The Viking Funeral

The Viking Funeral If Detective Shane Scully s best friend Jody Dean committed suicide three years ago then who did Shane just see for one fleeting moment on the Ventura Freeway He s convinced it was his former colle

  • Title: The Viking Funeral
  • Author: Stephen J. Cannell
  • ISBN: 9780312983437
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • If Detective Shane Scully s best friend, Jody Dean, committed suicide three years ago, then who did Shane just see for one fleeting moment on the Ventura Freeway He s convinced it was his former colleague Or was his mind playing tricks Shane s lover, Alexa Hamilton, herself a lauded LAPD officer, happens to think so But Shane knows what he saw And for a rogue cop withIf Detective Shane Scully s best friend, Jody Dean, committed suicide three years ago, then who did Shane just see for one fleeting moment on the Ventura Freeway He s convinced it was his former colleague Or was his mind playing tricks Shane s lover, Alexa Hamilton, herself a lauded LAPD officer, happens to think so But Shane knows what he saw And for a rogue cop with nothing left to lose, the search for Dean has become than an investigation It s become an obsession.The first clue to Dean s secret life and suspicious death is murder The victim is Dean s former commanding officer The connection taps into a corrupt, high level conspiracy among L.A s finest that will put Shane and everyone he loves in harm s way It will cut deep into the heart of betrayal and the meaning of friendship And it will dare one cop already on the brink of madness to take on step further into darkness

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    1. Stephen J. Cannell

      Stephen J Cannell was an American television producer, writer, novelist, and occasional actor, and the founder of Cannell Entertainment formerly Stephen J Cannell Productions and the Cannell Studios.Cannell created or co created several successful TV series from the 1970s to the 1990s Creations included The Rockford Files, The A Team, The Greatest American Hero, 21 Jump Street, and The Commish He was an Emmy winner and was awarded The Eye Lifetime Achievement Award by the Private Eye Writers of America.

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    1. I had seen this author's books before, but never picked one up. I was reading "Echo Park" by Michael Connelly - and he specifically mentions Stephen Cannell as part of the plot. I thought that was pretty interesting - obviously Connelly was giving a literary shout out to Cannell.So I picked up "Viking Funeral". Very good book - very brutal. The LAPD must cringe whenever a book comes out that paints them in such an unflattering light (see LA Rex). Cannell is a former screen writer for lots of fam [...]

    2. A great second book in this series. More of a mystery than the first novel. It is about Shane, the main character, who has a run-in with his past, in particular a friend whom he thought was dead. Again, no one believes him at first, and he has to risk his life to have the truth brought foward. A great story!

    3. Reading this many books in a row by a single author has advantages and disadvantages. The good is that I really get in touch with (and stay close to) the continuing characters. The downside is that you also get really in touch with the author's little hitches. His overuse of the same clichés and tired, worn out descriptions. It gets pretty old. And I feel like I'm writing the same report for every Cannell book now: good read, kept me entertained, but nothing spectacular.So why do I continue to [...]

    4. This second book in the Shane Scully series presents us with a darker plot, revolving around corrupt police officers who have gone way off the reservation. One of those vicious undercover cops is LAPD Sergeant Shane Scully’s best friend since childhood that everyone presumed dead since his suicide two years ago. Now it seems all that was staged so he could go undercover. When Shane unexpectedly recognizes Jody driving on the freeway, Shane can’t let it go. He wants to know what happened to J [...]

    5. Similar to other Cannell novels. Great beginning, grabs your attention. Lots of action. Some character development, which is never allowed to come to complete fruition (Shane Scully has to deal with the fact that he did something horrible, but it turns out okay). The book loses steam near the end, as the plot becomes overly and (arguably) unnecessarily complicated with an abruupt resolution. Characters are decent but could have been developed more (ie character described by single phrase/identit [...]

    6. This is the second book in the Stephen Cannell's Shane Scully series and I'm hooked. This book is full of everything that makes for a great adventure: suspense, drama, romance, humor, and great characters! If you like books by Stuart Woods, Ed McBain, Michael Connelly or Harlan Coben, I think you will like Stephen Cannell's Shane Scully series.

    7. While driving along the freeway, Shane sees his best friend, Jody Dean, in the car next to him. But that can't be possible, Jody committed suicide 3 years earlier. While Alexa thinks Shane's mind is playing tricks on him, Shane is determined to pursue the matter. His investigation leads him to faked deaths and rouge cops that he an Alexa must stop, at all costs. A surprise ending caps the story.

    8. The Second of the Shane Scully series. Cannell writes interesting characters and this storyline had several unexpected twists. I listened to this as an unabridged audiobook read by Dick Hill, who was great at giving different personalities to each character.

    9. A good book- lots of unseen twists. I felt it was a bit of a struggle at time to keep people/ plots straight. An interesting book about the “parallel market”, supported by previous Dept of Justice arrests and public comments. The premise, while at times wild, is possible, and the action is intense. A good read, but won’t need to read it again-

    10. SoulfullThis book was the best book I have ever read. This is the second time I have read it and it just grabs my soul. I have read many, many books that were 5 star but for some reason I don't understand this book affected me deeply. It's just powerful!

    11. Started with a sex scene, so just about stopped before I even got really started . Luckily it improved quickly. Crime novel based loosely on a real case, that made it interesting.

    12. THE VIKING FUNERAL is the second book in the Shane Scully Series, and while it is the first book I have ever read by Cannell, it will not be the last.The story is pretty straight-forward. We have LAPD Officer Shane Scully. A single father. He is in dating Alexa, also an officer with LAPD. And the relationship is pretty serious. The idea is to get married. Turn the three of them into a family.Life is never that simple.Not long ago Shane's partner, Jody Dean, committed suicide. It has not been eas [...]

    13. I'm not sure what to say about this book, other than it kept making me think of the movie "Predator". In that movie, Ahnald , Jesse Ventura and a group of tough-guy commandos go into the jungle on a mission only to be taken apart by an alien. There are no aliens in this book, but much of the action revolves around a group of tough guy types called the Vikings. Like the "Predator" gang, most of the characters are cartoonish and hard to take seriously.That being said, the book gets off to a great [...]

    14. 3.5 StarsShane Scully sees a very familiar face as he driving to the airport to pick up his girlfriend's brother. But his best friend committed suicide in his plain wrapper a few years back, right? But the face driving the orange and black Charger indeed belongs to Jody Dean. His girl, Alexa Hamilton, doesn't believe Scully until the murder of Dean's former Commander. A decorated cop herself, has had a close relationship with the slain man and the evidence found at the Commander's home proves th [...]

    15. There's something about this author's writing style that yanks me into his books and forces me to stay glued to them to the back page. It almost feels like fast-breaking news where data changes constantly rather than the normal 24-hour news cycle wherein things are repeated endlessly.Shane Sculley has been thinking lately about his former friend on the Los Angeles police force--a friend who took his life inexplicably. But if his friend is indeed dead, why did Sculley see his friend on the expres [...]

    16. Stephen Cannell made his living for a long time as an 80s television writer. That fact comes across so clearly in his writing. As I said during some of my updates, there was some phrasing that was so bad it pulled me right out of the story. In the first two minutes, the phrase "post-coital sex" is used, and the narration that follows, while it might have made good television, was so cringe-worthy as prose I almost quit listening and returned the CD to the library.I'm glad I didn't, because despi [...]

    17. For three years, Shane Skully has been mourning the death of best friend and fellow cop, Jody Dean. He's trying to move forward, but his career's been affected. Imagine his shock when, on his way to work, he spots Jody driving the car in the adjoining lane. Their eyes meet, and recognition is telegraphed, but Jody takes off and Shane loses him. Shane refuses to rest until he finds him again, and what he finds will land him in a nightmare that will probably destroy him.The Viking Funeral propels [...]

    18. Stephen J. Cannell has that uncanny ability to write any book to read like a stand-alone, even if it fits perfectly into the rest of its series. The Viking Funeral is really enjoyable, delves a lot more into Shane's relations and makes him a bit more morally ambiguous. Character-wise, Alexa and the Chief (aka the Day-Glo Dago) really stole the show on this one. Chooch was a bit out of the story (and for good reason) but I was disappointed that he didn't have more of an affect on Shane's actions. [...]

    19. Shane Scully has been struggling with grief after the suicide of his best friend and colleague so it comes as a shock when he spots Jody Dean driving past. Searching for Jody uncovers a deepcover operation within the LAPD which involves an elaborate money-laundering scheme that large American corporations are participating in.Cannell wrote this story based on true events, apparently. Despite the mystery and action, I found myself losing interest. I'd say it's my current mood, not the book and if [...]

    20. THE VIKING FUNERAL - G+Stephen J. CannellIf Detective Shane Scully's best friend, Jody Dean, committed suicide three years ago, then who did Shane just see for one fleeting moment on the Ventura Freeway? He's convinced it was his former colleague. Or was his mind playing tricks? Shane's lover, Alexa Hamilton, herself a lauded LAPD officer, happens to think so. But Shane knows what he saw. And for a rogue cop with nothing left to lose, the search for Dean has become more than an investigation. It [...]

    21. Shane Scully is driving around when he sees his former best friend drive by in a sports car. The problem is, the best friend is supposed to be dead.Scully starts investigating, and finds his friend is heading up a unit of rogue undercover cops trying to muscle in on a money laundering scheme for drug dealers with a tobacco company.Really seems more like a Rockford Files plot than a Shane Scully plot, but it isn't bad.

    22. the 2nd in the Shane Scully series. I need to locate a copy of series #1, The Tin Collectors, then go onto read the other 8 in the series. Great new character. Officer in the LAPD and you learn WAY too much about "Parallel markets" = Drugs and Money Laundering. Based on factd we are talking BILLIONS of Dollars and todays MAJOR companies that still secretly do this. Greed like you can't belive but you KNOW its true, in the story and today in real life!

    23. A better than average thriller/crime story which will keep reader's interest 'till the end, provided that he/she is into this type of books. The characters have some depth, the story arch reminded me quite a bit of the plot in action thriller movies of late eighties and early ninties (i.e. slightly over the top on shootouts and action scenes). As long as you're after some light entertainment, it's a quite fun read.

    24. My first, but definitely not the last, Stephen J. Cannell book. To accept the "parallel trade" and the sickening hold it has on politicians, judges, and cops at every level, from street thugs to drug cartels, dusty villages to corporate banks, the arrogance of those in the parallel trade will always have the likes of LAPD Sgt. Shane Scully breathing down their neck!

    25. A nice quick read, 3.5 stars for me. I really like the character Shane Scully and indeed supporting characters. As with previous book in series a little over the top in places & agree review listed in goodread that plot loses it's edge with the tropics bouncing around Still an enjoyable romp and the Scully character has me engrossed enough to go back for more

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