Murder in the Afternoon: A Kate Shackleton Mystery

Murder in the Afternoon A Kate Shackleton Mystery When two children take some food to their stone mason father who is working in a quarry they find him dead but when they return with their mother they find the place deserted with no sign of a body

  • Title: Murder in the Afternoon: A Kate Shackleton Mystery
  • Author: Frances Brody
  • ISBN: 9780748123742
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When two children take some food to their stone mason father who is working in a quarry, they find him dead, but when they return with their mother, they find the place deserted with no sign of a body .Another unusual disappearing act requiring the expertise of Kate Shackleton, who must unravel the mysteries of this strange case and discover the truth.

    • Murder in the Afternoon: A Kate Shackleton Mystery : Frances Brody
      453 Frances Brody
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      Frances Brody s highly praised 1920s mysteries feature clever and elegant Kate Shackleton, First World War widow turned sleuth Missing person Foul play suspected Kate s your woman For good measure, she may bring along ex policeman, Jim Sykes Before turning to crime, Frances wrote for radio, television and theatre, and was nominated for a Time Out Award She published four sagas, winning the HarperCollins Elizabeth Elgin Award in 2006ances brody

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    1. "Murder in the Afternoon" is historical crime mystery set after the first WW. Readers of "Murder in the Afternoon" will follow Mrs Catherine Shackleton investigation into the disappearings of Ethan Armstrong. However, the investigation into Ethan Armstrong disappearances will change Catherine Shackleton life forever.Readers of Murder in the Afternoon will enjoy the twist and turns in the story intertwine with two personnel issues of Catherine Shackleton. Also, readers of Murder in the Afternoon [...]

    2. Given the comparative improvement in this volume, I guess I have to push this to a 3.5 in its genre.More focused than the other books, other POVs balanced and did not interfere with the story, fewer plot digressions. There are still 3 main issues (including the murder) that Kate is dealing with but they fit together and did not distract. Maybe a bit swiftly wrapped up/solved at the end, but all-in-all a decent read. I will say that Marcus is not growing on me, his characterization is either weak [...]

    3. It's the early 1920's in England and youngsters Harriet and Austin Armstrong take lunch to their dad, stone mason Ethan, at the quarry where he works. Shockingly, they find him on the ground, apparently dead. The kids run off to get help but when they return the body is gone. Dissatisfied with the police response Ethan's wife, Mary Jane, asks private detective Kate Shackleton for help. As it happens Kate was adopted as a baby and Mary Jane reveals she's Kate's biological sister. Thus, in this th [...]

    4. Kate Shackleton is starting to make a name for herself as a private detective. Her latest case is to investigate the disappearance of a quarry worker, Ethan Armstrong, after his young daughter reports seeing him lying on the floor of his work hut probably dead. When the adults finally went to investigate, Ethan was missing and so were his tools. The local police think Harriet Armstrong made up the story and Ethan just up and left his family. His wife Mary Jane is adamant that her husband did not [...]

    5. This is book 3 of the Kate Schackleton Mystery series by Frances Brody. I put it in the category of serious cozy mysteries. It had my interest right from the beginning. I plan to go back and read book 1 to learn how a strong, smart woman like Kate got started on her journey.It is 1923 in England. A child finds the body of her father lying dead in a quarry shed. Before help arrives, the body disappears. Was he really dead or did the girl make a mistake or did she make it up? Did he decide to leav [...]

    6. A really attractive cosy mystery set in the north of England in the 1920s. Kate Shackleton, adoptive daughter of a superintendent in West Riding’s constabulary and his landed-gentry wife, has set herself up as a private detective. Her husband went missing-in-action during the war, but she’s a modern woman who is moving on with her life: she now has brand new suitor. In a neat twist on the usual will she/won’t she? question, I think most readers would be aghast if she did! Don’t do it, Ka [...]

    7. A murder in a quarry, discovered by the children of the dead man sets the scene for this tale of mystery. The quarry scenes are dramatically described and capture the ambience admirably as Kate Shackleton, an amateur female detective, sets out to discover what is going on.The body disappears, to turn up later but another murder takes place and Kate wonders if the two are connected. Scotland Yard get involved and Kate works with the Superintendent (is she in love with him? Does she want another r [...]

    8. The charm in this third book is Harriet and Austin. I cannot stop imagining how Harriet must have look exactly like Kate. She admitted so herself in the book. It just quite sad knowing that Kate would never have a chance to meet her fierce working class-brother in law. They would make a good friend. Most poignant was when Kate met Walter Barker by the end of the book. He met Gerald twice as Gerald was his MO during the war. He told Kate about a day when he and Gerald watched for a bird called go [...]

    9. Couldn't resist another English post-WWI mystery series with female detective (this one a widow, daughter of a police superintendent). Reminds me of Charles Todd's Bess Crawford series and of course, Jacqueline Winspear's Maisie Dobbs. But the setting and story worked well (although ending was a bit too easily wrapped up) so no complaints. I'll probably try another in the series.

    10. Just finished reading this, a good read. Kate Shackleton is a woman in a mans world but she stands her ground and solves the mystery with her sidekick the reliable Sykes.

    11. Kate Shackleton gets a surprise visitor who throws her personal and professional lives into turmoil.Mary Jane claims her husband is missing; her children claim he's dead – they saw the body. But no one else has seen him – or his body – and she's distraught. Turning to Kate, Mary Jane gives her just enough information to get her hooked on the case and not enough to help her solve it.As always, Jim Sykes is there to lend a hand; even Mrs. Sugden helps out as they try to discover what's happe [...]

    12. (3.5 stars) This is the third book in the Kate Shackleton series. Kate is presented a puzzling case of a stone mason who is found dead by his daughter at the quarry when she goes to bring him food while he is working on a special project of a sundial for the owner over the weekend. When she and her brother go for help, they are shocked on their return to find the body gone. Kate is brought the case by the mother who has a family connection to Kate that she was unaware of until that moment. Mary [...]

    13. I had previously liked this series but for some reason (probably my germ ridden state) I was irritated by ridiculous mistakes that made it seem more like dodgy, barely edited self-published stuff (not that it isn't possible to self publish well but it is exceptionally rare). The basic plot / premise was ok but it was riddled with anachronisms; we had some one being put into the recovery position ( in 1924 ?), carrier bags (ditto), use of the term "press" when "papers" would have been more in kee [...]

    14. Kate Shackleton is called into this case of a missing person because of a prior connection to the wife of the missing man, only she doesn't recollect the occasion. That's because she was a baby the last time she saw Mary Jane, one of her biological sisters. Kate was adopted as an infant. She always knew she was adopted, but had never expressed much curiosity about her birth family. All of that is about to change. She is about to become very closely involved with at least a few members of her bir [...]

    15. Kate Shackleton is a private investigator and is surprised to find a young women knocking on her door who then informs Kate that she is her sister. Kate was adopted at a very young age and has never had any knowledge of the family she came from. This young women is seeking help to find her missing husband who was last seen in the quarry where is he is a stonemason. Kate decides she will help Mary Jane and goes with her to meet her two young children Harriet and her brother Austin. Harriet is the [...]

    16. Oops! Back to square one! This installment is just as beige, or granite grey, as the first one (without the benefit of a dark satanic mill looming in the background, that at least was an interesting setting). So Dull as dishwater really.Which is strange. Our heroine having a personal, blood related interest in the case ought to have intensified things, but no It seems to be the other way around. The book is low both on action and interesting characters. Even Kate's biological mother is a bland o [...]

    17. Another fantastic mystery! I was sad that I read these out of order as I knew who several characters were before I read this one. All the same it made me even more anxious to read and find out everything I could about kates back story. There was a few details in the unveiling that weren't addressed about what other people had seen on the day in particularly Austin who I'd of been interested in and I can't remember other characters being mentionned again in other books who I thought might be. Ove [...]

    18. Didn't care for the pacing of this story, finally gave in and read the chapters out of order. There's so many different story lines that none seem to develop naturally. The author presents almost every character as a potential suspect, from children to victims to incidental characters. This was not a pleasurable read for me.

    19. I enjoyed this very traditional whodunnit. It's not going to make you view life differently and there are no great surprises but it will help while away a couple of wet afternoons. One teensy complaint- the heroine, daughter of Lady Someone said serviette! Aagh!!

    20. Having just discovered this series, I am now gobbling them up. Second one was out at the library, so I had to skip to #3 and I must say I was not as impressed as I was by the first. Quarrying and the work around it was interesting.

    21. I must be getting used to Brody's style of writing as I was instantly hooked and drawn into the story. Kate uncovers secrets in her past and others, solves a murder and intrigues a man. And I almost figured out who done it before the culprit was revealed.

    22. This book is an absorbing mystery. Young Harriet and her brother Austin find their father dead in the quarry where the stonemason worked. They rush off to look for help but when they return there is no body.

    23. Number 3 in the series, this is the first I have read and I found it quite charming and atmospheric. It didn't keep me up all night turning pages but it made for a good read over a few chilly winter evenings.

    24. Kate Shackleton is a wonderful series of mysteriesHer books always have a great twist so it's impossible to know who "dunnit", until it is revealed. Well written with great dialogue and character development. I'm reading the entire Kate Shackleton series.

    25. Very clever goose-chase the reader is led on! Good way to "hang" us for rhe next book. Will musd listening to the next several stories, not on audiobook CD.

    26. Great English mysteryAnother great addition to this series for anyone who loves old English mysteries with well drawn characters and settings, set in post WWI England.

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