Snow Days

Snow Days She wanted to feel pleasure After twenty nine years high school English teacher Amy Maguire realizes something is missing in her life passion Always one to tackle a problem head on Amy makes a plan

  • Title: Snow Days
  • Author: Melanie Shawn
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  • Page: 298
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She wanted to feel pleasure After twenty nine years, high school English teacher Amy Maguire realizes something is missing in her life passion Always one to tackle a problem head on, Amy makes a plan to remedy her situation Phase One find a suitable candidate Phase Two experience passion Simple Right Except after countless dates she hasn t once felt that spark, thaShe wanted to feel pleasure After twenty nine years, high school English teacher Amy Maguire realizes something is missing in her life passion Always one to tackle a problem head on, Amy makes a plan to remedy her situation Phase One find a suitable candidate Phase Two experience passion Simple Right Except after countless dates she hasn t once felt that spark, that chemistry That is until the sexy new History teacher walks into her classroom He wanted to forget pain Matt Kellan knows he ll never love again After tragically losing his wife five years ago, Matt has been in a holding pattern Every woman he meets wants to fill a void that he knows will never be filled Until he meets Amy Her quest to find fulfillment has nothing to do with letting her into his heart just his bed.Passion brought them together Love may drive them apart.

    • Snow Days By Melanie Shawn
      298 Melanie Shawn
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    1. Melanie Shawn

      NEW YORK TIMES USA TODAY bestselling author Melanie Shawn is the writing team of sister duo Melanie and Shawna Originally from Northern California, they now make their home in So Cal.Growing up, Melanie constantly had her head in a book and was always working on short stories, manuscripts, plays and poetry Shawna always loved romance in any form movie, song or literary If it was a love story with a happy ending, Shawna was all about it They have joined forces to create a world where true love and happily ever after always has a sexy twist

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    1. ***Thank you to the author for an ARC copy. May or may not contain spoilers***Amy Maquire is a 29 year old single lady that decides to create a 3 phased plan to great, passionate sex. Matt Kellan is a widower of 5 years who moves to Hope Falls at his uncle's (the Mayor's) suggestion to fill a postion that has opened up at the high school.When Amy and Matt are thrown together, he learns of her secret that she's been careful to protect and volunteers to help her. She learns to let go, feel, and lo [...]

    2. I have been waiting for Amy's story We have read about her and her boring life she has always been Miss invisible even around her brothers and sister Nikki and of course the Fabulous Four this book brings Amy into contact with Matt who comes to hope Falls to teach in the schoolOH BOY to stop being her life being so boring!! . Nikki decided to try Internet dating oh boy I laughed till I cried at the guys she met So will all the notebooks of her interviews with the book club members help her with [...]

    3. Snow Days by Melanie Shawn, book six of The Hope Falls Chronicles Series.Amy Maguire wants passion in her life, Matt Kellan is grieving for his one lost love.They agree to a no strings attached relationship but ultimately get more than they both bargained for. Passion ignites between Amy and Matt, but does heartbreak follow as their hearts collide?Some old favourite characters make an appearance in Amy and Matt's story, making Snow Days another great instalment in The Hope a Falls Chronicles Ser [...]

    4. This is the first time I've ever read anything by Melanie Shawn. I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet story. Amy is an almost 30 year old high-school teacher looking to spice up her life. Matt is widow just trying to find to way to start his life back up again. When Matt moves to Hope Falls and starts teaching at the High School he is immediately taken with Amy. The two soon form a close bond of friendship and questioning if they should take that friendship to the next level. This book had a good mix [...]

    5. What a delight! The relationship between Matt and Amy progressed in such a natural and lovely way. It feels real in many ways. I really liked to have two main characters that were honest with each other and themselves about their relationship.Also, the fact that Matt was a mischevious flirt and that Amy's eyes and blush tell on her all the time what she was feeling made things even more fun!Love their story.

    6. I love Hope falls series, (as all the other books Melanie Shawn has written) but I believe this is my favorite! Matt and Amy's story is hilariously funny, with delightful clumsy moments, mixed with stressful situations of at-work-romance -- not to mention at work in high school in front of all the students! It is luscious, precious, captivating, and sweet, even delicate with Amy's first love and Matt's second chance in HEA.

    7. Warm love on a winter's daythoroughly entertaining,Laugh out loud, sexy,fun,flirty and original. lOvE the continuation of Hope Falls characters and the true friendships and family bonds that are present. beautifully written with a great story line. the next one looks quite awesome as well :)

    8. i never thought about the complexities of teachers dating before. To have to see each other in a confined space with gossiping teenagers must be added stress. I truly hope those dating stories were based on drunken imaginings instead of something someone had to suffer through. Otherwise they were funny as all heck.

    9. This was the first Melanie Shawn novel I read. I didn't realize it was part of a bigger series when I started it. It could definitely be a great stand-alone book. It was funny, heartwarming, and sexy. Can't wait to check out Snowed In.

    10. I think Amy is my favorite heroine crested by Melanie Shawn yet. I related so much to her. I was disappointed when the book ended, but at least I have more books to read in the series so I can keep up with Amy.

    11. Love, love, love the continuing Hope Falls seriesRomantic and fun from start to finish!! Cannot wait for the next one!!

    12. This so far is my favorite story in the series. These stories are light, happy ending, cozy type romances. They are filled with beautiful people who live in a perfect little town & want for nothing more than to find comfort in their perfect match & their chemistry, without fail, draws them together like magnets. They are light & fun reading, you can lose your troubles in for a couple of hours.I do have to note however, I found a couple of things really off-putting in this particular [...]

    13. Sweet romanceMatt loved and lost. He isn't looking to repeat that pain. Amy is shy, but is looking for new experiences. Approaching a relationship like she does everything, she starts with research. But when that turns out to be an epic fail, she's about to give up, until she agrees to share her classroom with the new history teacher.Will Matt realize a second chance is just what his heart needs before Amy walks away? Melanie Shawn has done more than write sweet romances. They have created a wel [...]

    14. This story with Amy and Matt is interesting, because it deals with a widower trying to figure out whether he can ever love again. I really felt sympathy for his struggle. Amy is a great heroine. She's not bold, but she is determined. The side characters are great.

    15. A bit drawn outCute story, likable couple. Matt lost his wife and never expected to fall in love again until he met Amy. Not too hard to figure out how the story goes. I didn’t like some of the dialogue. And I can’t stand the abrupt endings this author likes.

    16. It was fun reading about Matt's and Amy's secret love affair and how they went about trying to hide it from everyone even though everyone knew about them. Glad they got their HEA. A fun read.

    17. I loved how Amy and Matt started out as friends and then the friendship grew to more. There story was perfect! Plus that ending was everything! I loved it!

    18. Amy is one of the quiet ones. She would be happy in a corner reading or people watching. She does not like to be the center of attention at all. But, right after she turned twenty-nine she decided some things in her life needed to change. She got laser eye surgery. Then she started on a project to better herself and to find the passion that she has seen in her friends but has yet to experience it first hand. Her dates that she sets up do not go well at all, in fact every one of them have been a [...]

    19. This review was originally posted to Jen in BooklandOkay so I really didn't think I would love any of Melanie Shawn's couples more than Jake and Tessa but goodness gracious did I love Amy and Matt. They are just the best!! Definitely go on my list of top book couples. So sweet and cute and just loved them. Snow Days was just so so good. My favorite from this series for sure.Amy is this super sweet, detail oriented, a bit socially awkward girl who is just amazing. She wants to find a satisfying s [...]

    20. As I have previously stated over and over again I love the writing team of Melanie Shawn. This book didn't disappoint. It's ironic that I read the book on an actual snow day for my school system. However, my snow day was nothing like the hotness of the snow day that Amy and Matt had. This is book six of this series, but it can be read as a stand alone. Melanie Shawn gives a breakdown of the previous couples and how they came to be inside this book. So even though I have only read one of the othe [...]

    21. I loved this book. It was emotional, funny, sweet, sad at times, endearing, heartwarming, a little angsty. I loved Amy and Matt, separately and together. Amy was like a breath of fresh air to read. She is a little quirky, nerdy, shy and eager to transform her self confidence. She is cute in her storytelling, funny in her thought process, and innocent in personal ways. Matt was a widower who stole my heart from the beginning. He is sexy hot, heart big as the sky (although a little weary and broke [...]

    22. Sooo adorably cute!!!A tad slow, I was expecting at least a kiss or some kind of something a bit earlier on, but when things heated up phew!It´s a bit weird but in the beginning I kept picturing Amy as Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory (you know, the whole nerdy, everything needs to be analized, pushing glasses up her nose) -and then Matt kept mentioning how sexy she was and I started changing my image of herTheir relationship starts out a bit unusual, but you can totally feel the atra [...]

    23. Best book so far I loved the chemistry between Amy and Matt Had a hard time with the whole protective brother [shit] though and Nikki I really didn't like Nikki knee this one Telling the whole family stuff about Amy, meddling Nope Don't like her Would have liked a bit Moore Scooby and scrappy they sure are a hoot Was kind of hoping we would get to know what she's been writing about them on Facebook but sadly we didn't Just that it was fun

    24. Amy Maguire is almost 30 and realizes her life is missing passion. She decides to find a suitable candidate to experience passion with and finds dates online. Her dates are hilarious disasters! Matt Kellan knows he’ll never love again after tragically losing his wife five years ago. He meets Amy and tries to convince himself he can keep her in his bed and out of his heart. Matt tells Amy up front he is not interested in love, relationships, or anything permanent.

    25. Loved Amy and Matt's story. It takes him a while to realize that keeping on his wedding ring doesn't mean anything to his heart. The heart acts of it's own accord - what starts as a fun way to discover herself and improve her self-worth has Amy questioning everything about her life. Great story and I can't wait to start Nikki's story!

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