Svetima šviesa

Svetima viesa Luito planetoje Pilkoji Siena i dygo prie metus Sklinda gandai neva u Pilkosios Sienos gyvena monstrai kurie vykdo ka kok kraup eksperiment Patikrinti i prielaid nor t ir am inieji prie ai Delizijo

  • Title: Svetima šviesa
  • Author: Nancy Kress Irmina Domeikienė
  • ISBN: 9955100877
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • Luito planetoje Pilkoji Siena i dygo prie metus Sklinda gandai, neva u Pilkosios Sienos gyvena monstrai, kurie vykdo ka kok kraup eksperiment.Patikrinti i prielaid nor t ir am inieji prie ai, Delizijos bei D elos mon s, miglotai prisimenantys, jog tolimi j prot viai nukrito i vaig d i

    • Svetima šviesa : Nancy Kress Irmina Domeikienė
      374 Nancy Kress Irmina Domeikienė
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    About "Nancy Kress Irmina Domeikienė"

    1. Nancy Kress Irmina Domeikienė

      Nancy Kress is an American science fiction writer She began writing in 1976 but has achieved her greatest notice since the publication of her Hugo and Nebula winning 1991 novella Beggars in Spain which was later expanded into a novel with the same title In addition to her novels, Kress has written numerous short stories and is a regular columnist for Writer s Digest She is a regular at Clarion writing workshops and at The Writers Center in Bethesda, Maryland During the Winter of 2008 09, Nancy Kress is the Picador Guest Professor for Literature at the University of Leipzig s Institute for American Studies in Leipzig, Germany.Excerpted from.

    380 thoughts on “Svetima šviesa”

    1. Kress became a favorite after I read her Beggars in Spain, which won both Nebula and Hugo awards. An Alien Light wasn't as strong as that book, but I thought hung together better than her other early novel, Brainrose. That one was set in the near future, and had dated quite badly--this one is set in our far future, and still works. In that future an alien race, the Ged, are at war with humanity. The aliens discover a planet where a human colony had reverted to a primitive state, divided into the [...]

    2. The premise of this book is that aliens, at war with humanity in space, find a lost colony of humans and study them to see what makes them tick. There are three groups of humans on this lost planet; survivors from the starship that brought them who flick in and out of stasis, a militaristic society, and a trader society. The latter two are almost constantly at war with one another. This is an interesting idea but probably beyond the ability of one novel to explore satisfactorily. There are gaps [...]

    3. Siendo objetiva, sería un 3 o 3,5. Pero subo la puntuación porque el libro me ha enganchado mucho y me ha hecho disfrutar.Lo mejor es la mezcla de acción y cientificismo con una reflexión antropológica bien interesante.Lo peor, la traducción. ¿Cómo puede alguien que se dedica profesionalmente a eso escribir que "los cazadores no encontraban más juego"?

    4. Could not force myself to finish it. I think I ground to a halt about a third of the way in at chapter 23 or so. Didn't help that I was on a plane experiencing turbulence and was anxious, but really, this is a shitty book. I care about exactly two of the dozens of characters, and they are in this asininely contrived plot.I *might* go back to it just to see how Kress resolves the "aliens experimenting on humans" plot, because she does take the unorthodox tack of having the aliens essentially tell [...]

    5. An alien race, the Ged, finds itself at war with humanity. They can't understand how a race as violent and unpredictable as humans avoided self destruction long enough to reach the stars. In order to unravel this paradox, they set up an experiment. On the planet Qom, humans, the descendants of a wrecked spaceship, have established two competing, warring cultures. Jela, a spartan, warrior society, bound by culture, and Delysia, dominated by merchants. "Honor for Jela, treachery for Delysia," so t [...]

    6. Picked this one up at random at the library, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I believe that truly good science fiction isn't about the cool rocket ships and space aliens, its about setting up a scenario, using scientific based fiction, to explore the human condition. And that's just what this book does. From clever insights into alien/human understanding (how long would it take an alien species with no facial expressions to understand that ours our conveying information?) [...]

    7. This book is one of Kress' earlier ones, but already it contains many of the things that have made her one of my favorite authors. On the planet Qom, two human groups, Delysians and Jelites, are enemies who are frequently engaged in devastating wars against each other. The Ged, a species for whom unity and togetherness are essential parts of their collective make-up, can't understand how human beings, willing to kill others of their own species, have survived long enough to develop the intellige [...]

    8. This was an interesting book in that it examines fundamentally opposing philosophies of the universe. Humans in the book are willing to kill other humans and the aliens are only willing to kill beings of another species. The aliens are trying to understand how humans can be successful as a species and not value all human life. The reason they need to understand the human way is because the aliens are at war with other humans. Kress does a fair job examining these philosophies but at times, it is [...]

    9. AN ALIEN LIGHT by NANCY KRESS -- An interesting book in which Humans on a distant planet have reverted to barbaric tribalism. Distrusting tribes come into contact with a highly advanced alien species who is studying them and the humans must decide if they can trust the aliens or the competing tribe. Emphasis of the book is on the social sciences but a lot of detail is paid toward the more technological sciences.

    10. Overall I enjoyed the book, though sometimes I felt that I had a bit of a hard time getting into the story, and therefore it took quite a bit of patience to get through the first third or so of the book. Once I finally got into it, however, the characters became alive and I was glad to continue reading.

    11. This was the first book I read byNancy Kress and still my favorite. I can't really say much about without introducing spoilers and this needs to be read without any pre-knowledge. All I can say was it grabbed me and didn't disappoint at any step along the journey.

    12. Tore through this book feeling, whoa - 4 stars; then arrived at the end, thinking, I must have missed something - go back and concentrate on the island of the dead. Sort of wish there was a sequel or two - but I suppose the point is to leave you thinking and wondering.

    13. I love Nancy kress and this story had some very interesting themes but it is clearly an early work. The story's underlying premise is too scantily described to make it feel part of the whole

    14. I hadn't read Kress before and don't know how I obtained this book, but, while I recall some of its plot, it didn't impress me very much.

    15. My first read by this author. Nancy Kress has managed to combine sci-fi with a great story. She is a must read for all true sci-fi fans.

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