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Carousel Tides Kate Archer left home years ago swearing that she would die before she returned to Maine As plans go it was a pretty good one simple and straightforward Not quite fast enough though Before she can

  • Title: Carousel Tides
  • Author: Sharon Lee
  • ISBN: 9781618247919
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kate Archer left home years ago, swearing that she would die before she returned to Maine As plans go, it was a pretty good one simple and straightforward.Not quite fast enough, though.Before she can quite manage the dying part, Kate gets notice that her grandmother is missing, leaving the carousel that is the family business untended.And in Archers Beach, that means wKate Archer left home years ago, swearing that she would die before she returned to Maine As plans go, it was a pretty good one simple and straightforward.Not quite fast enough, though.Before she can quite manage the dying part, Kate gets notice that her grandmother is missing, leaving the carousel that is the family business untended.And in Archers Beach, that means way trouble than just a foreclosure.At the publisher s request, this title is sold without DRM Digital Rights Management.Advanced Praise for Carousel Tides Carousel Tides pulls you into the chill foggy reality of peeling paint sand grit coastal Maine outside of tourist season and then hands you something else the hidden world lurking in shadows or under the land s surface or just offshore, where Black Dogs hunt the night and selkies toss unpleasant truths over their shoulders before diving into the next wave In the center of this, Kate Archer tends and guards one of the spookiest carousels this side of Ray Bradbury and wonders what has happened to her grandmother The old woman sent her a letter, left papers deeding over the carousel and old house and the Land meaning much than property , and vanished, telling the spirits of the land and sea that she expected to be back before the turning of the year Now March has come and gone and Kate must return from self exile to take up powers and responsibilities she has renounced, or dying will be the least of her problems Sharon Lee weaves fantasy into reality so deftly that you scarcely notice when you slip across the edge And once you re there, the story s own magic won t let you turn back from the strong characters, deep mysteries, and even deeper danger James A Hetley, author of Dragon s Eye, Dragon s Teeth, and Dragon s Bones Proof that contemporary fantasy is alive and well and living beyond the big city limits Carousel Tides is a worthy inheritor to Charles DeLint s Newford series, and magical in its own right Delightful Laura Anne Gilman, author of Hard Magic Sharon Lee is one of my all time favorite authors, a gifted storyteller whose work never fails to enchant With Carousel Tides she gives her fans another opportunity to spend time with fascinating characters, bringing them to life in a place that becomes so real you can smell the salt air around you Her fine hand with detail never lets the suspense falter, as mystery, folklore, and magic are artfully interwoven into a thoroughly engaging tale Carousel Tides will leave you eagerly awaiting the next novel by this master Jan Burke, author of The Messenger, Bones, and Bloodlines Sharon Lee s finely observed detail evokes magic in Maine and gives conviction to six alternate, richly inhabited universes Rob Weisbrot, author of Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules, the Legendary Journeys The Official Companion Carousel Tides is a gripping, enthralling read that I didn t want to put down for any reason.

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    1. Sharon Lee

      Sharon Lee has been married to her first husband for than half her lifetime she is a friend to cats, a member of the National Carousel Association, and oversees the dubious investment schemes of an improbable number of stuffed animals.Despite having been born in a year of the dragon, Sharon is an introvert She lives in Maine because she likes it there In fact, she likes it so much that she has written five novels set in Maine contemporary fantasy trilogy Carousel Tides, Carousel Sun, Carousel Seas, and mysteries Barnburner and Gunshy.With the aforementioned first husband, Steve Miller, Sharon has written twenty novels of science fiction and fantasy many of them set in the Liaden Universe and numerous short stories She has occasionally been an advertising copywriter, a reporter, photographer, book reviewer, and secretary She was for three years Executive Director of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc and was subsequently elected vice president and then president of that organization.

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    1. This is Sharon Lee doing urban fantasy in the style of Charles de Lint or early Emma Bull. I loved the seamless integration of the concept of Faerie (and the explanation for their existence), the magic system and the connection to the magic of this world, personified in nature spirits at this Maine coast amusement park town.But as always with Lee, the characters shine the most, from the human people who welcome the powerful, honourable but a bit too earnest heroine back after ten years. To the v [...]

    2. I really loved it but the ending was too sudden. Will it have a sequel or am I supposed to imagine what happened with the rest of the characters?Either way you guys should give this a try. Good stuff.Song/video of choice: Nightwish - The Siren (Live End Of An Era 2005)

    3. Finally! The book I have been waiting for sincewhoa, since War for the Oaks or the last Charles de Lint I got my hands on (Someplace to Be, I think.) Come with me to Archers Beach, a tiny Maine coastal village which has barely hung on during the tourist season the past ten years or so. It’s an old place, full of fog and three-story, peeling tupelo wood cottages that once held large families and now are partitioned for multiple renters and small stores. There’s a pier that seasonally runs rid [...]

    4. TW's: memories of child abuseCarousel Tides started out great. Extremely atmospheric, it caught my interest from page one.However there were some things that prevented me from fully appreciating this:_ The writing styleI wasn't crazy about it. The abundance of what I presume are Maine colloquial expressions made it impossible for me to sometimes understand what I was reading. Then the descriptions weren't that good: most of the times I couldn't see what I was reading._ The abundance of strange w [...]

    5. Makes me think of:Dar Williamson-The oceanMarit Bergman-Out on the piersKate Archer is returning to her seaside hometown after her grandmother fails to return her calls and no one seems to know where she went. This would have anyone worried but the implications of her being missing are far more difficult since she is also the Guardian of Archers Beach.Archers beach is a seaside resort but its also place where the mundane meet the magical and both sides manage to come together and live more or le [...]

    6. I found this slightly reminiscent of Tanya Huff’s equally-enjoyable “The Enchantment Emporium” because of the way the fantastic is seamlessly blended with the real. “Carousel Tides” is not the all-guns-blazing type of urban fantasy; in fact it takes you quite a while to realise that this book is not a straight contemporary. I loved how this played out and also the unusual setting (a Maine amusement-park coastal town), which is so clearly portrayed that it is almost a character in its o [...]

    7. The series is complete now. Three books, written in 1st person POV — the heroine's perspective. Paranormal woo-woo at the old amusement park, set in a small seaside town in Maine (the author's home state). Friends say this series portrays a sense of community via rich primary and secondary characters. This fantasy is of the faerie variety -- and not your sweet fairy godmother. Not even the scavenging tooth fairy. Someday I plan to read it (or maybe listen to it). We can read the first 10 chapt [...]

    8. Very disappointed. Very bad writing. So many things wrong with this book I am too weary to tabulate them all. First of all it should have been in third person, not first. Second, the entire magical system makes no goddamn sense and is not coherent. This author makes terrible sentences. The characterization of NONE of the characters is consistent or convincing. It is literally impossible to visualize any of the fight scenes. Really, I'm too tired to go on. It's sad because it is an interesting th [...]

    9. 4/5; 4 stars; A-I read this book a couple of months ago and liked it very much. It has a feeling of small town life mixed with magic and mystery. Sharon Lee brought me to Maine with her words and seamlessly wove in the gateway to other worlds, the existence of magical land and sea based creatures, an important quest, and an epic battle. She did this while introducing a whole town full of interesting people and a sentient wood. I really liked the concept of the Guardians of the land and the sea. [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this book. The approach to magic is unique and utterly believable, and so are the characters. The plot got a little wobbly, and the first person POV does nothing to enhance the book (although it's done well enough so it's rarely annoyingly intrusive), but it shines beyond those bits. This is for now one of my rare keepers.

    11. Loved the premise of the story and the characters of this book, very unique and interesting. I really loved that Maine was chosen to be the land where the story happens. Since I lived there I could imagine the coast lines and the people Even though it has a great ending, it still feels undone in the sense I would like to read more about this world.

    12. I’ve been increasingly impressed at the quality of writing coming out of Baen – so when I noticed this book on the library shelves, I immediately picked it up.Whether this is magic realism, or contemporary fantasy is a call for someone else – what it definitely isn’t, is a crime/thriller set in a modern city where the protagonist is ranged against vamps/weres while fighting an undeniable physical attraction with said supernatural beasties… In other words – it is different from the ge [...]

    13. I've been a fan of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller ever since I picked up my first Liaden novel, fifteen years ago. So I was happy to see Sharon Lee's solo novel, Carousel Tides. Sharon Lee is deft at giving us lively, enjoyable characters, and this novel is no exception. From the first page, the cynical, self-deprecating heroine is a treat to read. She's funny, astute, torn, and full of foibles, just the way a good protagonist should be. Oh, and quite capable of kicking ass. Having a dose of fey bl [...]

    14. I think the denseness of this setting, postulating parallel worlds that spill into ours, kept me from enjoying the story as much as I might have. I suspect I will like the next two books in the series more since I won't have to spend as much time figuring out the various fantasy creatures with their powers and responsibilities and relationships. Selkies and Black Dogs, ozali and trenvay, jikinap and land powers, and I never quite figured out what voysin wasLots of new things to put all together. [...]

    15. Grade: AWhy I read it:Carousel Tides piqued my interest when I read the first 10 chapters for free at Baen.I have read nearly all the Sharon Lee and Miller books before, and enjoyed them immensely. Being eager for any more Liaden stories, I explored Webscriptions on Baen (this lets you buy the ebooks and packaged bundles of stories directly from Baen) - and signed up for an account.Plus: I loved the heroine, Kate, and her changing attitude to her obligations at home. She is a magical powerhouse, [...]

    16. I started this when I was sick and as I got better and my mind got less foggy I began to read it with a more critical eye. Pros:MaineCarousel (MAGICAL, slightly EVIL carousel)selkiesprotag who has to figure shit outinteresting magical child abuse plotlinedryadsthat cover!MaineCons:still trying to figure out why anyone would use an apostrophe in front of "way" as in "that was 'way too loud". I get damn' is short for damned, butotag's stream of consciousness is cute/annoying in the way of Sookie S [...]

    17. I have some little nitpicky gripes about the book's overuse of apostrophes, and I'm not a big fan of dialect, and those reasons are why I'd consider this book a 4.5 on my personal scale. Sharon Lee created a fascinating world populated by wonderful personalities, as she often does. One book is not even remotely long enough to satisfy my desire to know all about the inhabitants, and I truly hope another book or ten is in the works. I highly recommend to fans of the Liaden series as well as those [...]

    18. I loved this book, and it's sequel. I like quirky and unusual "worlds" and characters. I also love to escape into a novel and not return to the real world for hours. This series provides all of that. I highly recommend it.

    19. I'm not really sure what to say about this one. Interesting take on a paranormal world but it seemed kinda like I jumped into the middle of a series when in fact it was book #1 in a series. Don't judge this book by it's cover, it's not a romance novel in the way the cover suggests.

    20. I really liked this book. I'm not a fantasy fan, and decided to read this only because it's by one of my favorite authors, and I'm very happy I did. I loved this book, and I hope Sharon Lee finds time in her busy writing schedule to pen more in this universe.

    21. A very quiet book, but worth the read. Although the story progressed a little too slowly for my taste at time, by the end I was wishing for more.

    22. I liked it a lot! I like the characters and the story line. I thought the heroine suffered frequently, but I guess that's life as a guardian.

    23. I loved it! It's an eerie modern day fantasy! There's also the mystery of the missing Grandmother. I can't wait to read Carousel Sun!

    24. I like this not very urban "urban fantasy". It is set in a seaside town in Maine, which is struggling to make money as a resort. The main character comes back to town to run the family carousel as her grandmother has disappeared. The "other world" side of this is quite complex, with several sorts of powers around. I liked it for the well thought out details of the town, running a carousel and the magic systems.A comfortable read with a couple of good twists.

    25. This was so much darker than I was expecting, especially having read some of Lee's Liaden Universe books. There's a lot of abuse (some of it sexual) and the book is moderately explicit. Too dark for me.

    26. This is the kind of fantasy I love. The strongly-drawn real world, and a world of magic running in tandem. And Gates, I love gates. But the story was really heavy going. Lee evokes the Maine beach town, its inhabitants, its struggle to open the midway super early, so realistically you can feel the chill and taste the salt. It feels like she created the world, and then made up a story as she went along to go with it. Which may be why, two thirds of the way through the book, at a point when the st [...]

    27. Did not finishI read several chapters into this, but was too distracted by the self-conscious writing style. By that, I mean that it felt like the author was working very hard to make the setting/tone of this book seem ethereal and intriguingd it sort of showed in the overly mystical writing and excessive detail. It also felt self-conscious because the author was working super hard to make sure everyone knew that THIS BOOK TAKES PLACE IN MAINE. MAINE! MAINE! MAINE! Did I mention that this book t [...]

    28. Sharon Lee's venture into fantasy doesn't disappoint - this one has all the best elements I've come to love in her Liaden work (stubborn but lovable characters, strong family and community relationships), but with some new twists. Her descriptions of coastal Maine are beautiful and atmospheric all at once, and I love the idea of the (view spoiler)[carousel as magical prison (hide spoiler)] and our 'Changing World' as a place for reformation of the spirit.Unfortunately, I don't think that either [...]

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