thinking I had lost it.

    15. Another murder in small town America, this time a no-good blackmailing contractor. It's just another day in Scumble Creek and Skye the high school counselor is on the case and up to the same old tricks. This is the second book I have read in this series and it seems like I have read it all before. I don't think I was entertained enough to pick up another book by this author again.

    16. This is the best Scumble River book in a while. I'm not sure if I just liked the new direction that Skye's personal life was taking or what. The murder aspect was only so-so and I did figure out who did it a few steps ahead of Skye but overall I really enjoyed this book.

    17. I have issues with this oneI do not want Skye and Wally together. Wally moved in WAY too fast. Also, I am tired of hearing about Skye being "fat" I am sorry but more than a size 12???? FAT???? Seriously. Not too sure if I want to keep reading but I have 3 books to go so who knows.

    18. This is a charming mystery series featuring school counselor Skye Denison. Add together an assortment of colorful characters and the remote location of Scumble River and you have a picture perfect backdrop for murder. Why? Because looks, whether physical or geographic, can be extremely deceiving.

    19. I love this series and it's getting really annoying that I have to skip books in order to keep readingI am searching for Barbie and Ken and also Smart Cookie. Otherwise Scumble River is one of my favorite places to visit. ;-)

    20. Vince & Loretta r an item. Mae & Bunny lock trick Skye & Simon into a final talk. S & Wally begin to date. Dulce & crew finish the houseRenovations.

    21. Cute series but very , very light reading. Great for rainy days when you just want to curl up with brainless entertaining fun whodunit.

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