Kicsi Vagyok?

Kicsi Vagyok Kicsi vagyok Tamia nem tudja hogy kicsi e vagy nagy ezert minden allatot megkerdez akivel az utazasa soran talalkozik A valasz vegul eleg meglepo lesz

  • Title: Kicsi Vagyok?
  • Author: Philipp Winterberg Nadja Wichmann
  • ISBN: 9781493642700
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kicsi vagyok Tamia nem tudja, hogy kicsi e, vagy nagy, ezert minden allatot megkerdez, akivel az utazasa soran talalkozik A valasz vegul eleg meglepo lesz

    • Kicsi Vagyok? : Philipp Winterberg Nadja Wichmann
      486 Philipp Winterberg Nadja Wichmann
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      Published :2019-06-15T20:26:31+00:00

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    1. Philipp Winterberg Nadja Wichmann

      Philipp B Winterberg M.A studied Communication Science, Psychology and Law He lives in Berlin and loves being multifaceted He went parachuting in Namibia, meditated in Thailand, and swam with sharks and stingrays in Fiji and Polynesia Philipp Winterberg s books introduce new perspectives on essential themes like friendship, mindfulness and happiness They are read in languages and countries all over the globe.Philipp B Winterberg M.A estudi Ciencias de la Comunicaci n, Psicolog a y Derecho en M nster y actualmente vive en Berl n Le apasiona llevar una vida polifac tica ha saltado en paraca das en Namibia, ha meditado en Tailandia y ha buceado con tiburones y rayas en Fiji y Polinesia Sus publicaciones abren nuevas perspectivas sobre temas vitales como la amistad, la conciencia y la suerte Traducidos en m s de 100 idiomas, sus libros se leen por todo el mundo.Philipp B Winterberg M.A a tudi les sciences de la communication, la psychologie et le droit M nster, il vit a Berlin et il aime les exp riences vari es il a saut en parachute en Namibie, pratiqu la m ditation en Tha lande et nag avec les requins et les raies aux les Fidji et en Polyn sie.Ses livres ouvrent de nouvelles perspectives sur des th mes essentiels comme l amiti , l attention, le bonheur Ils ont t lus dans plus de 100 langues travers le monde B MA Philipp B Winterberg M.A ha studiato Scienza della comunicazione, Psicologia e Giurisprudenza e attualmente vive tra Berlino e M nster Gli piace condurre una vita eclettica ha fatto paracadutismo in Namibia, ha meditato in Thailandia e ha nuotato con gli squali e le razze nelle isole Fiji e in Polinesia.Le sue pubblicazioni aprono nuove prospettive su questioni fondamentali come l amicizia, la consapevolezza e la sorte Tradotto in oltre 100 lingue, i suoi libri sono letti in tutto il mondo.Philipp B Winterberg M.A studierte Kommunikationswissenschaft, Psychologie und Jura, lebt in Berlin und M nster und liebt Facettenreichtum Er sprang Fallschirm in Namibia, meditierte in Thailand und schwamm mit Haien und Rochen in Fidschi und Polynesien Philipp Winterbergs B cher er ffnen neue Perspektiven im Umgang mit essenziellen Themen wie Freundschaft, Achtsamkeit und Gl ck Sie werden in ber 100 Sprachen weltweit gelesen.Mehr philippwinterberg

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    1. Fun little book. Great for people learning a new language. I was reading the Korean/English version. It took me forever to get through considering this barely has any words in it. But it was so much fun reading something besides my textbooks, in Korean. I am going to get more of the authors books for Korean and maybe keep on re-reading them until I get better.

    2. The original premise of Phillip Winterberg's Bin ich klein? (Am I Small?) is simplicity itself, is basically and sweetly straightforwardly that size is always and forever relative and that depending on the body types and proportions of those around us, we are perceived as at times small and at times large (and thus, we are everything, and therefore just right). Accompanied by Nadja Wichmann's bright and expressive illustrations (perhaps a bit too exaggerated for my personal tastes, but a perfect [...]

    3. Das Bucher ist sehr gut.I got this book to boost my ego. It worked. I understood the whole thing. This is the first book I have ever read in German.German was my first language. After adoption at age 5, I was forbidden to speak my language. I took two semesters, about 15 years ago. But didn't have anyone to talk to. Now at 61, I find a great app Duolingo, and I have read a kids book. I will also read it to my grandson.

    4. Great Children's BookAdorable story! Short, sweet, and helps me avec française! I loved the story, as well as the illustrations. I also really liked the zoom in feature, so cute!

    5. Although this book is written for children, I definitely think these simple translation books are helpful when learning a second language. So, nonetheless, I enjoyed flipping through it. I love the Swedish language and I try to learn new words everyday! The graphics are also super adorable and this would be a great book to raise a bilingual child with. Hope I can find more simple and creative books like this too.

    6. Clever clever idea. All you picture book writers out there - see this! This book is bilingual - in this case English and Georgian - but the author has released the same book in a number of different languages all with English plus another language (so there is one in English/Japanese etc). The story is also cleverly done as it revolves around all the different ways to say big and little with basic sentences structures practised - perfect for language learners. And the quirky illustrations make f [...]

    7. My husband and I met in German Club while at university. We both speak German, although one of us speaks it better than the other, and we toyed with the idea of raising Bug bilingual. That's how we became the proud owners of Bin ich klein? Now, we speak mainly English in the house but we do have the odd phrases that we use day to day and quite a few books that we read in German. I realize most people reading this may not speak German and that's ok. Bin ich klein? is still an amazing read that yo [...]

    8. So it seems there are versions of this book in multiple languages. Thank you, reviewers! I read Am I Small? in an English-Japanese edition. Each sentence is written in romanji, hiragana/katakana, and English. In this way, the book can be read entirely in Japanese, entirely in English, or with both languages like an echo. The story builds upon a little girl's inquiry as to whether or not she is small. Depending on who she asks, she gets an answer of being even bigger or even smaller. The vocabul [...]

    9. I had never read a bilingual book before (for grownups or otherwise), so I thought the concept of combining English with another language to help teach a foreign language while telling a story was a neat idea. I downloaded this book because I'm trying to teach myself Norwegian and figured a children's book would be a good way to learn some very basic words and grammar. (Granted, I own a more formal language-learning book.) Overall, I was impressed and I thought it was a delight little story with [...]

    10. Tiny book with the single purpose of teaching you various German words for bigness and smallness - and being extraordinarily cute while doing so. I read the German-Tamil bilingual version of it. Apart from the beautifully done illustrations, what I found impressive was how well the Tamil translations had been done - casual, informal language that suits a child, while also being perfectly grammatical and understandable. Looking forward to checking out other books in the series.

    11. Storiella brevissima ma molto carina. Sinceramente mi aspettavo un livello un po' più difficile, ma per una persona che si approccia alla lingua per la prima volta può essere molto utile.

    12. FajneFayne. Un excelente libro para iniciar en el idioma polaco.Simple pero muy buenopero encontrar mas libros parecidos a este libro.

    13. I read the Latin/English version on a lark last night with the children, and found it enjoyable and educational. Upon completion of the book, I learned that there are multiple versions of this same book in different languages. This only increased my joy over the book, as it also did my daughter's. She requested German--perhaps tonight!

    14. <3Una breve historia sobre lo relativo. Las ilustraciones son muy bellas y puede funcionar en el aula para enseñar grados de significación.

    15. Read in Kindle Unlimited, but will probably get it as paperback or hardcover if available.The cover shows only very little of the amazing art inside. It's not only illustrations. The double pages could stand as paintings on their own. The story is very simple. The little girl compares herself to larger things and smaller things, proving that she is not just one denomination. Also it's bilingual which is great. I love that the text is part of the illustrations too. Sometimes is a bit small but st [...]

    16. This is such a cute, very short book which I think is great for not only children learning French, but for any beginning learners of the language. I don't have a child so I read the book for my own interest via Kindle, and I liked it and it's actually at my current French reading level (don't judge, I'm an absolute beginner!). It's literally only a few pages long so it really isn't much, but I'd love to read this to my child someday, if I ever have one.

    17. Cute story including some repetitive use of questions/statements and descriptive big/small vocabulary in both Serbian (Latin alphabet) and English. I have found it very difficult to find English-Serbian bilingual books for our kids. I really appreciated this translation, and my kids enjoyed the story.

    18. I read the Dutch English version. It's a very simple book, only a couple of words per page and plenty of repetition. Perfect for someone starting a language but probably more appropriate for a bilingual child rather than an adult

    19. This was so cute!My kids and I loved this, and the pictures are adorable! Very good for young kids who are learning French.

    20. Please write more I need you to write like a thousand more please lol Thank you my son is loving to read Albanian

    21. Super Toll!Als erste, habe ich zweieinhalb Jahre in Deutschland gelebt und lerne Deutsch (es tut mir lied). Diese Büch war fantastich fur meine Tochter und mich, wir lernten zusammen und hatten spaß. Sie lachte mit jedem neuen Wort und jetzt habe ich so viele Möglichkeiten Dinge zu sagen. Es ist großartig!First thing, I've lived in Germany for two and a half years and I'm still learning German (sorry). This book was fantastic for my daughter and me, we were learning together and having fun. [...]

    22. Ceart go leor - OkayThe illustrations are fun and the book presents perspective and relative size well. The Irish is okay, though I'd like to see the questions in normal question word order (An bhfuil mé beag?) instead of only intonation questions (Tá mé beag?). And "microscopic", which occurs several times, should be in the singular form (micreascópach).

    23. As the imagination goes byYou are small or big depending on with what you relate to. A simple cute book which exactly portrays this message. Illustrations are beautiful. Kids will love it.

    24. This is Fun in All Languages!I have now read this in German, French, and now Esperanto. German was easiest for me. And this last version, Esperanto, has no English subtitles. I don't think I could have read it as well had it been the first version. Still a fun book!

    25. Cute bilingual English and Swedish children's book. I tried to say the Swedish words out loud. I would recommend this book for parents to read to their children. Much of life is a matter of your perspective.

    26. Little Tilly discovers she is just the right size. Wonderful and silly illustrations, easy to read dialog, and some great dual language in Arabic.

    27. The story is in both German and English. The book is full of synonyms and antonyms. Great to learn in both languages. The story teaches kids that size is a matter of perspective

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